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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
RianArchie Raymond5 Jul 192419661 Mar 1993Fort Wayne, IN91412 Jul 1901Adams Co., IN
RiceCharles J27 May 19271 Jul 197110 Nov 1983Fort Wayne, IN76443 Aug 1907Yoder, IN
RiceCora E13 Feb 1926196331 Dec 1975Yoder, IN75373 Nov 1900Allen Co., IN
RiceEarl FOct 19271 Sep 19612 Jun 1971Fort Wayne, IN743330 Aug 1896Huntington, IN
RiceLinda S35
RiceRoy K1 Mar 198534
RichardJack B19695 Feb 1985Decatur, IN642621 Oct 1920Monroeville, IN
RichardRalph J, Sr14 Sep 19281 Jan 196918 Mar 1999Fort Wayne, IN924029 Sep 1906Allen Co., IN
RichardsCharles E20 Jun 19021 Apr 193229 Apr 1959Fort Wayne, IN862919 Aug 1872Fort Wayne, IN
RichardsJohn11 Sep 1899Jun 193212 Mar 1935Fort Wayne, IN523231 Oct 1882Fort Wayne, IN
RichardsRaleigh A1930196726 Jul 1986Decatur, IN813717 Aug 1904Midland, MI
RichardsRussell O24 Dec 1942Mar 196829 Jun 1979Auburn, IN762524 Apr 1903
RichardsSamuel26 Nov 18975 May 1928Fort Wayne, IN482930 Oct 1879Fort Wayne, IN
RichardsSandra K (Boger)11 Sep 2010Hicksville, OH643213 Sep 1946Coldwater, MI
RichardsSylvester WApr 1958?25 Dec 1900
RichardsSylvester W(Wm)30 Jul 188918 Apr 192526 Oct 1931Los Angeles, CA79351852Huntington, IN
RichardsonArthur E29 Oct 2002Fort Wayne, IN664030 Apr 1936Fort Wayne, IN
RichardsonCecil E19431 Jun 196810 Jan 2004Fort Wayne, IN972516 May 1906Martinsville, IN
RichardsonCharles R6 May 19421 Jul 198019 Oct 198238
RichardsonCharlie L, Jr11 Apr 1968
RichardsonHarry B14 Mar 19301 Jan 19739 Feb 1975Fort Wayne, IN654216 Dec 1909Paulding Co., OH
RichardsonH(Hugh) Hill19521 Feb 198835
RichardsonIda M16 May 19411 Feb 198240
RichardsonLarry E33
RichardsonLeland Eugene15 Jul 19421 May 198426 Dec 2011Fort Wayne, IN8741Stevens Co., KS
RichardsonRobert L28 Oct 19421 Mar 197723 Nov 2010Huntington, IN963413 Sep 1914Huntington, IN
RichardsonWoodrow10 Jun 19311 Jan 197512 Nov 1976Fort Wayne, IN644318 Oct 1912Arcola, IN
RichertAbraham J197019 Jan 1978Fort Wayne, IN73439 Feb 1904Ebling, KS
RicheyNelson R1 Oct 1900Sep 194610 Mar 1961Daytona Beach, FL78451 Apr 1882Fort Wayne, IN
RichmanJoseph E6 Mar 19431 Dec 19708 Oct 1976Fort Wayne, IN702719 Nov 1905IL
RichmondAda19976 Mar 2011Fort Wayne, IN67332 May 1943Holly Springs, MS
RichmondDale L35
RichmondDarrell L4 Sep 19411 Jan 197918 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, IN78374 May 1916Hicksville, OH
RichmondDarrell R35
RichmondDennis L (Denny)22 Feb 19651 Oct 199732
RichmondHarold F30 Sep 194225+Newville, IN
RichmondRonald K
RichterEnno Hebert11 Oct 19421 Jul 197317 Jan 2001Florence, SC87306 May 1913Whittenburg, MO
RichterErwin F18 Jan 1916196515 Nov 1975Schenectady, NY763930 Oct 1899Fort Wayne, IN
RichterErwin W20 May 19301 Jan 196918 Dec 1993Fort Wayne, IN853810 Aug 1908Whittenburg, MO
RichterHerbert E12 Jun 19141 Jul 196230 Apr 1971Fort Wayne, IN734817 Jun 1897Fort Wayne, IN
RichterLeslie E12 Dec 1929196614 Jan 1975Bradenton, FL733617 Sep 1901Brazil, IN
RichterPaul G11 Jan 19151 Dec 195525 May 1973Fort Wayne, IN824017 Nov 1890Fort Wayne, IN
RichterTerry Lee Sr1963198913 Jun 2000La Grange, IN582624 Aug 1941Fort Wayne, IN
