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ACGSI Funeral Card Collection

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To contribute funeral cards to this collection, please email scanned images to the ACGSI webmaster at We are primarily interested in funeral cards from Allen County and surrounding counties, but we will add funeral cards from other areas to the collection as time permits. You may also submit funeral cards by mail:

ACGSI Webmaster
P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Photocopies are acceptable. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a SASE.

MichaelAnn M.2010D. O. McComb & SonsSt. Joseph Hessen Cassel Catholic Cem.Fr. Tom Lombardi
MichaelErnest2000Ulrey-Renner, LigonierRev. Lenny Krebbs
MichaelJanis M.1975Harris-Troxel, North WebsterSparta Cem., KimmellRev. Harlan Steffan
MichaelMary Jo2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MichaelsNicholas Omer Mike2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MichaelsNicholas Omer Mike2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MichaelsNicholas Omer Mike2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicMsgr. John M. Kuzmich, St. Vincent dePaul Catholic Church
MichaelsNicholas Omer Mike2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicMsgr. John M. Kuzmich, St. Vincent dePaul Catholic Church
MichaelsOlga A.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MichaelsOlga A.2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MichaudChester T.1955L. L. Yager & Sons, BerneM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. Arthur Givens, Rev. Lawrence Norris, Trinity E.U.B. Ch.
MichaudFrances1971Winteregg-Linn & HaggardM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. LaVerne Howard, Trinity Methodist Church
MicheauxEllis1952MicheauxLindenwoodRev. Hillard Saunders, Turner Chapel AME
MicheauxEllis, Jr.2008Rev. Otha Aden, Southern Heights Baptist Church
MicheauxJosie Lee2007CarmichaelLindenwoodRev. Dr. Archie L. Criglar, Sr., Turner Chapel AME
MichelPatricia A.1985South Whitley Cem., South WhitleyDr. Robert Gearheart, Rev. Mark Hale, Columbia City U.M.C.
MichelWava L.2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Lee Dorsey
MichellCecile2013D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Brenda A. Ginder, Forest Park United Methodist Church
MichellGertrude C.1996D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Rick A. Lessing
MichellJames S. Stan1999D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Keith Olson, Forst Park United Methodist Church
MichellWilliam K.2006D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Forest Eugene Bell
MichonDoris K.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
MickeliniLamberto Mick2012D. O. McComb & Sons
MickelsonGary2016D. O. McComb & SonsRev. David Mitchell
MickolsGladys D.2014D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Betty Frolick, St. Albans Episcopal Church
MiddaughEdwin J.2015D. O. McComb & SonsLeslie Gamble, Columbia City United Methodist Church
MiddendorfDorothy K.2013Mungovan & Sons
MiddletonChad A.2016D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Kyle Mills, Elevate City Church
MiddletonClarence E.2013D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodFr. Dan Layden
MiddletonEthel Cordelia1996EllisCovingtonPastor Albert A. Walker, Shiloh Baptist Church
MiddletonRichard D.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicFr. Polycarp Fernando, St. Vincent dePaul Catholic Church
MiddletonRobert H.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MiddletonTobias Jude2013D. O. McComb & SonsRiverview
MielkeHelen K.2005D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Frederick W. Meuter, St. John Ev. Lutheran Church
MielkeWilliam Bill2001D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDr. Frederick W. Meuter, St. John Lutheran Church
MielkeWilma J.1979Den Herder, Paulding, OhioSt. Paul Cem.Rev. Thomas Frey, St. John's Lutheran Church
