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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2023

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Chi, Randy W.Musser, Melissa A.26 Jun 1993
Chia, Fey Pi Lai, Yan Choa 30 Jun 1983
Chianco, John B.Radford, Joy D.22 Jun 1996
Chianco, Joy D.Lothamer, Ronald L.19 Sep 2020Link to external site
Chiang, Edward L.Lucas, Rhonda S.15 May 1998
Chiao, Norma P.Garcia, Martin D.23 Mar 1990
Chiao, Yung H.Rohleder, Norma P.13 Jan 1986
Chiappazzi, Regina T.Reiter, Jody L.2 May 2013Link to external site
Chiappazzi, Thomas D.Galbraith, Lyndsi R.7 Sep 2019Link to external site
Chiappetta, FredBender, Beth A.11 Nov 2000
Chiapporeo, Regina T.Sutter, Kevin A.17 Jul 2010Link to external site
Chiaruttin, Michael J.Park, Jill A.15 Mar 2003
Chiasson, Victor A.Hyde, Sandra J.24 May 1980
Chiazza, John C.Knight, Mary C.25 Mar 1978
Chichester, Dougls Jensen, Darrah J.5 Jul 1968
Chick, Billie L.West, John S.23 Jun 2003
Chick, Sharon L.Jones, Otto C.20 Mar 1981
Chickedantz, Julia L.Risley, Brian S.25 Jan 1997
Chickedantz, Tracy Buchan, Russell E.15 May 1976
Chiddister, Amber L.Null, Brian E.29 Sep 2001
Chiddister, Cathy K.Hart, Donald E., Jr.30 Dec 1986
Chiddister, Cathy K.Watson, Todd B.8 May 1998
Chiddister, De Ann S.Smith, William A.1 Jun 1996
Chiddister, James O.Coyer, Machelle O.16 Sep 1983
Chiddister, Jordan L.Hernandez - Trejo, Pablo J.12 Jan 2018Link to external site
Chiddister, Randy Pugh, Nancy L.11 Jul 1975
Chiddister, Ronald Smith, Deann S.6 Apr 1971
Chiddister, Ronald W.Castle, Diana K.20 Oct 1995
Chiddister, Todd L.Lee, Lisa L.10 Jun 1995
Chidestee, Jessie Reph, William C.2 Oct 1976
Chidester, Dean J.Bandemer, Christin 28 Jul 1972
Chidester, Elizabeth M.McInturff, Ty M.15 Dec 2001
Chidester, Ora D.Griffith, Jessie 25 May 1973
Chidister, JackieMeyer, Aaron M.6 Oct 2012Link to external site
Chidley, Georgina K.Ambrose, Douglas A.28 Mar 2003
Chidley, Willim, Jr.Laymon, Mary L.4 Apr 1966
Chidoister, James D.Hart, Gloria J.9 Jan 1987
Chiffu, Dan M.Rochowiak, Barbara L.4 Jan 1993
Chigryn, Waldermar S.Bieber, Ann E.15 Jun 1985
Chihuahua, Vanessa M.Solís Mendoza, Jesus A.20 Sep 2021Link to external site
Chilcok, Delvia J., IIIGibson, Staci L.29 Oct 2002
Chilcote, Adam W.Glenny, Shawnna L.20 Jul 2019Link to external site
Chilcote, AndrewHissong, Danielle8 Jun 2013Link to external site
Chilcote, Brenda D.Heckber, Mark F.15 Nov 1996
Chilcote, Brenda D.Heckber, Mark F.15 Nov 1996
Chilcote, ChenoaBonar, Brian S.1 Jun 2000
Chilcote, Christopher J.Parker, Denise R.25 Jan 1994
Chilcote, Delvia J.Bowers, Roxie D.25 Jul 1972
Chilcote, Diane K.Arnold, David S.2 Nov 1979
Chilcote, Eldon L.Andrade, Maria E.30 Apr 1977
Chilcote, Eldon L.Bakey, Kay I.20 Jun 1987
Chilcote, Georg, Jr.Dillon, Martha M.19 Aug 1972
Chilcote, Heather K.Vanwagner, Frederick G.23 Sep 1995
Chilcote, Holly K.Kinsey, Gene A.3 Aug 1986
Chilcote, Irene M.Wagley, Timothy E.10 Aug 1974
Chilcote, Jeremy S.Markiton, Sarah A.20 Aug 2016Link to external site
Chilcote, John H.Gordon, Christina C.15 Mar 1995
Chilcote, John H.Smith, Christina L.30 May 2014Link to external site
Chilcote, KariKilburn, Eric27 Apr 2022Link to external site
