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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
ReadWilliam CDec 1918
ReaderFranklin (William F)24 Sep 1907Jul 194516 Mar 1961Fort Wayne, IN813710 Aug 1879Pierceton, IN
ReamArthur E23 Jul 19341 Jan 197815 Nov 1989Naples, FL724324 Aug 1917Fort Wayne, IN
ReamEdward W20 Jul 19251 Oct 195529 Nov 1968Fort Wayne, IN78306 Sep 1890Payne, OH
ReamFrank GDec 1918May 19477 May 1947Fort Wayne, IN652821 Aug 1881Ada, OH
ReamMary F (Abbott)197512 Jan 2003Fort Wayne, IN82QC20 Jul 1920Fort Wayne, IN
ReamPaul E27 Jan 19421 Jan 198418 May 1992Lake Placid, FL68424 Dec 1923Fort Wayne, IN
ReamRobert E
ReardonRobert T16 Oct 191616 Jan 1962Fort Wayne, IN63451 Mar 1898Fort Wayne, IN
ReardonRobert T Jr25 Jun 19401 Apr 198317 Mar 1993New Haven, IN714229 Jan 1922Fort Wayne, IN
ReasDavid L
ReaserFerdinand W23 Feb 194110 Jan 1975Fort Wayne, IN6025+12 Nov 1914Convoy, OH
RebberAlfred T6 Dec 192128 Jul 1953Fort Wayne, IN503131 May 1903Adams Twp., Allen Co., IN
RebberDorothy27 Mar 19211 Apr 1959Apr 1978Fort Wayne, IN683717 Feb 1910Fort Wayne, IN
RechtMelvin F25 Jan 19411 Jan 198218 Nov 2001Kendallville, IN794010 Dec 1921Fort Wayne, IN
ReckewegOlga (Tug)4 Jul 2004Fort Wayne, IN844028 Sep 1919Fort Wayne, IN
RectanusWilliam A (Charlie)23 Jan 19431 Mar 197516 Jun 1977Fort Wayne, IN623210 Nov 1914Dunkirk, IN
RectenwallMary Ellen17 Feb 19401 Mar 197915 Apr 2002Butler, IN85391 Feb 1917Rockport, OH
ReddingAda I (Phillips)19411 Jan 197219 Aug 2003Fort Wayne, IN923022 Jul 1911Latty, OH
ReddingCarl B16 Oct 19401 Feb 197515 Oct 1986Fort Wayne, IN73348 Feb 1913Zanesville, IN
ReddingCharles P8 Jun 19411 May 196922 Mar 1989Port Richie, FL812716 Apr 1907Allen Co., IN
ReddingKenneth J16 Jan 19221 Jan 197010 Dec 1987Fort Wayne, IN81489 Apr 1906Wells Co., IN
ReddingOres P7 Dec 192716 Jun 1965Fort Wayne, IN56376 Jun 1909Zanesville, IN
RedmerskiJohn P15 Apr 1936Feb 196722 Sep 1998Fort Wayne, IN9530-Fort Wayne, IN
RedmondJames M34
RedmondPatricia A
RedwanskiJames L
ReeceCharles E19531 May 197813 Apr 1995Monroe, MI77256 Oct 1917Tazewell, TN
ReedAlberta11 Jun 195425+
ReedAlfred G34
ReedArno D197415 Dec 2000Bluffton, IN882728 Dec 1911Newton Co., IN
ReedCharles D12 Jun 19274 Jan 19577 Mar 1957Fort Wayne, IN48299 Apr 1908Allen Co., IN
ReedDeanna J35
ReedDonald S27 Mar 19411 Jan 198026 Jul 2010Fort Wayne, IN90387 Sep 1919Fort Wayne, IN
ReedElizabeth E22 Jul 1928Jun 19643 Aug 1967Fort Wayne, IN57355 Apr 1910Wolcottville, IN
ReedErnest G22 Feb 19411 Aug 197119 Aug 1997Fort Wayne, IN88309 May 1909Sturgis, MI
ReedEvelyn D33
ReedForrest E (Frosty)4 Oct 193010 Aug 1976Fort Wayne, IN68302 Feb 1908Yoder, IN
ReedFrederick J21 Apr 19131 Aug 195910 Jun 1991Fort Wayne, IN96467 Jul 1894
