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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Daily News (FWDN)
Fort Wayne Sentinel (FWS)

  • 03 Jan 1889 Ellen Fitzgerald sues for a divorce from Wm. J. Fitzgerald and $500 alimony and custody of their child. William has money in the bank and it is held there by order of the court until the amount of alimony is determined. Mrs. Fitzgerald will be recalled as Miss Finn and she resides on W. Washington Street. Fitzgerald, who used to be a sewing machine agent, is charged with being too familiar with other women. (FWS)
  • 03 Jan 1889 Minnie Pranger sues for a divorce from Lewis Pranger and asks $500 alimony. (FWS)
  • 04 Jan 1889 Frederick A. Hull of the Newspaper Union filed for a divorce from Minnie A. Hull. The parties were married on September 29, 1882 at Constantine, Michigan, where the defendant now resides. The complaint alleges that since March 18, 1886, Mrs. Hull has declined to live with her husband. (FWS)
  • 04 Jun 1889 The divorce suit of Ellen Fitzgerald against Wm. J. Fitzgerald has been settled. Mrs. Fitzgerald will be given a divorce but no alimony. She must however withdraw her charges against her husband. (FWS)
  • 05 Jan 1889 Ellen Fitzgerald was this morning divorced from Wm. J. Fitzgerald. The case was by mutual consent. (FWS)
  • 07 Jan 1889 Carrie B. Henschen was granted a divorce from Fred W. Henschen. (FWS)
  • 09 Jan 1889 John C. Kickley and Olive A. Kickley, who were divorced about a year ago on the husband’s application, were married again yesterday. (FWS)
  • 12 Jan 1889 Maggie May sues for a divorce from John May. She says that May has been abusive and has threatened to kill her. (FWS)
  • 14 Jan 1889 Isabella Burrell was granted a divorce from Duff Burrell today. (FWS)
  • 15 Jan 1889 Louis Pranger has filed a cross complaint to his wife’s application for divorce. It betrays a bad state of morality in the Pranger household. (FWS)
  • 16 Jan 1889 Mrs. Martha Krutsch has been divorced from David Krutsch. (FWS)
  • 17 Jan 1889 Mary A. Steinbacher wants a divorce from Michael Steinbacher. They have been married for 36 years and have eleven children living. She wants $5000 alimony and an order to prevent her husband from selling his property. He is worth about $12,000. (FWS)
  • 18 Jan 1889 Emma B. Batteron sues for a divorce from Emi C. Batteron. She charges her husband abused her and struck her with a griddle. He also banished her from her home. She asks $800 alimony and seeks custody of their three children. The parties live at St. Joe, Allen County. (FWS)
  • 18 Jan 1889 This morning Jennie Ganey was divorced from Fred Ganey. They voted marriage a failure. (FWS)
  • 21 Jan 1889 Today, Henry Garner was divorced from Nancy A. Garner. (FWS)
  • 22 Jan 1889 Harriet Ann Staffy sues for a divorce from Alexander Staffy. The complaint makes their marriage a sad failure. (FWS)
  • 24 Jan 1889 Olive K. Anderson sues for a divorce from Homer B. Anderson, who abandoned her. The parties live in Monroe Township. (FWS)
  • 28 Jan 1889 Fred Tegtmeyer was today divorced from Mrs. Tegtmeyer. (FWS)
  • 30 Jan 1889 Jacob Falk…etc. (FWS)

