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Estate Index, Allen County, Indiana

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The Allen County Estate Index was transcribed from the General Index Estates Books 1 & 3 and was published in print form by ACGSI in the 1990s. Records may include:

  • Original book and page number
  • Decedent
  • Administrator
  • Bond record book and page number
  • File Box Number
This is an every-name index to our transcription of the original handwritten index. It includes decedents and administrators. The linked page numbers refer to the full index entries which are available in PDF form only to ACGSI members who enter their username and password.

Additional information is available in original administrator bond books at the Allen County Public Library, in microfilmed probate order books at ACPL, and in the original estate packets at the Allen County Clerk's office.

Iba, George S., 3-145
Iba, Gertrude M., 3-145
Ihrig, Wm. W., 3-108
Imbody, Matilda A., 3-145
Immel, Louise, 3-145
Immel, Walter H., 3-145
Ince, Mary, 3-145
Ingerson, Ira, 1-106
Ingham, H. A., 3-146
Ingham, Meribah W., 3-146
Ingham, Nellie G., 3-146
Ingham, Walton H., 3-146
Insley, Pauline, 2-102
Insley, Wm W., 2-102
Irby, Isaac E., 3-146
Irelan, Aaron W., 3-146
Irelan, Catherine, 3-146
Irelan, Eckabud H., 2-232
Irey, Ephraim, 1-196
Irey, Ephraim, 1-197
Irion, Jack, 2-102
Irmscher, Sr., Max, 3-128
Irvin, John, 1-106
Irving, Alexander, 1-106
Irving, Joseph, 1-106
Irving, Martha A., 1-106
Irwin, Geo. B., 1-106
Irwin, John, 2-102
Irwin, Levi, 1-92
Irwin, Mary A., 2-102
Irwin, Susan E., 3-146
Isaacs, Mary, 3-337
Isay, Isaac D., 1-195
Isenbarger, John E., 3-215
Isenbarger, John E., 2-102
Isenbarger, John, 2-102
Isenbarger, Mary B., 2-102
Isenbarger, Samuel A., 2-102
Israel, Albert F., 3-146
Israel, Henry, 3-146
Israel, Rosalie, 3-146
Israel, Wm., 3-146
Item, John C, 2-124
Iten, Adeline, 2-102
Iten, John C., 1-106
Iva, William, 1-106
Ivey, Ephraim, 1-13
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