ReedHarvey E15 Sep 19421 Feb 19851 Nov 2005Fort Wayne, IN83428 Apr 1922Yoder, IN
ReedLawrence B1 Jul 1932197120 Jun 1989Fort Wayne, IN793914 Jul 1909Trafford, PA
ReedLester12 Nov 1955
ReedMarjorie E198331 Oct 2010Decatur, IN87322 Jun 1923Decatur, IN
ReedMary B18 Nov 19421 Sep 19683 Jul 1977Fort Wayne, IN732521 Aug 1903MI
ReedMaurice W7 Mar 19301 May 197128 Feb 2006Fort Wayne, IN964118 Apr 1909Fort Wayne, IN
ReedMerrill D (Jack)19741 Nov 1984Decatur, IN72QC28 Mar 1912Dixon, OH
ReedMina L19 Jul 1988Angola, IN784218 Dec 1909
ReedOrval L197513 Dec 1981Decatur, IN70QC1 Jun 1911Adams Co., IN
ReedRoger L32
ReedRuth B27 Mar 19271 Aug 1969424217 Jul
ReedTheodore C5 May 192919702 Sep 1992Bluffton, IN824124 Sep 1909Wells Co., IN
ReedVirginia M6 Apr 2001Defiance, OH883122 Sep 1912Fort Wayne, IN
ReedWade13 Feb 19231 Jun 195830 Dec 1972Fort Wayne, IN783520 Aug 1894Decatur, IN
ReedWaldo Emerson1 Feb 19762 Mar 1997Fort Wayne, IN852524 Sep 1911Marion, IN
ReedWallace D14 Nov 19171 Jun 195727 Apr 1973Fort Wayne, IN843930 May 1892Allen Co., IN
ReedWilliam C19244 May 1973Fort Wayne, IN7230+9 Apr 1901Alabama
ReedWilliam C, Sr23 Feb 1919196617 Sep 1979Loraine, OH75474 Jan 1904Goshen, IN
ReehlingHenry F15 Sep 19046 Jul 19452 Dec 1961Fort Wayne, IN884023 Nov 1873Fort Wayne, IN
ReehlingWilliam Vbef 188919 Jul 1916Fort Wayne, IN49-Oct 1867IN
ReeseEdwin E C28 Sep 1908195824 Nov 1977St Petersburg, FL845019 Jun 1893Fort Wayne, IN
ReevesCarl S27 May 1981Bluffton, IN7116 Sep 1909
ReevesOllie L36
ReffeltLeo J5 Dec 19291 Apr 195919 Apr 196364293 Sep 1898Lagrange, IN
RegenoldArlene L33
RehlingCarl P21 Sep 19121 Sep 19612 Jul 1968Kendallville, IN814812 Aug 1896Fort Wayne, IN
RehlingWalter F18 Sep 19141 Feb 19587 Apr 1977Fort Wayne, IN774315 May 1899Fort Wayne, IN
RehmDelbert C21 Jun 1922196922 Jan 1972Fort Wayne, IN644719 Mar 1907Fort Wayne, IN
RehmHerman F6 Aug 18851 Aug 192826 Apr 1945Fort Wayne, IN854326 Jul 1859Hanover, Germany
RehmWilliam C F26 Jul 1916Sep 194531 Jan 1950Fort Wayne, IN742830 Sep 1875IN
RehnenEdward B1915194426 Sep 1950Fort Wayne, IN762825 May 1874Fort Wayne, IN
RehrerCollins S6 Oct 188531 Jul 192618 Feb 1931Fort Wayne, IN744020 Jul 1856Avilla, IN
RehrerJames H15 Mar 189531 Dec 194611 Feb 1964Butler, IN835118 Dec 1880Allen Co., IN
RehrerRobert C19 Jun 1929197224 May 1973Columbia City, IN604228 Sep 1912Fort Wayne, IN
RehrerWilliam Stuart22 Feb 188830 Apr 192827 May 1942Fort Wayne, IN834028 Feb 1859Fort Wayne, IN
ReichardHenrietta3 Apr 19621 Jan 199936
ReichardLawrence E (Geno)29 Dec 19261 Jul 19816 Sep 1981Bluffton, IN55QC3 Sep 1926IN
ReichardRandall G
ReichertElizabeth I (Betty)25 Oct 19357 Nov 1997Decatur, IN9130+9 Oct 1906Wren, OH
