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Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
TrabelEdwin A2 Jan 1923196031 Aug 1982Fort Wayne, IN793718 Jun 1903St Louis, MO
TrabelEugene J35
TraceyJames L3 Sep 196532
TraceyOliver W2 May 19281 Apr 195729 Oct 1966Hudson, IN742821 Mar 1892Fort Wayne, IN
TraceyWilliam E9 Nov 19401 Mar 19722 Jul 1996Fort Wayne, IN863116 Nov 1909Allen Co., IN
TracyPauline J1 Jan 19879 Dec 1997Fort Wayne, IN713615 Oct 1926Antwerp, OH
TrahinJames E37
TrahinStephen L (Steve)19 Apr 196520 Dec 2002
TrammelMarjorie E19642 Dec 1981Columbia City, IN8221?11 Jun 1899Allen Co., IN
TrappKurt O24 Jul 19269 Oct 1997Gig Harbor, WA964021 Dec 1904Wittenberg, Germany
TrasterDonald J14 Apr 19421 Apr 196826 May 1992812610 Jan 1911IN
TraubPaul H19176 Apr 1951Fort Wayne, IN513330 Nov 1899Hicksville, OH
TrautmanCharles H15 Sep 190416 Sep 1940Fort Wayne, IN533628 Oct 1886Fort Wayne, IN
TrautmanFred C8 Aug 19111 Jul 195821 Mar 1974Fort Wayne, IN804612 Jun 1893Fort Wayne, IN
TrautmanHarold F17 Jun 19411 Oct 197414 Feb 1981Fort Wayne, IN603326 May 1920Fort Wayne, IN
TrautmanJacob T26 Feb 1891193219 Mar 1954Fort Wayne, IN784121 Oct 1875Fort Wayne, IN
TrautmanSamuel F1919194828 Jan 1970Miami, FL29
TrautmanWalter F6 May 19351 Aug 196816 Sep 1985Fort Wayne, IN79338 Oct 1905Fort Wayne, IN
TravisDonald V192314 Sep 1958Fort Wayne, IN553514 Sep 1903Ossian, IN
TravisMorrell S29 Aug 1955199235
TravisWilliam T19 Dec 1940Mar 196731 May 1980Fort Wayne, IN79267 Feb 1902
TraxlerGertrude A9 Oct 190519336 May 1936Fort Wayne, IN60277 Jul 1875Nevada, OH
TraxlerHarold C18 Jan 1940197213 Aug 1975Fort Wayne, IN683227 May 1907Fort Wayne, IN
TredwayAnna19511 Feb 19774 Jul 1988Fort Wayne, IN722626 Jan 1916Fort Wayne, IN
TreeceFranklin Lud30 Oct 19421 Apr 19834 Feb 2011Fort Wayne, IN924019 Aug 1918Continental, OH
TreeseElwood A (Woody)14 Jun 1979Fort Wayne, IN562820 Jan 1923Williamsburg, PA
TreeshDonna J198921 Jul 2008Lake Wales, FL805 Oct 1927Butler, IN
TreeshHoward K13 Sep 1940Mar 196716 Jun 1971Fort Wayne, IN672621 Sep 1903Kendallville, IN
TreinerNicholas W14 Jun 1912195422 May 1980Fort Wayne, IN914325 Feb 1889Chicago, IL
TrenkleyTheodore A28 Aug 190029 Sep 193011 Apr 1933Fort Wayne, IN573014 Oct 1875Fort Wayne, IN
TrentRichard L33
TrentSharon K
TrentadueAngelo Joseph (Joe)26 Apr 19291 Feb 197511 Jan 2004Fort Wayne, IN904526 Jan 1913Fort Wayne, IN
TreuchetMary B15 Jun 2001Fort Wayne, IN74QC13 Dec 1926Pittsburgh, IN
TreveyThomas C199216 Jan 2004Fort Wayne, IN752621 Jul 1928Defiance, OH
TreyCharles E19091 Jun 19491 Jul 1955Fort Wayne, IN71405 May 1884Allen Co., IN
TriboletAllen R25
TrickerJoseph E19 Oct 19411 Jul 19806 Mar 1999Fort Wayne, IN803811 May 1918Elwood City, PA
TrickerRobert G35
TrickeyRobert W195017 Aug 2008Normal, IL933024 Mar 1915Auburn, NY
TrierPaul L1 Mar 19804 Jun 2002Indianapolis, IN793625 Oct 1922Fort Wayne, IN
TriggVester L12 Mar 1964
TrimblePearle I28
TrinenJohn W5 Apr 19161 Nov 194616 Apr 1953Fort Wayne, IN753011 Oct 1877Missouri
TriselMarcile22 Mar 2008Decatur, IN962521 Jun 1911Van Wert Co., OH
TritchMax A3 Jun 19411 Jan 19797 Sep 1991Fort Wayne, IN743731 Jan 1917Fort Wayne, IN
TroendlyJoseph T2 Dec 19194 Jun 195227 Jul 1976Fort Wayne, IN843313 Mar 1892IL
TrosinAlfred C19716 Nov 1997Fort Wayne, IN892711 Nov 1907Fort Wayne, IN
TroutMeredith L17 Jan 19291 Jun 197110 May 1979Fort Wayne, IN704227 Oct 1908Warren, IN
TroutRuth Clarene23 Aug 19367 Nov 1971Fort Wayne, IN5735-Warren, IN
TroutnerFlossie V20 Nov 19291 Jul 19616 Apr 1993873115 Jun 1905OH
TrowbridgeAmos H19441 Jan 197322 Sep 1989Kendallville, IN81285 Dec 1907Orange Twp., Noble, IN
TrowbridgeJames W (Jim)25 Mar 19661 Mar 199427
TroyerDarrel E15 Dec 19421 Aug 197123 Feb 1979Auburn, IN682831 Mar 1910Continental, OH
TroyerRuth Naomi (Leitch)14 Mar 19431 Feb 197916 Jan 2008Columbia City, IN923513 Jan 1916Green Twp., Whitley Co., IN
TrubaJoseph E1 Mar 198518 Feb 2003Fort Wayne, IN78339 Aug 1924Detroit, MI
TrudellAlbert T3 May 19431 Mar 198512 Feb 2002Orange Park, FL804113 Aug 1921Tupper Lake, NY
TrueloveFloyd H10 Oct 1923196617 Aug 1979Fort Wayne, IN77435 Nov 1901Avilla, IN
TrueloveRobert Lynn13 Jun 1998Plano, TX56QC5 Jul 1941TX
TrueloveRobert M18 Jun 19301 Jul 197313 Jan 1985Kendallville, IN73432 Apr 1911Noble Co., IN
TrumanGeneva O19664 Feb 1980Fort Wayne, IN732514 Feb 1906Churubusco, IN
TrumanJames T5 Aug 19281 Mar 196712 Sep 1993Columbia City, IN88384 Oct 1904Merriam, IN
TrumbowerRaymond H25 May 19241 Jul 19555 Aug 1986Bluffton, IN913128 Jun 1895Pennsylvania
TrumbowerWilliam W18 Apr 19401 Jan 198119 Feb 2008Ossian, IN87403 Nov 1920Fort Wayne, IN
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