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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
ChadwickRalph Harold9 Jul 191229 May 1943Fort Wayne, IN51316 Feb 1892Gardiner, ME
ChaffinsJames E27 Mar 1969199521 Jul 2008Garrett, IN732620 Jan 1935Knott Co., KY
ChamberlainNorman L
ChambersArthur E199022 Oct 2003Fort Wayne, IN72QC21 Apr 1931Uniontown, AL
ChamplinIris R1 Jun 199013 May 2002Fort Wayne, IN74402 Jan 1928Fort Wayne, IN
ChandlerGeorge Russell15 Jul 19281 Jan 196917 Oct 1970Fort Wayne, IN664014 Jun 1904OH
ChandlerTraverse W, Rev20 Oct 1942197123 Sep 1988Fort Wayne, IN82285 Feb 1906Fort Wayne, IN
ChaneyDale Leon22 Aug 193527 Jan 1974Fort Wayne, IN593816 Jan 1915Wabash, OH
ChaneyScudder A6 Oct 19421 Feb 19732 Sep 2008Huntington, IN973017 Oct 1910Angola, IN
ChaneyWalter Nelson27 Apr 192721 May 1962Fort Wayne, IN573525 Nov 1904Huntington Co., IN
ChannellDavid C32
ChapmanBessie R30 Sep 19051 Dec 194926 Feb 1959Fort Wayne, IN69449 Nov 1889Fort Wayne, IN
ChapmanCleo11 Nov 1968
ChapmanLucille M9 Feb 19471 Jan 198133
ChapmanRay Marten18 Jan 1941196811 Nov 1984Fort Wayne, IN812726 Jul 1903Huntington, IN
ChapmanRoy D19271 Aug 19681 Oct 1988Fort Wayne, IN82411 Nov 1905Allen Co., IN
ChapmanRoy MSep 1919Mar 1968754820 Nov 1890Fort Wayne, IN
ChapmanWanda L198218 Mar 2009Fort Wayne, IN863017 May 1922Smith Twp., Whitley Co., IN
ChappelJay S8 Nov 19261 Feb 19635 Jun 1976Fort Wayne, IN753628 Dec 1900Remington, IN
CharlesClaude X20 Oct 19201 Nov 195430 Nov 1955Fort Wayne, IN633423 Sep 1892Lagrange, IN
CharlestonCora S19431 Feb 196925
CharlestonRobert E
CharlestonRobert E7 Jun 1973Ashley, IN643120 Dec 1909Geneva, IN
CharlestonTherman E197727 Feb 1993Van Wert, OH783210 Sep 1914Geneva, IN
CharlestonWilliam HNov 1928Feb 196726 Sep 1977Fort Wayne, IN71389 Jun 1906Geneva, IN
CharltonWelma Jr19816 May 2000Fort Wayne, IN70QC1 Nov 1929Scottdale, GA
ChaseElmer E2 May 19291 Nov 196428 Oct 1987Decatur, IN883410 Oct 1899Decatur, IN
ChaseJames A Dr1 Dec 19601 Nov 198828La Porte, IN
ChaseRobert W198421 Sep 2006Fort Wayne, IN83363 Aug 1923Bridgeport, CT
ChelfSarah L19381 Aug 197726 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN873810 Jul 1915Fort Wayne, IN
ChelfWilliam E6 Jan 194322 Mar 1968Fort Wayne, IN572524 Sep 1910Kentucky
CheneyNina C30 Jun 1981Fort Wayne, IN813 Jul 1899Continental, OH
ChenowithPearl C21 Sep 19121 Dec 19496 Nov 1967Fort Wayne, IN823729 Nov 1884IN
CheshierIrene E21 Mar 2000Fort Wayne, IN876 Nov 1912
ChesterNorbert C6 May 196337
ChestermanJames D34
ChestermanLawrence M24 Mar 19301 May 196522 Aug 1969Fort Wayne, IN603527 Nov 1908IN
ChevillotCharles A19 May 19301 Sep 196030 Oct 1978Fort Wayne, IN823030 Jul 1886New Haven, IN
ChiddisterEdna11 Aug 1999Ossian, IN932825 Dec 1905Churubusco, IN
ChilcoteDellie C (Jim)22 Jul 19251 May 196511 Jan 1985Decatur, IN83397 Feb 1901OH
ChilcoteFloyd D12 Jan 1928196812 Apr 1982Fort Wayne, IN744024 Mar 1908OH
ChildersHarold R31
ChildersSarah Edith196823 Mar 1984Fort Wayne, IN79QC29 Aug 1904Hocking Co., OH
ChildsPearl E25 Jul 1930196526 Oct 1975Fort Wayne, IN713423 Mar 1904Wolcottville, IN
ChildsTheodore S13 Jul 1941196712 Mar 1985Fort Wayne, IN802622 Nov 1904De Kalb Co., IN
ChristLinda L9 Nov 1965
ChristensenMax A31
ChristleLeo Paul192919652 Oct 1974Paulding, OH743610 Apr 1900Ind
ChristliebCarl11 Feb 19321 Aug 19729 Feb 1979Fort Wayne, IN684022 Apr 1910Paulding Co., OH
ChristliebNeola E4 Mar 19431 Mar 197312 Mar 1992Fort Wayne, IN81305 Oct 1910Mercer Co., OH
ChristliebPaul A1 Mar 198938
ChristliebSharon E26
ChristmanClellah E4 Jun 194630+
ChristmanGeorge L11 Apr 19281 May 195731 Jan 1963702816 Apr 1892Fort Wayne, IN
ChristmanRaymond H7 Mar 19411 Jan 197221 Oct 1986Hartford City, IN77307 May 1908Payne, OH
ChristnerFred17 Apr 19221 Jun 19483 Jun 1965Decatur, IN822610 May 1883Berne, Switz
ChronisterFred F10 Apr 19201 Jun 19653 Oct 1975Kendallville, IN673928 May 1900Adams Co., IN
ChronisterMilton Wright1 Jan 195516 Oct 1960Decatur, IN693223 Dec 1890Adams Co., IN
ChronisterTena B195618 Aug 1984Decatur, IN89QC2 Mar 1895Adams Co., IN
ChrystlerWayne E2 Mar 19431 Apr 1969Fort Wayne, IN582614 Jan 1911Lagrange Co., IN
ChurchRalph E195319958 Jun 1999Fort Wayne, IN68426 Jun 1931Wichita, KS
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