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ACGSI Funeral Card Collection

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To contribute funeral cards to this collection, please email scanned images to the ACGSI webmaster at We are primarily interested in funeral cards from Allen County and surrounding counties, but we will add funeral cards from other areas to the collection as time permits. You may also submit funeral cards by mail:

ACGSI Webmaster
P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Photocopies are acceptable. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a SASE.

CaccamoJoseph A.2008D. O. McComb & Sons
CaccamoYolanda L.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
CadeDolores2000MicheauxLindenwoodRev. Sylvester Hunter, Union Baptist Church
CadoretteBessie A.1969D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Carl O. Wirey
CadoretteIlo M.2006D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. David L. Ballinger
CadoretteRichard F. Bud1983D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Ron Carpenter
CagnetKevin F.2016D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Mark Gurtner, Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic Church
CahrierLorraine Sue2013Mungovan & SonsHighland ParkRev. Linda Martin
CahrierRobert2012D. O. McComb & SonsHighland Park
CainJames A., Sr.2011D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Charles Cem., Peru, Ind.Rev. LaRay Williams, Rev. Croy
CalabreseJosephine M. Colone2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CaldwellMae2015D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Randy Hunlee
CaldwellMary Alma2003Rev. Sam Shade, Jr., Pilgrim Baptist Church
CaldwellOlga M.1973D. O. McComb & SonsEberhard Cem., South Whitley, Ind.Rev. Cornelius Vlot, Rev. W. O. Klopfenstein
CaldwellStewart Franklin, III2007Carney-Frost [LaGrange, Ind.][cremated]Brad Garrett, Woodruff United Methodist Church
CaleyEdward Lewis2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CaleyEdward Lewis2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CaleyErma L. Spear Eagleson2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Mike Wakeland
CaleyMarion LaVerne Wallace2013D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Brenda Grinder
CalhounEdith M.2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Keith Schreffler
CalhounJohn, Jr.2001ConcordiaRev. Sam Shade, Jr., Pilgrim Baptist Church
CalkinsJack Jake2010D. O. McComb & Sons
CalkinsSuzanne2014D. O. McComb & Sons
CallandDoris1990Dale Funeral HomeLindenwoodRev. Duane C. Tisdale, Friendship Baptist Church
CallandJordan Lee2013CarmichaelPastor Anthony R. Pettus, Sr., Greater Progressive Baptist
CallandLee Arthur, Jr.1989MicheauxHighland ParkRev. Clyde Adams, Union Baptist Church
CallandLora E.1998MicheauxLindenwoodRev. Clyde Adams, Union Baptist Church
CallandMatilda1995SandersHighland ParkRev. Samuel L. Sumner, Turner Chapel AME
CallantThomas E.2012D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Alyn Biddle, Broadway Christian Church
CallenderDoris Maxine2015Hopkins-Rector Funeral Home, Greencastle, Ind.Union Chapel United Methodist Church, Greencastle, Ind.
CallisonEthel M.1985KlaehnGreenlawnDr. Donald H. McCord
CallowVirgil H.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Wayne Gullion
CameronMaxine A. Schafer2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CameronRoland R. Dick2012D. O. McComb & Sons
CampClaude S.1985D. O. McComb & Sons
CampbellAlfred, Jr.2004CarmichaelLindenwoodMin. Aston Chambers
CampbellAnnette Hall2013Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleLake Bethel Cem.Pastor Rick Davis, Helmer Independent Baptist Church
CampbellBarbara Ann2012Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleOrange Cem., Rome City, Ind.Pastor Chris Mosley, Grace Christian Church, Kendallville
CampbellBelle Smith1965Vancouver Funeral Chapel, Vancouver, Wash.Park Hill Cem., Vancouver, Wash.Rev. J. Ray Stonehocker
CampbellDarryl1982MicheauxLindenwoodRev. Naomi Phillips, Gomez Temple AME
CampbellDominick Michael2014D. O. McComb & Sons
