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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Sathre, Hazel Louise

     Cook, Clarence Ray
Ivory Curtiss Cook

Fay Lamp
Louis Sathre

Hazel Irene Pletcher
Rev. Harold E. Priddy1 Sep 1950

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Satterfield, Philip H.

     May, Janice Ann
Raymond H. Satterfield

Elizabeth Ann Smith
Jesse C. May

Melba Rose Snyder
Rev. Linus L. Wierwill5 Mar 1960

Satterfield, William

     Overbay, Norma Jean
Carlo Satterfield

Sadia Lamb
Turner Overbay

Cordie Hoskins
Luther E. Patrick30 Mar 1959

Satterthwaite, Donald Ray

     Daugherty, Janet Elaine
Garl Max Satterthwaite

Mary Mildred Lents
Joe Earl Daugherty

Esther Joan Bipple
Raymond P. Brown17 Aug 1963

Satterthwaite, Garl Max, Jr.

     Aichele, Carolyn Ann

Mary M. Satterthwaite
George August Aichele

Esther Irene Jones
James W. Hailwood6 Jun 1953

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Satterthwaite, Larry E.

     Plummer, Bonnie Elaine Fulghum
Lawrence Frank Satterthwaite

Mary Maxine Paul
Raymond Clark Fulghum

Mary Louise Tracy
A. F. Dreger12 Jan 1963

Satterthwaite, Patty Lou

     Wiedenhoeft, Edgar August
Virgil K. Wiedenhoeft

Charlotte Taylor
Garl Max Satterthwaite

Mary Mildred Lentz
Rev. Wm. M. Faber6 Nov 1954

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Satterthwaite, Samuel David

     Engelmann, Barbara Jean
Samuel Sherwood Satterthwaite

Georgia May Hills
Emanuel Julius Engelmann

Gertrude Marion Schwenke
Charles S. Hartman20 Aug 1955

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Satterthwaite, Shirley Ann

     Yeiter, Cecil William
William John Yeiter

Sigrid Austfjord
Garl Max Satterwaite, Sr.

Mary Mildred Lents Satterthwaite
Dr. William J. Ratz3 Dec 1955

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Satterwhite, Albert White

     Braun, Dorothy Lou
William Joseph Satterwhite

Camilla Gertrude White
Henry Frank Braun

Louise Doris Busse
Paul L. Dannenfeldt, Minister14 Jan 1945

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Satthoff, Lorraine Alice

     Martinelli, Stanley S.
John Joseph Martinelli

Aurelia Baraglia
Henry Satthoff

Clara Frerichs
Thomas L. Durkin22 Feb 1958

Sattig, Willis Woodworth

     Willis, Ruth Elaine
Martin Leo Sattig

Alice M. Young
Ralph Wilson Smith

Leona Mae Smith
Emery E. Stults26 Sep 1952

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Satzer, Teresa Margaret

     Manecke, Jerald Milford
Fredrich Carl Manecke

Hazel Iona Bushong Manecke
Mike Satzer

Rose Kuehul
Rev. V. O. Harrold30 Jul 1946

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