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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel

  • 15 Jan 1879 Sarah Cole vs. Benjamin Cole, divorce. [Superior Court, Case File]

  • 05 Feb 1879 Anna Hopple vs. John Hopple, divorced dismissed.
  • 05 Feb 1879 Martha A. Woody vs. George W. Woody, divorce.
  • 12 Feb 1879 Jennie Norris vs. John H. Norris, divorce.
  • 12 Feb 1879 John E. Robbins vs. Elizabeth Robbins, divorce.
  • 12 Feb 1879 Alvenia L. Dyche vs. George W. Dyche, divorce. [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 26 Feb 1879 Martha Woody vs. George W. Woody, divorce granted to plaintiff and name changed to Martha Kirkham
  • 26 Feb 1879 Alvenia L. Dyche vs. George W. Dyche, divorce granted and custody of child to plaintiff.
  • 26 Feb 1879 John E. Robbins vs. Elizabeth Robbins, divorce granted to plaintiff.

  • 05 Mar 1879 Mary E. Johnson has applied for divorce in Circuit Court from Andrew J. Johnson for abandonment and failure to provide. The parties were married at Upper Sandusky, Ohio on 21 Apr 1867. There is one child, Carrie, of whom the plaintiff demands custody.
  • 12 Mar 1879 Nancy A. Ashford vs. George W. Ashford, divorce.
  • 12 Mar 1879 Maggie M. Ensminger vs. Albert Ensminger, divorce.
    [10 Mar 1879 Maggie M. Ensminger vs. Albert Ensminger, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 12 Mar 1879 Mary E. Johnson vs. Andrew J. Johnson, divorce.
  • 12 Mar 1879 Mary Hippenheimer vs. George Hippenheimer, divorce ? dismissed.
  • 19 Mar 1879 Naomi Whitwright vs. Jacob Whitwright, has asked for a divorce, $1000 alimony, custody of her two children and permission to resume her maiden name, Mayner. They were married in Monroeville in 1873 and lived together until 1877.
  • 19 Mar 1879 Mary Bath was married to Bernhard Bath 1st Apr 1869 and has concluded it was kind of an April fool operation. Today she applied in circuit court for a divorce charging in her complaint that the defendant in August 1872 abandoned her and failed to provide for her, she is living with her mother, Malinda Ream. She charges he has been unfaithful and unkind, etc. She prays custody of the one child.
  • 19 Mar 1879 Alice A. Lynch vs. George W. Lynch, divorce.
  • 19 Mar 1879 Christoff H. Miller vs. Henrietta C. Miller, divorce.
  • 26 Mar 1879 Emma Zink vs. Robert Zink has applied for a divorce and asks alimony. They were married in Fort Wayne on April 19, 1870. Defendant is charged with cruel and inhuman treatment, etc. (long article).
  • 26 Mar 1879 Chas. A. Leiter vs. Emily L. Leiter, divorce was filed in Superior Court. They were married in Michigan on October 14, 1867 and lived together until December 1, 1878 when he says he was compelled to abandon his wife. That she is in a condition of habitual drunkenness caused by the use of narcotics such as opium and morphine, etc.

  • 02 Apr 1879 Ada Blackwell wants a divorce from Eugene Blackwell to whom she was married on September 29, 1872 and who she claims abandoned her in September 1875. She also desires her maiden name, Ada Lahman, restored to her. Case in circuit court.
    [28 Mar 1879 Ada Blackwell vs. Eugene Blackwell, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 02 Apr 1879 Anna Young vs. Gilbert McMahon, breach of promise, verdict in plaintiff's favor, $50.00.
  • 16 Apr 1879 Eveline Smith wants a divorce from George W. Smith for failure to provide, cruel treatment, threats of murder, drunkenness, obscenity, etc. The marriage took place at Buena Vista, Adams County December 12, 1872. Alimony of $50 is asked for in Superior Court.
  • 16 Apr 1879 Edward Fogarty vs. Mary Fogarty, divorce granted to plaintiff.
  • 16 Apr 1879 Catherine Duplein has applied in superior court for an injunction to restrain her husband, Didier Duplein, from disposing of property left herself and children by her first husband. Judge Lowry granted a temporary restraining order.
  • 23 Apr 1879 Mary Arndt vs. John Arndt, divorce, circuit court. [Case File]
  • 23 Apr 1879 Mary Both vs. Bernhard Both, divorce, circuit court.
