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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
ArchboldAgnes J (Pfeiffer)1 Aug 198418 Apr 2007Fort Wayne, IN853029 Aug 1921Fort Wayne, IN
ArchboldAlice R31 Jan 194242
ArchboldFrank R30 Nov 19151 Apr 19643 Feb 1966Fort Wayne, IN664810 Mar 1899Allen Co., IN
ArchboldGlen E24 May 19481 Jun 19803 Mar 2008Fort Wayne, IN902817 Sep 1917IN
ArchboldMabel Marie197020 May 1996Ossian, IN84QC25 May 1911Ossian, IN
ArchboldRobert J (Jack)24 Apr 19281 Jan 197114 Apr 2000Fort Wayne, IN894210 Aug 1910Ossian, IN
ArcherBetty I197512 Mar 2001Fort Wayne, IN71QC10 Jun 1929Utica, OH
ArcherRalph H (Whitey)18 Jan 1941Jan 197630 Aug 2006Fort Wayne, IN913412 Aug 1915Fort Wayne, IN
ArcherWilliam H4 Mar 19131 Nov 194531 Oct 1967Fort Wayne, IN833211 Nov 1883Washinton Twp., Allen Co
ArcherWilliam R
ArensKaren S
ArivettDarrell J
ArlicAlfred A Sr24 Jan 19421 Jul 19792 Jun 1997Traverse City, MI76377 Jan 1921Jagerndorf, Czech
ArmeyIna M26 May 1942196920 Apr 1983Springfield, IL70279 Sep 1912De Witt Co., IL
ArmeyRalph E4 Apr 19321 Mar 19706 Jan 1978Mesa, AZ67385 Feb 1910Kosciusko Co., IN
ArmsteadCharlie L9 Sep 196532
ArmstrongEdna F (Mert)197415 Oct 2004Fort Wayne, IN953118 Aug 1909Mohawk
ArmstrongErnest L15 Nov 19655 May 2003Fort Wayne, IN633227 Jun 1939Middle Point, OH
ArmstrongEvelyn D1 May 197221 Dec 1987Fort Wayne, IN7340+6 Apr 1914Fort Wayne, IN
ArmstrongFrederick J196031Brooklyn, WI
ArmstrongHarry W4 Jul 1941196615 Jan 1978Fort Wayne, IN762622 Aug 1901Middle Point, OH
ArmstrongLela Marie198129 Jul 2005Avilla, IN84QC22 Mar 1921Scipio Twp., Allen Co., IN
ArmstrongMary M2 Oct 1927196915 Oct 1988Fort Wayne, IN80411 Apr 1908Van Wert Co., OH
ArmstrongMeryl2 May 1942Jul 19674 Oct 1971Fort Wayne, IN642518 Feb 1907Garrett, IN
ArmstrongPaul L6 Apr 19321 Jan 196710 Jul 1978Fort Wayne, IN753424 May 1903Payne, OH
ArmstrongRussell L31 Mar 19241 Nov 196215 Sep 1968Fort Wayne, IN703826 Oct 1897Paulding, OH
ArnElla2 Jun 192225 Nov 1979Fort Wayne, IN8330+27 Nov 1895Berne, IN
ArnettDavid H14 Jul 19161 Jan 194519 Jun 1945Fort Wayne, IN652819 Jun 1880Whitley Co., IN
ArnettPhilip C
ArnettRobert L6 May 19411 Jun 197828 Feb 1993Fort Wayne, IN753721 May 1917Fort Wayne, IN
ArnoldCarroll Gurtner30 Mar 1923Jun 19677 Nov 1997Angola, IN944410 Oct 1903Berne, IN
ArnoldDonald M15 Apr 1928Feb 19687 Oct 1985Fort Wayne, IN79391 Apr 1906Allen Co., IN
ArnoldEldon L (Jim)Nov 1926May 19671 Sep 1986Fort Wayne, IN824022 Dec 1903Jay Co., IN
ArnoldFlorian A (Jake)16 Jun 19251 May 196810 Apr 1984Fort Wayne, IN80425 Apr 1904Fort Wayne, IN
ArnoldFloyd R20 Dec 19221 Oct 19639 Feb 1980Decatur, IN814025 Sep 1898Wells Co., IN
ArnoldGeorge H Sr21 Jun 19261 Feb 196923 Jun 1980Fort Wayne, IN76422 Jan 1904IN
ArnoldGerald D (Red)29 Apr 19641 Oct 199733
ArnoldHarry Jr22 Apr 1941196818 Sep 1969Fort Wayne, IN462719 Oct 1922Indianapolis, IN
ArnoldHoward PDec 19201 Feb 196229 Nov 1986Fort Wayne, IN89416 Nov 1897Elwood, IN
ArnoldLester24 Oct 192711 Jun 1968Fort Wayne, IN624023 Apr 1906Montpelier, IN
ArnoldLowell Herbert8 Apr 19291 Aug 197330 Aug 2000Bedford, TX92444 Jul 1908Adams Co., IN
ArnoldNorma J1 Jan 198338
ArnoldPaul A1 Apr 1941197230 Sep 2003Fort Wayne, IN923026 Sep 1911Cleveland, OH
ArnoldPaul W A2 Apr 19411 Apr 197820 Aug 1995Fort Wayne, IN79374 Mar 1916Allen Co., IN
ArnoldRaymond C1 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN89QC28 Jul 1913Allen Co., IN
ArnoldRichard P14 Dec 2005Fort Wayne, IN653318 Apr 1940Fort Wayne, IN
ArnoldWillard J20 Feb 19411 May 198327 Dec 1992Fort Wayne, IN734222 Nov 1919Fort Wayne, IN
ArriagaRudolph12 Dec 19692 Jan 200636Fort Wayne, IN
ArthurEdward1923Jun 195425 Dec 1968Fort Wayne, IN793130 May 1889Delphos, OH
ArthurSusan MarieNov 200329 Jun 2005Ft Pierce, FL56337 Oct 1948Yonkers, NY
ArthurTony WAug 19251 Feb 19595 Feb 1962Kendallville, IN643320 Oct 1897Churubusco, IN
ArvenVictor D39
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