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ACGSI Funeral Card Collection

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To contribute funeral cards to this collection, please email scanned images to the ACGSI webmaster at We are primarily interested in funeral cards from Allen County and surrounding counties, but we will add funeral cards from other areas to the collection as time permits. You may also submit funeral cards by mail:

ACGSI Webmaster
P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Photocopies are acceptable. If you send originals and want them returned, please include a SASE.

Name                    Death
Puff, Alan J.2014D. O. McComb & SonsCovingtonPastor Gerald Coleman
Puff, Charles W.2015D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Greg Enstrom
Puff, Sarah Ellen2011D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodRev. Debra Meuter
Puff, Yvonne Orlou2016CovingtonCovingtonPastor Richard Maassel
Pugh, Jack C.2017Hite, Kendallville
Pugh, Janice M. Shultz2014D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnPastor Tom Julien
Pullitz, Loretta1976E. Harper & SonEmanuel LutheranRev. Timothy E. Simms
Pulver, Betty A.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
Pulver, David J.2014D. O. McComb & SonsRev. Larry Maddox, Blackhawk Ministries
Pulver, James R.2012D. O. McComb & Sons
Pulver, Virginia M. Till2015D. O. McComb & Sons
Purcell, Deborah J.2015Mungovan & SonsRev. James Keller
Purdy, James Wilbur1995Mungovan & Sons
Purk, Agnes E.1994
Purman, Phyllis M.2010D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnBrother Ben Jackson
Pursell, Marjorie L.2010D. O. McComb & SonsI.O.O.F., New HavenPastor Taylor
Pursley, Alex, II2015D. O. McComb & Sons
Pursley, Leo Aloysius, Most Rev. Bishop, D.D.1998Mungovan & Sons
Pursley, Lila L.1989
Pursley, William H.1993Meeks MortuaryFr. Leo A. Piguet, St. Mary's Catholic Church
Pursley-Kanning, Marjorie2009D. O. McComb & SonsConcordiaRev. Paul H. Spira
Purviance, Elizabeth2015D. O. McComb & SonsLindenwoodFr. Peter Dee De
Putman, Ilo Mae Clark2013Covington
Putman, Luther L.1992C. M. Sloan & SonsLindenwoodRev. James E. Griffes
Putman, Princess P.1998C. M. Sloan & SonsLindenwoodDr. Hal Thomas
Putman, Thomas Lowell2016D. O. McComb & SonsAssoc. Pastor Mark Clough, The Chapel
Putt, Chauncy1977Chalfant-Perry-KlaehnGreenlawnRev. Donald H. McCord
Putt, Hazel B.1978Chalfant-Perry-KlaehnGreenlawnRev. Donald McCord
Putt, Joseph H.1987
Putt, Thelma2009D. O. McComb & SonsGreenlawnDr. William Farmer

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