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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
St ClairJohn R20 Feb 1931May 196723 Dec 1985Fort Wayne, IN82365 Apr 1903Burrows
StaakJulius HermanJan 1919Nov 19589 Jun 1963Fort Wayne, IN69399 Oct 1893Chicago, IL
StaakLouis E31 Dec 2008Downers Grove, IL842713 Mar 1924Fort Wayne, IN
StablerLeon E17 Jul 19261 Aug 196629 Oct 1966Fort Wayne, IN644013 Jul 1902Payne, OH
StablerLinda L200415 Apr 2012Fort Wayne, IN64291 May 1947Fort Wayne, IN
StadelmanCarl F19 Mar 19291 Jan 195825 Dec 1967Fort Wayne, IN75281 Dec 1892Columbus, OH
StaehlePaul M17 Jul 1914195320 Dec 1980Fort Wayne, IN913925 Nov 1889Manitowac, WI
StaffordWalter R22 Apr 196425
StaffordWayne O35
StahlHelen M13 Oct 19251 Jun 19598 Sep 1962Fort Wayne, IN643330 Jun 1898Fort Wayne, IN
StahlKarl Frederick20 Apr 191618 Aug 1941Pleasant Lake, IN422528 Nov 1899Fort Wayne, IN
StahlMarguerite Elizabeth22 Mar 19431 Jul 19708 Nov 2008Warren, IN1022710 Mar 1906Wells Co., IN
StahlWilliam L8 Jun 194110 Jul 1971Coldwater, MI59302 Apr 1912Ohio City, OH
StahlhutArthur C23 Aug 19411 Jan 197716 Sep 1989Fort Wayne, IN753512 Mar 1914Fort Wayne, IN
StahlhutHenry W18 Mar 19121 Apr 194015 Jan 1957St Petersburg, FL8028
StahlhutRonald L (Ron)19 Jan 197924 Dec 2000La Grange, IN67QC14 Jun 1933Arcola, IN
StahlyMary A13 Dec 1993Geneva, IN82QC15 Apr 1911Adams Co., IN
StahlyPaul W197314 Apr 1990Decatur, IN822919 Jan 1908Adams Co., IN
StaightGlenn Collins192922 Jan 1998Winter Haven, FL86QC16 Jun 1911Fort Wayne, IN
StaleyCharles W7 Mar 194119828 Nov 1992Fort Wayne, IN734022 Jan 1919New Haven, IN
StaleyFrank L1 Feb 198636
StaleyJohn O26 Aug 1916May 195411 Apr 1968Fort Wayne, IN783717 May 1889Paulding, OH
StaleyMabel G196029 Apr 1984Fort Wayne, IN83QC19 Oct 1900Winslow
StaleyThomas Lyle25 Jun 19291 Jun 197111 Apr 1985Fort Wayne, IN774210 Jul 1907Fort Wayne, IN
StaleyWard W SrNov 19201 Nov 196412 Aug 1974Fort Wayne, IN744412 Oct 1899Oakwood, OH
StalfLouis16 Dec 191219538 May 1981Fort Wayne, IN904019 Jul 1890Allen Co., IN
StallbaumCleota V196730 Aug 1993Fort Wayne, IN91255 Nov 1901Payne, OH
StalterDale W2 Apr 19421 Aug 197925 Aug 1983Garrett, IN64374 Dec 1918Decatur, IN
StambaughVerlyn E5 Feb 2002Spring Co, SD91QC26 Jul 1910Spring Co., SD
StamperJohn A19 Sep 19421 Feb 198013 Dec 1993Huntington, IN743710 Aug 1919Madison
StanberyElwood M8 May 19301 Oct 19715 Apr 1979Fort Wayne, IN724113 Sep 1906Deaverton, OH
StanfieldClarence V33
StanfordCharlotte E7 Apr 19391 Sep 197315 Jun 1976Fort Wayne, IN62346 Aug 1913Fort Wayne, IN
StangerGlen D (Jerry)Oct 19231 Aug 19595 Dec 1965Columbia City, IN68358 Jan 1897Antwerp, OH