RichterWallace E12 Jan 195316 Dec 1999Fort Wayne, IN784011 Oct 1921Fort Wayne, IN
RickertLawrence F14 Jan 19411 Dec 197011 Jan 1977Fort Wayne, IN722922 Nov 1905Bippus, IN
RickeyEarl Glenn Sr28 Jun 192924 Sep 1959Fort Wayne, IN643025 Apr 1895Kunkle, OH
RickfordHelen M3 Jan 1998Fort Wayne, IN87QC21 Mar 1910Monroe, IN
RiderHomer S7 Aug 19411 Jan 198341
RiderNina A (Redman)12 Jan 19421 Mar 198024 Dec 1995Bradenton, FL75385 Feb 1920Columbia City, IN
RiderNorman E (Bud-Lum)18 Feb 19421 Mar 198323 Jan 2007Columbia City, IN844126 Aug 1922Fort Wayne, IN
RiedelCarl R13 Aug 1941196719 Sep 1986Fort Wayne, IN812617 Mar 1905Fort Wayne, IN
RiedingerWalter B19511 Jul 198736
RieffGeorge5 Oct 1906Apr 195029 Oct 1959Fort Wayne, IN744315 Mar 1885Germany
RiegerWalter J11 Sep 19421 Jun 198022 Apr 1999Fort Wayne, IN783712 May 1920Fort Wayne, IN
RiegliingTerry A
RiemanAlbert J4 Nov 194229 May 1968Fort Wayne, IN58258 Feb 1910Fort Wayne, IN
RiesenNed198625 Dec 1988Decatur, IN653020 Sep 1923Adams Co., IN
RietdorfCarl Jr191316 Dec 1949Fort Wayne, IN51369 Feb 1898Fort Wayne, IN
RietdorfOtto E16 Sep 19181 Oct 19689 Sep 1987Fort Wayne, IN835018 Sep 1903Fort Wayne, IN
RietdorfRobert R195040
RietdorfWalter W13 Sep 1940197527 Jul 1994Homosassa, FL79345 Jun 1915Allen Co., IN
RifeHarry FJun 19201 Jul 196118 May 1973Rome City, IN71418 Jun 1901Rome City, IN
RifeHelen G1 Aug 198521 Aug 1985Fort Wayne, IN642523 Dec 1920Findlay, OH
RigbyLester H19678 Jan 1996Fort Wayne, IN922523 Nov 1903Jay Co., IN
RigelRichard M21 Feb 19411 Jan 197524 Feb 1999Naples, FL863411 Jul 1912Sherwood, OH
RileyErnie Vernia7 Nov 19161 May 196018 Sep 1975Fort Wayne, IN79431 Apr 1897Fort Wayne, IN
RileyGale N
RileyMerle W197128 Feb 1987Decatur, IN79291 Feb 1908Adams Co., IN
RileyNolan Dee11 Feb 1935Dec 196029 May 1972Toledo, OH722519 Jul 1899Adams Co., IN
RinardErwin B29 Nov 19251 Oct 197331 Jan 1984Butler, IN754719 Sep 1908Millgrove, IN
RinehartGale Edwan2 Aug 1935197014 Jan 1972Fort Wayne, IN563612 Sep 1915Wells Co., IN
RinehartIvan D9 Sep 1926Fort Wayne, IN
RinehartLouise E10 Dec 19421 Mar 198946
RinehartLoyal E13 Mar 19415 Mar 1975Fort Wayne, IN623414 Feb 1913Wells Co., IN
RineholdElmer G28 Jun 1929Sep 196711 Nov 1977Fort Wayne, IN75386 Jul 1902Auburn, IN
RingenbergJesse M18 Mar 19421 Mar 198542
RinkerHarry W21 Mar 19411 Jan 198221 Aug 2007Fort Wayne, IN874031 Oct 1919Fort Wayne, IN
RinkerKenneth E3 Jul 19411 Jan 197515 Feb 1990Fort Wayne, IN77336 Jul 1912Albany, IN
RinneCarl H15 Sep 19301 Feb 19711 Oct 1982San Antonio, TX734022 Jun 1909Indianapolis, IN
RippeJay J5 Feb 19351 Mar 19798 Nov 1984Fort Wayne, IN684418 Aug 1916Fort Wayne, IN
RippeRoy A25 Jul 1911Mar 195628 Jun 1966Fort Wayne, IN754418 Feb 1891Fort Wayne, IN
RisserHelen E19 Nov 19291 Jul 19705 Jan 2002Kokomo, IN91407 Jun 1910Wells Co., IN
RisserHubert Burgess22 Sep 194019721 May 1986Fort Wayne, IN793113 Jan 1907Wells Co., IN
RittenhouseHarold D26
RittenhouseRonald E
RiveraLucia F30
RiversBeverly L (James)20 Jul 2007Fort Wayne, IN664016 Jul 1941Fort Wayne, IN
RizzoJohn E
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