Chilcote, Linda R.Culp, Phillip R.9 Nov 1971
Chilcote, Linda R.Rainey, Edwin T.1 Aug 1986
Chilcote, Lisa L.Thomas, Martin L.18 Jun 1983
Chilcote, Lori L.Sarrazine, Jared M.1 Oct 1988
Chilcote, Matthew P.Brunbhart, Amy M.15 Aug 1998
Chilcote, Michael J.Sprague, Jennifer S.25 Sep 2000
Chilcote, Nancy L.Crandall, Michael 20 Sep 1977
Chilcote, Patricia Watson, Robert J.25 Jan 1969
Chilcote, Patricia M.Junceau, Robert C.1 Aug 2020Link to external site
Chilcote, Randy L.Aker, Mary B.17 Sep 1983
Chilcote, Randy L.Chilcotz, Mary B.27 Dec 2001
Chilcote, Rebecca Cooper, Larry T.13 Mar 1976
Chilcote, Reggie O.Almond, Cathleen A.16 Mar 1990
Chilcote, Richard Spielman, Linda M.23 Jun 1977
Chilcote, Rickey L.Goatley, Charlotte 8 Jun 1968
Chilcote, Robert D.Lafountatn, Sandra 24 Feb 1973
Chilcote, Robert D.Petersen, Kathy J.9 Jan 1999
Chilcote, Shana A.Wickey, Chris T.14 Dec 1996
Chilcote, Shana A.Corey, Richard T.17 Dec 2008Link to external site
Chilcote, Stella M.Skembos, Konstantinos N.28 Aug 1994
Chilcots, Richard W., Sr.Graber, Patricia M.5 Jan 1990
Chilcotz, Mary B.Chilcote, Randy L.27 Dec 2001
Chilcqte, John M.Cottrell, Carol J.18 Aug 1978
Chilcutt, Carl D.Phillips, Pamela J.12 Jan 1980
Childers, Alexander B.Pierce, Amber J.7 Nov 2015Link to external site
Childers, Amber L.Day, Michael A.6 Nov 2021Link to external site
Childers, Ann P.Kryder, Keith A.3 May 1980
Childers, Benji McDonald, Star L.11 Aug 1990
Childers, Beverly Wrightsman, Jerry 18 May 1974
Childers, Brend R.Kunshek, Niccole R.28 Jun 2008Link to external site
Childers, BrentLothamer, Margaret10 Nov 2018Link to external site
Childers, Channa C.Hamersley, Kraig L.4 Aug 2001
Childers, ChristopherHursh, Logan8 Dec 2017Link to external site
Childers, CrystalMertz, Kyle24 Sep 2022Link to external site
Childers, David G.Keiser, Patricia L.5 Mar 1977
Childers, David J.Baron, Amy M.27 Mar 2009Link to external site
Childers, David R.Wickensheimer, Jdy 7 Jul 1973
Childers, David S.Potter, Laura M.3 Jun 1989
Childers, Eugen, Jr.Lord, Miriam R.4 Apr 1970
Childers, Ilene J.Knox, Donald R.23 Jun 1990
Childers, James S.Crumback, Jane M.3 Dec 1977
Childers, Janielle E.Jennings, Zachary M.9 Jan 2016Link to external site
Childers, Jeri E.Hunley, Rick R.21 Sep 2002
Childers, Jessica L.Cameron, Shane M.30 Jun 2001
Childers, Jo E.White, David L.4 Feb 1983
Childers, Jody L.Miller, Keith L.11 Mar 2010Link to external site
Childers, Jonathan J.Wildman, Amy B.29 Apr 2016Link to external site
Childers, Kathryn S.Sauder, Sage W.13 Nov 2020Link to external site
Childers, Keith E.Bowers, Sharon K.24 May 1974
Childers, Keith E.Drake, Catherine J.19 Oct 1991
Childers, Konstance L.Cavell, Casey S.21 Jan 2017Link to external site
Childers, Kristen D.Council, Robert E.5 Jul 2003
Childers, Kylah D.Johnson, James A.6 Jul 2013Link to external site
Childers, Kyle M.Beard, Cheri L.8 Nov 2003
Childers, Laraine Degeus, Michael L.5 Jun 1987
Childers, LauraChilders, Rex W.11 Jul 2015Link to external site
Childers, Mary J.Kryder, Richard L.17 Feb 1979
Childers, MatthewNaranjo Inoa, Carmen D.8 Sep 2014Link to external site
Childers, Melissa J.McCormick, Calvin J.26 Dec 2012Link to external site
Childers, Michael Hemsoth, Jean A.13 Apr 1968