StangerRaymond E11 Jan 19411 Jun 197831 Dec 1981Fort Wayne, IN653722 May 1916Fort Wayne, IN
StanleyDennis L (Denny)28 Jan 19651 Jun 2001
StanleyDonald MMay 19231 Dec 196223 Sep 1964Fort Wayne, IN66397 Nov 1897Huntington Co., IN
StanleyDorwin L7 Feb 19411 Feb 198341Huntington, IN
StanleyEldon B3 Mar 19421 Sep 198315 Nov 2010Fort Wayne, IN874113 Mar 1923Fort Wayne, IN
StanleyRalph F19251 Oct 19525 Jul 1962Hartford City, IN7427-Hartford City, IN
StantonAvenel19 Oct 19421 Nov 197517 Feb 1990753319 Apr 1914
StantonOrval J8 Jun 191615 Sep 1952Fort Wayne, IN54-Feb 1898IN
StapletonGlenn D5 Dec 192919 Dec 1960Fort Wayne, IN503131 Mar 1909Fort Wayne, IN
StarkAnthony16 Dec 190227 Dec 1930Fort Wayne, IN51287 Apr 1879Baden, Germany
StarkDavid W
StarkJohn J19 Feb 194119834 May 2009Fort Wayne, IN88426 Jan 1921Fort Wayne, IN
StarkJulian Howard3 Jul 19231 Oct 196128 Feb 1989Sarasota, FL873815 Sep 1901Hume, IL
StarkWilliam HSep 195734
StarkeCarl H21 Jun 190527 Jul 195620 Dec 1980Fort Wayne, IN89516 Sep 1891Fort Wayne, IN
StarkeChristian E6 Apr 191020 Feb 1953Fort Wayne, IN5628+14 May 1896Fort Wayne, IN
StarkeWalter P23 May 19281 Jan 197623 Nov 1986Fort Wayne, IN754712 Apr 1911Fort Wayne, IN
StarkeWilliam C24 Dec 1906Apr 19549 Sep 1967Fort Wayne, IN784723 Mar 1889Allen Co., IN
StarkelRobert W29 Aug 19361 Jun 198025 Feb 1998Sun City, AZ79438 Jun 1918Fort Wayne, IN
StarksDavid L28 Feb 2009
StarksMary L25
StarksSamuel K17 Jun 19421 Apr 197714 Jun 1981Fort Wayne, IN693428 Mar 1912Uniontown, AL
StarnerLaura J25 Apr 1931Jul 196714 Nov 1987Fort Wayne, IN853615 Jul 1902Defiance, OH
StarrLouis ODec 1922Mar 19497 Mar 1962Fort Wayne, IN782616 Feb 1884Chicago, IL
StauchLester C6 Aug 19171 Aug 19602 Sep 1968Angola, IN69435 Jun 1899IN
StaufferChristian28 Nov 19261 Apr 196415 Dec 1987Clearview City, KS88379 Mar 1899Berne, IN
StaufferDon R29 Jun 196428 Feb 200137Fort Wayne, IN
StaufferEarl D7 Feb 19411 Jan 198022 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN873813 Oct 1915Berne, IN
StaufferFrederick JJul 19171 Feb 195116 Aug 1962Fort Wayne, IN763328 Feb 1886Berne, Switzerland
StaufferHazel F29 Sep 1934Feb 196812 Jul 1985Fort Wayne, IN773320 Sep 1907Rockford, OH
StaufferHenry5 Mar 19231 Feb 196221 Mar 1963Decatur, IN623931 Jan 1902Adams Co., IN
StaufferImmanuel I1 May 194126 Jul 1968Fort Wayne, IN592726 Dec 1909Cleveland, OH
StaufferJames E198715 Nov 2011Warren, IN81393 Apr 1930Adams Co., IN
StaufferJames W16 Apr 19301 Jan 196910 Sep 1975Fort Wayne, IN663821 Oct 1908IN
StaufferKenneth Leroy200526 Feb 2009Fort Wayne, IN633915 Oct 1945Allen Co., IN
StaufferLarry A200826 Nov 2010Fort Wayne, IN6230 Oct 1948Fort Wayne, IN
StaufferMartha S
StaufferRichard L12 May 1942197528 Sep 1976Fort Wayne, IN66329 Feb 1910Allen Co., IN
