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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, divorces unless otherwise noted.

  • 08 Jan 1874 The plaintiff, Eunice Cruthers, avers that Franklin Cruthers is a habitual drunkard and that he falsely circulated slanderous stories derogatory to her character for chastity. Divorce granted and $1,200.00 alimony payable in yearly installments of $500.00.

  • [27 Feb 1874] Jeremiah T. Coombs vs. Emma Coombs, Circuit Court, Case File

  • 25 Mar 1874 Eugenie Myers vs. John Henry Myers.
  • 31 Mar 1874 I will not be responsible for debts contracted by my wife, Emma S. Clark; Fred'k Clark.

  • [11 Apr 1874] Eliza B. Bowers vs. William H. Bowers, Circuit Court, Case File
  • [15 Apr 1874] Hannah A. Adams vs. Rodney Adams, Circuit Court, Case File

    Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel
  • 06 May 1874 Lena Vail vs. William G. Vail.

  • [01 Jul 1874] Eva Jane Arnold vs. George L. Arnold, Circuit Court, Case File

  • [27 Aug 1874] Mary C. Adams vs. Conrad C. Adams, Circuit Court, Case File

  • 09 Sep 1874 Misused Melissa files a complaint for divorce from her John Irving. She charges him with promiscuous nest hiding and with attempting to induce a man to seduce her in order that he might have grounds for divorce. Melissa Irving has begun action in the Circuit Court for a divorce from John Irving. The complaint is a formidable document and contains some startling allegations. It sets forth that on the - day of October, 1859, plaintiff was married to defendant in this county and that she has been a true and virtuous wife; that the defendant shortly after said marriage began a course of conduct towards her that destroyed the peace and happiness of the marital relations existing between them; that he frequently at home and elsewhere, in the presence of others, applied to her the most vulgar and abusive epithets and has threatened her with personal violence; that he has failed to make and furnish reasonable provisions for her support and she has been compelled to rely upon kindness and charity of her relatives for her support, although he has had ample means with which to support her; that he has required her at times to perform the labor of a farm hand when she was unable safely to perform such labor; that he at divers times in this county committed adultery with various persons, some known and some unknown to the plaintiff; and that the defendant, upon ascertaining that his immoral conduct and inhuman treatment of the plaintiff was attracting attention and comment from the neighbors, he, for the purpose of destroying the good reputation of the plaintiff as a virtuous woman, without any cause whatever wrongfully and falsely accused her of adultery, which he afterwards admitted to be false, saying that he knew her to be true and virtuous. The complaint further charges that the defendant, for the purpose of destroying her reputation and ruining her, and for the purpose of enabling him to procure a divorce from her, wrongfully and infamously endeavored to procure one ____ ____ to seduce her, and for that purpose he called upon said _____ _____ and tried to persuade him to accomplish her seduction and ruin, and stated to him that his purpose in doing so was to produce sufficient cause to enable him to procure from her a divorce. She further represents that the defendant did not succeed in securing the execution of his infamous and inhuman designs. The complaint also charges that the defendant frequently wrote letters to plaintiff in which he boasted of the many acts of adultery which he has committed and has in the like manner indulged in the most vulgar, filthy and obscene language. The plaintiff sets forth that three children are the result of the union and that defendant has $10,000. A decree of divorce, the custody of the children and suitable alimony are asked for. W. G. & H. Colerick, plaintiff's attorneys.

  • 09 Sep 1874 Another Injured Spouse Seeks a Divorce. Sarah B. Falkinburgh, by her attorneys, Stahl & Hillegass, has begun a suit for divorce against Samuel Falkinburgh. The complaint sets forth that the parties were married in 1869; that defendant has failed to make provision for the plaintiff for two years; that he shamefully abused her by cruel and inhuman treatment, striking her and knocking her down frequently and using shameful and abusive language and making frequent threats against her; that he is a habitual drunkard and is guilty of adultery. Two children are the issue of the marriage. Plaintiff prays for a decree of divorce, the custody of the children and alimony in the sum of $1,000.
  • [10 Sep 1874] Henry Brobst vs. Susan A. Brobst, Circuit Court, Case File
  • [11 Sep 1874] William J. Daley vs. Abba S. Daley, Circuit Court, Case File

  • [16 Dec 1874] Nancy E. Allen vs. Milton Allen, Circuit Court, Case File
  • 30 Dec 1874 Betty Taylor vs. Robert Taylor.
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.