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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Gnagy, John Lynn

     Hagerman, Arlene Joan
Girt Lauren Gnagy

Lydia Mary Veazey
William O. Hagerman

Gertrude Elsia Heilmann
Rev. Erwin Schnedler27 Dec 1957

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Gnau, Clara Marie

     Sarrazine, Norbert Francis
Norman Sarrazine

Florence Sarrazine
Clarence Joseph Gnau

Aquanita Clotilda Kintz
Msgr. John A. Bapst5 Aug 1961

Gnau, Joseph C.

     Zumbro, Maud
Peter Gnau

Mary Tuche
William Brown

Effie Guyer
Msgr. J. A. Bapst23 Dec 1950

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Gnau, Mary Margaret

     Spitznaugle, Ivan Leon
Ivan L. Spitznaughle

Mary Prowant
Joseph C. Gnau

Clara Ehinger
Osmar Lehenbauer25 Jun 1955

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Gnau, Wilhelmina A.

     Burns, John Francis
Peter E. Burns

Elizabeth J. Devine
John Gnau

Wilhelmina C. Frech Gnau
Rev. Stanley L. Manoski14 Sep 1946

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