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ACGSI Funeral Card Collection

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To contribute funeral cards to this collection, please email scanned images to the ACGSI webmaster at We are primarily interested in funeral cards from Allen County and surrounding counties, but we will add funeral cards from other areas to the collection as time permits. You may also submit funeral cards by mail:

ACGSI Webmaster
P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Photocopies are acceptable. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a SASE.

Name                    Death
Foelber, Harold L.2015D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Barry Jorris
Foellinger, Gerald D.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Linda Martin
Fogle, Curtis Edward1997CovingtonSt. Michael Lutheran Church
Fogle, Donald R.2003Elzey-Patterson-RodakSt. John LutheranRev. Robert A. Bruckner, St. Michael Lutheran Church
Fogle, Samuel J.1960L. L. Yager & Sons, BerneRiverside Cem.Rev. Charles Bradford, Rev. Delbert Cress, Mt. Carmel E.U.B.
Fogt, Lloyd O.1952Pearl Cem.Rev. H. W. Swinehart, St. Johns Lutheran Church
Fogwell, Lerland Waldo2014Elzey-Patterson-RodakMaple Lawn Nine Mile Cem.Keith Koteskey, Avalon Missionary Church
Foley, Eugene G.1988CatholicSt. Marys Catholic Church, Van Wert, Ohio
Folk, Eugenia Anne2012D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. James Evans
Folk, Mary Ellen2015Elzey-Patterson-RodakCovingtonPastor Larry Davis, Pastor Kenny Speakman
Follett, Robert A.2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Scott Qualls
Follett, Ronald D.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Follins, Della Mae Brown1982EllisLindenwoodRev. Clyde Adams, Union Baptist Church
Follrod, Norah M.2008D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewMary Woods
Foltz, Betty L.1996Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonLindenwoodDr. James Westpfahl
Foltz, David E.2009D. O. McComb & SonsRev. David Mitchell
Foltz, Guy L., Jr.2012D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Michael Smith
Foltz, Joan Catherine2010D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDr. Derek Weber
Foltz, Karen Shopoff Malone2015D. O. McComb & SonsRev. David Mitchell
Foltz, Larry E.2001D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Kelly Fair
Foltz, Robert W.1997Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonLindenwoodRev. Linn Bartling, Deaconess Karen Kosberg
Foltz, Sara H. Pennel2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. David Mitchell
Foltz, Thomas R.2010D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDr. Derek Weber
Fonner, Melba1984D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDr. Richard Stanger
Foote, Catherine M.1975SheetsHuntertownRev. Hershel McCord
Foote, Margaret Elizabeth2012D. O. McComb & SonsHuntertownJames Foote, Wolcottville United Methodist Church
Forbes, Carol Sue2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Ford, Aden Lee2013D. O. McComb & Sons
Ford, Dorothy L.1983E. Harper & Son
Ford, Edward L.2011D. O. McComb & SonsSparta Cem., Kimmell, Ind.Rev. Roger V. Abels
Ford, Frank L., Jr.2011D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. David Altman
Ford, Gerald Bud2008D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Mike Booher
Ford, Helen Mae1996Mungovan & Sons
Ford, Henry Wetton2014D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Jeff Lehn, First Presbyterian Church
Ford, James Andrew, Sr.2012Northern Indiana Funeral CareGreenlawnRev. David Waters
Ford, Janey Kay2003D. O. McComb & SonsFairlawn Cem., Kentland, Ind.Rev. Maurice Grindle
Ford, Joseph Howard, Jr.1997MicheauxRev. Samuel Sumner, Turner Chapel AME
Ford, Juanita Alice1983MicheauxLindenwoodRev. David Bedenbaugh, Turner Chapel AME
Ford, King2014D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Robert Clark
Ford, Patricia L.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
Fordeck, Doris R.2014Hite, KendallvilleRiverviewRev. Scott Pattison, Trinity Church United Methodist
Fordeck, James Stan, Sr.2017Hite, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvilleChaplain Dave Fiant
Fordeck, James T.2012Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleMarion National Cem., Marion, Ind.Pastor Scott Shoaff
Fordham, Frank A.1972
Fordham, Veronica R.1968Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Foreman, Antoinette E.1959Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne
Foreman, Charles W.2009D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodJeff Timmons
Foreman, Deborah2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Keith Moore
Forgona, John1976Coreno Funeral Home, Cleveland, O.Calvary Cem.St. Marys Church of Bedford
Forker, Bill2014Hite, KendallvilleJeff Hoffman
Forker, Irene2017Hite, KendallvilleSweet Cem., AlbionJeff Thayer
Forker, Mary Esther2016Hite, KendallvilleBrushy Chapel Cem., LaGrangePastor Bob Munroe, Kendallville Assembly of God
Forker, Paul Adelbert2015Hite, KendallvilleBrushy Chapel Cem., LaGrangePastor Robert Monroe, Assembly of God, Kendallville
Forkert, Michael A.2014D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Chris White
Forshea, Pearl L.1975D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Traverse Chandler
Forss, Carol D.2011D. O. McComb & SonsMount Hope Cem., Ashland, Wis.Rev. David Petersen, Redeemer Lutheran Church
Forss, John E.2009D. O. McComb & SonsMount Hope Cem., Ashland, Wisc.Rev. David Petersen, Redeemer English Lutheran Church
Fortich, Julieta F.2009D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Brian Green
Fortier, Doris M.2009D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewRev. Susan Smith-Bryden