Childers, Michael L.Bashore, Linda L.28 Oct 1994
Childers, Michael L.Spillman, Tina L.8 May 1997
Childers, Michelle L.Race, Gerard F.26 Oct 2002
Childers, Molly J.Woenker, Christopher J.14 Jun 1986
Childers, Nancy L.Gust, Peter M.26 May 1990
Childers, Nathaniel M.Wright, Kammi L.1 Aug 2009Link to external site
Childers, Nitis V.Fahc, Orville L.6 Jul 1968
Childers, Rex W.Childers, Laura11 Jul 2015Link to external site
Childers, Robert B.Wright, Jerene A.18 Sep 1982
Childers, Robert L.Jewell, Brooksie D.20 Sep 2003
Childers, Scott A.Gemender, Jeanne M.31 May 2008Link to external site
Childers, Sharon K.Morgan, Roger E.12 Sep 1970
Childers, StevenTull, Jenna13 Jul 2015Link to external site
Childers, Steven L.Combs, Laraine 21 Nov 1970
Childers, Steven L.Fisher, Belinda K.17 Nov 1989
Childers, Susan K.Schroeder, James R.9 Aug 1986
Childers, Susan P.Newport, Kim E.6 Jan 1968
Childers, Thomas A.Daywalt, Michelle A.28 Aug 1982
Childers, Thomas E.Cook, Lynn L.7 Mar 1976
Childers, Walter K.McLaughlin, Gloria 24 Jan 1965
Childers, Walter K.Mattix, Mary A.24 Oct 1986
Childers, Walter K.Mattix, Mary A.15 Dec 1988
Childers, William Keller, Beverly J.23 Sep 1967
Childers, William Phillips, Sarah J.15 Jun 1970
Childress, Bobbi J.Gibson, Richard A.8 Jun 1998
Childress, Danita G.Huber, Dwayne M.14 Feb 1993
Childress, Emily F.Claybaugh, Alan R.6 Oct 1973
Childress, Gary M.Rue, Patricia A.8 Mar 1968
Childress, Gary M.Baughman, Mary F.27 Dec 1975
Childress, Keith W.Jernigan, Pamela R.17 Dec 1977
Childress, Kelly J.Peters, Stephanie L.22 Aug 1980
Childress, Kelly W.Kramer, Phyllis A.24 Aug 1973
Childress, Larry W.Barrett, Deborah A.1 Sep 1967
Childress, Mason J. Girardot, Bailey A. 23 Sep 2023Link to external site
Childress, Melissa A.Tilley, Brian A.28 May 1999
Childress, Nicky S.Ertel, Bobbi J.9 Feb 1990
Childress, Nicky S.Revert, Tina M.29 Jul 1995
Childress, Paul J.Monroe, Melissa A.16 Sep 1995
Childrey, Joseph SrMiller, Sharon S.15 Jun 2012Link to external site
Childrey, Rachel M.Kerns, Christopher S.15 May 2010Link to external site
Childs, Angela D.Gooden, Cleveland29 Oct 1998
Childs, Brittany L.Barnett, Jeffrey S.18 Dec 2010Link to external site
Childs, Christopher A.Voltz, Molly E.11 Oct 2020Link to external site
Childs, David W.Ross, Teresa B.9 Nov 2013Link to external site
Childs, Doris W.Bartels, Jack E.21 Nov 1974
Childs, GabrielKazee, Laquisha S.11 Feb 2011Link to external site
Childs, Herman W.Bartels, Doris W.12 Apr 1969
Childs, Jason R.Hunter, Tara R.4 Aug 2001
Childs, Kelly N.Williamson, Peter J.16 Aug 2014Link to external site
Childs, Larry D.Maydwell, Kendra M.30 Jul 2017Link to external site
Childs, Mark A.Gerbers, Rebecca L.19 Jul 1975
Childs, Nathan Lewis, Ann 12 Jun 1987
Childs, Nicholas A.Norris, Saige R.24 Jul 2021Link to external site
Childs, Roosevelt Reed, Melissa K.15 Sep 1989
Childs, Sheldon R.Childs, Susan G.22 May 1985
Childs, Steven J.Elam, Angelic N.5 Aug 2016Link to external site
Childs, Susan G.Childs, Sheldon R.22 May 1985
Chileatt, Joseph D.Cabler, Suzanne E.31 Oct 1970
Chiles, Barbara L.Stash, Paul, Jr.2 Mar 1969
Chilian, Clara A. Cook, Jackson L. 29 Apr 2023Link to external site
