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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
PodzielinskiStanley J27
PoeCharlie Claude2 Aug 1940Mar 196719 Mar 1996Columbia City, IN912618 Sep 1904Tullahoma, TN
PoehlerNorma H (Dodane)197124 Jan 1989Fort Wayne, IN79QC3 Oct 1909Jefferson Twp., Allen Co., IN
PoehlerRichard J24 Mar 19281 Aug 19739 Oct 1992Milford, MI84457 Jul 1908Huntington, IN
PoehlerWilbur H12 Feb 19311 Feb 19715 Oct 1978Huntington, IN694018 Oct 1908Huntington, IN
PohlerWalter E17 Feb 19231 Jan 196528 Feb 1977Tucson, AZ724229 May 1904Huntington, IN
PoinsetteErma F12 Apr 19371 May 197729 Oct 1988Fort Wayne, IN71405 Apr 1917Stanton, ND
PolandNewton H1 Jul 191028 May 195214 Sep 1972854124 May 1887
PolingArthur L19801 Nov 1992Van Wert, OH742521 Jun 1918Decatur, IN
PolingMaurice L22 Jun 192912 Feb 1967Fort Wayne, IN633723 Oct 1903Marysville, OH
PollardFerman F16 Sep 19162 Apr 19423 May 1957Fort Wayne, IN80255 Jun 1876New Augusta, IN
PollockHarriet R197014 Jan 2000Decatur, IN94274 Apr 1905Van Wert, OH
PollockJack Edward26 Jul 19281 Jan 19743 Sep 1999Fort Wayne, IN87456 Sep 1911Fort Wayne, IN
PollockJames G24 May 194741
PolloniMark C (Leadbottom)30 Mar 19431 Apr 197710 May 1998New Haven, IN82347 Mar 1916Oolitic, IN
PolloniNorma V12 Mar 1994Fort Wayne, IN82314 Oct 1911Fort Wayne, IN
PolstonRichard19411 Aug 197330 Nov 1976Fort Wayne, IN60421 Feb 1916Auburn, IN
PompWilliam J12 Feb 1930196524 Aug 1997Seattle, WA953513 Mar 1902Defiance, OH
PomperMax HermanOct 19201 Jan 19477 Oct 1950Fort Wayne, IN702624 Mar 1880Saxony, Germany
PonsotEmile W10 Jan 1930Dec 196710 Dec 1996Ossian, IN943721 Nov 1902Fort Wayne, IN
PonsotKathryn M36Paulding Co., OH
PookWalter7 May 19421 Jan 197529 Jul 1990Fort Wayne, IN79328 Nov 1910So. Whitley, IN
PoolMary M28 Feb 2007Fort Wayne, IN854024 Sep 1921Allen Co., IN
PoolMorris R25 Oct 19281 Mar 197324 May 1996Columbia City, IN884414 Feb 1908Allen Co., IN
PooleBertha B13 Aug 19291 Oct 196429 Jan 1980Fort Wayne, IN80355 Sep 1899Paulding Co., OH
PooleCharles R197425 Feb 1986Fort Wayne, IN75QC9 Jan 1911Fort Wayne, IN
PoolerLouis E2 Oct 19401 Jan 198329 Dec 2006Fort Wayne, IN844222 Aug 1922New Vienna, OH
PoormanHoward L15 Jul 1928197121 Mar 1977Palmetto, FL664210 Oct 1910Markle, IN
PoormanNorma A41
PoormanRussell L (Spike)15 Jun 19281 Jan 196928 May 1977Fort Wayne, IN714012 May 1907Huntington Co., IN
PorschDale S11 Feb 19417 Jan 1976Fort Wayne, IN553413 Nov 1920Fort Wayne, IN
PorschGeorge B Jr12 Jun 1929Sep 19594 Oct 1965Bradenton, FL683029 Dec 1897IN
PorschWehler W19191 Sep 195725 Jun 1982Salem, OR89386 Aug 1892Fort Wayne, IN
PorterClarence Donald6 Dec 19421 Mar 19765 Nov 1985Las Vegas, NV70339 Sep 1915Table Rock, NE
PorterDorothy E37
PorterJames R34
PorterNathan D30 Mar 1974Fort Wayne, IN862513 Sep 1887Salem, MO
PorterN. C1917
PorterTyson1 May 199126
PostJames A30 May 1972
PostelGregory L
PotterNora EJun 19181 Feb 194625 Apr 1964Fort Wayne, IN78278 Jan 1886Akron, IN
PotterWallace Webb (Doc)Jun 192326 Nov 1961Fort Wayne, IN61382 Feb 1900Milford, IN
PottsGlenn W20 Jun 1925196623 Jun 1987Decatur, IN864026 Apr 1901Adams Co., IN
PowellAlbert G9 Oct 19169 Dec 19439 May 1953Fort Wayne, IN67277 Jun 1885Augusta, WV
PowellAlvin17 Aug 19104 Feb 1946Fort Wayne, IN513521 Jun 1894Grover Hill, OH
PowellJudith A19991 Oct 2006Fort Wayne, IN663010 Aug 1940Auburn, IN
PowersJames H21 Oct 191226+
PowersThomas Jo
PowersWesley R1 Jul 19401 Oct 197331 May 1977Fort Wayne, IN61331 Nov 1915MI
PownerJohn J27 Feb 19431 Oct 19755 Oct 1999Fort Wayne, IN88329 Dec 1910KS
PoyserHarold J27 Dec 1993Kendallville, IN75327 May 1918Albion, IN
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