StearleyFrederick E (Red)25 Aug 1953Mar 198830 Aug 1988Fort Wayne, IN523516 Apr 1936Sullivan, IN
StearnsMary J19561 Feb 197124 Jan 1980Fort Wayne, IN74253 Jan 1906Anderson, IN
StebingJerry A
StebingRebecca L
StecherAlbert CSep 19201 Sep 19508 Apr 1967Fort Wayne, IN813014 Aug 1885Fort Wayne, IN
SteckRobert31 Jan 18991 Sep 194623 Sep 1957Fort Wayne, IN804717 Nov 1876Chicago, IL
SteeleChalmer V199023 Jun 2009Fort Wayne, IN69QC6 Jan 1940Fort Wayne, IN
SteeleChalmer, Sr13 Apr 19281 Jan 196929 May 1976Bluffton, IN714023 Jun 1904Decatur, IN
SteeleJoe V10 Dec 19231 Aug 196312 Dec 1976Decatur, IN78375 Jul 1898Pleasant Mills, IN
SteeleRaymond E26 Sep 1984Fort Wayne, IN41QC20 Jun 1943Columbia City, IN
SteeleRichard M
SteeleRichard R19411 Jun 19733 Apr
SteeleWilbert G10 Dec 19425 Sep 2004Decatur, IN893722 Jun 1915Van Wert Co., OH
SteeleWilma J
SteelmanRonald R
SteenmanWilliam RJun 1923Nov 195023 Jan 1963Fort Wayne, IN772717 Oct 1885Holland
SteffenCharles R199716 Jun 2005Fort Wayne, IN643029 Jun 1940Newville, IN
SteffenJohn L
SteffenMildred R40
SteffenRichard W31
SteffenViolet L20 Oct 194342
SteffesBarbara J29
SteffeyMildred L1 Jan 198111 Oct 2000Fort Wayne, IN833718 Dec 1916Allen Co., IN
StegmannAugust C28 Sep 19251 Jun 196224 Nov 1994Fort Wayne, IN933619 Mar 1901Bremen, Germany
StegmannEmmalou1 Jan 198535
StegmannHenry19211 Sep 194922 Nov 1970Fort Wayne, IN84284 Jun 1886Germany
SteinArthur C6 Jan 190213 Jun 1952Fort Wayne, IN783129 Nov 1873Germany
SteinDavid A Dave)9 Jun 1966
SteinJuanita W35
SteinackerRaymond F10 Jul 19341 Mar 197515 Oct 1975Fort Wayne, IN61402 Apr 1914Fort Wayne, IN
SteinauEdward H5 Jul 1904Nov 194014 Jun 1945Fort Wayne, IN703615 Nov 1874Grand Rapids, MI
SteinauEdward M1 Mar 19401 Feb 198115 Jul 1997Fort Wayne, IN784130 Jul 1918Fort Wayne, IN
SteinbacherCarl L22 May 1928Feb 196718 Jun 1973Fort Wayne, IN69382 Apr 1904Poe, IN
SteinbacherFloyd E199027 Jul 2011Fort Wayne, IN773631 Jul 1933Fort Wayne, IN
SteinbacherFloyd H24 Mar 19201 Jun 195621 Jun 1973Fort Wayne, IN773631 Dec 1895Yoder, IN
SteinbacherHarold G29 Nov 19351 Jul 197028 Nov 1985Fort Wayne, IN803413 Jun 1905Fort Wayne, IN
SteinbacherHubert J (Bud)12 Jun 196331 Mar 199026Chicago, IL
SteinbacherJuanita I199027 Jul 2011Fort Wayne, IN813927 Mar 1930Robinson, IL
SteiningerA. G3 Sep 2004Fort Wayne, IN77QC10 Oct 1926Cincinnati, OH
SteinkeEmil H25 Jan 19161 Nov 194617 Mar 1958Fort Wayne, IN783010 Sep 1878Germany
SteitzSteven M29 Jul 196336
StemmlerPaul J21 Jun 19411 Jul 198225 Sep 1983Fort Wayne, IN614117 Jun 1922New Haven, IN
StephanDonald A4 Jan 19321 Jun 19745 Mar 1991Fort Wayne, IN79428 Apr 1911Fort Wayne, IN
