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Allen County Infirmary Deaths and Burials, 1937-1948


We all get excited when a long lost record is suddenly discovered. As I prepared a manuscript for the bindery, I also had to create a title page. Scanning the pages, it became clear that this was an exciting find. The book contained deaths and burials at the Allen County Infirmary. There are 296 pages with 2042 names. Supposedly, those records did not exist!

In Lake-Washington-Perry Township Cemeteries, is the description of the Infirmary Cemetery. There are no markers. The 61 published names are from mortuary books in the Allen County Public Library.

The new book is entitled Allen County, Indiana, Infirmary Deaths and Burial Records, 1937-1973. As you have probably guessed, it was not indexed. Thank Betty Gantt for indexing the book.

A number of people who died in the Infirmary were buried in other cemeteries and that information is provided for each listing as is a funeral home for each person.

On a slip of C. M. Sloan & Sons Funeral Directors notepaper, between pages 66 and 67, it reads, "The county commissioners have requested that each undertaker have a minister for prayer at the grave".

The following is a list of 128 persons buried in the Infirmary cemetery. The lot numbers stopped 20 Sep 1948.


NameAgeDeath DateSectionLot
Dr. E. C. Walton7728 Jun 1937--35
Nelson LeMoyne6612 Aug 1937--36
Chas. Kraus6220 Sep 1937--37
William Burgette8916 Oct 1937--38
Wm Winget7329 Dec 1937--42
Albert Briggs4431 Dec 1937--43
John Foster864 Feb 1938--44
Wm Bartwick8027 Feb 1938--45
Chas Sibert6613 Mar 1938--46
Wm Garrett8030 Mar 1938--47
Roscoe Heintzelman528 Jun 1938--48
Wm Johnson499 Aug 1938A49
Joseph Hart5926 Sep 1938A50
John Lee7224 Oct 1938A51
Joseph Martin6527 Oct 1938A52
Homer Smith4818 Dec 1938A53
Victor Van5830 Dec 1938A54
Ruby Lugenbill6530 Jan 1939A55
John Coyne735 Feb 1939A56
Paul Webb6927 Feb 1939A57
Minnie Martin715 Mar 1939A58
Millin C. Cox7019 Mar 1939A59
Robert McLean667 Apr 1939A60
Louise Bollman6518 May 1939A61
Henry F. Powell6325 May 1939A62
James Craig5427 Jun 1939A63
Peter Brushmaker7511 Jul 1939A64
Chas Seymour612 Aug 1939A65
Albert Miller7919 Aug 1939A66
Henry Bollman7417 Sep 1939A67
Edward Smith6818 Nov 1939 A68
Fred Joy7121 Nov 1939A69
Julius Chastik5831 Dec 1939A70
William Connors736 Jan 1940A71
Charles Secrest8016 Jan 1940A72
Harold Perkins556 Feb 1940A73
Ishmal Covell6328 Mar 1940A74
Marie Peterson3831 Mar 1940A75
James Bollers661 Apr 1940 A76
Fredrick Harles759 Apr 1940A77
George Onica778 Jun 1940A78
Samuel George Willey7430 Jun 1940A79
George Keene7710 Jul 1940A80
Emma Rogers7823 Jul 1940A81
Richard Poelvoorde5226 Jul 1940A82
John King??30 Jul 1940A83
Samuel Hobian6331 Jul 1940A84
Paul Rietseky7314 Aug 1940A85
William Myers6918 Sep 1940A86
Ida Guise646 Oct 1940A87
Georgia "Birdie" Cooper405 Dec 1940A88
Eli Welch6222 Dec 1940A89
David Allen Fisherinfant21 Jan 1941A?? ink smear
Byearl Kent479 Feb 1941A90
William Storms7020 Feb 1941A91
Wm Ballinger6427 Feb 1941A92
William B. Squires8728 Mar 1941A93
unknown, John Allen??8 Apr 1941A94
John Ward6816 Apr 1941A95
Franklin Buchanan6518 Apr 1941A96
Thomas Loving8014 May 1941A97
Chas Kearns4427 May 1941A98
Henry Buchanan622 Jun 1941A99
Anthony Christ7110 Jun 1941A 100
Charles Johnson7018 Jun 1941A 101
Martha Myers6520 Jun 1941A 102
Jesse Mosure615 Jul 1941A 103
John Kemp802 Aug 1941A 104
Fred Stewart606 Aug 1941A 105
David Wormcastle759 Aug 1941 A 106
George Porter557 Sep 1941A 107
Emily Morgan7019 Sep 1941A108
Katie Smith593 Oct 1941A 109
* reserved for Charles Smith h/o Katie (note paper clipped to page)A110
Frank Sparks6515 Oct 1941A111
Charles Essex7623 Nov 1941A112
Fritz Doehrmann66 or 776 Jan 1942A113
William Stewart8518 Apr 1942A114
Ralph Scott Weaver664 May 1942A115
Andrew Peterson7217 May 1942A116
Myra Tenant6626 Jun 1942A117
Edward Sloan7412 Jan 1943A118
John Walter6614 Jan 1943A119
Arthur Starr7416 Jan 1943A120
Herman Robert Klutz8229 Dec 1942A121
Thomas Jones5828 Apr 1943A122
James Hobbs716 May 1943A123
Joseph Hoggwood5711 May 1943A124
Darius Pavey8215 May 1943A126
Julius Behrens8826 May 1943A127
Mitso Stase6214 Jun 1943A128
John Pope727 Aug 1943A129
Geo. Downs6425 Sep 1943A130
George Gaville??28 Sep 1943A131
Peter Wilson8725 Oct 1943A125
Wm Hoffer504 Nov 1943A132
James Coar8317 Nov 1943A133
LeRoy Allen6325 Nov 1943A134
Jessie Thompson??30 Mar 1944A137
Wm Nomine??12 May 1944A136
Sam Meyers??13 May 1944A135
body of unknown man who was hit by a train
* slip of paper
17 Aug 1944A138
John F. Forqurean??20 Dec 1944A139
Albert Leslie??23 Mar 1945A140
Edward Bowen??25 Mar 1945A141
Harry Davis??3 Apr 1945A142
Frank Beuttner??7 Apr 1945A144
Earl Stauft??27 Apr 1945A145
Lillian Ritter??28 Apr 1945A146
Maggie Gaffney??28 Sep 1945A148
Robert Scanlon??2 Nov 1945A149
Edward Paulsel??1 Dec 1945A150
Frank Homan??14 Dec 1945A151
Joseph Van Giesen??21 Dec 1945A152
John Hendler??23 Dec 1945A153
Charles Gibson??6 Aug 1946A143
Charles Bowers??11 Aug 1946A154
Walter White??14 Aug 1946A155
Thomas Rogan??19 Nov 1946A156
Edward Murray??18 Feb 1947A158
Mary Diffendorfer??25 Mar 1947A161
Martin Jinkins??22 Jun 1947A162
Harriet Romies??11 Aug 1947A159
Louis Maloney??15 Sep 1947A163
Gertrude Sparby??29 Sep 1947A164
Jesse Anderson??9 Oct 1947A165
Marco Brank--??19 Jan 1948A168
William Tucker??20 Sep 1948-172
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