  • 05 Feb 1889 It was a good day for divorces in the circuit court. The judge decreed separations to Harriet A. Staffy from Alex. Staffy and to Peter F. Courdevey from Mary Courdevey. The case of Elizabeth Kelsey who sued Samuel B. Kelsey for support was dismissed. (FWS)
  • 08 Feb 1889 Minnie Pranger has been divorced from Louis Pranger. (FWS)
  • 09 Feb 1889 Mrs. Catherine Glaser sues for a divorce and alimony from Frank E. Glaser. The parties were married on September 29, 1887 and lived together until February 1889 when they separated. Mrs. Glaser charges that her husband has been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment and has struck, beaten and otherwise injured her and besides has humiliated her by calling her vile names in the presence of her mother’s family. As a further cause for divorce, Mrs. Glaser charges that her husband failed to make suitable provisions for her support. Glaser is the owner of a stock & goods at #56 Thomas Street, valued at $1500 and has other property of value in the county. (FWS)
  • 11 Feb 1889 The divorce suit of Marry Bessen vs. Martin Bessin was dismissed today. (FWS)
  • 12 Feb 1889 John W. Robinson sues for a divorce from Mary Robinson. (FWS)
  • 12 Feb 1889 Elizabeth Schlatter was yesterday divorced from Christian J. Schlatter and decreed $1200 alimony. (FWS)
  • 14 Feb 1889 John W. Sunderland was divorced from Martha Sunderland yesterday. (FWS)
  • 16 Feb 1889 The divorce suit of Joseph Yager has been certified to the superior court from Wells County on a change of venue. (FWS)
  • 20 Feb 1889 Alfred Slater sues for a divorce from Alice A. Slater. (FWS)
  • 21 Feb 1889 Lucinda Wood vs. Rev. Andrew Wood in Los Angeles, California. They were married in Fort Wayne 5 Apr 1870, in the U. B. church….long, long story. (FWS)
  • 21 Feb 1889 In the circuit court last Saturday, Harriett Lovell was divorced from her husband, Samuel B. Lovell of New Haven. Soon after the divorce was granted Mr. Lovell sold out his business at New Haven to Mr. Edward Harper, trustee of Jefferson Township, and left for parts unknown, presumably to seek Miss Anna Miller, a maiden on whom he was sweet. The case was kept from reporters through the influence of attorneys. (FWS)
  • 25 Feb 1889 The divorce case of Mary Jane Gibson vs. Wm. Gibson was dismissed today. (FWS)
  • 26 Feb 1889 Aaron Double was divorced from Elizabeth Double. (FWS)
  • 27 Feb 1889 This morning John W. Robinson was divorced from Mary Robinson. (FWS)
  • 29 Feb 1889 Frances Young yesterday filed a complaint for divorce from John Young, alleging cruelty and adultery. (FWS)

  • 05 Mar 1889 Emma Cothrell sues for a divorce from Charles Cothrell and garnishees wages due him from the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne road. Mr. Cothrell is a switchman and resides at 132 Lafayette St. (FWS)
  • 05 Mar 1889 Margaret Aldrich was divorced from Albert Aldrich today. The charge was abandonment. (FWS)
  • 14 Mar 1889 A complaint has been filed in the circuit court by Alice P. Bowman asking for a divorce from her husband, Sumner C. Bowman and that she may be permitted to resume her maiden name of Alice Lawrence. The action is for abandonment and the parties live in Lafayette Township. (FWS)
  • 15 Mar 1889 Victoria Shirey sues for a divorce from Washington Shirey on the ground that he is a habitual drunkard and has abused her. She asks $1000alimony and the custody of their five children. The parties live in Cedar Creek Township. (FWS)
  • 16 May 1889 Barbara M. Mays sues Charles May (sic) for divorce. (FWS)
  • 16 Mar 1889 Emma Cothrell was divorced from Charles Cothrell today. (FWS)
  • 16 Mar 1889 This morning Frances Young was divorced from John Young. (FWS)
  • 18 Mar 1889 Albert Stacy was divorced from Susan Stacy today. (FWS)
  • 19 Mar 1889 Yesterday Maggie May was divorced from John May, a cripple, who used to run a wheel of fortune at the corner of Berry and Columbia Streets. (FWS)
  • 20 Mar 1889 Louisa Armack sues for a divorce from Bernhard Armack. She alleges that the man abandoned her and asks for custody of their child and some alimony. (FWS)
  • 22 Mar 1889 Daniel Lewis sues for a divorce from Mary Lewis. (FWS)
  • 25 Mar 1889 The Mayne divorce case is on trial in the circuit court this afternoon. (FWS)
  • 25 Mar 1889 Jessie M. Karber was divorced from Wm. E. Karber today. (FWS)
  • 26 Mar 1889 Susanna Main was divorced from Christopher C. Main today. (FWS)
  • 26 Mar 1889 Olive K. Anderson was divorced from Homer B. Anderson today. (FWS)
  • 30 Mar 1889 Mrs. Louisa Armack died this morning, aged 29 years. She had filed for divorce and a decree granting the divorce was to have been entered Monday. Death has beaten the courts. (FWS)

