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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
MichaelGeorge LSep 1929Sep 195812 Feb 1963Bronson, MI53295 May 1909Fort Wayne, IN
MichaelGeorge Robert6 Feb 19421 Jun 198318 Jul 2002Fort Wayne, IN81411921Columbus Grove, OH
MichaelGerald C7 Sep 19261 Aug 196913 Oct 1993Fort Wayne, IN894327 Jul 1904Geneva, IN
MichaelHelen A196824 Nov 2001Garrett, IN982512 Sep 1903Albion, IN
MichaelJay H10 Feb 1924196528 Jul 1972Fort Wayne, IN684119 Oct 1903Hicksville, OH
MichalikStanley1 Jan 198039
MichelIrene C19698 Jan 1983Huntington, IN78QC24 Nov 1904
MichelLawrence A(Mike)19 Nov 1998Decatur, IN843210 Jul 1914Decatur, IN
MichelfelderRuth M196718 May 1984Fort Wayne, IN81QC31 Oct 1902Broken Bow, NE
MichelfelderWayne L192320 Jul 1954Shriners Lake, IN483025 Jan 1906Fort Wayne, IN
MickelsonDelmar L (Bud)17 Apr 1951198921 May 1998Auburn, IN66QC27 Oct 1931Antwerp, OH
MiddaughAlbert E22 Jan 19411 Jan 19733 Jan 1976Fort Wayne, IN65314 Oct 1910Marion, IN
MiddlemasCleo M23 Jan 20078224 Aug 1924
MiddletonEthel C19441 Jun 197413 Sep 1996Fort Wayne, IN852923 Aug 1911Faunsdale, AL
MiddletonGladys M36
MielkeHerman F9 Jul 1941Apr 19673 Jun 1984Fort Wayne, IN82252 Feb 1902Paulding Co., OH
MihmRonald R30
MilburnElizabeth S30
MilesDonald L
MilesEverett E22 Nov 190627 Dec 194621 Dec 1953Fort Wayne, IN724025 Dec 1881Syracuse, IN
MilesJoe A30 Oct 19682003
MilesJohn R10 Sep 1926Jul 196726 Oct 1979Fort Wayne, IN744014 Jun 1905Huntington, IN
MilesJoseph C10 Jan 191614 Dec 1963Fort Wayne, IN6325 Jul 1900Fort Wayne, IN
MilesMartha J31
MilesNancy M30 Oct 19641 Oct 199732
MilesRalph E3 Dec 2010Jonesboro, AR803819 Sep 1930Fort Wayne, IN
MilesSara Ella29 Apr 197029 Dec 2004Fort Wayne, IN88QC11 Oct 1916Fort Wayne, IN
MilesStephen J22 Nov 19331 Nov 197320 Jan 1986Lagrange, IN774026 Nov 1908Fort Wayne, IN
MilledgeWilliam HenryJan 1928Nov 196210 Feb 1968Fort Wayne, IN663414 Dec 1901Allen Co., IN
MillerAdele F19596 Sep 1987Fort Wayne, IN86QC6 Oct 1900Fort Wayne, IN
MillerAlbert EJun 19261 Sep 19597 Sep 1980Fort Wayne, IN823319 Jul 1898Glenmore, OH
MillerAloysius H23 Mar 19201 Apr 19575 Jun 1959Fort Wayne, IN663715 Jan 1893Hoagland, IN
MillerAnthony (Tony)188915 Sep 1917Fort Wayne, IN542814 Jun 1863Germany
MillerArthur B15 Sep 19251 Jul 19592 Nov 1959Decatur, IN653311 Jun 1894Van Wert Co., OH
MillerArthur B9 Jun 1923196526 Aug 2000Fort Wayne, IN984210 Dec 1901Hoagland, IN
MillerBenjamin F28 Mar 19421 May 198442Grover Hill, OH
MillerBruce J31
MillerCarl F21 Sep 19301 May 196313 Jun 1981Fort Wayne, IN83326 Apr 1898Fort Wayne, IN
MillerCarl J24 Jul 19351 Feb 19778 Oct 1981Fort Wayne, IN654125 Mar 1916Fort Wayne, IN
MillerCarol A26
MillerCharles J19251 Sep 195230 Mar 1964Decatur, IN762723 Sep 1887Adams Co., IN
MillerChauncey B8 Mar 19481 Jan 198435
MillerClarence F6 Mar 1926Jan 196822 Jan 1969Fort Wayne, IN654121 Jan 1904Fort Wayne, IN
MillerCleotus H (Cletus)23 Feb 19221 Mar 19652 Nov 1967Fort Wayne, IN65436 Sep 1902Berne, IN
MillerDaniel T30 Nov 2011
