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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
BlackAnsel W24 Oct 19401 Apr 197717 Jun 2001Fort Wayne, IN853620 Aug 1915Allen Co., IN
BlackBobby21 May 194113 Aug 1970Fort Wayne, IN522918 Oct 1917Portland, IN
BlackGeraldine15 Aug 2004Fort Wayne, IN77QC14 Jun 1927Montgomery, AL
BlackGordon B26
BlackHerbert L25 Sep 1980Fort Wayne, IN482714 Feb 1903Fort Wayne, IN
BlackLaura R1924195321 Jun 1976Fort Wayne, IN80307 Dec 1895Uniondale, IN
BlackPaulAug 19431 Jun 197733
BlackPaul E10 Sep 19411 Oct 197924 Feb 1986Ft Myers Beach, FL66375 Aug 1919Allen Co., IN
BlackShirley A
BlackThomas J22 May 19231 Feb 195911 Jan 1987Fort Wayne, IN923517 Jan 1894Knoxville, TN
BlackTommie L Sr20 Nov 19421 Jan 198328 Oct 2010Fort Wayne, IN884013 Sep 1922Tuskegee, AL
BlackburnBetty J3 Feb 194239
BlackburnEarl10 Apr 192226 Dec 19556 Feb 1961Richmond, IN64323 Feb 1897Decatur, IN
BlackburnIrvin P14 Jun 194129 Jun 1975Angola, IN63347 May 1912Fort Wayne, IN
BlackburnIsabelle23 Mar 1943197516 Jun 1987Warsaw, IN73325 Oct 1913
BlackburnRonald Dean24 Jun 2012Fort Wayne, IN675 May 1945Springfield, IL
BlackburnRussell E19374 Dec 1967Fort Wayne, IN573029 Jan 1910Fort Wayne, IN
BlackmoreRobert B
BlairCharles A
BlairClarence S24 Jul 19341 Jan 196428 May 1993Las Cruces, MN92297 Sep 1900Wells Co., IN
BlairJanet K28
BlairJohn R198924 Apr 2002Fort Wayne, IN753720 Jul 1926Fort Wayne, IN
BlairRichard H25 Oct 2002Las Cruces, MN74QC7 Dec 1927Fort Wayne, IN
BlaisingClement H Jr22 Aug 19421 Feb 19712 May 1989Naples, FL81284 Nov 1907New Haven, IN
BlaisingWilliam R
BlakeDavid R26 Jul 195315 Jun 2011Fort Wayne, IN80458 May 1931Oelwein,, IA
BlakePauline L25
BlakeWayne W198226 Jan 2001Columbia City, IN83395 Jul 1917Fort Wayne, IN
BlakelyJohn F19164 Aug 1944Fort Wayne, IN65302 Nov 1878Fort Wayne, IN
BlakleyEvelyn L11 Jun 19352 Jul 1991Fort Wayne, IN8030+12 Jun 1911Fort Wayne, IN
BlandLester C22 Apr 19371 Jan 19736 Aug 1988New Haven, IN773528 Aug 1910Palatka, FL
BlankenshipLouis W35
BlaughByron10 Sep 19271 Sep 195727 Feb 1965Fort Wayne, IN7221 Aug 1892Huntington Co., IN
BlaughGiven A30 Oct 20079312 Jul 1914Whitley Co., IN
BlauveltCharlotte B9 Dec 19281 May 19722 Jun 1987Fort Wayne, IN77434 Mar 1910Fort Wayne, IN
BlauveltHarold A30 Sep 19281 Jan 197113 Apr 1988Fort Wayne, IN814230 Sep 1906Napoleon, OH
BlauveltHarold (Mike)6 Jun 1967QCPortland, IN
BlauveltHarold Robert29 Jul 19421 Aug 198543Fort Wayne, IN
BledsoeMildred I4 Nov 1929Jul 196737
BledsoeWilliam M41
BleeRobert T3 May 193020 Dec 1960Fort Wayne, IN583024 Sep 1902Whitley Co., IN
BleekeRaymond D197111 Oct 1982Decatur, IN723027 Feb 1910Union Twp., Adams, IN
