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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
SoestKarl J W27 Oct 19191 Apr 196030 Jan 1966Fort Wayne, IN704016 Mar 1895Allen Co., IN
SoestRaymond C29 Jun 1920196421 Nov 1979Fort Wayne, IN774518 Feb 1902Fort Wayne, IN
SoestWilliam E7 Oct 191024 Jan 1941Fort Wayne, IN633025 Oct 1877Wash. Twp., Allen Co., IN
SohlesEllsworth J (E . J)14 Oct 19416 Aug 19937825+18 Jan 1915Pittsfield, MA
SoleroHector G25
SolesIvan H4 Jun 1926196618 Oct 1975Fort Wayne, IN744024 Jul 1901Pike Co., OH
SollbergerFlorence A26
SollbergerRoland J (Rollie)2 May 196816 Sep 2001Fort Wayne, IN74QC18 Dec 1926Fort Wayne, IN
SollbergerWalter W4 Jun 19201 Aug 196211 Aug 1981Fort Wayne, IN844216 Jul 1897Fort Wayne, IN
SollohubRaymond John5 May 193730 Sep 2009Seaford, DE9130+1918Scotia, NY
SollowayRex A27
SollowsDonald R (Don)19 Feb 194319671 Aug 1981Fort Wayne, IN782515 Nov 1902Nova Scotia, Can.
SoltRalph Leroy27 Jun 1928196516 Aug 1972Cromwell, IN653724 May 1907Columbia City, IN
SomersForest RSep 19229 Sep 1960Fort Wayne, IN583816 May 1902Fort Wayne, IN
SomersFrederick192714 Jul 19535726
SomersHarold C (Buck)21 Feb 19411 Sep 19828 Jan 1984Fort Wayne, IN614130 Aug 1922IN
SomersNaomi19 Mar 2001Bluffton, IN97QC18 May 1903Decatur, IN
SomersOrville Millard7 Jan 19261 Jun 19717 Jun 1998Lakeland, FL884530 Jun 1909Fort Wayne, IN
SomersRuth L30
SomervilleSherry A
SommerAnna C25 Mar 1912Sep 195028 Sep 1963Fort Wayne, IN733815 Aug 1890Jay Co., IN
SommerElla B20 Jan 19094 May 194618 Jun 1970Fort Wayne, IN84373 May 1886IN
SommerLinda R
SommersWilliamNov 19191 Nov 19626 Jun 1989Fort Wayne, IN914316 Oct 1897Poland
SondayEdward F7 Jun 19201 Dec 196122 Sep 1984Fort Wayne, IN874111 Nov 1896Detroit, MI
SondayRoss Edward1947199141Fort Wayne, IN
SonnenbergAlbert John14 Oct 19201 Jul 195815 Dec 1982Fort Wayne, IN86376 Jun 1896Poland
SonnerGeorge W26 Jan 1928Apr 19686 Aug 1984Fort Wayne, IN794014 Aug 1904Wells Co., IN
SordeletCarmen M19431 Feb 196930 Jul 1982Fort Wayne, IN692622 Feb 1913Bryan, OH
SordeletEdward J16 Aug 1928196830 Jul 1976Fort Wayne, IN65401 Apr 1911Allen Co., IN
SordeletLarry L2 Sep 19642004
SordeletLeonard JFeb 1923Mar 196717 Apr 1977Angola, IN704421 Jul 1906Allen Co., IN
SordeletLouisJun 19171 Aug 196043
SordeletLouis Nickolas20 Apr 19211 Jan 196017 Jul 1983Leipsic, OH823830 Jul 1900OH
SordeletMaurice L10 Mar 1924May 196017 Jan 1970Fort Wayne, IN633610 Nov 1906Fort Wayne, IN
SordeletNorbert J22 Jun 19371 Jan 198019 Aug 1992Fort Wayne, IN75421 Apr 1917Gar Creek, IN
SorensenCarl Wilbert26 Nov 19271 Jan 197414 Apr 1989Fort Wayne, IN774625 May 1911Madison, WI
SorensonCarl W21 Mar 18988 Sep 19396 May 1951Fort Wayne, IN824110 Sep 1869Denmark
SorensonClinton V29 Jan 1990Fort Wayne, IN74QC21 Mar 1915Eau Claire, WI
SorensonGladys E30 Nov 1933Apr 19681 Dec 1995Fort Wayne, IN90342 Sep 1905Madison, WI
SorgArthur F13 Aug 1925196629 Oct 1982Fort Wayne, IN774118 Jan 1905Marion Twp., Allen Co., IN
SorgArthur J14 Nov 1979Fort Wayne, IN7130 Aug 1908Hessen Cassel, IN
SorgGeraldine F25 Jun 2002Huntertown, IN75QC25 Jan 1927Fort Wayne, IN
SorgHarold J22 Dec 194018 Feb 1971Fort Wayne, IN59301 Jun 1911Fort Wayne, IN
SorgHenry B11 Sep 19161 Nov 194522 Nov 1962Fort Wayne, IN82293 Dec 1879Allen Co., IN
SorgRuth N1 Mar 197628 Nov 1980Angola, IN65253 Sep 1915
SorgWalter EApr 1923196627 Mar 1985Fort Wayne, IN81436 Jun 1903Fort Wayne, IN
SouersEarl Wilbur29 Oct 19261 Jan 196927 Mar 1991Warren, IN86427 May 1904Warren, IN
SoughanRaymond L17 Aug 19291 Sep 197316 Oct 1999Fort Wayne, IN884420 Apr 1911Lynn, MA
SouleGeorge M10 Dec 19401 Jan 198111 Jan 1992Fort Wayne, IN734012 Mar 1918Fort Wayne, IN
SouthworthMary Louella (Rice)25 Feb 2003Katy, TX1013031 Mar 1901Huntington Co., IN
SovineAnita L27 Oct 1952197717 Nov 2011Decatur, IN892518 Jan 1922Van Wert Co., OH
SowardsVera H19 Feb 19431 Jan 19742 Oct 2001Ft Myers, FL89308 Aug 1912
SowersJohn M24 Jan 1931196928 Sep 1977Fort Wayne, IN693813 Jan 1908Allen Co., IN
SowersJohn S
SowersJohn S18 May 19161 Sep 19555 Jul 1974Fort Wayne, IN83391 Nov 1890Fort Wayne, IN
SowersViolet Virginia21 May 2005Fort Wayne, IN93QC31 Oct 1911New Haven, IN
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