  • 23 Apr 1879 Martha Jackson vs. Samuel Jackson, divorce and custody of children granted to plaintiff in superior court.
  • 23 Apr 1879 Mary Arndt has applied for a divorce from John Arndt on the grounds of abandonment and failure to provide. There are three children aged respectively seven, five and three and of these the plaintiff asks the custody.
  • 23 Apr 1879 Mary Both wants a divorce from Bernhard Both and the custody of the one child. They were married in this city on the 1st of April 1869 and the plaintiff says that although she has been a model wife the defendant has been unfaithful and unkind and that in August 1872 he abandoned her without any cause. She asserts that upon one occasion he threatened to "cut her throat" unless she gave him money. Since the abandonment she states that she and her one child has lived with her mother, Malinda Ream, and the defendant has utterly failed to provide for them.
  • 23 Apr 1879 Catharine Duplein has applied in the superior court for a divorce from Dedier Duplein and the custody of their four children. They were married in this county in January 1862 and the plaintiff charges that shortly after said marriage defendant commenced his ill-treatment towards her; that he has frequently threatened her life and on different occasions has pursued her for long distances with knives, shotguns, clubs, etc., and for safety she has been compelled to seek refuge at the houses of her neighbors, sometimes remaining away from home for several days before venturing to return. She states that for the past two years the defendant has been a habitual drunkard and that his treatment of her has been even more violent than usual. She says he is in the habit of lavishing the vilest epithets upon her and has repeatedly charged her, in the presence of friends and strangers, with adultery. She also claims that he has at different times sold property belonging to her for the purpose of prolonging his sprees. Mrs. Duplein is the woman who was murderously attacked by her husband on Thursday.
    [24 Apr 1879 Catharine Dupleine vs. Didier Dupleine, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 23 Apr 1879 Today in circuit court Sarah J. Duffy applied for a divorce from Frank J. Duffy. She sets forth in the complaint the plea of abandonment and failure to support. She affirms that the only article of wearing apparel purchased by defendant since marriage was a pair of shoes for their child and that her father has been the sole dependence of their family for support. She charges the defendant with associating with lewd women and habitual drunkenness. She also asks to be allowed a reasonable alimony for the support of herself and child.
    [18 Apr 1879 Sarah J. Duffy vs. Frank J. Duffy, Circuit Court, Case File]

  • 7 May 1879 John G. Koeble (known as Schwabenkoenig) Monday filed a petition in superior court for a divorce from Eve Koeble to whom he was married in Crestline, Ohio in May 1859. The complaint alleges that the parties lived together until December 1876 when the defendant abandoned the plaintiff without cause and has ever since refused to live with him; also that in October 1876, at the plaintiffs house and at divers and sundry other times and places to the plaintiff unknown, the defendant committed adultery with one Adolph Miller. There are three children and plaintiff asks for custody of two of them. [Case File]
  • 7 May 1879 Elmira Siddall vs. John H. Siddall, divorce granted to plaintiff.
  • [9 May 1879] Anna Dalman vs. Thomas Dalman, Circuit Court, Case File
  • 14 May 1879 On Thursday Anna Dolman applied in circuit court for a divorce from Thomas Dolman to whom she was married in 1875. She says that she has been a first class wife in every respect but that he treated her inhumanly, knocking her down, etc. The court granted an order restraining the defendant from disposing of his canal boat and two mules.
  • 14 May 1879 Sarah Cole vs. Benjamin Cole, divorce dismissed.
  • 14 May 1879 George Richards vs. Anna Richards, divorce granted to defendant and the custody of the two children.
  • 14 May 1879 Isabel Drake vs. George W. Drake the defendant defaulted. Some evidence was heard in support of the plaintiff's allegations whereupon the plaintiff was granted a decree.
    [28 Apr 1879 Isabella Drake vs. George W. Drake, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 21 May 1879 Catherine Juillard vs. Robert Rhodes for divorce. They married September 22, 1875. Catherine is white, Robert is black. She left for her father's (V. Juillard) residence in Lake township, etc. (very long article). There are no children and she asks for alimony. (page 4:6).
  • 21 May 1879 Wolke vs. Wolke, divorce case postponed.

  • 04 Jun 1879 Rebecca Worden vs. James P. Worden, applied for divorce.