MiersEdward Richard2014Northern Indiana Funeral CarePastor James Cress, Messiah Lutheran Church
MiersSylvia Ideker2014Northern Indiana Funeral CareRev. James Cress, Messiah Lutheran Church
MikesellDennis Phillip1971Oberlin and Ford, Bryan, OhioShiffler Cem.Rev. Joe Klopfenstein
MikesellJessica Ashtin1994DeMoney-Grimes, Columbia CitySouth Park Cem. Annex, Columbia CityPastor Eric E. Stoops
MikesellLillian1971Cretors, Bryan, OhioShiffler Cem.Rev. Robert Whetstone
MiklosJames Joseph2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MilanJosephine V.1969MicheauxLindenwoodRev. C. L. Rountree, St. Johns CME Church
MilburnTonya2012D. O. McComb & Sons
MildredJohn F.2016D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Randall Glander
MilesBetty J.2009EllisRev. Archie L. Criglar, Turner Chapel AME
MilesJohn, Jr.2012EllisLindenwoodRev. Dr. Archie L. Criglar, Sr., Turner Chapel AME
MilesJuelz Amir2012D. O. McComb & Sons
MilesMarcella E.1959Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne
MilewskiHelen M.2001C. M. Sloan & SonsCatholicQueen of Angels Catholic Church
MilhollandEdna May1974Thoma-Rich, BlufftonOaklawn Cem., OssianRev. Harold Wilson
MilhollandKedric K.1976Goodwin, BlufftonElm Grove Cem., BlufftonRev. Calvin Ley
MiliczkyFrances M.2010D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F. Cem., Pennville, Ind.Rev. Steven Burris
MiliewskiAlexander J.2003C. M. Sloan & SonsCatholicQueen of Angels Catholic Church
MiljkovicRamiza2015D. O. McComb & SonsHighland Park
MilledgeIda H.2015D. O. McComb & SonsHighland Park
MillerAda M.2005EllisLindenwoodMin. Tracey White
MillerAlbert G.2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. David Stecker
MillerAndrew1967Sonday & SheetsCedar Chapel Cem.Rev. F. L. Freiheit
MillerAnn1978Winteregg-Linn-HaggardDecatur Cem.Rev. Kenneth Swan, Union Chapel United Methodist Church
MillerArden Oliver2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerB. Ray1964Ulrey-Sedgwick, CromwellOak Park Cem., LigonierRev. Wm. McClintock, Calvary Ev. Lutheran Church, Cromwell
MillerBarbara Ann2014Hite, KendallvilleSouth Milford Cem., South Milford, Ind.Pastor Brian Walter, Michael D. Booher, South Milford Ch.
MillerBeaulah E.2004EllisLindenwoodRev. Anthony R. Pettus, Sr., Greater Progressive Baptist Church
MillerBeverly2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerBeverly A.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Kathleen Haller
MillerBlaine2013D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkDavid Martin
MillerByrlin Curly1981Thoma-Rich, BlufftonElm Grove Cem., BlufftonRev. Donald Crellin
MillerCalvin Jack2013D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerCarl G., Jr.2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodSt. Pauls Lutheran Church
MillerCarolyn F. Fox2014D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Craig Duke, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
MillerCatherine Gertrude1975D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Thomas P. O'Connor, St. Mary's Catholic Church
MillerChancey W.1975Elzey-Dickey-HaggardElm Grove Cem.Rev. Bruce Kenline
MillerClark C.1959
MillerClifford Bud, Jr.2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Rick Hawks, The Chapel
MillerCraig Lonell2013Northern Indiana Funeral CareScipioPastor Ron Williams, Pathway Community Church
MillerCynthia Ann2013Hite Funeral Home, KendallvilleWoodruff Cem., LaGrangeRev. Clarence Combs, Rev. Garland Rusty Slone, Five Corners
MillerCynthia M.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGarland Brook Cem., Columbus, Ind.Rev. Linda Martin
MillerDamian J., II2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerDamian J., II2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerDamian J., II2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerDamian J., II2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerDavid C.1996D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Harold Comer, Rev. Mark Geesler, Trinity Episcopal Ch.