  • 01 Apr 1889 Mary J. Hursh sues for a divorce from Joseph M. Hursh, charges simple abandonment. (FWS)
  • 08 Apr 1889 Lewis A. Lopshire sues Emma Lopshire for a divorce. The complaint is closeted in the capacious pocket of M.V.B. Spencer. (FWS)
  • 17 Apr 1889 Carrie Allen was divorced from Albert Allen. (FWS)
  • 17 Apr 1889 James Miner was divorced from Jane Miner. (FWS)
  • 18 Apr 1889 Mrs. Lydia Meyer alias Lydia Wegmiller appeared in the circuit court last evening and asked the Judge to annul her marriage to Jacob Wegmiller. Jacob is a Swiss and some years ago came from the land of clocks and freedom. After leaving home his wife in the old country married again. Jacob supposed that that act made him eligible to the hand of Lydia and they were married. Now she finds, after a pleasant honeymoon, that the marriage ties are illegal, because Jacob was never divorced from his lawful wife, and her illegal marriage could not right his. (FWS)
  • 19 Apr 1889 Lydia Ruppert sues for a divorce from David Ruppert. The man choked and struck her at various times and finally abandoned her. (FWS)
  • 22 Apr 1889 Mary Tilberry sues for a divorce from Alexander Tilberry. (FWS)
  • 22 Apr 1889 Michael Charpenning seeks a divorce from Ida Charpenning. The complaint says that the woman left her husband. (FWS)
  • 22 Apr 1889 Nancy E. Milligan sues for a divorce from Benj. F. Milligan. The complaint alleges cruelty and abandonment. (FWS)
  • 23 Apr 1889 James A. Crance sues for a divorce from Lydia A. Crance. The complaint charges James with extreme cruelty to his wife. (FWS)
  • 24 Apr 1889 Florence Bell Banet sues for a divorce from Louis Banet. The complaint alleges that Banet gets under the influence of his own liquor and smashed his wife and the household furniture. (FWS)

  • 01 May 1889 A decree of divorce was granted today to Lydia Ruppert from her husband, David Ruppert, on the grounds of abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 04 May 1889 The suit of Mrs. Maggie Mae Burnie against her husband, William R. Burnie, for divorce has been set for trial May 15th. The petition is to declare the marriage void and the change of the name. The 14-year-old bride, Maggie May Isett, has applied for a divorce from her cousin, William R. Burnie. It will be remembered that this is the marriage that received so much criticism. The young child-wife has evidently arrived at her senses and this is the result of her sensational marriage. (FWDN)
  • 21 May 1889 Mary E. Phillips, a stylish woman, sues in the superior court for a divorce from her husband, Lewis C. Phillips and further seeks $3000 alimony. In the complaint, Mrs. Phillips says that she has been a resident of Fort Wayne but six months. Her husband abandoned her and fell in love with one Mollie Bowers at Anderson, Indiana. With this woman the complaint says he is living in adultery hence the trouble. In Jay County, Phillips has real estate worth $3000, in Madison County his lands are valued at $2000 and besides he has considerable cash. Mrs. Phillips wants $3000 for herself and her daughter. (FWS)
  • 24 May 1889 Bryam L. Rich sues for a divorce from Sophia Rich. The parties live in Eel River Township. (FWS)
  • 24 May 1889 Emma French sues for a divorce from Jeremiah French. The cause is failure to provide. (FWS)
  • 29 May 1889 Maggie A. Burnie sues for a divorce from Daniel A. Burnie, who is doing a jail sentence pending his trial for shooting Sam Druely whom he detected in his wife’s boudoir at a late hour. Mrs. Burnie protests her innocence and girlish purity but insists that Daniel is a bad man and several times threatened to shoot her. She also wants custody of her child. (FWS)
  • 30 May 1889 David Burnie and his wife have agreed to the proceedings of divorce instituted by the woman and have also divided their personal effects equally. (FWS)

