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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2022

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Doman, Kim R.Myers, David R.12 Jul 2003
Dombek, Allison G.Keith, Ian R.4 Aug 2012Link to external site
Dombek, Daniel J.Washburn, Lorraine A.10 Jul 2021Link to external site
Dombrowski, Crystal L.Burrell, Dean H.31 Jul 2010Link to external site
Dome, Cheryl L.Winterrowd, Terrnc 12 Jun 1965
Dome, Earlene Carroll, Merlin G.2 Aug 1968
Domenick, MichelleStoops, Jay10 May 2014Link to external site
Domenico, Michael S.Gonya, Jennifer E.7 Jun 2014Link to external site
Domer, Brian E.Dibble, Laurie A.16 Apr 2004
Domer, Carolyn A.Dalrymple, Terranc 26 Aug 1977
Domer, Coleen C.Butler, Robert A.2 Mar 2001
Domer, Donald W.Bice, Marcella M.28 Sep 1974
Domer, Holly M.Manck, Jonathan D.8 Nov 2014Link to external site
Domer, Holly M.Phillips, Thomas A.12 Jun 2021Link to external site
Domer, Jillian D.Ferguson, Trevor C.17 Sep 2016Link to external site
Domer, Lisa A.Kurek, Brian T.21 May 1988
Domer, RobertHall, Sharon9 Jun 2013Link to external site
Domer, Robert B.Yoder, Kristine D.20 Sep 1979
Domer, Robert B.Chapman, Coleen C.15 May 1982
Domer, Shirley A.Rollins, Gerald R.28 Nov 1964
Domer, Steven B.Clay, Jacqueline M.14 Oct 1967
Domer, Tammie S.Meredith, Thomas L.24 May 1985
Domer, Thomas E.Kotrba, Martha E.28 Aug 1965
Domer, Thomas E., Jr.Carty, Patricia L.13 Sep 1991
Domer, Thomas G., Sr.Mizzell, Linda S.23 Dec 1972
Domiguez, Kathryn S.Hopkins, Jeremiah D.5 Jun 1999
Domine, Deborah A.Cashbaugh, Bruce A.29 Apr 1978
Dominey, Megan C.Goble, Mathew2 Oct 2020Link to external site
Dominey, Myron G.Swain, Cathleen M.17 Nov 1984
Domingo, Angie Lynn F.Buck, Aaron J.18 Sep 1999
Dominguez Luna, Jose A.Hermina Rosario, Betsy A.14 Dec 2016Link to external site
Dominguez, Adrienna M.Ciendenen, Peter D.14 Jun 2008Link to external site
Dominguez, Alphons Irven, Dortha J.18 Oct 1970
Dominguez, Altonso R., Jr.Paul, Debra G.16 Sep 1978
Dominguez, ArmandoLuna, Sofia1 Dec 2011Link to external site
Dominguez, Barbara Baughman, Francis 12 Jul 1968
Dominguez, Cindy L.Craighead, Paul A.19 Mar 1982
Dominguez, Corinne L.Trevino, Sergio E.15 Apr 1978
Dominguez, Daisy B.Zamudio, JosÉ A.13 Apr 2018Link to external site
Dominguez, Daniel L.Wies, Cheryl A.27 Mar 1999
Dominguez, Dorsey C.Hartman, Kelle N.4 Feb 2000
Dominguez, Elaine Nunez, Reyus 19 Mar 1976
Dominguez, ElizabetFlores, Martin8 Nov 2013Link to external site
Dominguez, HenryReith, Kayla19 Aug 2017Link to external site
Dominguez, James M.Cole, Michelle M.22 Jun 1990
Dominguez, JasmineMendoza, Jesus A. Coronado10 Dec 2019Link to external site
Dominguez, JesusLopez, Maria E.7 Mar 1997
Dominguez, Jesus D.Navor, Mayra G.26 Apr 2011Link to external site
Dominguez, Jesus JrReina, Audrey A.19 Jan 2012Link to external site
Dominguez, Jim Rodriguez, Terry D.5 Jul 1980
Dominguez, Jose L.Gonzalez, Amelia11 Jan 2010Link to external site
Dominguez, Joseph G.Johnson, Kelly L.16 Jun 2001
Dominguez, Joseph G.Bidelman, Donna J.30 Mar 2012Link to external site
Dominguez, JuanVasquez, Sara22 Mar 2012Link to external site
Dominguez, Julie G.Westbrook, Clarence J.21 May 1997
Dominguez, Julie G.Dickinson, Brent E.28 Dec 2001
Dominguez, Julie G.Dickinson, Brent E.26 Sep 2015Link to external site
Dominguez, Justine C.Toly, Aaron S.10 Oct 2009Link to external site
Dominguez, Lori A.Carroll, Michael F.2 Jun 2007Link to external site
Dominguez, Manuel R., Jr.Hake, Tamara L.13 Mar 1986
Dominguez, Matthew I.Hamilton, Faustina M.9 Jan 1999
Dominguez, Matthew I.Mendoza, Esperanza9 Aug 2013Link to external site
Dominguez, Michael R.Beahrs, A Gina18 Jul 1998
Dominguez, Michelle L.Lavallin, David W.6 Dec 2000
Dominguez, Rachel R.Boone, Tyrin R.29 Jun 1999
Dominguez, Rachel R.Blash, Robert14 Nov 2010Link to external site
Dominguez, RamonRichmond, Imaikalani K.22 Jun 2012Link to external site
Dominguez, Rebecca E.Mosoleda, Gilbert J.
