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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
LibbeyJohn W199015 Jan 1995Fort Wayne, IN69QC22 Dec 1925Boston, MA
LibbingAdrian F19401 Mar 197826 Nov 1986Fort Wayne, IN72371 Feb 1914Fort Wayne, IN
LibbingMaurice J L?28 Apr 1941Jul 196618 Aug 1967Fort Wayne, IN632511 Aug 1904Fort Wayne, IN
LibyGrover C192019496 May 1951Fort Wayne, IN6729
LibyHomer L28 Sep 192619 Sep 1961Decatur, IN563513 Aug 1905Adams Co., IN
LibyNeva J23 Nov 1992Fort Wayne, IN68-12 Jun 1924Adams Co., IN
LichtenbergChester (Col)May 19071 Sep 194922 Mar 1964Fort Wayne, IN794227 Aug 1884New York, N Y
LichtenstigerBilly E39
LichtenstigerElias (Hank)12 Jul 19201 May 1960Jan 1969Decatur, IN693630 Nov 1899IN
LichtsinnHelen J1 Apr 198725
LichtsinnPaul H5 Jun 19411 Jan 19852 Nov 2010Fort Wayne, IN894326 Jul 1921Fort Wayne, IN
LichtyMax18 Nov 19421 Apr 197734
LiddyLoyal Lester8 Jan 19281 Feb 196515 Mar 1988Fort Wayne, IN88375 Jan 1900Linn Grove, IN
LieberenzDewey A11 Aug 1930196123 Sep 1974Fort Wayne, IN763112 Jan 1898Kendallville, IN
LieberenzFloren E (Whitey)28 May 19341 Jan 197525 Nov 1994Lubbock, TX834026 May 1911Noble Co., IN
LieberenzMabel M1919194819 Jul 1981Ft Wayne? Huntertown, IN782927 Feb 1903Allen Co., IN
LiebigHomer (Pete) F9 Nov 19261 Oct 19569 Jun 1962Fort Wayne, IN70294 Sep 1891Fort Wayne, IN
LiebmannCarl W4 Apr 19221 Jul 19476 Mar 1951Fort Wayne, IN702510 Oct 1880Fort Wayne, IN
LiechtyEarl R11 Jun 19421 Jun 197524 Jul 2000Fort Wayne, IN853217 Jan 1915Berne, IN
LiechtyTruman21 Mar 192827 Jul 1967Fort Wayne, IN573923 Sep 1909Berne, IN
LieuranceClair A22 Apr 19411 Jan 197212 Jul 1978Avon Park, FL703028 Aug 1907Warren, IN
LiggettMable1923Oct 195323 Jan 1978Reyno, ARk84306 Sep 1893Missouri
LightGerald A19 Sep 194243
LimmerMarjorie G198122 Aug 1997Fort Wayne, IN844018 Oct 1912Portland, OR
LincolnBilly L
LincolnMary Alice19 May 2010Columbia City, IN823618 May 1928Allen Co., IN
LindemanEverett H20 Sep 1926196618 Jul 1984Fort Wayne, IN823917 Sep 1901Wells Co., IN
LindemanLeota L17 Sep 194219694 Feb 2003Huntington, IN952617 Jun 1907Huntington Co., IN
LindemuthG. Ray (George R)1 Nov 19151 Nov 195917 Dec 1974Fort Wayne, IN804417 Oct 1894Wolcottville, IN
LindenbergTheresa E29 Jun 194125+
LindlagJames E Sr7 Mar 19431 Jan 198212 Nov 1983Fort Wayne, IN653710 Feb 1918Fort Wayne, IN
LindlagJames E (Jim)20 Jun 19621 Jan 2000
LindleyDonna L21 Nov 1940198026 Jun 2001Warren, IN79402 Jun 1922Roanoke, IN
LindleyJames Eldon197927 Oct 2009Warren, IN893821 Aug 1920Huntington, IN
LindstenAlfred P
LineEdison D28 Sep 1965199530 Jul 2010Columbia City, IN752915 Jan 1935Whitley Co., IN
LineLela L (Corkie)19471 Apr 197527 Nov 1998Fort Wayne, IN872813 Jan 1911Tipton Co., IN
LinhardtErnst11 Jul 191011 May 193623 Dec 1955Fort Wayne, IN89257 May 1866Germany
LinkerByron A8 Nov 1965199924 Sep 2000Fort Wayne, IN613515 Mar 1939Allen Co., IN
LinkhartMary M4 Aug 19421 May 198138
LinkousClovis EJun 19491 Mar 198913 Jan 2008Blacksburg, VA79398 Dec 1928Cambria, VA
LinnJames F7 Jun 19411 Jul 198428 Sep 1994Fort Wayne, IN724331 May 1922Decatur, IN
LinnMaryJun 19271 Apr 19613331 Mar
LinnemeierArnold D9 Jun 19291 Jan 197130 May 1992Fort Wayne, IN834110 May 1909Fort Wayne, IN
LinnemeierFrederick H19 Jul 19251 Nov 19502 Feb 1961Madison, IN76
LinnemeierHerman H10 Apr 19201 Aug 196127 Apr 1971Decatur, IN743327 Jul 1896Preble, IN
LinnemeierVelma24 Dec 194628
LinskyClarence P2 Apr 19331 Apr 19741 Jan 1975Fort Wayne, IN654117 Mar 1909Fort Wayne, IN
LintonAaron H9 Jan 194119661 Jan 1975?Fort Wayne, IN6525Fort Wayne, IN
LipfordLinda K27 Jun 196433
LippEdward M11 Mar 19301 Jun 196224 Oct 1975Fort Wayne, IN783228 May 1897Wells Co., IN
LippWilliam M11 Jul 19421 Apr 198415 Aug 1998Fort Wayne, IN744120 Mar 1924Ossian, IN
LippittEunice Rosella28 Feb 1985Fayetteville, NC584028 May 1926Fort Wayne, IN
ListDonald M19278 Dec 1996Fort Wayne, IN894026 Nov 1907Mason City, IL
ListHelen B1 Feb 2001Fort Wayne, IN94QC27 Nov 1906Pleasant Twp., Allen Co., IN
ListenbergerCalvin F30 Oct 194119729 Jul 1976Fort Wayne, IN533024 Jul 1922Fort Wayne, IN
ListerGuy C18 Jul 1922197122 Nov 1976Decatur, IN704921 Jan 1906Decatur, IN
ListerJoshua E192911 Aug 1973Fort Wayne, IN6525+17 Oct 1907Decatur, IN
LittleDwight B23 Sep 194213 May 2001Celina, OH774222 Jul 1923Bluffton, IN
LittlejohnHenry Nathaniel30 Aug 194419709 Mar 2002Fort Wayne, IN93292 Dec 1908Atlanta, GA
LittlejohnJohn G2 Jul 189631 Aug 194524 Jan 1954Fort Wayne, IN77491 May 1876Fort Wayne, IN
LittlejohnJohn Henry19441 Jan 197429
LitzenbergTommy F12 Oct 196432
LivingstonBeverly J5 Jun 19548 Sep 1984Hoagland, IN30-Allen Co., IN
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