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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Gaiffe, Patricia Ann

     Steiner, Ralf Edward
Wilbur R. Steiner

Cledas E. Steiner
William N. Gaiffe

Mary F. Gaiffe
Kenneth G. Hornbuckle2 Sep 1955

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Gailey, Arthur Lester

     Lyons, Mildred Nelle
Lester Ellsworth Gailey

Agnes Louise Tegardine
Oral Eugene Crane

Nellie Neal Crane
Emery E. Stults, J.P.14 Jul 1945

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Gailey, William David

     Oddo, Sadie Rosario
Frank Roach Gailey

Josephine Hostetter
Peter Oddo

Josephine LiPuma
Rev. E. H. Lane22 Aug 1949

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Gainer, Howard R.

     Brown, Margaret Virginia
Robert Thulal Gainer

Thelma Geraldine Talkington
John Raymond Brown

Noami Frances Holmes
Rev. E. Henderson Lane13 Mar 1948

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Gaines, Ernest Roy

     Graves, Norma Jeanne
Lewis Roy Gaines

Carrie Belle Platt Gaines
Harvey Harold Graves

Elsie LaVern Green Graves
Rev. S. J. Roberts15 Jun 1947

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Gaines, George Washington

     Hurst, Julia Leona
William Washington Gaines

Lela Marie Peele
Thomas James Hurst

Inez Edith Barnes
Cornell E. Talley, W. E. Guy, Ministers31 Jul 1943

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Gaines, James

     Cole, Susie
James Gaines

Delia Buchanan Gaines
John Cole

Henrietta Jones
Rev. Graham Jordan1 Mar 1947

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Gaines, Jessie

     Williams, Reola C.

Rev. Henry G. Simmons22 Feb 1947

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Gaines, John Robert

     Haley, Mary Lou
Jasper Russell Gaines

Hazel Florence Shunkstes
Henry Ambrose Haley

Vallie Agnes Birge
Rev. Carl G. Adams13 Jun 1948

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Gaines, Lois B.

     Kilgore, Troy Lee
John Henry Kilgore

Annie A. Kilgore
Allan C. Gaines

Bertha Wray
Rev. E. L. Harrold29 Jun 1946

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Gaines, Reola Ceceila Williams

     Moore, Frederick S.
Joseph F. Moore

Marion Nash
Edward Williams

Elizabeth Halley
Rev. H. D. Saunders21 Dec 1951

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Gaines, Sharon Louise

     Walker, Thomas Joseph
Charles Lewellis Walker

Harriette Agnes Monnot
Francis Williams Gaines

Helen Gerturd Fox
Luther Patrick9 Jun 1961

Gainis, Harry

     Stansbury, Elizabeth

Raymond Stinson

Helen Stinson
William L. Briggs, J.P.19 Dec 1943

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Gainsley, Robert Patrick

     Arnett, Betty Ann
Gerald Paul Gainsley

Ethelyn Irene Abbey
Hugh Otis Arnett

Ida Stella May
William W. Moberly, J.P.29 Apr 1944

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Gaiser, Doris Jeanne

     Burkhead, Loren C., Jr.
Loren C. Burkhead, Sr.

Stella May Baxley
Oka Gaiser

Stella Lockwood Gaiser
Rev. Raymond Hart24 Oct 1943

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Gaisford, Naomi Donna

     Moore, Edward Eli
Ora F. Moore

Mildred Miller Moore
Jessie Ivan Gaisford

Ruth Pearl Slagle Gaisford
Fred. S. Malott26 Oct 1946

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Gaither, Cora Jean Rose

     Triggs, George W.
Eddie Triggs

Mollie Alexander Triggs
Robert Gaither

Mae Belle Griffin

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Gaither, Sylvia Elizabeth

     Morrison, Hubert

Hilda Morrison
John Gaither

Josephine Gaither
Rev. Wm. Caldwell15 Jan 1952

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Gaitten, Virginia Margaret

     Fowler, Charles George
George Dewey Fowler

Lillian Irene Louck Fowler
William J. Gaitten

Rosetta O'Connor
Rev. E. Henderson Lane6 Sep 1947

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