Chilldres, Maxine Skelton, Merle D.20 Dec 1975
Chiloers, Kay M.Hartman, Lance R.27 Jul 1991
Chilton, Alisha R.Robinson, Velma A.3 Nov 2014Link to external site
Chilton, Alisha R.Main, Shawn F.1 Apr 2015Link to external site
Chilton, Audrey J.Lozada, Said A.11 Feb 2009Link to external site
Chilton, Brian L.Hair, Bobbie J.23 Dec 1995
Chilton, Brittany A.Meyers, Aaron J.29 Aug 2009Link to external site
Chilton, Carla R.Neumann, Samuel G.24 Jul 1991
Chilton, Charles S.Chilton, Deborah R.25 Oct 1980
Chilton, Charlet S.Vaughn, Margaret 14 Nov 1983
Chilton, Consuelo D.Govan, Vincent E.27 Jan 1990
Chilton, Deborah R.Chilton, Charles S.25 Oct 1980
Chilton, Eugena L.Hipps, Stephen E.16 Apr 1990
Chilton, Evan G.Reindel, Lilliane M.15 Oct 2022Link to external site
Chilton, James R.Mcclain, Camille23 Oct 2021Link to external site
Chilton, Kelsey R.Frigo, Justin K.20 Feb 2016Link to external site
Chilton, Pamela M.Zent, Bill A.6 Feb 1987
Chilton, Richard A.Buettgenbach, Pamela J.5 Oct 1985
Chilton, Richard A., Jr.Herman, Teresa A.30 Mar 1991
Chilton, Teresa A.West, William A., Jr.17 Jan 1998
Chiltow, Pamela M.Calhoun, James L.2 Nov 1990
Chiman, Herminio G.Gonzalez, Flora13 Dec 2021Link to external site
Chimitt, Nicholas Rivera, Vanessa 25 Aug 2023Link to external site
Chin, AlvaroKallmyer, Mariah17 Mar 2021Link to external site
Chin, Ashley N.Wiesemann, Eric J.10 May 2014Link to external site
Chin, Caroline E. Bender, Lee A. 7 Oct 2023Link to external site
Chin, Gary M.Boyer, Madison L.26 Jun 2021Link to external site
Chin, Gordon N.Herberger, Dawn L.24 Dec 2009Link to external site
Chin, James Y.Finkhousen, Kim M.7 May 1994
Chin, Katrina L.Grady, Errin J.5 Sep 2009Link to external site
Chin, Li MingKoh, Ernest Seng Yoong2 Oct 2020Link to external site
Chin, LinZhang, Man F.12 Apr 2001
Chin, MiHtaw, Nai J.4 Nov 2022Link to external site
Chin, Randy N.Thompson, Katrina L.1 Apr 1989
Chin, Robert L.Weeks, Stacy L.19 Apr 1985
Chin, Rodd V.Krieger, Kelly A.6 Aug 1988
Chin, Tami S.Norris, Michael W.9 Oct 1993
Chin, Wanda Leaman, Michael G.27 Jun 1970
Ching, Lynntte M.Montgomery, Grg Jr 23 Jun 1973
Chinn, Charlotte U.Beatty, Mickey L.22 May 1965
Chinnis, SamuelRivera, Midalys25 Nov 2014Link to external site
Chioister, Michael W.Boersma, Jackie N.16 May 2009Link to external site
Chiong, Carlos Bloechel, Frances 30 Sep 1967
Chipasula, JamesPerry, Schauntrice10 Mar 2015Link to external site
Chipchosky, Michael D.Ringler, Jennifer L.30 Aug 2003
Chipko, Marilyn K.Martin, Chrstphr F.16 Dec 1974
Chiplis, Sarah E.Stoner, Mark F.7 May 1995
Chipman, Brandy J.Barron, Christofer P.10 Jan 2003
Chipman, Cheryl A.Brown, Howard 30 Aug 1969
Chipman, Peggy A.Booth, Nathaniel P.27 Sep 1965
Chipps, Deakin R.Bennett, Andrew N.12 Sep 2015Link to external site
Chipps, Rachel L.Jennings, Preston W.24 Apr 2021Link to external site
Chipps, Rebekah D.Douglas, Lane A.20 Jun 2020Link to external site
Chipres-Zarate, Maritza Romero, Kevin 2 Sep 2023Link to external site
Chiprez Huerta, IgnacioMacias Mora, Maria Del Socorro8 Feb 2017Link to external site
Chiqui Chaca, Jorge R.Robles Cardenas, Andrea P.11 Jan 2019Link to external site
Chiqui, Angel H.Guiracocha, Maria P.28 Apr 2017Link to external site
