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ACGSI Funeral Card Collection

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To contribute funeral cards to this collection, please email scanned images to the ACGSI webmaster at We are primarily interested in funeral cards from Allen County and surrounding counties, but we will add funeral cards from other areas to the collection as time permits. You may also submit funeral cards by mail:

ACGSI Webmaster
P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Photocopies are acceptable. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a SASE.

Name                    Death
Krabach, Henry F.1977
Krabach, Marie E.1978
Kraemer, Sister M. Carola, P.H.J.C.1964[Mt. Carmel Cem., Marshall Co., Ind.]Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Kraft, Charles1956
Kraft, J. Richard1978
Kraick, Peter1997D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Linn Bartling, Grace St. John United Church of Christ
Krajewski, Mary E.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Kramer, Arnold E.2013Hockemeyer & MillerConcordiaRev. Richard Maassel, St. Pauls Lutheran Church
Kramer, Cecilia A.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Kramer, Fred T.2012Mungovan & Sons
Kramer, Mary Margie2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Kramer, Robert G.2005D. O. McComb & Sons
Kranz, John E.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Kratzat, Harold L.1995Klaehn-Fahl-MeltonDr. James Westphal, Grace St. John's United Church of Christ
Kratzat, Harold L.1995Klaehn-Fahl-MeltonDr. James Westphal, Grace St. John's United Church of Christ
Kraus, Dorothy Lucille2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Peter Cage
Krause, Edward W.1974Chalfant-Perry-KlaehnRose Hill Cem., Bloomington, Ind.Rev. Mark Klinepeter
Krause, Richard O.2011D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. Mark A. Neubacher
Krause, Sharon A.2013Northern Indiana Funeral CareConcordiaPastor Douglas Punke, Zion Lutheran Church
Krauskopf, James B.2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Mark Clough
Krauskopf, Leroy1979Flowers-Leedy Funeral Home, Peru, Ind.Ever-Rest Mem. Park Cem., Cass Co., Ind.Rev. Don Eskew
Krauskopf, Robert R.1976Mungovan & Sons
Krauss, LaVerne L.1992Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonLindenwoodRev. C. James Cress
Krauter, Fred C. Smokey1986KlaehnPrairie GroveRev. Herald J. Welty
Krauter, Homer F.1976Elzey-Dickey-HaggardOak Lawn Cem., OssianRev. Richard Van Horn
Krauter, L. Maxine1991D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Peter LutheranPastor Thomas Batsky, St. Peter Lutheran Church
Krebs, David G.2014D. O. McComb & Sons
Krebs, Helen M.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Thomas Eggold
Krebs, Monica E.1975
Krebs, Russell E.2007Hockemeyer & MillerConcordiaRev. Karl Frincke
Krebs, William1968
Krehl, Dixie2017Hite, KendallvillePastor Steve Koziol, Pastor Sam Weimer
Krehl, Harry F.1953Hite, KendallvilleZion Lutheran Cem.Rev. Donald Schumm, Zion Lutheran Church
Kreigh, Larry W.2014Elzey-Patterson-RodakOak Lawn Cem., OssianPastor Jay Cline, First Presbyterian Church, Ossian
Kreigh, M. Hilda2013D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonDr. Derek Weber
Kreischer, David R.2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor James Cotten, First Christian Church
Kreiselmeyer, Thelma M.2006D. O. McComb & SonsHighland Park
Krenklis, Verners2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Richard Maassel, St. Paul Lutheran Church
Kressley, Mary J.2006C. M. Sloan & SonsGreenlawnChaplain Karen Kosberg
Kretzmann, Martin F., Rev. Dr.1963Hite, KendallvilleLakeview Cem., KendallvilleRev. Dr. John Behnken, St. Johns Lutheran Church
Kretzmann, Martin Joel2011Young, KendallvilleLake View Cem., KendallvilleRev. Paul B. Griebel, Rev. Dr. Robert Shriner
Krewson, James2011Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonRev. Dr. Hal Thomas, United Faith Presbyterian Church
Krick, Harold E.1990D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnMr. Jerry Paul, Christs Church at Georgetown
Krider, Alma Moorman1973
Krider, Harry D.2013E. Harper & SonCovingtonRev. Paul Shoemaker, Emanuel Lutheran Church, New Haven