StephanIva M1 Oct 19507 Feb 1975Fort Wayne, IN842919 Sep 1890Huntington Co., IN
StephenHoward W31 Oct 19411 Feb 198846
StephensBasil E30 Sep 1925196617 Apr 1998Ossian, IN924015 Jul 1905Tipton Co., IN
StephensBill C30
StephensEzell (Bloom)1942198215 Jun 2000Fort Wayne, IN774022 May 1923Uniontown, AL
StephensG. Kenneth8 May 2001Pierceton, IN87QC24 Jan 1914Roanoke, IN
StephensJulious1 Feb 19794 Apr 1986Fort Wayne, IN663125 Apr 1919Uniontown, AL
StephensWillie M1 Jan 198433
StephensonClyde AQC
StephensonHugh Mc Cleary24 Apr 1916Oct 19544 Dec 1969Fort Wayne, IN76385 Dec 1892Celina, OH
SterlingDonald W19 Nov 19421 Oct 197623 Feb 1979Fort Wayne, IN553331 May 1923Fort Wayne, IN
SternRex A31
SternbergerJames M7 Sep 19411 Jan 198511 Dec 2005Fort Wayne, IN834325 Sep 1922Fort Wayne, IN
StetlerBetty S198622 Oct 2003Decatur, IN78305 Sep 1925Adams Co., IN
StetlerBeverly S22 Aug 2005Decatur, IN753828 Nov 1929Celina, OH
StetlerDonna Mae198326 Apr 1984Convoy, OH59403 Nov 1924Willshire, OH
StetlerJohn B14 Jul 1941196817 Jun 1996Columbia City, IN92278 Nov 1903Angola, IN
StetlerJohn D (Doyle)9 Feb 196229 May 2010Van Wert, OH813612 Sep 1928Willshire, OH
StetlerNancy M
StetterLudwig7 Aug 19251 Mar 19616 Feb 1984Fort Wayne, IN873517 Feb 1896Frankenhausen, Ger.
StettlerAlfreda MJul 1916May 194712 Dec 1966Fort Wayne, IN70309 Feb 1896Antwerp, OH
StetzerWilliam K30 Jun 19291 Apr 197013 Dec 1978Fort Wayne, IN734017 May 1905Saarbrucken, Ger.
SteupLouis29 Oct 19069 Nov 1946Fort Wayne, IN634010 Mar 1883Fort Wayne, IN
SteupWalter W (Pat)31 Jul 191213 Sep 1946Fort Wayne, IN54348 Oct 1891Fort Wayne, IN
StevensEula M27
StevensJames Felton (Bus)4 Aug 19421 Jul 197412 May 1994Huntertown, IN84322 Jan 1910Fort Wayne, IN
StevensMarcella E18 May 19471 Jan 197826 Dec 1984Fort Wayne, IN70304 Jan 1914Decatur, IN
StevensMina L12 Jun 193035+
StevensonDavid M16 Mar 2004Fort Wayne, IN55QC17 May 1948
StevensonHobart L14 Mar 19161 Dec 19561 Dec 1961Fort Wayne, IN704014 Oct 1891Fort Wayne, IN
StevensonHortense W18 Jul 19341 Jan 197218 Aug 1986Fort Wayne, IN773724 Dec 1908Ossian, IN
StewardDennis M
StewardEdgar D19 Aug 1907Nov 195016 Feb 1960Fort Wayne, IN744314 Oct 1885Woodburn, IN
StewardMildred H23 Oct 19361 Mar 197724 Sep 1998Ossian, IN814025 Nov 1913Fort Wayne, IN
StewardRalph13 Apr 19171 Sep 19656 Jul 1979Fort Wayne, IN78486 Aug 1900Fort Wayne, IN
StewartDonald R26
StewartFrances M25
StewartJames F34
StewartLinda S2 Mar 2009Fort Wayne, IN673113 Jul 1941Hardy, KY
StewartMary B21 Apr 2011Fort Wayne, IN92362 Jun 1918Huntsville, IN
StewartOscar D
StewartTeresa D
SthairJohn Henry6 Sep 1900Dec 19329 Aug 1962Fort Wayne, IN913216 Oct 1870Fort Wayne, IN
SticklerDelvia W30 May 19411 Aug 19782 Dec 2002Huntington, IN89373 Jul 1913Markle, IN