ReichhartLuann M27
ReichwageOtto E1917194626 Jan 1970Fort Wayne, IN88397 May 1881Hanover, Germany
ReidKarl Emerson, Jr26 Aug 19421 Sep 197931 Dec 2005Reynoldsberg, OH863722 Mar 1919Ashville, OH
ReidenbachHenry R28 Jan 19301 Apr 19786 Mar 1982Fort Wayne, IN684713 Mar 1913Van Wert Co., OH
ReidenbachMarjorie M (Haflich)15 Apr 19421 Aug 19778 Feb 2002Fort Wayne, IN793518 Jul 1922Wawaka, IN
ReidenbachStanley G12 Jun 195219943 Jun 2007Fort Wayne, IN733919 Nov 1933Fort Wayne, IN
ReidtDavid J19431 Feb 197717 Jul 1987Craigville, IN72321 Nov 1914IN
ReidyWalter W34
ReiffGeorge5 Oct 190621 May 1938Silver Lake, IN8332+-
ReiffNorman L4 Nov 1992Fort Wayne, IN56-19 Jan 1936Kosciusko Co., IN
ReilingEmma Louise18 Jun 191416 May 1942Fort Wayne, IN79-7 Mar 1863Fort Wayne, IN
ReimerGladys Loretta18 Mar 2012Columbia City, IN852516 May 1926Fort Wayne, IN
ReinboldCharles W20 Dec 1928196626 May 1988Fort Wayne, IN873712 Mar 1901Summit Hill, PA
ReinewaldJohn E6 Mar 19411 Jun 197420 May 1996Fort Wayne, IN843312 Nov 1911Fort Wayne, IN
ReinewaldLee H26
ReinhardLucille A19695 Jun 1996Fort Wayne, IN88269 Nov 1907Delphos, OH
ReinhardRoy W14 Jan 2001Bluffton, IN773023 Feb 1923Wells Co., IN
ReinhartAudrey L7 Jan 19639 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN75254 Feb 1928Willshire, OH
ReinhartLouise L19421 Mar 198928 Dec 2011Fort Wayne, IN884616 Dec 1923Paulding, OH
ReinkingCarl M
ReinkingChester L23 Apr 19421 Jan 19835 Mar 2011Fort Wayne, IN874019 Nov 1923Fort Wayne, IN
ReinkingFred COct 1925Jul 195212 Dec 1962Fort Wayne, IN752625 Jul 1887Fort Wayne, IN
ReinkingFrederick W19291 Jan 19754 Oct 1988Fort Wayne, IN76454 Aug 1912Fort Wayne, IN
ReinkingHarry H4 Oct 19261 Mar 197314 Jun 1993Fort Wayne, IN834630 May 1910Decatur, IN
ReinkingHelen M10 Mar 19261 May 196520 Feb 1988Fort Wayne, IN843930 May 1903Adams Co., IN
ReinkingHoward G198110 Jul 2009Holland, MI9015 Sep 1918Fort Wayne, IN
ReinkingRalph W2 May 19401 Apr 19786 May 1992Fort Wayne, IN76374 Mar 1916Fort Wayne, IN
ReinoehlJames A
ReiterCarl W17 Aug 19431 Apr 197219 Dec 1985Fort Wayne, IN772820 Mar 1908Fort Wayne, IN
ReiterClarence Herman19261 Aug 196022 Sep 1968Fort Wayne, IN62343 Feb 1906Fort Wayne, IN
ReiterDelbert W16 Apr 194119829 Nov 2010Fort Wayne, IN904019 Feb 1920Fort Wayne, IN
ReiterDoris Rhea192819548 Mar 1982San Antonio, TX832519 Apr 1898
ReiterEsther E22 Nov 19351 Jul 197312 Sep 2003Fort Wayne, IN953716 Jun 1908Allen Co., IN
ReiterHarold WOct 19191 Jun 196826 Oct 1987Fort Wayne, IN83486 Aug 1904Fort Wayne, IN
ReiterVelma M19 Apr 19401 Jul 197331 Aug 1998Hoagland, IN873313 Dec 1910Allen Co., IN
ReithKarl J (Jack)5 Jun 19511 Sep 199011 Oct 1993Fort Wayne, IN61394 Oct 1932Kokomo, IN
ReithWilliam J38