CampbellDonald F.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
CampbellDonald Gene2008D. O. McComb & Sons
CampbellErin Nichole2016Hite, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvillePastor Robert Shriner
CampbellJulia1984Yager-Kirchofer, BerneBluecreek Tricker Cem.Rev. Don Crabill
CampbellLuella Mae1998MicheauxLindenwoodRev. B. Williams
CampbellMichael D.2016D. O. McComb & Sons
CampbellRobert Bobby2010D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewPastor Kelly Fair
CampbellRobert M.2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDr. Ed Dykstra, Pastor Bill Hayworth
CampbellRobert S.2016D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewRev. Jim Halstead
CampbellSandra Lea2013Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvillePastor Steve Altman
CampbellSherri Kay2011D. O. McComb & SonsGarden Oaks Mem. Cem., Berryville, TexasPastor William Campbell
CampbellSherri Kay2011D. O. McComb & SonsLifebridge Church
CampbellWilliam E.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CandeaMoise2014D. O. McComb & Sons
CandeaMoise2014D. O. McComb & Sons
CannonMary Francis2004CarmichaelLindenwoodDr. Samuel Walker, Jerusalem Baptist Church
CanterLucilla M.1999D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
CanterRolland M.2005D. O. McComb & Sons
CapehartPauline Sue2015Hite, KendallvilleFairview, HuntertownChaplain Mike Wakeland
CapehartRaymond Edgar2012D. O. McComb & Sons
CaplingerFred1969Guy J. Magetti, Dayton, Ohio
CaplingerJesse L.1980Rogers & Holp, New Lebanon, OhioTrissel Cem.Pastor Robert P. Fryman, J. W. Miller
CappaMabel2016D. O. McComb & Sons
CappelliAnna Marie1994D. O. McComb & Sons
CappsNellie F.2000Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonOak GroveRev. Scott Moss
CappsWillard Michael2011D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Gary Green, Northridge Baptist Church
CaptainDiana D.2012Goodwin, Bluffton, Ind.Six Mile Cem., Bluffton, Ind.Pastor Matt Hartsell
CardenMary Jane2016D. O. McComb & Sons
CardenasMiguel G.2013D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewMam Bu
CarderMarsha2012D. O. McComb & SonsPrairie GroveRev. Steven Roper
CardinaliMary A.2010Mungovan & Sons
CardiniGeorgia I.1999C. M. Sloan & SonsGreenlawnDr. Hal Thomas
CardyRobert W.2012D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Ron Ramsey, Pastor C. Ray Miler, Emmanuel Comm. Church
CarewSister M. Jane, O.V.2012Mungovan & Sons
CareyJoan R.2014D. O. McComb & Sons
CarlJacqueline L.2011D. O. McComb & SonsChaplain Ann Lantz
CarleyRosemary2016CovingtonGreenwood Cem., Sandusky, Mich.Westview Alliance Church
CarleyWilliam2012CovingtonGreenwood Cem., Sandusky, Mich.Dr. Wyatt Mullinax, Westview Alliance Church
CarlisleAserine Dobine2012EllisGreenlawnRev. Sam Shade, Jr., Pilgrim Baptist Church
CarloBetty J.2012D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor John Stuck
CarlsonAdaline Marie2002Johnson-Danielson, Plymouth, Ind.Immanuel Lutheran, Donaldson, Ind.Rev. Brian Deckinger, Immanuel Lutheran Church
CarlsonAlbert2002Johnson-Danielson, Plymouth, Ind.Immanuel Lutheran, Donaldson, Ind.Rev. Brian Deckinger, Immanuel Lutheran Church
CarmerGeorge Clayton2013D. O. McComb & SonsRoselawn Cem., Auburn, Ind.Rev. Brenda A. Ginder, Forest Park United Methodist Church
CarmerWalker W.2001Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonLindenwoodRev. Robert Bruckner, St. Michael Lutheran Church
CarmichaelAlexandrus Angelo2013D. O. McComb & Sons
CarmichaelArthur Willard, Jr.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
CarnahanArlene Elsie2000Den Herder, Paulding, OhioSherman Cem., Oakwood, OhioRev. Roger Reece, Paulding United Methodist Church
CarneyMichael F.2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Matthew Kohl
CarpenterCharles2012D. O. McComb & SonsMissionary Church
CarpenterCharles2012D. O. McComb & SonsDr. Hossler, Rev. Mann, Matteson, French, & Moran
CarpenterCynthia Rose2006E. Harper & SonChrist Lutheran Cem., WoodburnDonald Henry, Christ Lutheran Church
CarpenterDonald2011D. O. McComb & Sons
