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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
RubleAllen J26 Apr 19281 Mar 19748 Aug 1988Fort Wayne, IN794513 Feb 1909Warren, IN
RubrakeRonald K16 Jan 1989
RuchBenjamin F Sr14 Aug 19161 Apr 194829 Oct 1957Garrett, IN743126 Mar 1883Allen Co., IN
RuchOtto J23 Dec 1930196926 Feb 1986Fort Wayne, IN813821 Oct 1904Germany
RuchRalph COct 1923Nov 19569 Feb 1967Fort Wayne, IN653320 Jan 1902Allen Co., IN
RuckerRobert H27
RuckerWilliam C19917 Oct 2011Butler, IN822516 Apr 1929Champaign Co., OH
RudaskyAlfred J (Fritz)1 Sep 19301 Aug 19733 Oct 1983Fort Wayne, IN74429 Aug 1909Poland
RudolphAdlena20 Aug 2000Fort Wayne, IN85361914Birmingham, AL
RuegamerClarence RaymondApr 19291 Jan 196114 Feb 1985Fort Wayne, IN893116 Dec 1895Lafayette, IN
RuesewaldFrank A26 Oct 1929197024 Oct 1983Weiner, AR754014 Nov 1907Weiner, AR
RuesewaldMary E8 Apr 19371 Jun 197811 Dec 1981Fort Wayne, IN65414 Jul 1916IN
RuffDaniel J32
RuffDiane L
RuffingCharles A32
RugerNellie M10 Mar 19271 Apr 196816 Dec 1970Fort Wayne, IN634110 Feb 1907
RugmanJoseph LNov 199719 Jun 2008Auburn, IN633327 Nov 1944Auburn, IN
RugmanPaul21 Apr 19431 Mar 198127 Jun 1992Auburn, IN723724 Jun 1920Auburn, IN
RuhlJohn C27 Jun 193519621 Apr 1980Fort Wayne, IN76271 Dec 1903Middletown
RuhlMearvin E8 May 19411 Apr 19882 Aug 2006Venice, FL834726 Mar 1923Ossian, IN
RummelJohn J40+
RummelPaul J6 Feb 1926196617 Dec 1998Fort Wayne, IN974021 May 1901Green Castle, PA
RumpClarence L4 Oct 1917Feb 196819 Feb 1992Fort Wayne, IN885010 Apr 1903Fort Wayne, IN
RumpVictor Frederick16 Nov 1916196224 Aug 1966Fort Wayne, IN674616 Jul 1899Fort Wayne, IN
RumpleMichael B35
RumschlagRichard A30 Jan 1980Decatur, IN503029 Jan 1930Adams Co., IN
RunionEdward O24 Jul 19421 Mar 19829 Aug 1982Fort Wayne, IN623928 Feb 1920Altona, IN
RunkleFranklin M19634 Jan 1982Fort Wayne, IN7721 Jul 1904IN
RunkleHelen A
RunkleMildred L3 Jan 20073111 Sep 1921
RunkleRussell F19 Feb 19301 Aug 197229 Mar 1979Fort Wayne, IN694313 Aug 1909Allen Co., IN
RunyanIra V6 May 1931196619 Oct 1987Fort Wayne, IN833525 Aug 1904Roanoke, IN
RunyanRalph O11 Jan 1921195115 Oct 1972Roanoke, IN833020 Jan 1889Huntington Co., IN
RunyonAlton TOct 1942Mar 196817 Nov 1983Ossian, IN792511 Jun 1904Adams Co., IN
RunyonLloyd L11 Sep 19401 Aug 196919 Aug 1989Bluffton, IN852918 Jul 1904Hartford Twp., Adams, IN
RunyonLoretta L13 Oct 2012Auburn, IN953728 Jul 1916Fort Wayne, IN
RunyonThomas M (Tommy)30 Dec 19421 Apr 19835 Dec 1999Fort Wayne, IN794031 May 1920Elkhart Co., IN
RupelCharles C19615 May 1980Fort Wayne, IN82QC30 Jun 1897Jay Co., IN
RupelLeatha M19 May 1986Fort Wayne, IN81QC24 Jan 1905Portland, IN
RupelRoscoe O9 Feb 19431 Jul 197916 Mar 1989Fort Wayne, IN74365 Nov 1914Jay Co., IN
RupertJames E
RupertLinda M1 Jan 198516 Mar 2007Ossian, IN823414 May 1924Fort Wayne, IN
RupertLyle B13 May 19401 May 196517 Oct 1980Fort Wayne, IN722515 Jun 1908Harlan, IN
RupertMary C1 Jul 198429
RupertMiles V (Mike)19 Jul 19424 Jan 1974Fort Wayne, IN5425+15 Apr 1919Bryant, IN
RupertWillis ODec 1918Feb 195232
RupleyMax A30
RuppKenneth F27 Feb 19431 May 19782 Jun 2003Fort Wayne, IN87352 Apr 1916Archbold, OH
RuppertPhilip D
RuprightCharles A1 May 2007Ossian, IN592927 Nov 1947Fort Wayne, IN
RuprightForrest A3 Sep 19421 Mar 198215 Jan 1993Fort Wayne, IN733929 Aug 1919Wells Co., IN
RuprightMarilyn R15 Feb 196531 Dec 2003Fort Wayne, IN
RushartJohn P19264 Apr 195221 Feb 1971Kendallville, IN792529 Sep 1891Allen Co., IN
RussellClarence6 Sep 19231 Jan 195918 Feb 1997Warren, IN103353 Dec 1893La Fontaine, IN
RussellElva E27 Aug 200525+26 Oct 1921
RussellFay C27 Mar 194119 Jul 1989Fort Wayne, IN8725+12 Jun 1902Hartford City, IN
RussellNorma H12 Jun 195125+20 Jan 2008Kendallville, IN932518 Dec 1914
RussellRichard L
RutledgeWilliam AMar 194616 Nov 1994St Louis, MO70QC16 Aug 1924St Louis, MO
RutzGustav CSep 19221 Dec 196320 Apr 1969Fort Wayne, IN694117 Apr 1900Hammond, IN
RutzMarvin A11 Jul 19411 Jan 198327 Nov 2002Fort Wayne, IN804121 Nov 1922Allen Co., IN
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