MillerDelores R.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerDiana E.2010D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F. Cem., New HavenChaplain Karen Kosberg
MillerDoris E.2011D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Wendy Piano, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
MillerDorothy Marie2010D. O. McComb & SonsHuntertown Cem.Rev. Mark A. Newbacher
MillerDouglas R.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerEarl Joseph1951
MillerEdward A., Rev.1983
MillerEdward P.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. David Mitchell
MillerEleanor J.2003D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F., New HavenPastor Robert A. Bruckner, St. Michael Lutheran Church
MillerElla R.1956Hite, KendallvilleZion Cem.Rev. Donald Schumm, Zion Lutheran Church
MillerEllen Shannon2012Hite Funeral Home, Kendallville, Ind.Rehobeth Cem., Albion, Ind.Pastor James A. Caudill
MillerElmer2014D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewRev. Rick Fletcher, Lifeway Wesleyan Church
MillerElvin L., Rev.2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Greg Enstrom, Rev. Dean Stuckey, First Wayne St. UMC
MillerErvin H. Bud2012D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Michael Smith
MillerEthel P.1995Mungovan & Sons
MillerFaye D.2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Linda Martin
MillerFloyd E.1981Thoma-Rich, BlufftonElm Grove Cem., BlufftonRev. Calvin Ley, Rev. Thomas French
MillerFrancis J.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonFr. Daniel Leeuw, Msgr. John Suelzer
MillerFrancis J.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerFrank P.1959D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. John J. Moskal
MillerFrieda Agnes1988D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Craig Amlin
MillerFrieda M.1989C. M. Sloan & SonsGreenlawnRev. Luther G. Strasen
MillerHarry L.1995Mungovan & Sons
MillerHerbert G.1999Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonLakeview Cem.Rev. Robert Bruckner, St. Michael Lutheran Church
MillerHoward Richard, Jr.2015D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. David Mitchell
MillerIva N.1992D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Art Klausmeier, Emanuel Lutheran Church
MillerIvan D.2013D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Tim Grable
MillerJack Amherst2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Russ Abel, St. Joseph United Methodist Church
MillerJames O.2015Hite, KendallvilleImmanual Lutheran Cem., AvillaRev. Thomas Speidel
MillerJane Greene2013D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Dr. James R. Teasdale
MillerJanna Speck2011D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewFr. Anthony Steinacker
MillerJasper Willard Jack1965Ulrey-Sedgwick, CromwellOak Park Cem., LigonierRev. Marvin Jones, Cromwell Methodist Church
MillerJeana Hulen2013Hite Funeral Home, Kendallville
MillerJerome A. W2010GreenlawnGreenlawnDr. John Stephen Park
MillerJerome A. W.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnDr. John Stephen Park
MillerJoe2012D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicLouis Vosmeier
MillerJohn2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Michael Payton
MillerJohn O., Jr.2012D. O. McComb & SonsCrematedPastor Michael Payton
MillerJoseph M.2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerJoseph M.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicFr. James Kumbakkeel
MillerKarl2010D. O. McComb & SonsRiverviewRev. Charles Sunberg
MillerKarl F.2015D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Tim Anderson
MillerKenneth K., Rev.2011D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Michael Bowers
MillerKenneth L.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerKenneth L.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerKevin Duane2010D. O. McComb & SonsMaple Grove Cem., Topeka, Ind.Pastor Stan Buck
MillerKevin L.2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Amy Beitelschees-Albers
MillerLarry G.2015D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Greg Byman
MillerLavon E.2010D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F, New HavenPastor James Evans
MillerLawrence J.1976Swank-Sprankle, Ashley, Ind.St. Michael's Cem.Rev. Matthew J. Lange, St. Michael's Catholic Church
MillerLee Ray2006Grandstaff-Hentgen Funeral Service, WabashMemorial Lawns Cem., WabashPastor Randy Myers
MillerLeo J.1954
MillerLeo J. (Mrs.)1962Eikenberry
MillerLeon G.1960D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. William M. Faber
MillerLeRoy E.2011D. O. McComb & SonsChaplain Robin LaRue
MillerLouise Ann2013Hite Funeral Home, KendallvillePastor Adam Just, St. Johns Christian Church, Archbold, O.
