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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Gay, Caryl Montgomery

     Hall, Homer Gasaway
Alonzo Isaac Hall

Mary Alice Gasaway
John Eugene Montgomery

Kate Starkweather Montgomery
John W. Meister11 May 1953

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Gay, Donald Edward Mead

     Shaffner, Lorraine Isabelle Butler
Edward Gay

Effie Mead
Fred Allen Butler

Martha Redlin
P. A. Lyons, J.P.31 Dec 1954

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Gay, James Edwin

     Smead, Cassandra Georgia
Marshall Edwin Gay

Ruth Eleanor Stuckman
John Franklin Smead

Helen Charlotte Gearhart
Dwight L. Zavitz13 Jul 1963

Gay, Orville Floyd

     Dussel, Evelyn Marie
Lafayette A. Gay

Cora May Hover Gay
Clarence August Dussel

DeVere Clara O'Dell
Emery E. Stults, J.P.8 Mar 1947

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Gay, Zelpha Alma Reed

     Steger, Walter
John N. Steger

Minnie Kay Hacker
Henry Benton Reed

Anette Josephine Huggins
Walter M. Schoedel5 Apr 1958

Gayda, Joseph N.

     Wolf, Jeanette Agnes
Joseph F. Gayda

Anna Duray
Walter V. Wolf

Esther B. Wolf
Charles F. Girardot12 May 1956

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Gayle, Timothy

     Furns, Lorraine
Harry Gayle

Alice Tallman
James H. Furns

Alice Coughlin
Emery E. Stults, J.P.12 Aug 1946

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Gaylor, Betty Louise

     Scherer, Dale Herman
Herman August Scherer

Erma K. McCoy Scherer
Orval Frank Gaylor

Lena Mae Fletcher Gaylor
Rev. Walter Klausing4 Jun 1949

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Gaylord, Gayle Frances

     Wheeler, Joseph Henry
Arthur Wheeler

Minnie Clark
Thomas Gould Gaylord

Grace Beatrice Lair
Samuel C. Jones, J.P.19 Feb 1951

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Gaylord, Helen Dollard

     Van Auken, Elmer J.
Frank S. Van Auken

Eva M. Van Auken
John Edward Dollard

Mary Flynn Dollard
Luther E. Markin, Minister25 May 1945

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Gaylord, Jack Allen

     Bumgerdner, Susan Carol
Lester Allen Gaylord

Marvene Jeanette Barkley
Robert Leo Bumgerdner

Mary Maxine Martin
Rev. John S. Frank6 Jun 1964

Gaylord, Patricia Jean

     Rectanus, John Patrick
Henry Rectanus

Alma Bell Rolfing
Wayne A. Gaylord

Emma Riggs
Rt. Rev. D. L. Monahan3 Apr 1947

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Gaynor, Juanita Patricia

     Bush, James Junior
Brooks James Bush

Sarah Maud Ayers
Lorna Gaynor

Marie Frances Gaynor
Charles H. Smith, Minister24 Jan 1944

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