  • 13 Jun 1889 Joe White, the bootblack, thinks seriously of withdrawing the divorce proceedings against his wife recently instituted by him. The faithless woman was deserted by the man who spirited her away and she is now in needy circumstances at Andrews. (FWS)
  • 14 Jun 1889 In the circuit court, Louise Hubler asks to have divorce proceedings of Henry Hubler set aside. (FWS)
  • 14 Jun 1889 Etta Kirchner has entered suit in superior court for a divorce from Albert Kirchner, charging cruel treatment. She asks custody of two children and $1000 alimony. (FWS)

  • 11 Jul 1889 Mary Krumlauf asks for legal separation from George Krumlauf. Inhuman treatment is alleged. (FWS)
  • 11 Jul 1889 Mary Hurles asks to be divorced from Charles Hurles, alleging abandonment and cruel treatment. The parties have not lived together for four years. (FWS)
  • 11 Jul 1889 Wilhelmina Witte asks for a divorce from Henry Witte. Abandonment and drunkenness are charged. (FWS)
  • 13 Jul 1889 James A. Hurles has been granted a divorce from Mary Hurles. (FWS)
  • 18 Jul 1889 Lulu Hogsett petitions for a divorce from William Hogsett. (FWS)
  • 18 Jul 1889 Eva Davis petitions for a divorce from Solomon Davis and asks for $500 alimony besides custody of two children. Mr. & Mrs. Davis live at Monroeville and married at Decatur. Abandonment and failure to provide is charged. (FWS)
  • 22 Jul 1889 In superior court, Mead Gindlesparger asks for a divorce from his wife, Kate. The plaintiff has a home at the corner of Pearl Street and Maiden Lane but at present is working for a wheel works company at Grand Rapids. They were married August 28, 1883 and separated July 12, 1887 and the ground on which divorce is asked is abandonment. One child was born to the couple and the father asks for its custody to be placed in his hand. The defendant formerly resided in this city but recently has disappeared taking with her the child and the father now has no knowledge of her whereabouts. (FWS)
  • 26 Jul 1889 Charles Cothrell paid a fine at the police court this morning for drunkenness. Cothrell imbibed in bad whisky and then called at his wife’s domicile and tried to kick in the door. The couple now have a divorce case pending and Cothrell is legally restrained from visiting his wife. (FWS)
  • 29 Jul 1889 Squire Scarlett today fined Henry Clay, a colored man, $5 and costs for assault and battery on his wife, a white woman. It was shown that Clay married the white woman a few years ago and that by issue of the marriage there were two Creole children. Mr. and Mrs. Clay have resided on Superior Street near the Summit City laundry. Recently they took in a number of colored boarders, men who worked on the trenches for natural gas mains. Mr. Clay, who works for Clayton, Purcell & Co. in the capacity of driver, claims he was provoked to strike his wife by finding her in illicit companionship with a colored boarder and says if there is a law in the land he will have a divorce. He is spoken well of by his employers. (FWS)