Chiqui, Jaime V.Sotamba, Celia H.24 Apr 2010Link to external site
Chiqui, Javier S.Quito, Nube M.23 May 2009Link to external site
Chiqui, Jhoanna E.Suarez, Giovanny J.28 Mar 2015Link to external site
Chiqui, Kevin J.Perfecto, Frehida L.26 Sep 2022Link to external site
Chiqui, Luis A.Fuentes, Corina16 Apr 1997
Chiricella, Frank Rose, Marsha K.12 May 1983
Chirpin, Freya Felice K.O'Brien, Richard W.15 May 2004
Chisholm, Lynn G.Hughes, Patrick L.27 Jun 1970
Chism, Cassandra Y.Thomas, Sylvester O.1 Jul 1995
Chittester, Sherry L.Bennett, Lewis S.26 May 1990
Chitwood, Edgar L.Brockway, Debra C.27 May 1972
Chitwood, Jerry F.Hensley, Mary L.11 Mar 1977
Chitwood, Jerry F.Schnieb, Alice L.27 Jun 1981
Chitwood, Jerry P.Sanders, Norma J.8 May 1965
Chitwood, Jordan D.Colbert, Marissa R.23 Jul 2016Link to external site
Chitwood, Payton D.Scantlin, Catharine O.19 Sep 2020Link to external site
Chitwood, Ruth A.Pomerenke, Fred W.22 Jan 1965
Chitwood, Tamara M.Rhodes, Joseph F.9 Oct 2001
Chitwood, TaylorHorst, Ethan10 Aug 2019Link to external site
Chitwood, William J.Clevenger, Jennifer A.30 Jun 2012Link to external site
Chiu, Anny C.Hustad, Steven L.13 Feb 2015Link to external site
Chiu, DanielPrice, Megan E.10 Oct 2020Link to external site
Chiu, Danny W.Medina Luque, Adriana G.8 Jun 1994
Chivers, Carol L.Frane, Thomas J.6 Sep 1975
Chivers, Craig C.Roberts, Sandra L.28 May 1976
Chivers, Craig C.Therkelsen, Barbara A.1 Oct 1988
Chivers, Craig P.Christie, Carol L.26 Aug 1965
Chivers, Curt P.Shriner, Annette E.27 May 1989
Chivers, Debra L.Terrell, Joseph10 Aug 2007Link to external site
Chivers, Eric S.Harris, Stacey M.6 May 2000
Chivers, Laura K.Waites, Adrian W.22 Dec 2013Link to external site
Chivers, Natalie E.Strole, Corey D.3 Oct 2021Link to external site
Chivington, Beth A.Dyer, Timothy L.28 Jul 1984
Chivington, Beth A.Burns, James L.25 Aug 1990
Chivington, Bonita A.Tate, Nathanial W.17 Nov 1982
Chivington, Bruce O.Elward, Deborah M.3 Oct 1981
Chivington, Cassandra M.Eades, David P.11 Jun 2007Link to external site
Chivington, Chryel L.Chivington, Kenneth S.18 Oct 1991
Chivington, Daniel Kinder, Tamara J.11 Jun 1976
Chivington, Danielle M.White, Brandon M.26 Sep 2009Link to external site
Chivington, Deanna G.Hire, Randall A.11 Jun 1982
Chivington, Deborah M.Cottrell, Charles L.20 Jul 2013Link to external site
Chivington, Donald Ayers, Virginia L.10 May 1974
Chivington, Edward Huffman, Gloria J.25 Mar 1972
Chivington, Elaine K.Geisleman, Rickey A.18 Apr 1981
Chivington, Jamie J.Poore, Paul M.2 Jul 1998
Chivington, Karen Mertens, Stephen M.18 Nov 1967
Chivington, Kenneth S.Elkins, Chayel L.6 Aug 1983
Chivington, Kenneth S.Chivington, Chryel L.18 Oct 1991
Chivington, Kennth Delawter, Bonita A.16 Dec 1972
Chivington, Kimberly A.Ashley, Paul E.11 Jun 2011Link to external site
Chivington, Rhonda J.Musser, David E.5 Jun 1982
Chivington, SabraRodriguez, Moises11 Sep 2011Link to external site
Chivington, Tamara J.Garcia, Amado L.12 Mar 1993
Chivington, Tamara J.Johnson, Michael E.27 Jun 1998
Chizmar, David R.Krumma, Kathryn K.10 Sep 1966
Chizum, Arthur M.Williford, Carrie N.4 Sep 1990

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