  • 04 Jun 1879 In superior court Wednesday, a petition was filed by Nancy Swartz vs. John Swartz for a divorce and 50 cents alimony, also custody of their child. Plaintiff complains that the parties have been married over four years during which time John has not provided $5.00 worth of provisions for the support of the family. $1.25 is too small an allowance for a family and Mrs. Swartz evidently thinks that 50 cents in a bulk will go farther than $1.25 in irregular installments and therefore prays, etc.
  • 04 Jun 1879 Charles A. Leiter vs. Emily L. Leiter, plaintiff ordered to pay in to the court $30.00 for the use of the defendant.
  • 25 Jun 1879 Catherine Duplein has at last secured her divorce from Didier Duplein in superior court.
  • 25 Jun 1879 A well known hoss man is about to apply for a divorce.
  • 25 Jun 1879 The Miller divorce case has been dismissed.
  • 25 Jun 1879 The divorce case of Leiter vs. Leiter was heard in the superior court Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Leiter prays for a divorce upon the grounds that his wife was almost constantly under the influence of narcotics and introduced considerable evidence in support of his statement. On the part of the defendant evidence wasa introduced to the effect that the doctor was also often under the influence of liquid narcotics such as beer, whiskey etc. Judge Lowry took the matter under advisement but intimated that the evidence would hardly warrant a decree.
  • 25 Jun 1879 Case of Rickay Miller vs. Benjamin B. Slaughter, breach of promise was dismissed.
  • 25 Jun 1879 Case of Christoph Miller vs. Henrietta Miller, divorce dismissed.

  • 02 Jul 1879 Catharine Higgins vs. John J. Higgins, judgement for defendant and divorce refused.
  • 02 Jul 1879 Charles L. Cannon vs. Henrietta Cannon, divorce to defendant on her cross complaint.
    [Charles H. Cannon vs. Henrietta B. Cannon, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 02 Jul 1879 John Robbins and his former wife were remarried Wednesday.
  • 02 Jul 1879 In superior court Saturday, Judge Lowry decided the Leiter divorce case. The judge refused to grant Dr. Leiter a divorce and sat down on him very heavily for his course towards his wife as shown by the evidence.
  • 02 Jul 1879 Mrs. Shucks today withdrew her petition for divorce from her husband Louis Shucks. They will live as a happy family once more.
  • 09 Jul 1879 During the previous term of circuit court, six divorces granted and two divorces refused.
  • 16 Jul 1879 The name of Adam Bender is familiar to readers of the Fort Wayne papers. Adam has had a new adventure with his better half. On Friday night, his wife from some unexplained cause, called her husband "an old b-h" a very inappropriate name. She further told him that she would under no circumstance live with him again and then packed up her clothes and also a part of Adam's and pulled out for the residence of her daughter Mrs. Rayhouser in Bloomingdale. All of this Adam is unable to explain as he has supported his wife in royal style. At the same time, he says he is glad she has gone as she was not the most faithful woman in the world and Adam can give names of at least a dozen men on Columbia street who have been guilty of indiscreet performances with Mrs. Bender. What Adam wants now is a divorce and he has engaged attorneys to take such legal steps as will procure the necessary documents and will also endeavor to have his faithless spouse arrested on a charge of adultery or some other similar charge. Adam distinctly and emphatically declares that he does not desire to set eyes on the partner of his life again.
  • 16 Jul 1879 Adam Bender and his wife have reunited their destinies in one. The reconciliation took place Monday night and they will hereafter live as a happy family in peace and harmony.
  • 16 Jul 1879 Elizabeth Bly is tired of this sort of business. She has been married to William Bly for the past 30 years and now William gets up and digs out and refuses to support them any longer; wherefore Elizabeth prays for a divorce and other proper relief. [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 23 Jul 1879 The probabilities are that Robert Rhodes, colored, recently divorced from his wife, will in a very short time remarry her.
  • 30 Jul 1879 Mary Able filed an affidavit against Robert Able for surety of peace. They live in Aboite Township.
  • 30 Jul 1879 Christopher Berg who was buried at Hesse Cassel last Sunday was 70 years of age while his wife was 25 years his junior. Mrs. Berg fell in love with another man and recently applied for a divorce from Christopher in order to marry the man of her choice. The great divorcer however stepped in and beat Mrs. Berg's attorneys out of their fees and with less trouble.