  • 01 Aug 1889 Mary Clay seeks a divorce from Henry Clay. The woman is white and the man is colored. (FWS)
  • 06 Aug 1889 Some days ago Mrs. Burnie filed a complaint against her husband, Daniel Burnie, on a charge of desertion. It was dismissed on account of the divorce proceedings already pending. (FWS)
  • 07 Aug 1889 Ada McNulty asks for a divorce from Frank McNulty on grounds of abandonment and failure to provide. She also asks custody of a child and privilege to resume her maiden name, Addie Druhot. (FWS)
  • 14 Aug 1889 The Toledo Bee says: Adolphus Curry, a contractor from Fort Wayne, Ind., is in the city today searching for his daughter, Lettie, aged thirteen, whom he claimed was enticed away from home by her mother, Curry’s divorced wife, who lives in this city. Curry secured a divorce from his wife some years ago, and the custody of the children was given him. Since then he has had charge of the girl and a younger brother. On Thursday last the girl started to visit an aunt in Huntington, Indiana, but came to Toledo to visit her brother, who, the father says, met the girl about a month ago and persuaded her to join him. The father was sent from the police court to the probate, where application was made for a writ of habeas corpus, which was refused until the girl could be produced. The father understood that the child and her mother were at 19 Erie Street. Inquiry by the Bee shows there is no such number occupied as a dwelling and it is evident the father is on the wrong track. No trace of the mother or child has been found as yet and there seems no likelihood of there being any. (FWS)
  • 19 Aug 1889 Today in the circuit court a complaint was filed by Augustus Guife for a divorce from Alice Guife. The paper sets forth that the woman is guilty of adultery.
  • 27 Aug 1889 Lavina Shoemake seeks a divorce in the circuit court from George Shoemake. The charges are cruel treatment and failure to provide. The parties used to reside at Van Wert and have six children. (FWS)
  • 30 Aug 1889 Today a complaint was filed with the County Clerk in which Phoebe B. Braithwaite seeks a divorce from Charles S. Braithwaite. The charges are serious and show that the woman has been cruelly treated and has not been provided for in the manner any true, devoted wife had ought to be. The defendant is an engineer on the Nickel Plate and is well known in railroad circles. The parties have resided at 181 Greely Street. The case will be heard in the circuit court. (FWS)

  • 04 Sep 1889 Today in circuit court divorce proceedings were filed in the case of John Luce vs. Lydia Luce, making several charges. The custody of a child is asked. Luce is a farmer in Aboit Township. (FWS)
  • 06 Sep 1889 Margaret J. Piper enters suit in the circuit court for divorce from John L. Piper on the charge of abandonment. The plaintiff has been a teacher in the public schools. Her husband is out of the city. (FWS)
  • 09 Sep 1889 In the circuit court today George M. Stratton was granted a divorce from Julia Stratton. (FWS)
  • 10 Sep 1889 Emma French vs. Jeremiah French, divorce granted to the plaintiff. The custody of two children, Wilson and Irwin, is given to the defendant and of Bertha, Clara, and Laura, to the plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 10 Sep 1889 John Luce vs. Lydia Luce. Divorce granted and custody of the child to the defendant. (FWS)
  • 13 Sep 1889 A divorce was granted in the case of Lulu Hogsett vs. William Hogsett. (FWS)
  • 17 Sep 1889 Augustus Guiff vs. Alice Guiff, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 17 Sep 1889 Mead Guidelsparger vs. Katie Guidelsparger, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 17 Sep 1889 Martin Bisson vs. Mary E. Bisson, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 18 Sep 1889 The report is current that Charles May, formerly a resident of this city, was mangled and instantly killed at Hurley, Wis., last Sunday. It was stated in a letter sent to this city that while running along on the top of his train he fell under the wheels and was cut to pieces. There is a Charles May, a resident of this city, who has a wife living on Maumee Avenue, and the woman is plaintiff in a suit for divorce now pending in the Allen circuit court. The man was not a railroader, but a painter. What makes the case all the more mysterious is that two days ago the woman received a letter from her husband postmarked Bentwood, Ill. An investigation is being made. (FWS)
  • 27 Sep 1889 Proceedings were filed today in the circuit court in which Josephine Merz pleads for a divorce from George Merz. The charges are by no means of a modest nature, having in them a flavor of low-life scandal, in which the same George is accused of associating with vicious prostitutes and of cruel treatment. Inasmuch as the plaintiff claims to have deported herself as a true and faithful wife and fulfilled her duties as such, she asks for freedom from the festive husband. The plaintiff in this suit is the widow of the late saloon keeper, Golicke, who died from the effects of a skull fracture received in his saloon and for which Jerry Shoaff is now serving a sentence. The defendant, George Merz, is and has been for some time a convict at the northern prison, where he is serving a sentence for assault with intent to murder Nettie Denno. He was sent up last June. The attorneys for the plaintiff will try hard to get the proper separation so that the plaintiff will be free to try her third husband if she takes a notion to. (FWS)
  • 30 Sep 1889 Mary A. Smith enters a suit against William Johnson Smith on a charge of failure to provide. The parties have not lived together for twenty years. (FWS)

