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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
SmallHelen Darlene9 Jun 2000Monroeville, IN573029 Jul 1942Fort Wayne, IN
SmallMaxine H1 Mar 198214 Jul 1995Fort Wayne, IN732817 Feb 1922Garrett, IN
SmallbackWilliam E28 Feb 19421 Mar 198518 Mar 2006Coldwater, MI83433 Jan 1923Fort Wayne, IN
SmaxwellJohn G29 May 1994Englewood, OH69QC9 Oct 1924Ladysmith, WI
SmelserHarvey M27 Apr 1926196630 May 1978Fort Wayne, IN773922 Feb 1901Landis
SmeltzerCletus M23 Jan 1931Feb 196828 Jun 1979Fort Wayne, IN733617 Feb 1906Wells Co., IN
SmeltzerHelen B197311 Aug 1982Fort Wayne, IN723523 Oct 1909De Kalb Co., IN
SmennerFred D1 Jul 19101 Oct 193823 Oct 1945Fort Wayne, IN742820 Feb 1871Fort Wayne, IN
SmethersArthur E11 Sep 19421 Sep 197621 Jul 2001Fort Wayne, IN853418 May 1916Huntertown, IN
SmethersJimmy L (Jim)27 Jan 19641 Nov 200036
SmithArthur9 Jul 19171 Apr 19581 Jun 1965Lake George, IN674016 Dec 1897Chicago, IL
SmithArthur Mark192823 Oct 1968Fort Wayne, IN ?6623 Jan 1902
SmithBerdell O194616 Jul 2009Fort Wayne, IN844226 Apr 1925Fort Wayne, IN
SmithBessie G22 May 19621 Apr 199532
SmithCalvin H
SmithCarl E
SmithCarl H16 Feb 19201 Apr 19644 Jun 1972Fort Wayne, IN72443 Jun 1900Celina, OH
SmithCarl H11 Nov 19421 Dec 197120 Jul 1972Cozad, Neb62292 Feb 1910Bluffton, IN
SmithChester A1 Jan 198736
SmithChester B25 Feb 193530+Clinton, IA
SmithCurney (Jack)25 Oct 19401 Aug 1969Fremont, IN582824 Jan 1911Decatur, IN
SmithDallas E26 Jan 19261 Feb 19702 Jun 1973Fort Wayne, IN67441 Jun 1906Fort Wayne, IN
SmithDallas F12 Sep 19371 Aug 197923 Feb 2011Bloomington, IN914116 Jun 1919Fort Wayne, IN
SmithDaniel W
SmithDavid G20 Dec 19421 Jun 198441
SmithDavid R
SmithDewayne F37
SmithDonald L24 Jul 2012Fort Wayne, IN653226 Dec 1946Huntington, IN
SmithDonna R1944197517 May 1994Hudson, IN743015 Jan 1920
SmithDoris J14 Mar 1982Fort Wayne, IN5435-
SmithEdna I26 Feb 2000Fort Wayne, IN93-28 Apr 1906Allen Co., IN
SmithEdward Bates19161 Apr 19581 Jan 1987Pinellas Park, FL924220 Jan 1894Poughkeepsie, NY
SmithEdward M27 Sep 19251 Apr 196416 Nov 1969Fort Wayne, IN683824 Mar 1901Fort Wayne, IN
SmithEleanor P25
SmithElizabeth18 Jun 2001Columbia City, IN89QC18 Jul 1911Whitley Co., IN
SmithElmer J33
SmithEmmitt E1 Mar 2012
SmithEugeneSep 1918Feb 194725 Dec 1963Indianapolis, IN852811 Dec 1878West Point, IN
SmithEva Mae29 Aug 2008Tempe, AZ9016 Aug 1918
SmithEvelyn J12 Feb 1982Fort Wayne, IN513130 Nov 1930Wells Co., IN
SmithEverett P1 Jan 198419 Mar 1998Fort Wayne, IN763811 Feb 1922Kendallville, IN
SmithFlorine E6 Sep 1997Fort Wayne, IN60QC1 Aug 1937Adams Co., IN