StickleyDessie M25
StieglitzRuth Marcell (Riemen)1 Mar 2005Fort Wayne, IN85QC7 Dec 1919Fort Wayne, IN
StienbargerChester D6 Apr 19201 Aug 19586 Aug 1964Fort Wayne, IN713810 Jul 1893Noble Co., IN
StienbargerEunice W19461 Jan 197728 Jun 2003Fort Wayne, IN813021 Oct 1921Whitley Co., IN
StierIrene M1920194825 Feb 1979Fort Wayne, IN862927 Jan 1894Fort Wayne, IN
StierRuth M15 Jul 1928Sep 19673 Jan 2002Fort Wayne, IN943925 Jul 1907Fort Wayne, IN
StilesJo A
StilesWilliam E19431 Oct 197431 Jul 1984Fort Wayne, IN713115 Sep 1912Fort Wayne, IN
StillingerJack D22 May 19471 Oct 198639
StilwellAlbert Christian5 Dec 19401 Jul 197725 Aug 2006Cedar Lake, IN913620 Jun 1915Fort Wayne, IN
StilwellSherman BApr 19171 Sep 194929 Nov 1963Tampa, FL833219 Aug 1884Oregon
StingerAndrew G3 Nov 1909Sep 193920 May 1944Fort Wayne, IN59297 Apr 1885Greensburg, IN
StingerRobert L19185 Apr 1953Fort Wayne, IN60--Wyoming
StinsmuehlenEwald6 Sep 19261 Apr 19705 Mar 1995Naples, FL864312 Apr 1908Germany
StirlenBruce W
StirlenHarold C1 Mar 1924196615 Jul 1980Fort Wayne, IN794227 Jan 1901Allen Co., IN
StiversonNancy S19 Jun 1964199711 Jan 1998Fort Wayne, IN53329 Jul 1944FL
St JohnEdward M (Mike)11 Aug 2011Fort Wayne, IN64345 Sep 1946
StockEmanuel G1 Oct 19131 Aug 195611 Jul 1959Fort Wayne, IN604229 Jul 1898Fort Wayne, IN
StockerLewis A2 Aug 19411 Feb 198326 Oct 1999Fort Wayne, IN78416 Apr 1921No Manchester, IN
StockertCharles A41
StockertRussell L1 Feb 19811 Jan 1994Fort Wayne, IN783730 Jun 1915Churubusco, IN
StockertSandra J?
StockmanJames E20012 Oct 2004Huntington, IN603630 Aug 1944Wells Co., IN
StockmanJohn W
StocksSam J191328 Jan 19384 Mar 1940New Haven, IN7225
StocksWilbur W28 Oct 19121 Sep 19617 Nov 1980Fort Wayne, IN844828 Aug 1896Fort Wayne, IN
StoicheJames P (Jim)7 Feb 19431 May 19726 Nov 1997Fort Wayne, IN882929 Jul 1909Macedonia
StokesSavannah Lee1 Aug 197621 Aug 1987Fort Wayne, IN683215 Dec 1918Bessemer, AL
StollArthur T29 Jul 1927195828 Nov 1973Fort Wayne, IN80302 Aug 1893Chicago, IL
StollEleanor E194119755 Nov 1983Fort Wayne, IN713424 Jun 1912Fort Wayne, IN
StollElmer E83-84QC
StollerElaine L38
StollerJesse E2 Oct 19281 Jun 195916 Jul 1964New Haven, IN703025 May 1894Roanoke, IL
StolpWilliam J26 Mar 19261 Jun 195915 Jun 1963Fort Wayne, IN69338 May 1894Corning, MO
StolteClarence G27 May 192918 Nov 1998Fort Wayne, IN923824 Oct 1906Fort Wayne, IN
StolzMary S48
StombergVirgil H11 Sep 19411 Mar 198644
StoneMildred L (Quackenbush)19608 Jan 2003Fort Wayne, IN973415 Nov 1905Ossian, IN
StonebrakerAdeline R1 Aug 19341 Jul 19794 Jan 1988Fort Wayne, IN714430 Aug 1916Fort Wayne, IN
StonerAlbert HJun 19291 May 196413 Jan 1995Fort Wayne, IN903410 Mar 1904Celina, OH
