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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Jolliff, Josephine Alma McKinnon

     Andrews, Roger Davis
Clarence M. Andrews

Helen Davis
Joseph Leeland McKinnon

Margie Mardell Schick
Dallas L. Browning31 Dec 1960

Jolliffe, Robert Carl

     Marion, Alberta Louise
George Thomas Jolliffe

Geardine Louise James Jolliffe
George Marion

Theresa Schulangeshauser Marion
Emery E. Stults14 Mar 1953

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Jolly, Clara Ila

     Burke, Clarence G.
Theodore Burke

Esther Olson
Joseph D. Conrad

Dorothy Usher
Charles H. Harting30 Aug 1946

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Jolly, Emery E.

     Ketrow, Velma Irene
James Jolly

Emily Burlison Jolly
Elisha E. Barr

Sarah Rarrick
Emery E. Stults, J.P.27 Jan 1951

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Jolly, Nancy Lou Jean

     Perry, Elmer Alton
Chester Lee Perry

Bessie Mae Cook
Franklin Emerson Jolly

Lucille Mary Krosky
Rev. Donald J. Muldoon6 Nov 1948

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Jolly, Thomas Andrew

     Rothermel, Isabelle Anne
Frederick Howard Jolly

Dorothy Lourena Carr
Edwin Wm. Kelley

Mary Isabelle Snyder
Wm. L. Briggs, J.P.12 Nov 1949

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