SmithFrancis Ralph30 Apr 192520 Jan 195514 Sep 1955Fort Wayne, IN602929 Jul 1895Angola, IN
SmithFrank20 Apr 194225+
SmithFrank S1 May 19131 Feb 19466 Dec 1962Fort Wayne, IN863221 Jan 1876Fort Wayne, IN
SmithFred A7 Jan 19019 Mar 1959Franklin, IN752716 Apr 1883Fort Wayne, IN
SmithGerald H (Jerry)Feb 19231 Sep 19654 Apr 1974Fort Wayne, IN734223 Aug 1900Allen Co., IN
SmithGerald P1932195811 Oct 1989Decatur, IN812613 Nov 1907Decatur, IN
SmithGloria J
SmithGloria J
SmithGordon L18 Aug 1927Feb 196829 Apr 1980Ft Myers, FL744011 May 1905Pierceton, IN
SmithGuy L17 Feb 2011Fort Wayne, IN703122 Dec 1940Detroit, MI
SmithHarold C10 Apr 192929 Jul 1961Fort Wayne, IN55311 Mar 1908Fort Wayne, IN
SmithHarold J27 Sep 1936197640Fort Wayne, IN
SmithHarold RApr 19271 Jul 19617 Oct 1983Hernando, FL82349 May 1901Macy
SmithHazel L19451 Sep 197728 Mar 2012Fort Wayne, IN993024 Aug 1912
SmithHelen A1 Nov 1988QC
SmithHerschel LMay 19231 Jan 19622 Jan 1979Fort Wayne, IN80388 Mar 1898Grant Co., IN
SmithHiram L26 Nov 19401 Jan 197736
SmithHoward Clayton27 Dec 19271 Feb 197411 Jun 1983Fort Wayne, IN724630 Jan 1911Allen Co., IN
SmithHoward D9 Dec 19301 Jul 197117 Nov 1972Fort Wayne, IN63405 Jun 1909Whitley Co., IN
SmithIna E1925Dec 19531 Mar 1983Fort Wayne, IN89284 Nov 1893Lapel, IN
SmithJack M35
SmithJack M27 Jan 19651 Oct 19975 Nov 2006Searcy, AR79322 Sep 1927
SmithJames F4 Jun 19411 Aug 198224 Jan 1996Hot Springs, AR75416 Oct 1921Allen Co., IN
SmithJerry J
SmithJohn F20 Apr 18971 Oct 193819 Nov 1960Fort Wayne, IN804128 May 1880Fort Wayne, IN
SmithJohn F
SmithJohnnie27 Dec 2004Fort Wayne, IN5634-
SmithKarl EOct 19231 Jul 19603 Mar 1979Fort Wayne, IN833625 Jun 1895Flint, MI
SmithKathryn B Ragan1 Jan 198426 Mar 2008Fort Wayne, IN89338 Mar 1919
SmithKenneth S22 Oct 19351 Nov 197416 Feb 1981Kendallville, IN66395 Jul 1914Fort Wayne, IN
SmithLana J
SmithLawrence15 Jun 192314 May 1966Fort Wayne, IN644222 Oct 1901Fort Wayne, IN
SmithLe Roy16 Nov 19401 Mar 19752 Jan 1997Fort Wayne, IN843420 Dec 1912Greenville, OH
SmithMaria K31 Mar 2010
SmithMarie T16 Apr 1930196728 Jul 1993Fort Wayne, IN86373 Dec 1906Fort Wayne, IN
SmithMarilyn J198429 Sep 2010New Haven, IN913822 Sep 1919Fort Wayne, IN
SmithMarlene E31
SmithMathias W7 Sep 19111 Jul 194729 Apr 1954Fort Wayne, IN6935
SmithMildred Aura19431 Jun 196819 Apr 2001Fort Wayne, IN962511 Sep 1904Allen Co., IN
SmithMildred Claudine1 May 198013 Jan 2008Fort Wayne, IN902921 Mar 1917Fort Wayne, IN
SmithMildred Helen1 Jan 19833 Jan 2000Kendallville, IN78428 Aug 1921Fort Wayne, IN
SmithMildred J196021 Jan 2006Fort Wayne, IN903430 Jun 1915Convoy, OH
