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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Gwaltney, Leah Kay

     Geller, John Edward
Donald Gilbert Geller

Jennie Spice
Archie Amarian Gwaltney

Beulah Elin Crum
Emory Reece21 Jul 1962

Gwaltney, Sue Carol

     Chastain, Ralph Eugene
Paul Osborne Chastain

Mary Alice Johnson
Archie A. Gwaltney

Beulah Elin Crum
Elder Paul Chastain21 Jan 1961

Gwillim, Reese Coulter

     Apigian, Rebecca
Thomas Price Gwillim

Carrie Coulter Gwillim
Hagop Apigian

Yevanouhi Mandalian Apigian
Rev. Chas. Ford3 Jul 1946

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Gwin, Joseph Henry

     Weaver, Jean Marie
George F. Gwin

Leana Mary Welsh
Harry Leroy Weaver

Olive Mary Shontz
Emery E. Stults, J.P.1 Feb 1952

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Gwiner, Charles Allen

     Fernbaugh, Katherine Marzetta
Robert Lee Gwiner

Ethel Minnie Young
Brant Wagner Fernbaugh

Edna Belle Healy
Rev. Rob't. H. Hammond17 Mar 1951

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Gwinn, John Wesley

     Seats, Hildred
June Gwinn

Gladys Williamson
Lonnie Seats

Maude Terry
Clyde Adams27 Oct 1955

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Gwinn, Juanita June Neal

     Kohart, Kenneth Lewis
Lewis A. Kohart

Florance Richards
Mavcena Neal

Molly Bell Mayes
Carl C. Bullerman12 May 1960

Gwinn, Marjorie

     Horne, Francis Marion
Leslie Horne

Edith Burns
Dorman Gwinn

Etta Hill
Clarence D. Sink29 Jun 1948

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Gwirtz, Anthony Allen

     Rinehart, Eilla JoAnn
Stephan J. Gwirtz

Grace Eva Smith
George W. Rinehart

Vera I. Russell
Rev. Leo J. Armbruster31 Mar 1955

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Gwozdz, Chester Samuel

     Roberts, Crystal Viola
Samuel Gwozdz

Mary Sotczez
Marion Herman Roberts

Rilla Ann Craig
Emery E. Stults, J.P.5 Dec 1951

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