MillerMabel D.1981Frurip-May Funeral Home, LaGrangeBrighton Chapel Cem.John Long
MillerMarcella Olive2011D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicPastor Tony Opliger
MillerMarcelline Herber1976
MillerMargaret C.2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Doug Croucher
MillerMargaret E.2014Northern Indiana Funeral CareScipio Cem., HarlanRev. David Koch, Pastor Gary Hahn, Woodburn Missionary
MillerMargaret Everding2011D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Richard Maassel
MillerMargaret L.2012D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Gregory Cynova
MillerMarguerite S.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerMarianne Spahiev2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerMarianne Spahiev2010D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodFr. Andrew Jarmus
MillerMarjorie L.1980D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. E. Brian Carsten, St. Hyacinth Catholic Church
MillerMarshall C.2010D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Douglas Croucher
MillerMartha M.1984KlaehnLindenwoodRev. Wayne Brass
MillerMary1954Louie E. Berhalter & SonZion Lutheran Cem.Rev. Donald Schumm, Zion Lutheran Church
MillerMary C.2014D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerMary H. Theobald2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Linda Martin
MillerMary Thomas2001EllisCatholicFr. Paul Coutinha, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
MillerMichael Wayne2014Hite, KendallvilleWoodland Cem., WolcottvillePastor Barbara Keene
MillerMilo E.1969Hite, KendallvilleZion Lutheran Cem.Rev. Sigmund Hillmer, Zion Lutheran Church
MillerMyrtle May1990D. O. McComb & SonsRiverview Cem., South Bend, Ind.Rev. Craig Amlin, Grace-St. John United Church of Christ
MillerNancy L.2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerNoriko2015Elzey-Patterson-RodakConcordiaPastor Ted Jansen
MillerOcie M.2004E. Harper & SonI.O.O.F., New HavenRev. Marilyn Dunten, Rev. Maurice Grindle
MillerPamela Kay1979Chamness Funeral HomeOakwood Cem., Warsaw
MillerPaul2016D. O. McComb & SonsLeoPastor Donald Delegrange, North Leo Mennonite Church
MillerPaul Gerald1976
MillerPaul P.1979Swank-Sprankle, Ashley, Ind.St. Michael's Cem.Rev. Matthew J. Lange, St. Michael's Catholic Church
MillerPete N.2012D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkPastor Rick Hawks
MillerPhil O.1980UlreySparta Cem., KimmellRev. Stephen Kiplinger
MillerRaymond E. Jake1982Yager, BerneRiverside Cem., GenevaRev. Paul Worford
MillerRichard F.1977D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Robert Scholte, St. Hyacinth Catholic Church
MillerRobert DeVere1971Bilancio-Guisinger Colonial ChapelRiverview MausoleumRev. Jasper H. Cox
MillerRobert E.2012D. O. McComb & SonsMarion National Cem., Marion, Ind.Rev. David Mitchell
MillerRoberta Sue2015Elzey-Patterson-RodakPrairie GrovePastor Ted Jansen
MillerRonald G.2015D. O. McComb & SonsJewishRabbi Mitchell Krnspan
MillerRuth M.2015D. O. McComb & SonsRev. David Mitchell
MillerSarah Ellen2012D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Ron VerLee, St. Joseph United Methodist Church
MillerStanton E.2012D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Rick Hawks, The Chapel
MillerSue A.2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodDennis Leinbach
MillerTeresa C.2010D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Bill Mueller
MillerTheresa2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Greg Enstrom, First Wayne St. United Methodist Church
MillerThomas E.1986
MillerVirginia A.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MillerVirginia C.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Julia Goodall
MillerVirginia C.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawn
MillerVirginia E.2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Anthony Opliger
MillerWalter D.2012D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodPastor Mike Kjergaard, Rev. Ronald Collins, Cedar Creek Ch.
