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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
KnappEdward A
KnappIrma C21 Jun 19391 Jan 19726 Jan 1984Fort Wayne, IN743210 Sep 1909Allen Co., IN
KnappSimon WDec 192329 Feb 195213 Aug 1962Fort Wayne, IN752822 Feb 1887Adams Co., IN
KnatzHarry H26 Oct 1910194518 Oct 1972Warren, IN873412 Feb 1885Philadelphia, PA
KnausWilliam Lloyd193017 Mar 2003Eugene, OR93407 Aug 1909St Louis, MO
KnechtLeonard P4 Feb 1952199442
KneppHarold R15 Aug 19281 Aug 197315 Jul 1999Fort Wayne, IN89451 Apr 1910IN
KneppleClare E9 Apr 19181 Aug 19563 May 1971Fort Wayne, IN79389 Jul 1891Altoona, PA
KneppleRobert M23 Jan 19413 Jun 1975Fort Wayne, IN603428 Dec 1914Fort Wayne, IN
KneubuhlerEdna M3 Mar 19411 Jun 19802 Dec 2011Woodburn, IN963923 May 1915Woodburn, IN
KnightEdna L19341 May 197510 Feb 1996Fort Wayne, IN854127 Apr 1910Fort Wayne, IN
KnightGeorge L4 Jan 19431 Jul 198138
KnightGerald F6 Feb 19271 Jul 197014 Feb 1985Fort Wayne, IN764316 Feb 1908Hartford City, IN
KnightGerald Joseph198516 Aug 2003Fort Wayne, IN782 Nov 1924Fort Wayne, IN
KnightHoward S24 Jun 19171 Feb 196118 Jan 1971Fort Wayne, IN744329 Jan 1896Andrews, IN
KnightN. Ruth1 Jan 19854 Jun 1995Fort Wayne, IN7038Angola, IN
KnightPaul C11 Jun 19271 Feb 197018 Aug 1977Fort Wayne, IN724214 Jan 1905Kendallville, IN
KnipsteinJudy A (Causey)37
KnocheFrieda L (Pohler)191816 Jul 195435
KnocheWalter P3 Oct 19121 Aug 19532 Mar 1982Fort Wayne, IN884014 Jul 1893Allen Co., IN
KnollArthur L1924Jun 195327 Mar 1974Fort Wayne, IN842910 Oct 1889Fort Wayne, IN
KnollGeorge H30 Sep 19361 Jan 198025 Aug 1998Fort Wayne, IN804321 Mar 1918Fort Wayne, IN
KnollRobert W2 Apr 1937198112 Apr 1995Fort Wayne, IN79436 Jan 1916Fort Wayne, IN
KnottGeorge J28 Jun 190510 Apr 194316 Oct 1943Fort Wayne, IN59379 Jul 1884Miller City, OH
KnottRuth A199323 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN652710 Jun 1937Waterloo, IN
KnoxHarold L25 Mar 19431 Oct 197324 Nov 1980Fort Wayne, IN693030 Jan 1911IL
KnoxRalph N16 Aug 1941198327 Jul 1988Fort Wayne, IN654214 Jun 1923Fort Wayne, IN
KnuppJames D19411 Jan 19794 Apr 1987Auburn, IN683728 Jun 1918Markle, IN
KnuthBenjamin F9 Jul 19401 Jun 197811 Jul 1983Fort Wayne, IN67372 May 1916Fort Wayne, IN
KnuthHenry Michael16 Jun 191119 Sep 1942Fort Wayne, IN573015 Sep 1885Fort Wayne, IN
KnuthWilliam F8 May 191631 Mar 195231 Aug 1959Key West, FL723515 Mar 1887Fort Wayne, IN
KnuttJames12 May 194125+
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