MillerDavid J13 Jul 1979Huntertown, IN69358 Oct 1909Allen Co., IN
MillerDean E
MillerDelbert J (Jay)18 Apr 19661 Sep 200034
MillerDonald194719752 Aug 1978Fort Wayne, IN642821 Nov 1913
MillerDonald C30 Aug 2002Fort Wayne, IN727 Jan 1930Jackson, MI
MillerDonald Raymond17 Jul 19411 Jan 198231 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN734013 Nov 1921Yoder, IN
MillerDoyle DJan 1924Jul 196719 Apr 1982Fort Wayne, IN784329 Apr 1903OH
MillerDoyt A23 Aug 1963
MillerEdna M1924Oct 195423 Dec 2000Fort Wayne, IN9230Fort Wayne, IN
MillerEdward N16 Oct 1941197129 Sep 1997Fort Wayne, IN893013 Feb 1908Fort Wayne, IN
MillerElden M5 May 191740+
MillerElroy D (Dave)10 Sep 19421 Jan 197721 Jul 1983Fort Wayne, IN703429 Aug 1912Fort Wayne, IN
MillerElsie A4 Jul 1941197726 Jan 1990Fort Wayne, IN693631 May 1920Madison Twp., Allen Co., IN
MillerElwood WMar 19171 Jul 196245
MillerEugene A9 Dec 19361 Nov 197431 Mar 1979Fort Wayne, IN69384 Oct 1909Fort Wayne, IN
MillerEugene Ellis (Red)21 Nov 19401 May 197213 Apr 1975Fort Wayne, IN613112 Mar 1914Fort Wayne, IN
MillerEugene J26 Nov 19311 May 19759 Dec 1975Fort Wayne, IN604126 Apr 1915Fort Wayne, IN
MillerEvelyn E9 Dec 2001Fort Wayne, IN57QC1 Nov 1944Van Wert, OH
MillerFrances R
MillerFrancis XOct 195126 Mar 2011Fort Wayne, IN783822 Feb 1933Fort Wayne, IN
MillerFred A23 May 2006Fort Wayne, IN683117 Jan 1938Adams Co., IN
MillerFred F17 Jul 18871 Mar 19243729 Feb 1852
MillerGeorge H30 Dec 19421 Mar 197112 Oct 1991Huntington, IN822819 Jan 1909Huntington, IN
MillerGeorge N17 Feb 19411 May 197911 Jun 1979Fort Wayne, IN6238-MN
MillerGeorge T30 Nov 194025 Jun 1982Fort Wayne, IN63429 Oct 1918Fort Wayne, IN
MillerGeorge WOct 1926Oct 195919 Mar 1961Fort Wayne, IN623322 Feb 1898Foresman, IN
MillerGerald E (Jerry)11 Nov 19411 May 198226 Jun 1983Fort Wayne, IN614014 Apr 1922
MillerGlenn RAug 1922Mar 196715 Nov 1997Fort Wayne, IN91441 Aug 1906Tippecanoe Co., IN
MillerGuy31 Oct 19171 Jun 196221 May 1975Fort Wayne, IN78445 May 1897Paxinos, PA
MillerHarold C24 Nov 19261 Dec 19634 Jun 1966Fort Wayne, IN563727 Mar 1910Fort Wayne, IN
MillerHarold L9 Apr 19411 Mar 198013 Jan 2005Fort Wayne, IN873824 Nov 1917Fort Wayne, IN
MillerHelen L34
MillerHelen L26 Jul 193015 Aug 1998Fort Wayne, IN8631 Oct 1911Wabash, IN
MillerHoward G24 Feb 19201 Jan 195819 Sep 1959Fort Wayne, IN6637-
MillerIvan R (Pete)24 Jul 19421 Jun 19682 Mar 1979Columbia City, IN722622 Jun 1906Cloverdale, OH
MillerJames H11 Apr 19966421 Jul 1931
MillerJohn C1917May 19526 Mar 1970Fort Wayne, IN823515 May 1887Fort Wayne, IN
MillerJoseph18 Mar 1931Mar 196731 Jul 1991Fort Wayne, IN893515 Jan 1902Europe
MillerJoseph Eugene6 Jul 196433
MillerKaren A25
MillerKathleen A30 Jun 2009
MillerKathryn J9 Dec 193330+
MillerKay B24 Nov 195236
MillerKenneth C29 Jan 19411 Mar 197516 Apr 2001Fort Wayne, IN90346 Jan 1911Fort Wayne, IN
MillerKenneth H28
MillerLarry G
MillerLarry O29 Apr 1969
MillerLee T21 Jan 19411 Oct 19695 Jul 1989Bluffton, IN842825 Sep 1904Mercer Co., OH
MillerLeo E19421 Apr 196927