StonerChester G28 Oct 1940196619 Feb 2002Fort Wayne, IN98258 Apr 1903Jay Co., IN
StonestreetThais J1 Jan 19849 Aug 2003Decatur, IN782924 Nov 1924Butler, IN
StoppenhagenLarry W32
StoppenhagenMarie M26 Jun 1981Bluffton, IN679 Dec 1913Allen Co., IN
StoppenhagenRaymond E1 Dec 197418 Mar 1994Fort Wayne, IN843115 Nov 1909Fort Wayne, IN
StoppenhagenWalter J19271 Jul 19728 Apr 2010Battle Creek, MI984420 Jul 1911Fort Wayne, IN
StorchJames D7 Jun 19411 Feb 198525 Aug 2007Fort Wayne, IN864316 Aug 1921Fort Wayne, IN
StorckPaul L
StouderGeorge H28 Dec 1913Sep 195325 Oct 1974Fort Wayne, IN85398 Sep 1889ND
StouderJames V28 Apr 19131 May 196121 Apr 1985Fort Wayne, IN894820 Apr 1896Fort Wayne, IN
StoudtJohn M1952Nov 1980Fort Pierce, FL9 Jul 1910Reading, PA
StoughPaul SJun 192330+
StoutCarl Erwin3 Mar 193519 Jun 1962Fort Wayne, IN47273 Oct 1914Fort Wayne, IN
StoutDarwin V25 Dec 19401 Apr 198110 Oct 1997Fort Wayne, IN814030 Apr 1916Fort Wayne, IN
StoutJames R196930 Jun 2011
StoutJuanita L31
StoutRaymond J27 Sep 1940197528 Jul 1977Auburn, IN603513 Oct 1916Fort Wayne, IN
StoutRobert L25 Apr 19351 Aug 197715 Aug 1987North Smithfield, RI814225 Jul 1916
StoutWilliam L1925Aug 195230 Nov 1986Bluffton, IN66275 Feb 1920
StovallColie B2 Jan 19411 Mar 197317 Mar 2001Fort Wayne, IN933215 Feb 1908Wickliffe, KY
StovallFranz19441 Aug 197324 Apr 1991Fort Wayne, IN802912 Nov 1910Birmingham, AL
StoveClarence EAug 192311 Nov 1961Big Turkey Lake, IN593825 Feb 1902Willshire, OH
StoverAlbert25 Jun 1929
StoverWilliam A35
StrahmHarold E27 Oct 1981Decatur, IN63QC26 Jan 1918Adams Co., IN
StraightGlenn C15 Oct 1940Nov 197434
StrainDonald PDec 1953Colorado
StraitVirginia M1 Jun 19862 Mar 2005Fort Wayne, IN823220 Oct 1922Fort Wayne, IN
StraitWilliam G32
StraleyBetty R27 Aug 195129
StraleyFlossie Belle29 Aug 19411 Aug 197214 Dec 1993Decatur, IN853127 May 1908Allen Co., IN
StrasserAdolph Edward31 Oct.MarJan 191921 Dec 1951Fort Wayne, IN563210 Jul 1895Fort Wayne, IN
StrasserEdward G1 Jan 198628 Dec 1997Fort Wayne, IN723427 Oct 1925Fort Wayne, IN
StraubRobert C13 Jan 19421 Dec 198341
StraubWilliam H17 Oct 19121 Jan 195921 Dec 1985Fort Wayne, IN914622 Dec 1893Bellevue. Oh
StrayerNorman C
StrebigSylvia M15 Sep 1929May 196722 Apr 19903723 Jun 1911
StreitJames M36
StrettMary Jane16 Mar 1998QC
StrickerRobert Arthur17 Sep 19421 Oct 19703 Feb 1999Huntington, IN932813 Sep 1905Detroit, MI
StricklerDaniel G
StricklerJames J10 Dec 1942198227 Jun 1984Decatur, IN604024 Jun 1924Decatur, IN
StricklerMildred A30 May 1941Jan 197634
StrikerRobert C13 Jan 194322 Feb 1974Fort Wayne, IN573121 Sep 1916Monroe Twp., Adams, IN
StripeGayle B18 Oct 19271 Nov 19657 Jun 1967Fort Wayne, IN643815 Oct 1902Van Wert, OH