  • 10 Oct 1889 Margaret J. Piper vs. John L. Piper, divorce granted to plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 11 Oct 1899 Today in the circuit court, Edda Chriss, a colored woman, entered suit against George Chriss, for divorce. The charges place the defendant in a bad light. He is accused of cruel treatment to his wife, at times choking and kicking her and also failing to provide for her as a husband should. He has been away from home for some time, his whereabouts at the present time being unknown. The plaintiff has been sheltered at the home of her uncle, Charles Smith, a cook at the Wayne, who lives on West Washington Street. (FWS)
  • 19 Oct 1889 Sarah Stephens enters suit in circuit court against Henry Stephens for divorce. The plaintiff complains that for two years and more the defendant has failed to make proper provisions for support. The parties have been separated for some time. (FWS)
  • 21 Oct 1889 Emele Quiquerez vs. Angeline Quiquerez, divorce granted to the plaintiff. (FWS)
  • 28 Oct 1889 In the circuit court today Katie Ann Freeman instituted proceedings against her husband, Robert L. Freeman, for divorce, custody of three children and asks the court to allow her $3000 alimony. The charge is adultery and failure to provide. The parties live in Eel River Township. (FWS)
  • 31 Oct 1889 In circuit court today Mahala Durbin vs. John W. Durbin, divorce was granted to the plaintiff. (FWS)

  • 01 Nov 1889 After this date County Clerk, G. W. Long, will require a deposit of $5 to be made upon the filing of each divorce complaint and $2.50 with each cross complaint. (FWS)
  • 07 Nov 1889 Mrs. Matilda Wheelock was granted a decree of divorce from Dr. K. K. Wheelock last evening. (FWDN)
  • 19 Nov 1889 Anna J. Rebar sues Peter J. Rebar for divorce. Charge, drunkenness. (FWDN)
  • 24 Nov 1889 Mrs. Joyc McGushen sues John McGushen for divorce on the charge of abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 30 Nov 1889 Anna J. Rebar was today granted a divorce from P. Joseph Rebar. Charge: failure to provide. (FWDN)

  • 05 Dec 1889 Frederick H. Gresham was married in 1884 and lived happily with his wife for one year. At the expiration of that time, Lillie Gresham, his wife, left unceremoniously and has refused to live with him ever since although frequently asked to return to his side. Her preemptory refusal has prompted Mr. Gresham to apply for a divorce in the circuit court. The defendant is a non-resident. Both parties are colored. John Bowser today instituted proceedings in the circuit court for a divorce from his wife, Cynthia Bowser. The complaint simply charges abandonment. They have not lived together for some time. The parties live in Lake Township. (FWDN)
  • 16 Dec 1889 Abraham Van Schaick sues his wife, Nancy Van Schaick, for divorce in circuit court. Charges are abandonment. (FWDN)
  • 17 Dec 1889 Frances Duck was today granted a divorce from William Duck. (FWDN)
  • 23 Dec 1889 In the circuit court two divorces were granted; Lillie Hollinger from William Hollinger on charges of failure to provide. Mary J. Hersh was granted a divorce from Joseph W. Hersh on charges of abandonment and failure to provide. (FWS)
  • 23 Dec 1889 Fred Knoedler has entered suit in the same court for a divorce from Amelia Knoedler. The complaint alleges that when he married defendant she represented that she was a widow; that instead she had been previously divorced; that she had a jealous disposition and violent temper; and lastly that since the 9th of last April she left plaintiff and has since lived separate. (FWS)
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.