MillerWilda2011D. O. McComb & SonsEel RiverRev. Dennis Leinbach
MillerWilla Roena2003EllisCovingtonRev. William L. Gary, Turner Chapel AME
MillerWilliam C.2014D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Keith Schreffler
MillerWilliam D.2005D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. David Ballinger
MillerWilliam Edward1946
MillerWilliam H.1986Thoma-Rich, BlufftonFairview Cem., BlufftonRev. Michael Hershy
MillsAlma M.1986D. O. McComb & SonsHarlanRev. E. D. Busch
MillsAmanda L.1995D. O. McComb & SonsLeoRev. Verlin Stoller, Bob Pauley, Evangelical Christian Ch.
MillsBessie Gamble, Mother1989MicheauxLindenwoodBishop John T. Dupree, Dupree Temple COGIC
MillsBetty Coralee2009CovingtonCovington
MillsD. Deloy1992D. O. McComb & SonsLeoRev. Robert Pauley, Rev. Verlin Stoller
MillsDan1995Mark A. Schneider Funeral Home, Crestline, OhioEel RiverPastor Philip Schamehorn
MillsDavid R.2010D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F., New HavenRev. Steven Conner
MillsFred R.2007CovingtonCovington
MillsHarry E.1985HollingsworthEel RiverRev. Raymond Hann
MillsJames R.1974D. O. McComb & SonsLeoRev. Paul Paino, Calvary Temple
MillsJames Robert, Sr.2013D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Russell Riley, Saturn Christian Church
MillsJerry D.2013Northern Indiana Funeral Care
MillsJoan L.2012D. O. McComb & SonsLeoPastor Glenn Flint
MillsJohn R.2014Thoma-Rich-Lemler, BlufftonApostolic Christian Cem., French Twp., Adams Co.Pastor Chad Ringger, Life Community Church, Bluffton
MillsLloyd1975HockemeyerHarlanRev. Harry Huffman
MillsMargaret B.2010Hockemeyer & MillerHighland ParkRev. Norman Conklin, Faith United Church of Christ
MillsMarietta A.2006Sheets & Childs, ChurubuscoEel RiverFr. Cyril Fernandes, St. Patricks Church, Arcola
MillsNathaniel John2015Northern Indiana Funeral CarePastor Chad McAtee, Huntington Church of the Nazarene
MillsSteven B.2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Linda Martin
MillsVelma2000PickettLindenwoodRev. William Gary, Turner Chapel AME
MiltonRema1989PickettLindenwoodDr. Clyde Adams
MiltonRobert W.1987D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. E. Brian Carsten
MinchGeorge A.1957
MincoffSteven E.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
MindenNaomi R.1992Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonConcordiaRev. Daniel Strobel
MingerAnna1977Yager, BerneEvangelical Mennonite Cem.Rev. James R. Johnson, Rev. C. H. Wiederkehr
MinichCatherine1961Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
MinichClarence F.1975
MinichForrest W.1996
MinickAlfred C.1943Ankenbruck
MinickCalvin P.1975
MinickCatherine F.1972
MinickClarence Leo1955
MinickClem J.1958
MinickEarl E.1968
MinickEdward H.1960
MinickFlorence C.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
MinickFlorence C.2013D. O. McComb & Sons
MinickFred J.1952
MinickJames R.1973E. Harper & Son
MinickJoseph R.1982
MinickLeo P.1952
MinickMarcella1989E. Harper & SonSt. John the Baptist Catholic Cem., New HavenFr. Terry Place, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
MinickNeil Thomas2013Northern Indiana Funeral CareFr. Cornelius Ryan, St. Joseph Hessen Cassel Catholic Ch.