ReitzHerbert J26 Jul 19301 Oct 197619 Sep 1997Fort Wayne, IN854626 Sep 1911Fort Wayne, IN
ReizChristian ANov 1918Apr 195319 Dec 1964Fort Wayne, IN763414 Mar 1888Fort Wayne, IN
RekerGeorge B6 Sep 191229 Jan 1958Fort Wayne, IN624523 Feb 1895Fort Wayne, IN
RelueThelma E Hicks20 Feb 1981Fort Wayne, IN7922 May 1901Ontario, OH
RemenschneiderRalph C12 Feb 19411 Jun 197519 Dec 1992Fort Wayne, IN793417 Mar 1913Allen Co., IN
RemmersJohn H2 Jun 1926Feb 196710 Jul 1996Fort Wayne, IN944010 Jan 1902Bremen, Germany
RempesWilliam20 Nov 190210 Oct 1944Fort Wayne, IN653816 Jun 1879Adams Co., IN
RenbargerMoin Emeric17 Dec 1999Fort Wayne, IN90QC1 Nov 1909Grant Co., IN
RencherMarilyn O33
RenfrewRaymond C17 Sep 19021 May 19513 Jun 1951Fort Wayne, IN644819 Dec 1886Fort Wayne, IN
RenfrowDewey C
RennerJacob R1918Jan14 Jun 1948Fort Wayne, IN463011 Nov 1901Portland, IN
RenoPearl1 Jan 19819 Mar 2007Richmond, IN883510 Nov 1918
RentschlerClarence H12 Jun 19301 Jan 197319 May 1999Fort Wayne, IN87425 Nov 1911Fort Wayne, IN
RentschlerHoward C5 Dec 1940Apr 196927 Mar 1991Fort Wayne, IN822818 Mar 1909Fort Wayne, IN
RentschlerJames S
RentschlerPhilip J5 Jun 189615 Jun 192911 Jun 1938Fort Wayne, IN753315 May 1863Adams Co., IN
RenzAlfred B30 May 19332 Jan 1964Fort Wayne, IN54308 Oct 1909Fort Wayne, IN
RepineJohn T24 Sep 19421 May 19725 Apr 1993Fort Wayne, IN82297 Oct 1911Fort Wayne, IN
RepineRobert L21 Mar 19301 May 197514 May 1990Fort Wayne, IN77451 Apr 1913Fort Wayne, IN
ReppertPaul E19291 Apr 197421 Jan 1998Ossian, IN86446 Oct 1911Adams Co., IN
ReuilleBernard J1 Jan 198510 May 2011Fort Wayne, IN873225 Oct 1923Fort Wayne, IN
ReuilleDaniel A19 Aug 1942197527 Dec 1975Fort Wayne, IN513220 Aug 1924Fort Wayne, IN
ReuilleJohn N25 Sep 19361 Jul 198325 Nov 1996Fort Wayne, IN78464 Jan 1918Monroeville, IN
ReuilleMichael G
RexLoren R10 Aug 19411 Mar 19723 Nov 1982Hicksville, OH733019 Jan 1909Defiance Co., OH
ReynoldsCarl W16 May 1922196626 Jul 1975Sun City, FL718 Jun 1904Monroeville, IN
ReynoldsChester A3 Mar 19301 Apr 197221 Jul 1992Decatur, IN85422 Mar 1907
ReynoldsDorothy M19431 Jun 196826 Apr 1999Fort Wayne, IN89256 Oct 1909Warren, IN
ReynoldsHugh B, Jr19281 Jan 197426 Jun 1995Vero Beach, FL854512 Jan 1910Delphos, OH
ReynoldsHugh B, Jr27 Jan 2000Ft Pierce, FL67QC23 Jun 1932Fort Wayne, IN
ReynoldsLloyd E10 Jun 1941198023 May 1985Fort Wayne, IN643925 May 1920Decatur, IN
ReynoldsMildred M19501 May 197823 Jun 1979Fort Wayne, IN602813 Jun 1919Findlay, OH
ReynoldsMiles Stell19 Oct 19421 Feb 197116 Dec 1972Wolf Lake, IN632812 Sep 1909Lexington, KY
ReynoldsRonald D27 Jan 1964
ReynoldsWalter S14 Jan 19411 Sep 19823 Dec 1989Fort Wayne, IN714128 Jan 1918Tiffin, OH
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