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Grow as a Genealogist

Family history research is a growth process which begins when you ask your first question about your roots.
Consider the following progression of activities to further your growth as a genealogist.

Ask Questions

  • Interview relatives
  • Look for information online

Write it Down

  • Record family data on charts or in database software
  • Write about yourself or an ancestor

Develop Research Techniques

  • Write to relatives seeking information
  • Learn about available resources and their use
  • Write to or visit a repository
  • Cite your sources
  • Learn to dig deep and seek records beyond the low-hanging fruit
  • Attend a genealogy program or conference
  • Join a genealogical society
  • File, organize, store, and backup research notes, papers, and memorabilia
  • Evaluate evidence

Educate your Family Members

  • Find excuses to tell children about their ancestors
  • Share your findings with your family
  • Print a booklet or book about your family

Preserve your Family Data for the Future

  • Share your family data with a library
  • Apply for a pioneer certificate or a lineage society

Recognize Resources Useful to Other Researchers

  • Identify records kept by your family which also name non-relatives
  • Rescue genealogically-valuable books, photos, or ephemera from antique stores, used bookshops, garage sales, thrift shops, or online sellers.
  • Look for name-rich records held by churches, businesses, or organizations with which you are affiliated

Preserve and Disseminate Resources for the Benefit of Others

  • Contribute data to genealogy websites and libraries
  • Donate money to support genealogical projects
  • Join an indexing or transcription project
  • Volunteer to help a genealogical society in other ways
  • Submit clippings or other records to a genealogical newsletter or journal

Educate other Genealogists

  • Conduct research for others
  • Present a genealogy program or teach a class
  • Write how-to articles or literature
  • Serve as a consultant or mentor