CarpenterEarl W.2011D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Peter's LutheranRev. Steven Ahlersmeyer, St. Peter's Lutheran Church
CarpenterEdith Edie2009D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Bill Campbell, Life Bridge Church
CarpenterEunice2012Mungovan & SonsGreenlawnRev. Carl Esque
CarpenterLois Jane2013Thoma/Rich, Chaney & Lemler, BlufftonFairview Cem., BlufftonPastor Chad Yoder
CarpenterMabel Nanny2010D. O. McComb & SonsPrairie GroveRev. Russell Dewell
CarpenterMae Elnora1977E. Harper & SonI.O.O.F., New HavenRev. Russell Wilbur
CarpenterMarjorie I.2012D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Russell Dewell
CarpenterPatsy M.2012Mungovan & SonsPastor Jason Baeuerle
CarpenterRita L.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
CarpenterRobert R.2002CovingtonCovingtonRev. David Easterday, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
CarpenterTaVarus Bernard2012D. O. McComb & Sons
CarperHazel I. Byrd2010D. O. McComb & SonsLeoRev. Ronald Collins
CarperTeneka L.2017Hite, KendallvillePastor Melvin Heiniger, Green Chapel Redeemed Church
CarrJosephine1983D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Sam Shade, Pilgrim Baptist Church
CarrMargaret Pat2006D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrSheila S.2015D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Barry Schmell, Maplewood Mennonite Church
CarrickWalter D.1981OrrSparta Cem., KimmellRev. James Fookes
CarricoBettie A.2013Klaehn-Fahl-Melton
CarrierBonita F.2012D. O. McComb & SonsMonroevillePastor Mary Ann Tomlinson
CarringtonEdward Red1999
CarringtonGermaine A.1987
CarrollE. Jean2011D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrollJames R.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrollJohn C., M.D.1981
CarrollJohn Walker2014D. O. McComb & SonsDeacon James Kitchens
CarrollJon S.2004D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrollMarilyn H.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicSt. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
CarrollMarilyn H.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrollNorma Jean2015D. O. McComb & Sons
CarrollRichard W.2011D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Phil Emerson, Good Shepherd U. M. Church
CarsonMary1989Bugbee-Riggs Funeral Homes, New Jersey
CarstenBetty Ann2006Elzey-Patterson-Rodak
CarswellJesse Gene1988MicheauxGreenlawnRev. P. H. Love, Friendship Baptist Church
CarswellTreysun Trevon Stettler2010D. O. McComb & Sons
CarteauxFrancis E. Pete2016Northern Indiana Funeral CareCatholicFr. Matt Soberalski, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
CarteauxPat2014Hite, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvilleImmaculate Conception Catholic Church, Kendallville
CarteauxRobert W., Sr.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
CarteauxRobert W., Sr.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
CarteauxTheodore S., Jr.2012D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkFr. Cyril Fernandes
CarterAda E.1964Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
CarterClark C.1982MicheauxLindenwoodRev. David Bedenbaugh, Turner Chapel AME
CarterDelores Joan2013Northern Indiana Funeral CareConcordiaRev. Jim Keckler, Parkwood Church of God
CarterDonaldMicheauxLindenwoodRev. Wendell Abell
CarterGeorge A.1978OrrSparta Cem., KimmellGary Tuttle, Ligonier Church of Christ
CarterLewis1976PickettLindenwoodRev. J. P. Henning, Turner Chapel AME
CarterLoretta2007CarmichaelLindenwoodRev. Sam Shade, Pilgrim Baptist Church
CarterMary E.1976C. M. Sloan & Sons
CarterMerle L. Red2016D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Alvin Rockey
CarterNancy E.1997Pilgrims Rest Cem., Huntington, Ind.Pastor Wayne Berkesch, St. Michael Lutheran
CarterRonald T., Jr.1995C. M. Sloan & Sons
CarterRonald T., Sr. [d. 2005] & John James [d. 2004]C. M. Sloan & SonsCatholicChaplain Scott Davis
CarterSandra K.2016D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonDeb Kemp
CarterVincent G.2003C. M. Sloan & SonsCatholic
CarterZach G, Sr.1997CarmichaelHighland ParkRev. James W. Bledsoe, St. John Missionary Baptist Church
