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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Joy, Olin C.

     Pyle, L. Catherine
William Joy

Jamie Foltz
David Edward Orman

May Bessie Orman
Clayton J. Steele, Minister11 Sep 1943

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Joy, William Pyle

     Dorsett, Margie Lee
Olin A. Joy

Catherine Orman
Robert Joe Dorsett

Edith C. Carpenter
Wm. Forest Weddle23 Feb 1963

Joyce, Harry

     Roettger, LaVerta
Harry Joyce

Mary Ruth Hardin
Clarence William Roettger

Luetta Lammeyer
Emery E. Stults, J.P.15 Jul 1950

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Joyce, Ralph

     Crabtree, Florence
Thomas Joyce

Laura Dyke
Chisten Yarber

Donnie Espelund

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Joyner, Archie B., III

     Hockemeyer, Deanna Dae
Archie B. Joyner, Jr.

Alsia Gerock
Erwin Charles Hockemeyer

Dorothy Lucille Bentley
Edwin A. Nerger5 Aug 1961

Joyner, Dorothy Emma

     Gall, Keith Wallace
Ray Andrew Gall

Mona J. Saunders Gall
James Albert Joyner

Emma C. Overall Joyner
Rev. E. Henderson18 Jan 1947

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Joyner, Harry Lee

     Griffin, Willa Mae
Bert Joyner

Perly Suggs
Herman Griffin

Ethel Pratt
Rev. Jno. Dixie, Jr.9 Apr 1949

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Joyner, Helen Janice

     Zwiercan, Stanley John
John Zwiercan

Josephine Seyerson
Thomas Dewey Joyner

Icy Drace Mason
Luther Elvin Markin17 May 1947

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Joyner, James B.

     Thomas, Mary Louise
Bert Joyner

Pearl Suggs
John Thomas

Goldie Mae Harris
Rev. H. L. P. Jones, Minister16 Jun 1945

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