Dominguez, Refugio Rosabal, Francis A.29 Dec 1966
Dominguez, Refugio Newport, Dorothy L.10 Jun 1977
Dominguez, Rosas J.Garcia, Daniel A.2 Mar 2007Link to external site
Dominguez, Rufus , Jr.Pelz, Monica L.15 Jun 1985
Dominguez, Sarah L.Stjohn, Edward M.28 Jun 1985
Dominguez, Sonia Ruperto, Fernando 28 Dec 2004
Dominguez, SoniaGuzman, Jose J.7 Mar 2014Link to external site
Dominguez, StephanieCruz-Palma, Jose E.4 Nov 2015Link to external site
Dominguez, Suzie M.Dorsey, Charles M.7 May 1978
Dominguez, Tina M.Ramos, Raymond L.17 Aug 1985
Dominguez, Tonia L.Cook, Willis D.26 May 1996
Dominguez, Victor M.Gonzalez, Seneca C.1 Feb 2008Link to external site
Dominguez, Yolanda Soto, Jose L.21 Apr 1978
Dominique, Alisha L.Kimmel, Dale L.27 Apr 2007Link to external site
Dominique, Carol S.Erdly, Timothy A.9 Mar 2001
Dominique, Daniel O.Harter, Carol S.12 Apr 1986
Dominique, Karen S.Krebs, Timothy R.8 Jun 1974
Dominique, Richard Loos, Carolyn L.10 Oct 1964
Dominique, SamanthaMoore, Wesley5 Jul 2014Link to external site
Dominique, Shari E.Mosley, Jim L.18 Oct 1991
Dominique, Shari E.Tuttle, Timothy A.14 Jun 1997
Dominquez, Dan Duly, Georgia R.26 Jan 1971
Dominquez, Dan Duly, Georgia R.25 Sep 1976
Dominquez, Ellis L.Schaefer, Penny M.18 Oct 1980
Dominquez, Joe L.Cabler, Sarah L.10 Sep 1971
Dominquez, John, Jr.Vess, Nancy M.9 Apr 1974
Dominquez, Michelle L.Craighead, John P., Jr.7 Aug 1982
Dominquez, Rebecca R.Kroener, Christopher M.10 Jul 2010Link to external site
Dominy, Gerald D.Guenther, Margaret E.28 Jun 1995
Dominy, Larry G.Doctor, Elizabeth 28 Jun 1969
Dominy, Larry G.Nestrick, Judith L.22 Jan 1993
Dominy, Nancy L.Downing, Roger D.22 Jun 1968
Domke, Roberta Keefer, Richard F.30 Sep 1978
Domman, Robert P.Myers, Dorothy L.
Dommer, Bonna J.Miller, Kenneth A.2 Jan 1982
Dommer, Joshua J.Winger, Cortney S.19 Jun 2004
Dommer, Rick A.Peterson, Joann 19 Jun 1976
Dommer, Vicki L.Steele, James F.13 Aug 1971
Dommer, Zachary D.Bryant, Natasha L.23 Oct 2010Link to external site
Dommey, Myron G.Dice, Cindy L.13 Apr 1999
Dommeyer, Jeffrey S.Joy, Melissa J.11 Sep 1984
Domondon, Lorenzo A.Hunter, Allison N.10 Oct 2020Link to external site
Domonkos, Jacob A.Veldman, Lisa M.21 Jun 2014Link to external site
Domres, Scott E.Dill, Amanda L.21 Jun 2017Link to external site
Domrow, Janice L.Dager, Matthew L.9 May 1981
Doms, Debra L.Faber, Robert L.7 Aug 1982
Domurat, Elizabeth A.Jackson, Roger W.25 Jun 1988
Domurat, Lisa A.Stark, Clay E.31 Mar 1990

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