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Allen County Marriage Records

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Parties to the Marriage          Groom's ParentsBride's ParentsOfficiantMarr. Date

Yuhas, George Michael

     Conner, Mary Louise
George Yuhas

Mary Lucivgansky
Charles Elias Conner

Lyda Pearl Metz
Emery E. Stults, J.P.15 Jan 1955

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Yuhas, Jeanette Elizabeth

     Hipple, Robert Arthur
Clarence M. Hipple

Andrew Russell Yuhas

Anna Kathleen Ellis
Newton E. Dilgard3 Dec 1954

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Yukech, Anthony Samuel

     Rowan, Joan Patricia
Charles Yukech

Eva Frank
Joseph William Rowan

Elma Mary McGonnell
John B. Bozer14 Nov 1952

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Yunker, Floyd A.

     Jeziorski, Helen Zowadny
Leo Yunker

Clementine Janas
Henry Jeziorski

Helen Wolff
Emery E. Stults, J.P.8 Feb 1949

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Yunker, Gale Myers

     Ivins, Irma May
Rudolph Yunker

Eva Myers
Lee Francis

Emma Francis Fetz
W. Thomas Younger18 Jan 1958

Yurecko, Dorothy May

     Pope, William
Peter Pope

Caroline Asfensher
John Yurecko

Helen Magerko
John Bozer, J.P.8 May 1950

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Yustus, Mary Pauline

     Jones, James
James W. Jones

Sally Kenndy
Paul Yustus

Mary Margaret Neal
Whitney A. Gregg18 Feb 1962

Yuzva, Robert

     Ruble, Janice Adrianna
Ely Yuzva

Mary Stofan
Henry Michael Ruble

Elizabeth August Marshall
Carl C. Bullerman24 Jul 1961


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