Fortier, Michael2011Mungovan & Sons
Fortman, Diane Mary2015Hite, KendallvilleSt. Marys Catholic Cem., AvillaFr. James Stoyle, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Fortman, Elizabeth Mary1932
Fortman, Nora1960
Fortmeyer, Howard H.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
Fortmeyer, Wayne Frederick2009D. O. McComb & SonsRev. David Binkley
Fortner, Betty J.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Linda Martin
Fortney, Jean H.2012D. O. McComb & SonsWoodland Cem., Van Wert, O.Larry Richeson
Fortney, Vance E.2013D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Morimanno, Jesus Name Apostolic Church
Fortress, Norman O.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
Fortriede, Alice E.1992Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonCovingtonRev. Jim McDonald
Fortuna, Betty J.2014D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Russell Dewell
Fosnaugh, Janelle R. Zurcher2014D. O. McComb & SonsLancaster Cem., HuntingtonRev. Brady Wisehart, Dr. Lenny Wisehart, Grace Pt. Nazarene
Fosnough, W. Philip2008Elzey-Patterson-RodakPrairie GroveRev. Tim Yazel
Foster, Clyde L.1993Marquart & JacobsMonroevilleRev. Jon L. Culp, St. Marks Lutheran Church
Foster, Dale L.Rev. George H. Volkmar
Foster, Della2011D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Soren Urberg
Foster, Donald R. Dick2014Zwick & Jahn, MonroevilleMonroevillePastor Ralph Klinker, Paul Row
Foster, Elaine E.2002Zwick & JahnMonroevilleEdward H. Redmon
Foster, Esther L.1986Marquart & JacobsMonroevilleRev. David Stephey
Foster, John A.1947Schilb & Sons, Antwerp, OhioNorth ScipioRev. Fred S. Malott, Presbyterian Church, Antwerp, Ohio
Foster, Margaret Peg1981D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. James Critell, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Foster, Marilyn J. Flower2011D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Frederick Hasecke, Trinity English Lutheran Church
Foster, Thomas Wayne2015Northern Indiana Funeral CareMarion National Cem., MarionPastor Arley Higginbotham
Foster, Willodean M. Grace2010Zwick & Jahn, MonroevilleMonroevilleRev. William Smith, St. Marks Lutheran Church
Foster, Willodean M. Grace2010Zwick & JahnMonroevilleRev. William Smith, St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Fournier, Virginia2016Midwest Funeral Home & Cremation Society
Fousnought, Lillian Granny2003D. O. McComb & Sons
Fousnought, Lillian Granny2003D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. John Vickrey, Dr. William A. Deans, III
Foust, Dallas R.2007D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonSt. Michael Lutheran Church
Foust, Dallas R.2007D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Robert A. Bruckner, St. Michael Lutheran Church
Foust, Elda2004D. O. McComb & SonsChapel Lawn Cem., Schererville, Ind.Rev. Ron Hawkins, Rev. Richard Foust
Foux, Arlene M.2016D. O. McComb & Sons
Foux, Arlene M.2016D. O. McComb & Sons
Fowerbaugh, P. Richard2011Mungovan & Sons
Fowler, Eliza Mae Dixie2002MicheauxLindenwoodRev. Sam Shade, Pilgrim Baptist Church
Fowlkes, Dennis, Sr.1992SandersHighland ParkRev. Samuel Sumner, Turner Chapel AME
Fowlkes, Nannie Lou2008CarmichaelHighland ParkRev. Dr. Archie L. Criglar, Sr., Turner Chapel AME
Fox, Aldine1953
Fox, Alice Mayrose Lancaster Meyer2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Julia Goodall, Grace St. John's United Church of Christ
Fox, Andrew C.1973E. Harper & Son
Fox, Anne J.1992
Fox, Arthur Rex2009CovingtonCovingtonPastor Thomas Guthrie
Fox, Bernice M.1980E. Harper & Son
Fox, Carlotta J.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Dale E. & Ruth E.2017D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Aaron McClary, Markle Church of Christ, Markle
Fox, Dorothy J.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Dorothy J.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Erlinda Linda2008D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Larry Goodwin
Fox, Ervin L.1987Goodwin, BlufftonM.R.E. Cem., Berne, Ind.Rev. Calvin Ley
Fox, Frances M.1976D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Vincent's CatholicRev. Elden J. Miller, St. Vincent Catholic Church
Fox, Fred1951L. L. Yager & Sons, BerneM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. C. A. Schmid, Cross Evangelical & Reformed Church
Fox, Herman P.1967Rev. Gordon J. Neuenschwander, Rev. Gerald Stucky
Fox, James Paul2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Mike Harris
Fox, Joseph A.1956
Fox, Kathleen S.2014
Fox, Lola E. Reinhart1987D. O. McComb & SonsM. R. E. Cem., Berne, Ind.Rev. Kenneth Almeida
Fox, Louis A.1971
Fox, Marguerite1978Yager, BerneM.R.E. Cem., Berne, Ind.Rev. Richard N. Zulauf
Fox, Mark A.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Mary1964
Fox, Mary Alice2013D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Dan Farrer
Fox, Melvin G.1963Yager, BerneM.R.E. Cem., Berne, Ind.Rev. Armin C. Steiner, West Missionary Church
Fox, R. Douglas1976D. O. McComb & SonsM. R. E. Cem., Berne, Ind.Rev. Marvin W. Deerhake
Fox, Raymond A.1965
Fox, Robert1979Yager, BerneM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. Robert W. Kauffman
Fox, Sandy Meemaw2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Stephan J.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Fox, Walter R.1969D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Vincent's CatholicRev. Lawrence J. Fettig, St. Vincent Catholic Church
Foy, Loretta Irene2017CovingtonLindenwoodRev. Fr. Robert Garrow
Foy, Thomas Daniel, M.D.2013D. O. McComb & SonsChrist United Methodist Church
Foy, William Bill Hayward2009D. O. McComb & SonsCedar Creek Cem., Dekalb Co., Ind.Rick Burris

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