    [28 Nov 1878 Ann M. Berg vs. Christopher Berg, Circuit Court, Case File]

  • 06 Aug 1879 Mary Able wants a divorce from Anton Robert Able. They were married on the 26 June 1869 at Muskingum, Ohio. The plaintiff charges cruel treatment and habitual drunkenness. She wants $15 per week and custody of the child until the matter is legally settled.
    [16 Sep 1879 Mary Able vs. Anton Robert Able, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 06 Aug 1879 William Jackson is tired of this sort of thing. He married Anna E. in Boston on the 13 June 187- (?) and since that time he has always acted on the square but Anna would raise thunder and on the 29th January 1874, she belted William on the ear and abandoned him and is now living in Lewiston, Maine. William therefore wants a divorce.
  • 06 Aug 1879 Catharine Nolan is the last aggrieved female to apply to the courts for balm for her blasted affections; glue. As it were, for her lacerated heart. In the superior court Friday she filed a complaint against Leroy Clark in which she sets forth in proper legal phraseology, that on the 1st day of last June she laid her loving heart upon Leroy's manly buzzum and promised to be his, or words to that effect. At the same time he placed his arm about her sylph-like form, drew her to his heart and swore 'pon his word and honah to be hers. It was agreed to consummate the contract on the fourth of July. The fourth came and notwithstanding the balloon ascension, the fire works, and the extreme heat, plaintiff was ready. The defendant however failed to show up and has never since come to time. The plaintiff has been willin' ever since the fourth and now her heart is bleeding. It will require a $3,000 plaster to heal the wound so she thinks and she asks the court to compel Leroy to apply such a poultice.
  • 06 Aug 1879 Mr. Robert "Bob" Rhodes and wife divorced, remarried in Lima, Ohio last week. Philly Colerick, attorney, still wants his money for the divorce.
  • 13 Aug 1879 Another case of disappointed affection has come to the surface. This time the individual whose happiness for life has been blasted is Rickay Miller. It appears by the complaint that on or about the 22nd day of July 1877, Benjamin B. Slaughter agreed to take Rickay for better or worse during the fall of the same year. The green leaves of summer changed their flashing color for the more somber hue of autumn and still Benjamin tarried. She waited and waited still Ben did not make his appearance. She would rather have $5,000 now than Ben's affection. She also says that she confided in him for a long time but that she has now withdrawn her confidence from him and is waiting for $5,000 with which to replace it.
  • 13 Aug 1879 The other couple whose married life has not been entwined with roses is Mary E. Franks and John E. Franks. The female portion of the couple sues for a divorce on the ground that John has failed to make suitable provision for her since she united her destiny with his. She says that he has cruelly and inhumanly treated her and that she does not propose to be made a football of; therefore she asks that she be legally unhitched and allowed to bear the burdens of life alone. She also asks for the custody of a child, the result of their unhappy union.
    [11 Aug 1879 Mary E. Frank vs. John E. Frank, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 13 Aug 1879 Clinton H. Key today applied for a divorce from Eunice B. Key.
    [09 Aug 1879 Clayton H. Key vs. Eunice B. Key, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 13 Aug 1879 Clayton H. Key vs. Eunice B. Key, divorce.
  • 20 Aug 1879 The wife of Aug. Huguenard, of Lake Township, "vamoosed the ranche" yesterday.
  • 20 Aug 1879 Mary E. Franks vs. John E. Franks, divorce.
  • 20 Aug 1879 Julia Huguenard vs. Augustus Huguenard, restraining order granted to plaintiff is prayed for.
  • 20 Aug 1879 Julia A. Hobbs vs. Joseph B. Hobbs, divorce.
    [Julia A. Hobbs vs. Joseph R. Hobbs, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 20 Aug 1879 James Donaldson of Maysville is disconsolate over the loss of his wife who he claims skipped away with Joshua Parker. She left Donaldson and two children behind.
  • 27 Aug 1879 Julia A. Hubbs was Wednesday granted a divorce from Jos. R. Hubbs by the superior court on account of failure to provide. She was also granted custody of two children.
  • 27 Aug 1879 Maria Worden vs. Sanford Worden, divorce.
  • 27 Aug 1879 Julia A. Hobbs vs. Joseph R. Hobbs, divorce granted.
  • 27 Aug 1879 Harriet T. Bowers vs. Lewis T. Bowers, divorce.

  • 03 Sep 1879 Anna Berg vs. Christoph Berg, divorce dismissed, defendant deceased.