MinickPolly E.1990Klaehn, Fahl & MeltonTrinity Suburban LutheranRev. Robert Eichmann, Trinity Suburban Lutheran Church
MinickTerrence Norbert2012D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Rob Fisher, Broadway Christian Church
MinierDoris L.1975Chalfant-Perry-KlaehnLeo MemorialRev. Mark Smith
MinnichCaroline A.1987
MinnichCharles R.1952
MinnichChester A.1959
MinnichClarence E.1980Yager, BerneM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. Mark Batterbee, Rev. Gordon J. Neuenschwander
MinnichClarence E.1980Yager, BerneM.R.E. Cem., BerneRev. Mark Batterbee, Rev. Gordon J. Neuenschwander
MinnichEthel May1964Goodwin, BlufftonElm Grove Cem., BlufftonRev. Stanley Tobias, Rev. Alton Miller
MinnichFrank W.2007Glancy Funeral Homes, Warren, Geneva & MontpelierJones Cm., Warren, Ind.Rev. Mick Veach, Rev. David Fox
MinnichJohn Ervin1971Goodwin, BlufftonMcFarren Cem.Rev. Walter Graeflin
MinnichRosemary A.2009D. O. McComb & Sons
MinnickArnold O.1984
MinnickEdith M.2001Mungovan & Sons
MinnickHarold F.1959Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne
MinnickHoward E.1982
MinnickJerome J.1991D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. Marty Hunckler, St. Jude Catholic Church
MinnickMelvin O.1944
MinnickOlivia A. Lee1979
MinnickOrpha V.1953
MinnickRaymond A., Sr.1983
MinnickRuth1970D. O. McComb & SonsCatholicRev. Lawrence Kramer, St. Peters Catholic Church
MinnickVelma M.2008D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkFr. John Kuzmich
MinniefieldBessie Blanche2010NelsonCovingtonPastor Sylvester Hunter, Union Baptist Church
MinniefieldStanley Arthur1995Sanders
MinorWinston, Deacon1994EllisRev. Clyde Adams, Union Baptist Church
MinserJames A.2010D. O. McComb & SonsHighland ParkRev. David Mitchell
MiserHazel M.1981KlaehnRiversidePastor Donald McCord
MiserMelvin Ray, Sr.2012D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnRev. Jim Keckler
MitchellAlberta Marcella1983MicheauxCovington
MitchellDolores M.2015D. O. McComb & SonsPrairie GrovePastor Nick Robinson, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
MitchellDorothy Elizabeth Wright1995Micheaux
MitchellDorothy May2014Hite, KendallvilleSweet Cem., AlbionRev. Ron Bell, Rev. Ralph Brewster, Rev. Purda Hicks
MitchellEarl Lee1986D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Sam Shade, Jr., Pilgrim Baptist Church
MitchellEstella Patterson1987D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonRev. Sam Shade, Jr., Pilgrim Baptist Church
MitchellGregory D., Min.2012EllisHighland ParkPastor Harold Johnson, Kingdom Door Christian Worship Center
MitchellJames Bryan2010D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Gregory Fries
MitchellJames E.2011D. O. McComb & Sons
MitchellJennifer Jenny2009D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Laura High, Grace Point Church of the Nazarene
MitchellMargie M.2002D. O. McComb & SonsPastor Neil Allen
MitchellVirginia Lee2010EllisHighland ParkPastor Robert W. Bell, True Love Missionary Baptist Church
MitrevskiDanica2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MitrevskiDanica2010D. O. McComb & Sons
MitsopoulosMaria2015D. O. McComb & Sons
MittlestedtLaura Kay1987Thoma-Rich, BlufftonElm Grove Cem., BlufftonRev. Wayne McLaughlin, First Presbyterian Church
MiyakawaKozaburo2010D. O. McComb & SonsOld Pleasant Hill Cem., Indianapolis, Ind.
MizerSophie Ann2011D. O. McComb & Sons

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