MillerLeo E19201 Jun 195218 Aug 1952Fort Wayne, IN593130 Mar 1893Five Pts, Allen Co., IN
MillerLeo J19161 Jun 194919 Apr 1975Fort Wayne, IN903216 May 1884Decatur, IN
MillerLillian A22 Apr 19291 Jan 1996Fort Wayne, IN90316 Aug 1905Fort Wayne, IN
MillerLloyd Paul24 Mar 19411 Feb 198429 Aug 2002Angola, IN804218 Aug 1922Fort Wayne, IN
MillerLois B20 Dec 1912195426 Mar 1988Fort Wayne, IN93411 Oct 1894Payne, OH
MillerLouis R3 Feb 19411 Jul 198112 Feb 2007Fort Wayne, IN86409 Apr 1920Decatur, IN
MillerLucille196530 Oct 1995Fort Wayne, IN752529 Jan 1919Denison, KY
MillerMable M26 Mar 1930196819 Feb 1989Fort Wayne, IN84381 Jul 1904Fort Wayne, IN
MillerMargaret C1 Jan 19361 Jan 197729 Jan 2009Fort Wayne, IN9241Fort Wayne, IN
MillerMarion I18 Oct 19421 Jan 19854 Nov 2011Fort Wayne, IN8742Woodburn, IN
MillerMark B32
MillerMary A1 Jun 198834
MillerMary M9 Jun 1939197318 Jan 1997Decatur, IN843417 Aug 1912Decatur, IN
MillerMelvin J10 Apr 19421 Jan 198018 Sep 2001Fort Wayne, IN813727 Nov 1919Adams Co., IN
MillerMichael A
MillerMichael J32
MillerOliver J29 Jul 1930196229 Sep 1975Fort Wayne, IN773123 Jun 1897
MillerOpal M19683 Sep 1980Fort Wayne, IN72257 Jan 1908Whitley Co., IN
MillerOrrenDec 19221 Mar 19624 Dec 1974Fort Wayne, IN773920 Aug 1897Geneva, IN
MillerOtto C1923195710 May 1975Fort Wayne, IN823314 May 1892Adams Co., IN
MillerPatricia E
MillerRichard W20 Dec 19401 Oct 197517 Aug 1992Decatur, IN81348 Feb 1911Allen Co., IN
MillerRobert A29 Apr 19411 Feb 198416 Nov 2002Fort Wayne, IN80428 Jan 1922Fort Wayne, IN
MillerRoger K2 Dec 2006Fort Wayne, IN703625 Apr 1936Dekalb, IL
MillerRolland C16 Apr 19401 Jan 19745 Feb 1976Fort Wayne, IN653327 May 1910Hartford City, IN
MillerRonald E26 Apr 2001Fort Wayne, IN71259 Feb 1930Whitley Co., IN
MillerRosemary C193628 Aug 2008Decatur, IN914526 Mar 1917Adams Co., IN
MillerRussell P11 Jul 19421 Feb 197312 Nov 1975Bluffton, IN67306 Jan 1908Howard Co., IN
MillerSally A38
MillerSamuel EJan 19151 Jan 19481 Oct 1969Fort Wayne, IN843323 Jul 1885Fort Wayne, IN
MillerShirley A26 Nov 2005Ashley, IN70252 Nov 1935De Kalb Co., IN
MillerSteven E
MillerTheodore Jacob192520 Dec 1996Columbia City, IN95QC14 Feb 1901Whitley Co., IN
MillerTrue L (Pud)192619 Feb 1970Decatur, IN782726 Dec 1891Decatur, IN
MillerWauneta M (Brockmyer)28 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN913026 Mar 1911Fort Wayne, IN
MillerWayne W27 Jan 1929Jan 19765 Feb 1981Arcola, IN70471 Dec 1910Allen Co., IN
MillerWilbur J JrAug 1965199732Jay Co., IN
MillerWilliam24 Oct 1940
MillerWilliam Beryl30 Nov 1942197524 Dec 1990Tocsin, IN753310 Jan 1915Wells Co., IN
MillerWilliam C22 Oct 19181 May 195129 Mar 1972Fort Wayne, IN853222 Apr 1886Auburn, IN
MillerWilliam G1 Jul 188540
MillerWilliam G22 Dec 190011 Feb 19309 Dec 1943Fort Wayne, IN832916 Jul 1860Fort Wayne, IN
MillerWilliam H4 May 19161 Jul 194726 Dec 1955Fort Wayne, IN75319 Nov 1880Fort Wayne, IN
MillerWilliam J20 Dec 19421 Sep 19691 Nov 1975Fort Wayne, IN712618 Aug 1904Allen Co., IN
MillerWilliam R198029 Feb 2000Tell City, IN79-1 Apr 1920Detroit, MI
