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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

O'Hagan, Betty Jane

     Wagner, Richard Joe
Jacob George Wagner

Nellie Ann Hoagland
James A. O'Hagan

Blanche May Marker
Rev. Benjamin F. Smith, D.D.3 Nov 1945

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O'Hair, Harold

     Reese, Della May Ward
James Albert Henry O'Hair

Mary Edwards
Caga Ward

Mary Rennington
T. E. Fruechtenicht29 Aug 1969

O'Hair, Harold Edward

     Schmitz, Alice May Banister
Albert Henry O'Hair

Mary Pearl O'Hair
Oscar Banister

Mary Scott Banister
Rev. Bernice Brock19 Jul 1964

O'Hara, James Edward

     Hershberger, Mabel Diane
Patrick T. O'Hara

Florence L. Werling
Ralph P. Hershberger, Sr.

Loretta L. Sauers
Henry A. Blanke29 Mar 1958

O'Hara, James Edward

     Hill, Janet Carol
Patrick T. O'Hara

Florence Louise Werling
Herbert Charles Hill

Elizabeth Ann Coolidge
Henry A. Blanke4 May 1963

O'Hara, James Michael

     Berghoff, Sally Ann
Martin Patrick O'Hara

Julia Fern Smith
Raymond Julius Berghoff

M Catherine Martin
Charles F. Girardot5 Nov 1955

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O'Hara, James Patrick

     Todd, Margaret Louise
George James O'Hara

Emma Marie Sitterding
Paul William Todd

Annabell Hopkins
Don F. Utterback17 Aug 1963

O'Hara, Mabel Diane Hershberger

     Humbert, Donald Edwin
Chester Earl Humbert

Viola Grace Smith
Ralph Paul Hershberger, Sr.

Lauretta Louise Souers
Rev. Earl W. Sharp1 Jun 1963

O'Haver, Carl Robert, Jr.

     Miller, Edith Luella
Carl R. O'Haver

Pearl O'Haver
John R. Stabler

Leola Stabler
Rev. Robert L. Marlett14 Jul 1945

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Ohl, Shirley Anne

     Barry, Ronald Eugene
Clyde L. Barry

Evelyn M. Glass
Irwyn E. Ohl

Anna L. Whitmore
Samuel C. Jones, J.P.12 Apr 1952

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Ohler, Norma June

     Hite, Claude Russell
Harley D. Hite

Cecelia B. Freel Hite
Forest R. Ohler

Pearl A. Klinker
Rev. Martin V. Bass15 Jun 1957

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Ohlwine, Jane Miriam

     Poinsett, Lawrence Oliver
Myron J. Poinsett

Mary Elizabeth Maloney
Idris Clare Ohlwine

Lois Miriam Fey
John E. Gillig20 Jul 1963

Ohlwine, Larry Max

     Harkins, Linda Lou
Idris Clare Ohlwine

Lois Miriam Fey
George Howard Harkins

Evelyn Lucile Zoller
Charles Rutherford26 Sep 1964

Ohlwine, Oscar Elsworth

     Bowman, Marie Elizabeth
Homer S. Ohlwine

Minnie Jana Tucker
Milfred C. Bowman

Inez Eva Park
Rev. Benjamin F. Smith, D.D.29 Jan 1945

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Ohmart, Robert Tilman

     Ditmar, Thelma May
Verl Hugh Ohmart

Gladys Rossetta Tilman
Charles John Ditmar

Elizabeth Burns
Rev. Newton A. Peck6 Nov 1948

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Ohmart, Verl H.

     Woody, Frances Maye
Frank P. Ohmart

Oma Leckrone
Fred C. Lane

Adah M. Foster
Rev. Leslie Eads5 Oct 1957

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Ohmart, Wilbur Lamoine

     Godsell, Dorothy Lucile Covert
Carl Ohmart

Marjorie Ellen Winebrenner
Ezra Covert

Carrie Merriman
Emery E. Stults19 Nov 1958

Ohmer, John Albert

     DePan, Robertta Jeanne
Ralph G. Ohmer

Pauline Spangler
Carl Louis DePan

Dorothy Mae Primean
Emery E. Stults, J.P.26 Aug 1955

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Ohneck, Bruce Duane

     Hutchison, Hazel Ione
Grover Harold Ohneck

Mary Caroline Ohneck
George Ely Hutchison

Carmah Dell Fisher Hutchison
Rev. B. E. Reemsnyder23 Dec 1943

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Ohneck, Cynthia

     Freed, Ray
Elmer Freed

Lizzie Freed
Ira C. Diamond

Adeline Heath
Rev. K. A. Hawkins7 Aug 1948

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Ohneck, Gerald Wayne

     Adams, Eugenia Joyce
Grover Harold Ohneck

Mary C. Truland Ohneck
Frank Phillips

Garland LaVern Miller Phillips
Rev. Ernest Harrold29 Jun 1946

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Ohneck, Jessie Ann

     Bailey, John Lawrence
Petter Bailey

Ellen Zimmering
Frank Settle

Ida Mae Pitcher
Rev. E. H. Lane9 Feb 1946

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Ohneck, Laura

     Gennaitte, Angelo
Joseph Gennaitte

Mary Louise Gennaitte
Arthur Ohneck

Jessie Ohneck
Rev. Charles H. Hartung29 Jan 1944

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Ohneck, Margaret Marie

     Hogan, James Harold
William A. Hogan

Orgie Cribbs
Arthur E. Ohneck

Jessie Ann Settle
Leland R. Larson19 Jun 1948

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Ohneck, Sharon Janine

     Colchin, Keith Alan
Kenneth Colchin

Ruby P. Garhart
Wilbert Grover Ohneck

Mae Lucille Sommers
Robert Renkenberg12 Sep 1964

Ohnemus, Vera Irene

     Nix, Bernard Jacob William
Michael Nix

Johanna Schmeid
John Jay Poling

Linda Grace Osborn
Msgr. John A. Dapp21 Apr 1949

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Ohnesorge, Richard Harold

     Caston, Dolores May
Walter Carl Ohnesorge

Velma A. Zollinger
William Burnett Caston

Dorothy May Johnloz
Erwin L. Tepker5 Nov 1960

Ohnesorge, Robert Henry

     Gaff, Bonnie Louise
Walter C. Ohnesorge

Velma A. Zollinger
Paul Joseph Gaff

Alice Irene Swihart
Edwin L. Tepker19 Aug 1961

Ohnesorge, Wanda May

     Bowers, Ray Eugene
Ray Franklin Bowers

Lillian Watson
Paul August Ohnesorge

Dorothea Panning
Rev. Erwin L. Tepker1 Jun 1957

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Ohse, Gerald Lee

     Jensen, Shirley Joan
Louis Joseph Ohse

Vera Baxter
Niels Peter Jensen

Vivian Isabelle Pierce
Rev. Leo J. Armbruster16 Apr 1955

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