StrodelCharles A17 Nov 19051 Aug 19452 Jun 1957Angola, IN763928 Nov 1880Fort Wayne, IN
StrodelRoss G10 Dec 19181 Feb 196523 Jul 1973Fort Wayne, IN714628 Jul 1902Fort Wayne, IN
StrohDonald C9 Sep 194219826 Dec 1985Fort Wayne, IN663915 Oct 1919Fremont, IN
StrohLynford Vern192229 Feb 195211 Mar 1955Hamilton Lake, IN6829
StrombeckPaul C27 Jul 19421 May 197218 May 1987Fort Wayne, IN80291 Apr 1907Fort Wayne, IN
StronczekCarol A28 Feb 1972
StrongCecil W19 Jun 19421 May 198419 Nov 2005Fort Wayne, IN814110 Apr 1924Smith Twp., Whitley, IN
StrongCharles E3 Jan 19541 Feb 19848 Feb 2005Fort Wayne, IN773026 Nov 1927Maplewood, OH
StrongCharles W28 Oct 19251 Apr 196135
StrongEarl W17 Sep 19271 Sep 19709 Jan 1987Fort Wayne, IN774312 Dec 1909Fort Wayne, IN
StrongKenneth DDec 192414 May 1990Mesa, AZQC9 Feb 1907Auburn, IN
StroudEdgar J (Curly)12 Nov 19121 Jan 19472 Dec 1950Fort Wayne, IN673416 Oct 1883Sandusky, OH
StrubeAdolph F17 Jan 18881 Jan 192524 Jul 1941Fort Wayne, IN853529 Feb 1856Hanover, Germany
StruverHarold WMay 1928Jun 19538 Sep 1959Bluffton, IN59251 May 1900Fort Wayne, IN
StruverHelen M19645 Jul 1984Fort Wayne, IN773025 Nov 1906Hicksville, OH
StuartGladys M
StubbinsLloyd S26 Jun 19411 Jul 198131 Oct 1987Fort Wayne, IN724030 Sep 1915Memphis, TN
StuckeyEdwinna J16 Oct 194213 Oct 1978Fort Wayne, IN58351 Nov 1919Adams Co., IN
StuckeyMargorie Fern24 Feb 2000Fort Wayne, IN87-22 Sep 1912Allen Co., IN
StuckeyVerdan J2 Aug 194130 Sep 1979Fort Wayne, IN613817 Sep 1918Allen Co., IN
StuckeyWelden R6 Nov 19421 May 197725 Apr 1980Fort Wayne, IN613429 Nov 1918Decatur, IN
StuckyRuby R (Rosey)19471 Jan 19748 Jul 2008Berne, IN922621 Mar 1921Decatur, IN
StudebakerLarry A15 Dec 196531
StudlerHelen L22 Jun 19391 Oct 197424 Jan 2001Fort Wayne, IN90346 Nov 1910Adams Co., IN
StuerzenbergerHulda E1 Jan 19816 Jul 2007New Haven, IN90264 Jul 1917Decatur, IN
StultsHerschel C27 May 19411 May 197719 May 1999Fort Wayne, IN87353 Apr 1912Kendallville, IN
StultsStanley W192626 Jan 1953Fort Wayne, IN4427-
StultsWayne R
StumpfLenaApr 1929Mar 196821 Mar 1995Fort Wayne, IN92296 Jan 1903IN
SturmVernon1919May 195324 Dec 1981Fort Wayne, IN933426 May 1888Allen Co., IN
StuteAlbert J6 Jun 19411 Mar 197927 Dec 1986Fort Wayne, IN63375 Jan 1923Fort Wayne, IN
StuteArthur FrederickJun 1916Sep 19545 Apr 1962Columbia City, IN683815 Aug 1893Fort Wayne, IN
StuteEdwin W19251 Sep 195810 Jul 1978New Orleans, LA843315 Aug 1893Fort Wayne, IN
StuteRobert H6 Nov 19361 Aug 197627 Dec 2002Fort Wayne, IN883925 Apr 1914Fort Wayne, IN
StuteWiliiam CApr 19171 Apr 195527 Jun 1970Fort Wayne, IN793814 Aug 1890Fort Wayne, IN
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