CartwrightLinda M.2016Mungovan & SonsGreenlawnPastor Justin Woodward
CarusoAnthony C.1991
CarusoFerdinand J.1992
CarusoHelen V.2007Mungovan & Sons
CarusoJohn F.1998Mungovan & Sons
CarusoJoseph C., Sr.1971D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicSt. Joseph Catholic Church
CarusoLouis R.1954
CarusoMary C.2007
CarusoMildred M.1990
CasasMonica A.2013D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicDeacon Jim Tighe
CaseDonald G.2013D. O. McComb & SonsHighland Park
CaseStacey2012D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewRichard Williams
CasebereGenevieve E. Becky2002FellerButler Cem., Butler, Ind.Pastor Frank Weller
CaseyCarol Elizabeth1999EllisCovingtonPastor Lester Bush, Dupree Memorial COGIC
CaseyDolores1999EllisCovingtonRev. Thurmond Coleman
CaseyDonald H.1982EllisCovingtonElder John T. Dupree, Hayden St. COGIC
CaseyKaren S.2014Hite, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvillePastor Mike Albaugh, Destiny Family of Faith Church
CaseyLucile1992EllisCovingtonBishop J. T. Dupree, Dupree Temple
CashRandy L.2011D. O. McComb & SonsGrove Lawn Cem., Pendleton, Ind.Pastor Tony Henry, St. Mary's Catholic Church
CashShirley2008Wilson St. Pierre, Lahm Chapel, Pendleton, Ind.Grove Lawn Cem., Pendleton, Ind.Rev. Gerald Burnett
CashmanThomas J.2013D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkDr. Rex Person
CassDonald C.2009D. O. McComb & Sons
CassJane K.2010D. O. McComb & SonsHuntertownRev. Don Williams
CasselmanWilmer Leo1963SwanksZion Lutheran Church Cem., West FairfieldRev. Ernest F. Urbahns, Zion Lutheran Church, West Fairfield
CassidayKenneth Dale2016Hite, KendallvilleBrushy Chapel Cem., LaGrangeRev. Earl Bolen, Rev. David Bolen, Independent Baptist
CassidyMark Christian1981Father Donald Isenbarger, St. John Bosco Catholic Church
CastanedaPatricia L.2012Mungovan & Sons
CastilloSalustia C.2013D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Samuel Castillo, Templo Aposento Alto
CastilloWalner2015Mungovan & Sons
CastleGeorge R.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Dr. Thomas Ahlersmeyer, Concordia Theological Seminary
CastleVernon R.1974Chalfant-Perry-KlaehnLindenwoodRev. Marvin Deerhake, Grace United Church of Christ
CastlemanErvin Boob2000Zwick & JahnSt. Louis Besancon CatholicSt. Louis Besancon Catholic Church
CastorKenneth C.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Dan Hamlin, Rev. Frederick Hasecke, Trinity Eng. Luth
CaswellJean A.2013D. O. McComb & SonsKnauss Cem., Kinderhook, MichiganMinister Jeff Hull
CatesOlivia C.2007Marion National Cem., Marion, Ind.Charles Lyman, First Baptist Church
CatoJohn C., Sr.2002Pastor William Gary, Turner Chapel AME
CattanoAngelo P.1994DeJohn-Flynn-Mylott Funeral HomeLake View Cem.
CattanoSanta1992DeJohn-Flynn-Mylott Funeral HomeLake View Cem.
CaudillMegan E.2016Hite, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvilleRev. Charles Mosley, Harbor of Love Baptist Church
CaudillMerica2010D. O. McComb & SonsDecatur Cem., Decatur, Ind.Rev. Jim Keckler
CaudillSally R.2016D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Rick Hawks
CaudillSandra2014Mungovan & Sons
CauleyBuren M. Bill2012D. O. McComb & SonsEel RiverJim Moser
CauleyGenevieve M. Jenny2014D. O. McComb & SonsEel RiverRev. Jim Moser
CauseyNezzie1988SandersGreenlawnRev. Clyde Adams, Union Baptist Church
CauseyTi'Shawn Christian Cooper2006D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Jimmy Ruffin
CavanaughPaul Louis, Jr.2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Jan Funk, Covenant United Methodist Church
CaveBernard R.1998E. Harper & SonWoodland Union Cem., Van Wert, OhioRev. Brad Bame
CaveEthel L.2009E. Harper & SonSt. Paul Cem., Briceton, OhioPastor Rick Taylor, New Haven United Methodist Church
CavenderPearl1988C. M. Sloan & SonsGreenlawnRev. Donald B. Arms
CaywoodFernie Frances1992Weicht Funeral Home, AngolaCircle Hill Cem.Rev. Norman Fuller
CaywoodGerald James1961WeichtCircle Hill Cem.Rev. Ernest Minegar

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