BlessingDenelda E1946Jun 19759 Aug 1995New Haven, IN82293 Jan 1913Paulding Co., OH
BlessingDouglas A6 Dec 192819708 Feb 1994New Haven, IN94412 Jun 1909Lake Twp., Allen Co., IN
BlessingHerman W196524 Feb 1982New Haven, IN815 Jul 1900Lake Twp., Allen Co., IN
BlessingRoy F27 Dec 19281 May 195926 Sep 1971Fort Wayne, IN72308 Mar 1899Fort Wayne, IN
BlewHuegeen21 Oct 193222 Nov 2011Markle, IN993226 Aug 1912Whitley Co., IN
BlochWilliam Carl, Col194619753 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN87293 Sep 1914Marinette, WI
BlockGeorge A1907193212 Feb 1949Fort Wayne, IN782525 Dec 1870New York
BlockerJames L19881 Nov 2011Fort Wayne, IN8039Nottingham Twp., Wells Co., IN
BlombergWalter G1 Jun 1915Apr 195422 Aug 1966Indianapolis, IN793815 Mar 1889Fort Wayne, IN
BlomenbergArnold G11 Sep 19121 Jun 195613 Nov 1958Fort Wayne, IN674315 Jan 1891Fort Wayne, IN
BlomenbergHelen MApr 19221 May 196321 Feb 1999Fort Wayne, IN964120 May 1902Fort Wayne, IN
BlomenbergMelvin A (Red)28 Oct 193123 Oct 1958Fort Wayne, IN512623 Mar 1907Fort Wayne, IN
BlomenbergVictor W4 Nov 19091 May 195713 Aug 1962Fort Wayne, IN694729 May 1893Fort Wayne, IN
BlomenbergWilbert Gustave1922Jan 1968622711 Apr 1903Allen Co., IN
BlomkerW. Robert19374 Nov 1967Fort Wayne, IN503015 Dec 1916Pittsfield, MA
BloomClement Howard1 Apr 19847 Jul 1984Fort Wayne, IN62304 Oct 1921Noble Co., IN
BlotkampEdward R2 Jan 19401 Mar 19826 Feb 1995Fort Wayne, IN764218 Mar 1918Fort Wayne, IN
BlotkampFranklin J10 May 19401 Oct 19725 Mar 1979Ft Wayne, Leo, IN683220 May 1910Fort Wayne, IN
BloughSamuel R1 Apr 19873 Mar 1992Fort Wayne, IN672528 Oct 1924Fort Wayne, IN
BlueCatherine E1 Sep 19836 Feb 2012Fort Wayne, IN9139Oshkosh, WI
BluhmEric E11 Nov 19261 Apr 197019 Aug 1980Fort Wayne, IN734327 Nov 1906Kendallville, IN
BlumDoris E (Kennedy)19431 Jul 196827 May 1998Coldwater Lake, MI802514 Apr 1918Wells Co., IN
BlumFred D Sr14 Mar 1941196619 May 1989Fort Wayne, IN862517 May 1903Fort Wayne, IN
BlumeArthur J30 Apr 19281 Aug 197345
BlumeBenjamin A31 Jul 19162 Aug 1950Fort Wayne, IN643422 Sep 1885Chiama Park, IL
BlumeDorothy M19471 Aug 197528
BlumeGlenice M (Tremblin)1 Nov 19851 Jan 2000Fort Wayne, IN744012 Oct 1925Bellingham, WA
BlustHarold R (Dick)12 Apr 19311 May 197610 May 1983Fort Wayne, IN694529 Oct 1913OH
BlustIrene T24 Jun 19411 Jun 19814 Aug 1996Fort Wayne, IN754030 May 1921Van Wert, OH
BlyEugene W14 Nov 1940198125 Sep 1996Fort Wayne, IN814017 Apr 1915Fort Wayne, IN
BlyFranklin O31 Oct 19401 Apr 198241
BlyJames A32
BlyOliver E24 Mar 191319495 Jul 1972Fort Wayne, IN87363 Aug 1884Fort Wayne, IN
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