  • 03 Sep 1879 Mary J. Miller of Huntertown, comes to the front and says she wants a divorce from her husband , Andrew Miller. They have been married twelve years but for the past three years Andrew hasn't done the square thing and is now living somewhere in New York. She therefore prays and ever prays, etc.
  • 03 Sep 1879 Another silver wedding has had the internal stuffing knocked out of it by "man's inhumanity to man" or woman, either. This time it is Harriet Coverdale of Monroeville, who wants the holy bands busted which unite her to Eli G. Coverdale, a well known practitioner at the "bar" in this county. Harriet states that they were married in 1855, almost a quarter of a century ago but her life has not been exactly strewn with roses and other florticultural emblems. On the contrary her liege lord would occasionally wind her up by thumps administered to various parts of her body. She also alleges that Eli will persist in keeping the company of dissolute characters and will take astronomical observations through a glass until his nose resembles a ripe pepper. Eli, she alleges, has accused her of infidelity and says that their last child is illegitimate inasmuch as he disclaims all authorship of the same. This together with the fact that he does not properly support her has proven too much for her therefore she asks for a decree of divorce and other proper relief.
    [26 Aug 1879 Harriet L. Coverdale vs. Elias G. Coverdale, Superior Court, Case File]
  • [07 Sep 1879 Lillie E. Davis vs. Joseph Davis, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 10 Sep 1879 Amanda Myers has stepped to the front and wants the court to grant a decree of divorce and $3,000 alimony from her husband, Ernest Myers. She states that they were married in 1866 and for the past six years he has treated her in an inhuman manner etc.
  • 10 Sep 1879 Albertina Vogeler wants a divorce from Edward Vogeler. Edward figured at police court this morning where he acknowledged that he does once in a while when drunk, thump and kick his better half. Superior Court.
  • 10 Sep 1879 John Bauman and Sophia Bauman, a divorced couple, were married today.
  • 10 Sep 1879 The divorce suit of Harriet J. Coverdale vs. E. G. Coverdale, the well known lawyer of Monroeville, has been settled and withdrawn (longer article).
  • 10 Sep 1879 Elizabeth Brown vs. William Brown , divorce dismissed.
  • 10 Sep 1879 Mary Both vs. Bernhardt Both, divorce and custody of children to plaintiff.
  • 10 Sep 1879 Mary Arndt vs. John Arndt, divorce granted to plaintiff.
  • 10 Sep 1879 New suits: Mary J. Miller vs. Andrew Miller, divorce; Mary Able vs. Anton Robert Able, divorce; Amanda Myers vs. Ernest Myers, divorce.
  • 10 Sep 1879 Superior Court, Julia Huguenard vs. Augustus Huguengard, a motion for an allowance of $30 for use of plaintiff sustained and defendant ordered to pay into court that amount by 1:30 tomorrow.
  • 17 Sep 1879 Mary Johnson vs. Andrew Johnson, divorce granted.
  • 17 Sep 1879 the divorce case of Davis vs. Davis, Evard vs. Evard, and Coverdale vs. Coverdale have been dismissed.
  • 17 Sep 1879 Clayton B. Key vs. Eunice B. Key, divorce hearing in part.
  • 17 Sep 1879 Julia A. Huguenard vs. Augustus Huguenard, divorce on trial by court.
  • 24 Sep 1879 James Farnan will be married next Tuesday at Chicago to his former wife, Mrs. Bell Farnan.
  • 24 Sep 1879 Divorce dismissed, Lillie E. Davis vs. Joseph Davis, Adreat Cooper vs. Lewis Cooper, Tamison Branstreattor vs. William Branstreattor, Martha Barrett vs. James C. Barrett, Sarah Trott vs. Peter Trott.

  • 01 Oct 1879 Lydia S. McKee lives in Springfield Township and Jacob McKee lives in DeKalb County. Lydia is of the opinion that Jacob is a very bad man. It appears that some years ago he formed a joint matrimonial partnership with her and a boy, eleven years old, is the product of the said speculation. Lydia avers that Jacob hasn't kept up his end of the corner but has lived off from her relatives for two years past; that he banged her around in a cruel and inhuman way, called her very ugly names, threatened to take her life, etc. The above allegations are made in a petition for divorce, alimony, custody of the child, filed today in circuit court.
  • 01 Oct 1879 Catherine Miller applied for a divorce from her present incumbent, George W. Miller.