Krider, Kenneth S.1975D. O. McComb & SonsPrairie GroveRev. Paul McKinley
Krider, Kenneth Scotty1977D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. Dale Milner
Krider, Kenneth W.2015Mungovan & SonsRev. Linda Martin
Krider, Robert L. Bob2009D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. Paul Griebel
Krieg, Martha Ann2015CovingtonCovingtonPastor Steve Gettinger
Krieger, Ralph H., Jr.2013Edgar-Grisler Funeral HomeDutch Ridge Cem.Pastor Tyler Quillett, Crossroads Evangelical Church
Krieger, Ralph H., Jr.2013Crossroads Evangelical Church, Wauseon, O.
Krieger, Russell Harold2015Hite, Kendallville
Krill, Bonnie A.2011Prairie GroveRev. Jerrold Nichols, Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church
Krill-Long, Karen J.2011Elzey-Patterson-RodakPrairie GroveSt. Michael Lutheran Church
Krinn, Irene I.2006Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonGreenlawnRev. Michael Harris
Krinn, William R.1994Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonGreenlawnRev. Sandy Knepple,Rev. Keith Schreffler
Krisher, Gaylord L.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Linda Martin
Krocker, Donald E.2009D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Karl Frincke
Krohne, Cleo1978KlaehnLindenwoodRev. Raymond E. Belcher
Krom, Milo O.1981HollingsworthMerriam Christian Chapel Cem., Noble Co.
Krominaker, Mabel R.1972E. Harper & Son
Krotke, Frederick Paul2016D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Jerrold Nichols, St. Michael Lutheran Church
Krotke, Ruth2007D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonSt. Michael Lutheran Church
Krouse, Clyde J.1978C. M. Sloan & Sons
Krouse, Donald E.1976
Krouse, Gerald1952
Krouse, Helen2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Brian Campbell
Krouse, Lois V.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
Krouse, Margaret M.1990C. M. Sloan & Sons
Krouse, Richard J. Dick2010D. O. McComb & Sons
Kruckeberg, August2012D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaPastor Mark A. Neubacher, Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Kruckeberg, Catherine Irene2016Midwest Funeral Home & Cremation SocietyParkerAshley Church of God
Kruckeberg, Susie2010D. O. McComb & SonsUnion Cem., Rock Creek, OhioThomas Ahlersmeyer
Krudop, Judith2012Mungovan & SonsCovingtonPastor Mark A. Neubacher
Krudop, Sophie Alicia2014D. O. McComb & Sons
Krueger, Amy E.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
Krueger, Bertha Helen1969Hite & Son, KendallvilleCircle Cem., Hudson, Ind.Rev. Frederick Jagow, Zion Lutheran Church
Krueger, John E., M.D.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
Krueger, Martha M.2015D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Mike Wakeland
Krull, Patricia2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Keith Schreffler
Krummen, Ervin A.2017Thomas-Rich-Lemler, Bluffton
Krummen, Ervin A.2017Thomas-Rich-Lemler, BlufftonSix Mile Cem., BlufftonPastor Les Cantrell, First Baptist Church
Krummen, Sandra J.2015D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Donald Sandmann
Kruse, Albert John2012D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Douglas Croucher, Concordia Lutheran Church
Kruse, David R.2011D. O. McComb & SonsScipioPastor James Evans
Kruse, Gustav H.1992Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonGreenlawnRev. Albert Keller
Kruse, James Archie2013Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleMarion National Cem., MarionPastor Richard Davis
Kruse, Lawrence E.2013Elzey-Patterson-RodakPrairie GroveFr. David Carkenord, St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Kruse, Mildred Margaret2010D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Karl Frincke
Kruse, Patricia2015D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaPastor Bill Mueller
Kruse, Robert2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Steven Ensley, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Kruse, William A.2011D. O. McComb & SonsSuburban Bethlehem LutheranRev. Wayne Berkesch, Bill Bueller, Suburban Bethlehem Luth.
Kruse, Zelma M. Nelson2006D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Frederick E. Hasecke
Kruyer-Kitchen, Layla Jane2015D. O. McComb & Sons

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