SmithNelson R5 Aug 194216 Jan 1971Huntington, IN552811 Sep 1915IN
SmithNoel A12 Nov 19421 Mar 197616 Feb 1997Columbia City, IN83336 May 1913Jefferson Twp., Allen Co., IN
SmithNorma V19481 Aug 197426
SmithOlive C1 May 1916196827 Dec 1988Fort Wayne, IN904522 Jun 1898Fort Wayne, IN
SmithOrval E10 Feb 194219705 Jan 1975Van Wert, OH672930 Aug 1907Van Wert Co., OH
SmithOscar A19221 Oct 196217 Feb 1969Fort Wayne, IN714227 Sep 1897Preble, IN
SmithPaul H29 Jul 1927Jan 196840
SmithPhillip E
SmithRachel M19461 Feb 197225
SmithRalph Dewey12 Nov 19201 May 19639 Sep 1969Fort Wayne, IN71421 Apr 1898Fort Wayne, IN
SmithRalph K13 Apr 194219725 Nov 1993Fort Wayne, IN86308 Aug 1907West Unity, OH
SmithRaymond T192621 Oct 1994Fort Wayne, IN902921 Jun 1904Allen Co., IN
SmithRaymond W13 Feb 194220 Mar 2006Englewood, FL85379 Sep 1920Allen Co., IN
SmithRichard D27 Mar 19431 May 19727 Oct 1998Fort Wayne, IN89292 Mar 1909Minerva, OH
SmithRobert30 Jan 194125+
SmithRobert A7 Jan 19311 Aug 19694 Jul 1985Fort Wayne, IN793831 Jul 1905Elkhart, IN
SmithRobert E26 Aug 1928197419 Sep 1984Fort Wayne, IN72454 Oct 1911Fort Wayne, IN
SmithRobert HJun 193612 Mar 1967Fort Wayne, IN5730212 Mar 1910Fort Wayne, IN
SmithRobert W19281 Jan 1974
SmithRoss C20 Nov 19401 Jul 19726 Jun 1978Fort Wayne, IN673125 Dec 1910Fort Wayne, IN
SmithSarah J19513 Apr 1984Butler, IN93QC29 Dec 1890Allen Co., IN
SmithSteve D
SmithSue A31
SmithThurman1948Mar 197622 Jan 1978Fort Wayne, IN652829 Dec 1912Columbia, MO
SmithVelva Mae24 Jan 19281 May 19645 May 1985Fort Wayne, IN753617 Dec 1908Allen Co., IN
SmithVern (Earl)19685 Jan 1995Fort Wayne, IN472616 Mar 1947Fort Wayne, IN
SmithVincent H Sr1 Jan 198115 Jan 2000Fort Wayne, IN813725 Aug 1918Shelbyville, IN
SmithViolet M19471 Jul 197320 Aug 2007Fort Wayne, IN97258 Oct 1909Paulding, OH
SmithWalter L192230 Jun 194730 Nov 1952Fort Wayne, IN7025Jun 1882Seneca Co., OH
SmithWalter SJul 1923Jul 19672 Dec 1983Fort Wayne, IN814325 Apr 1902Whitley Co., IN
SmithWanda D28
SmithWilbur M17 Oct 19251 Nov 195011 Aug 1976Bradenton, FL9025Jan 1886Lima, OH
SmithWillard F23 Feb 19211 Feb 19642 Sep 1983Lagrange, IN814331 Dec 1901IN
SmithWilliam L192310 Nov 1958Fort Wayne, IN623513 Dec 1896Auburn, IN
Smith-DevineJosie V14 Jan 2005Fort Wayne, IN84QC15 Mar 1920Paulding, OH
Smith-PullenBeverly15 May 2012Columbia City, IN8117 Oct 1930Laotto, IN
SmithsonBobbie S
SmitleyRonnie G38
SmitleyRose Ann34
SmoakMarygold L21 Oct 19291 Jan 19755 Nov 2012Indianapolis, IN1014528 Mar 1911Spencerville, IN
SmoleyNick19221 Mar 195936
SmutsDavid G21 Dec 2002Fort Wayne, IN503014 Jul 1952Bluffton, IN
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