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P.O. Box 12003
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46862

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General Electric Employees Quarter Century Club, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

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NameDate of ServiceDate of RetirementDate of DeathPlace of DeathAge at DeathDuration of ServiceDate of BirthPlace of Birth
YablonskiMichael J25
YahneEdward F192326 Jul 1953Fort Wayne, IN52308 Oct 1900Fort Wayne, IN
YahneIda S17 Aug 19441 Jan 198819 Oct 2008Columbia City, IN804314 Nov 1927Fort Wayne, IN
YantWilfred James8 May 19411 Jul 19793 Aug 1995Ocala, FL763816 Jun 1919Chicago, IL
YappLeon C16 Sep 19041 Aug 194715 Oct 1976Artesia, MN94435 Jul 1882Coldwater, MI
YarianGeorge O Sr25 May 192513 Aug 1990Fort Wayne, IN894014 Aug 1900Roann, IN
YarmanFranklin J8 Mar 1941Jun 196612 Oct 1966Fort Wayne, IN642523 Jul 1902Tippecanoe Co., IN
YarmanViolet M19666 Jan 1980Fort Wayne, IN7625Sep 1903IN
YatesJack A28 Oct 19651 Oct 199731
YatesMelvin N (Kelly)4 Aug 2001Columbia City, IN91288 Oct 1909Allen Co., IN
YatesWilliam L29 Feb 1916Mar 19422 Aug 1957Fort Wayne, IN8526Feb 1872IN
YeiterWilliam J19431 May 19681 Nov 1983Fort Wayne, IN792515 Jul 1904Rensselear, IN
YentesPaul B29 May 19401 Mar 198241Wabash, IN
YergerDoris M24
YergerSusie A9 Nov 19421 Sep 198441
YoderCharlene K?
YoderDale F35
YoderErvin26 Nov 194230 May 1992832616 Jan 1909Berne, IN
YopstWalter Glenn16 Jul 19341 Sep 19724 Sep 1995Fort Wayne, IN88388 Aug 1907Wabash, IN
YoqueletEarl R19561 Jul 1980Roanoke, IN69QC31 Jan 1911Allen Co., IN
YoqueletMelvin E, Sr1 Jun 19852 Nov 1997Ligonier, IN724013 May 1925Roanoke, IN
YordyElmer V9 Jun 192519 Jun 2001Fort Wayne, IN934726 Mar 1908IL
YorkGeorge H24 Jan 19421 Jul 197730 Dec 1990Fort Wayne, IN743521 Oct 1916Fort Wayne, IN
YorkRuth A32
YorkWilbert J23 Sep 19421 Jan 197219 Jul 1992Fort Wayne, IN81297 Mar 1911Fort Wayne, IN
YoungAudrey B1930196824 Oct 1989Coldwater, MI783826 Oct 1910Portland, IN
YoungCecil E14 Jan 19311 Apr 197213 Nov 2000Fort Wayne, IN904123 Mar 1910Roanoke, IN
YoungGlen C
YoungGwendoline L1 Jan 198424 Dec 2007Fort Wayne, IN863721 Feb 1921Evansville, IN
YoungIlean F9 Nov 19421 May 197220 Sep 1973Fort Wayne, IN602919 Jun 1913Fort Wayne, IN
YoungJohn C11 Nov 196531
YoungMarilee J37
YoungMary L (Hayes)3 May 2012Fort Wayne, IN83264 Jul 1928Fort Wayne, IN
YoungPhilip R
YoungRichard J21 Jun 19351 Aug 19731 Nov 1982Fort Wayne, IN693823 May 1913Fort Wayne, IN
YoungRoy15 Jul 1913Apr 194822 Nov 1965Largo, FL823425 Mar 1883Wabash Co., IN
YoungWayne Tillman13 Apr 194013 Dec 1988Coldwater, MI8225+19 Nov 1906Coldwater, MI
YoungWilbur L191327 Feb 1968Marblehead, MA7429 Jul 1893IN
YounghausRobert E19 Oct 19411 Jan 198321 Dec 1998Fort Wayne, IN764110 Sep 1922Fort Wayne, IN
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