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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Gage, Daniel Lee

     Evans, Joan Frances
Morris Josphe Gage

Bonnie Gene Meyers
Walter Rueben Evans

Juanita Marie Federspiel
B. F. Clear23 Mar 1962

Gage, Donald Victor

     Hess, Virginia Faith
John Reen Gage

Georgia Gladys Magner
Clarence John Hess

Lillian Maywood Overmyer
Rev. Benjamin F. Smith, D.D.23 Nov 1944

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Gage, Eugene Louis, Jr.

     Kammer, Janice Elizabeth
Eugene Louis Gage, Sr.

Margaret Eloise Edelen
Jack B. Kammer

Marjorie M. Cole
S. Dan Morgan15 Oct 1960

Gage, Gerald Frank

     Figert, Sara Jane
Glen Ursa Gage

Vera Spangler
Russell Lowell Figert

Marie Ann Miller
Thomas L. Durkin4 Apr 1959

Gage, John Elmer

     Loeser, Carolyn Ann
Gail Harold Gage

Cora Cornelia Harbaugh
Milton Weil Loeser

Dorothy Mildred Milner
Rev. G. Ben Hershberger12 Sep 1948

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Gage, Margaret Julia

     Wisniewski, Henry Joseph
Nicholas Wisniewski

Rose Pinkus
Louis Edward Gage

Kathryn D. Center
Rev. Aloys Dirksen12 Feb 1946

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Gage, Marianna

     Nelson, Marion
Elva Nelson

Nona Mishler
Fred C. Gage

Retha Edna Marks Gage
Rev. Raymond F. Hart15 Dec 1948

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Gage, Richard Dale

     Wilds, Alice Ione
Frank Charles Gage

Hattie Elizabeth Klingler Gage
Charles Martin Jackson

Elsie E. Cobbs Jackson
Rev. Marion Shroyer17 Apr 1948

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Gage, Susan Lynn

     Pender, Samuel F., Jr.
Samuel Francis Pender

Mary Elizavebeth Shannon
Eugene Louis Gage, Sr.

Margaret Elouise Edlien
Leslie Eads20 Jun 1959

Gage, Thomas Gene

     Amstutz, Cheryl Lee
Morris Joseph Gage

Bonnie Gene Myers
Wilfred Jacob Amstutz

Caroll Virginia Bobay
Frank E. Kronewitter27 Jul 1963

Gage, Wallace Emory

     Roth, Mary Sue
Clarence C. Gage

Maude Gage
Walter D. Roth

Susie K. Stark
F. H. Holtmeyer13 Sep 1958

Gage, Walter

     Fritcha, Edna Marie
Chris Gage

Anna Gage
Henry F. Fritcha

Katherine Hankel
Walter Klausing25 Dec 1947

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Gagen, Louise A.


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Gagen, Louise A.

     Bellay, Steve
Steve Bellay

Herman Reyer

Emma Reyer
Emery E. Stults, J.P.2 Oct 1954

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Gages, Vivian Grace

     Martin, Eugene Max
Charles E. Martin

Elizabeth H. Krebs
Paul Gages

Leone Conley
Rev. Gerald H. Jones30 Sep 1950

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Gagle, Barbara Lee

     Smith, Ralph Lesli
Ralph Harvey Smith

Catherine Elizabeth Myers
Elsworth Lee Gagle

Anabelle Lee Stone Gagle
Rev. O. D. Wissler23 Sep 1950

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Gagle, Paul Raymond

     Tepin, Catherine Ilene Mary
Paul Dale Gagle

Lalah Olive May Gagle
George Harold Tepin

Florence Elizabeth Schaefer
Rev. Dale Beatty22 Jun 1946

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Gagle, Thelma Naomi

     Mueller, Andrew Fredrick
Carl Mueller

Annetta Fambry Mueller
Forrest Clyde Starr

Sara Ethel Bird
Edwin A. Nerger29 Mar 1947

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Gagnan, Rosella Marie

     Van Cleave, Max Judy
Luther Clair Van Cleave

Ruth Clara Judy
Wilfred James Gagnan

Alice Merlida Murphy
Rev. Victor Yeager23 Oct 1953

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Gagnon, Frances Gertrude

     Murphy, Bartholomew Richard
John L. Murphy

Marie Patricia Stier
Henry E. Gagnon

Elizabeth A. Lessard
Very Rev. Msgr. Charles F. Girardot20 Aug 1960


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