  • 01 Oct 1879 Superior court, new suits: Clarissa Miller vs. Henry L. Miller, divorce; Catherine E. Miller vs. George W. Miller.
  • 01 Oct 1879 Circuit court, new suits: Lydia S. McKee vs. Jacob McKee, divorce.
  • 08 Oct 1879 Louisa Thieme vs. George Thieme, divorce granted plaintiff.
  • 08 Oct 1879 Superior court, new suits: Emma Montgomery vs. William M. Montgomery, divorce.
  • 15 Oct 1879 G. W. Trease and Margaret Ollidigan were married by Justice Beeks on the 26th of last April. On the 9th of October Maggie skipped out with a handsome man as narrated in the Sentinel.
  • 15 Oct 1879 William Donaldson of Maysville was in town last week looking for his wife who recently ran away with Parker, the one-armed "masher".
  • 15 Oct 1879 Barbara Schocker vs. Leonard Schocker divorce. They were married in 1871 and that in 1874 Leonard began a series of demonstrations with butcher knives and revolvers which made it very unpleasant for Barbara. Leonard would threaten to carve her according to the rules of the medical college and also proposed to increase her weight by filling her full of lead. He would vary the program by kicking her where she lived and would strive for capital for a wig shop by pulling out her hair. They have four children as the result of the profit and loss balance of the joint partnership and she wants the children and some alimony as her share.
  • 15 Oct 1879 Pamela Calvert vs. John Calvert, divorce granted.
  • 15 Oct 1879 Barbara Schocker vs. Leonard Schocker, divorce and alimony, on account, demand $1500-judgement.
  • 15 Oct 1879 Rachel Ayres vs. Robert Ayres, divorce.
    [08 Oct 1879 Rachel Ayers vs. Robert Ayers, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 15 Oct 1879 Jacob Letter vs. Sylvia Letter, divorce. Letter go. What Jacob proposes to do with Sylvia. That's just exactly what Jacob Letter proposes to do as his petition for a divorce from Sylvia Letter will show. It is the natural sequel to the little Holman street incident published by the city papers a few weeks since. The parties were married on '73 and since that time Sylvia's love for him has waned and where she used to call him darling she now substitutes s-n of b---h and other synonymous terms. He states that she would fix up the grub and he was obliged to do the cooking act himself all of which he could have forborne, but that Sylvia would accept the attentions and visits of other men, and would go and meet the boys and make it pleasant for them, and act in a manner which has but one interpretation. He therefore wants the business busted, and will, the court and the Lord being willing, in the future paddle his own canoe.
  • 22 Oct 1879 Barbara Schocker vs. Leonard Schocker, dismissed.
  • 22 Oct 1879 Daniel Trease vs. Rush Trease, divorce.
  • 22 Oct 1879 The Logansport Journal gives an extended account of the adventures of David Lowry and Mrs. Trease. They registered at the Windsor House as D. Lawrence and wife of Mansfield, Ohio. Afterwards they moved to a private boarding house where they were brother and sister. All went smoothly until on Wednesday morning at about 5 o'clock when Mr. Trease accompanied by an officer stepped in on the guilty couple. Mrs. Trease accompanied her husband to a justice's office where she made an affidavit that she had been living in open adultery with Lowry. This affidavit is now in the hands of Esq. Beeks and on it is based the petition for a divorce filed yesterday morning. Mrs. Trease has signified her intention of going to her home at Mansfield, Ohio and Lowry will probably patch up matters and return to his wife.
  • 29 Oct 1879 Julia Wolke about four months ago obtained a divorce from Fred Wolke. A reconciliation has been effected and on Saturday the parties obtained a license and were remarried.
  • 29 Oct 1879 Mary Abel has been granted a divorce from Anton R. Abel.

  • 05 Nov 1879 Tom Toomey and Catherine Toomey who were divorced some months ago have concluded to try it again and have been remarried.
  • 05 Nov 1879 Amanda Meyers vs. Ernest Meyers, divorce dismissed.
  • 05 Nov 1879 Mary DeHart vs. Henry DeHart, divorce. [Cicuit Court, Case File]
  • 12 Nov 1879 Peter Maroney vs. Mary May Maroney, divorce granted to plaintiff on grounds of defendant's adultery. Motion for a new trial overruled and appeal taken to the Supreme Court.