MillerWilliam. Howard28 Mar 19071 May 195029 Jul 1956Tucson, AR664317 Nov 1889
MillikanRachael C (Mc Cague)197330 Dec 2000Fort Wayne, IN8933-Washington Co., IA
MillsAlvina M1 Jun 1939196625 Aug 2004Fort Wayne, IN942628 Jul 1910Ossian, IN
MillsHarold F19 Jun 19421 Jan 197523 Sep 1995Fort Wayne, IN82321 Nov 1912MI
MillsHarry W24 Jul 1902193215 Nov 1952Fort Wayne, IN7630-Fort Wayne, IN
MillsHoward22 May 193019612 Jun 1993Bluffton, IN91316 Jul 1901
MillsJay Emmet31 Aug 1923May 196730 Oct 1970Columbia City, IN65431 Jan 1905Fort Wayne, IN
MillsMartin VApr 19271 Sep 19594 Jul 1965Fort Wayne, IN703231 Aug 1894Harlan, IN
MillsRichard E200211 Apr 2005Fort Wayne, IN59QC3 Feb 1946Columbia City, IN
MillsRonald D31
MillsWilliam C Jr22 Apr 1978Fort Wayne, IN583114 Feb 1920Allen Co.,In
MillsWilliam H24 Mar 193015 May 1970Fort Wayne, IN6135+7 Jun 1908IN
MiltonCharles A11 Nov 19421 Jul 197121 Dec 1980Fort Wayne, IN742821 Jul 1906Jacksonville, FL
MiltonCharles W
MimsHarriet Jane10 Feb 2001Fremont, IN83QC30 Jan 1918Berne, IN
MinardAnna E (Betty)24 Oct 1926197218 Aug 1985Warsaw, IN784528 Mar 1907Bourbon, IN
MinehartCatherine J21 Aug 19301 Oct 197417 Nov 1998Fort Wayne, IN854426 Sep 1913Fort Wayne, IN
MinickElmer L1932195711 Jun 1991Fort Wayne, IN862519 Apr 1905Allen Co., IN
MinnichClara R19949 Jun 2012Fort Wayne, IN7229Hoagland, IN
MinnichFlorence V1925196015 Jul 1978Fort Wayne, IN73303 May 1905Fort Wayne, IN
MinnichRobert J
MinnickJohn D
MinnickRaymond A
MintchJ. Harry10 Jun 19481 Sep 198315 Jul 1997Fort Wayne, IN783511 Aug 1918Fort Wayne, IN
MintonRonald G31
MiracleBeverly P1 Jan 198736
MiracleJudy M
MischoPaul V194816 May 2003Fort Wayne, IN734130 Nov 1929Fort Wayne, IN
MisegadesHarold A22 May 19301 Jan 19706 Nov 1992Fort Wayne, IN833914 Mar 1909Danville, IL
MisegadesPaul Arthur30 May 2003Southern Pines, NC72QC22 Jan 1931Fort Wayne, IN
MiserBronson E (Bud)?1 Feb 198443
MiserC (Clarence) Paul9 May 19221 Dec 196218 Oct 1970Fort Wayne, IN724027 Nov 1897Garrett, IN
MiserIrene M1 Apr 197924 Nov 1993Fort Wayne, IN692828 Jun 1924Fort Wayne, IN
MishlerRodger B28
MisiaszekJohn W32
MisselhornEdwin WilliamSep 194322 Aug 2008Ann Arbor, MI873729 May 1921Kendallville, IN
MitchelNed A1 May 1963
MitchellBob J
MitchellEstella P19431 Nov 196811 Nov 1987Fort Wayne, IN842521 Oct 1903Faunsdale, AL
MitchellGeorge R5 Oct 196430
MitchellHarry L30 Aug 19311 Oct 195625 Oct 1994Holly, MI103251 Sep 1891Fort Wayne, IN
MitchellJames E1925Feb 1986Fort Wayne, IN78QC3 Oct 1907Bluffton, IN
MitchellJanice E1 Nov 199731
MitchellPhillip D192627 Jan 1955Fort Wayne, IN612822 Jan 1894Wv
MitchellSandra Je
MitchellWilliam EFeb 191830 Apr 195221 Jul 1960Fort Wayne, IN733430 Apr 1887Allen Co., IN
MittermaierArmin F11 Aug 1925196719 Jan 1993Fort Wayne, IN874219 Oct 1905Madison, WI
MittermaierGustave A10 Aug 19261 Apr 197312 Oct 1991Bowling Green, KY834626 Mar 1908Mapleton, MN
MitznerFrank O2 Mar 19201 Aug 19523 Mar 1958Fort Wayne, IN683219 Oct 1890Laporte Co., IN
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