  • 12 Nov 1879 New Suits:
    • Martha Barrett vs. James C. Barrett, divorce. [Superior Court, Case File]
    • Orin P. Kinne vs. Mary E. Kinne, divorce.
    • Mary Welch vs. John P. Welch, divorce.
    • Jasper Gordon vs. Ida Gordon, divorce.
  • 19 Nov 1879 Charlotte Clemson vs. Amos W. Clemson.
  • 19 Nov 1879 Catherine A. Eckert vs. Jacob Eckert divorce heretofore granted ordered entered.
  • 19 Nov 1879 Mary J. Miller vs. Andrew Miller, divorce to plaintiff.
  • 26 Nov 1879 Mary J. Miller was granted a divorce from Anson Miller.
  • 26 Nov 1879 Leroy Shellenbarger vs. Ida C. Blake, breach of marriage contract.

  • 17 Dec 1879 John Hutzell wants a divorce from Rosa Hutzell. He says he married Rosa in June 1877 and that after a honeymoon lasting until September 11th of the same year, Rosa unceremoniously skipped out and has not lived with him since. She also applied for a divorce shortly after but failed to make the proper connections and didn't get it. He tried to settle the matter by giving her $550 which she took and skipped out and it isn't settled yet. He says he married her to get a mother for his motherless children, but Rosa has other views and concluded she didn't want to go into the mother business and gave John the cold shoulder. Hence these tears and an intense longing on John's part for a divorce.
    [John Hutzel vs. Rosa Hutzel, Superior Court, Case File]
  • 17 Dec 1879 Catherine Stack vs. Patrick Stack, divorce dismissed.
  • 17 Dec 1879 Sarah A. Holzworth vs. John A. Holzworth, divorce dismissed.
  • 17 Dec 1879 Jane Heliker vs. George Heliker, divorce dismissed.
  • 17 Dec 1879 Peter Felger vs. Sophia Felger, divorce alleging abandonment. [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 17 Dec 1879 Albertina Vogler vs. Edward Vogler, decree of divorce to petitioner and the custody of the infant child awarded to her together with personal property now in her possession.
  • 24 Dec 1879 Nancy Ashford vs. George W. Ashford, divorce dismissed.
  • 24 Dec 1879 Martha A. Diehm vs. Charles Diehm, divorce to plaintiff.
    [01 Dec 1879 Martha A. Dehm vs. Charles Dehm, Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 24 Dec 1879 An abused husband. Daniel Douglass of Monroeville, called at the Sentinel office yesterday and related a sad story of matrimonial cruelty. He says he was married on the 15th of July 1878 in Butler County, Missouri, to Miss Fannie Armstrong and exhibits a certificate to that effect. He and his wife have lived peaceably until a few days ago since which time they have had trouble enough to furnish material for a first-class story in the New York Ledger. Douglass says that on the 16th inst. he and his wife came to this city, the purpose being for Mrs. D. to go to her friends in Detroit. He bought her a ticket and had her trunk checked for that city but instead of going she had him arrested for provoke and taken before 'Squire Ryan, who acquitted him. The next day he returned home and upon arriving at Monroeville was much surprised to see his wife get off the same train. She again had him arrested for provoke but he was again acquitted. He claims that while he was on the street his gentle wife bombarded him with vile epithets and struck him, but he bore it all. He had previously gone to Haley's saloon and ordered the proprietor not to sell his wife liquor, she having been, according to his story, in a state of inebriation for several days. After his discharge from arrest he went to the Purman place where he lives and sold his household goods. In a short time after this his wife went to the farm and stated that a leading citizen of Monroeville had offered to provide her quarters as his mistress if she would (blank space) her household goods, she was much disgusted to find that they had been sold and after that she went to John Todd's place, another citizen having agreed to pay her board. Douglass ordered Todd not to harbor her at his expense. The above is Douglass's story. It is probable that Mrs. D. has another version. Douglass says he is about to file a complaint for divorce and says he will make revelations which will show that three or four of the leading citizens of Monroeville made improper proposals to his wife although he is not certain that she has been guilty of actual infidelity toward him. He threatens to make the biggest muss at Monroeville that that lively village has enjoyed for many days.
  • 29 Dec 1879 Mary Able vs. Anton R. Able, divorce granted to plaintiff, custody of child and $375 alimony. Finding that the deed to George Able is fraudulent, that the title to the reality is in defendant and that said judgment for alimony is a lien on said premises.
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.