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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2022

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
For, Roy C.Butler, Mary W.23 Dec 1968
Foraker, Jerry M.Hoskins, Jody C.15 Sep 1990
Forbes, Alice K.Graves, James H.11 Dec 1985
Forbes, Carol L.Reed, John A.8 Aug 1986
Forbes, Cassandra E.Blackmon, Willie B.25 May 1979
Forbes, Connie M.Beckman, Garrie R.17 Jun 1988
Forbes, David W.Thomas, Nicole E.4 Oct 2008Link to external site
Forbes, Elizabeth H.Link, Ryan J.12 Sep 2017Link to external site
Forbes, ErinHarris, Ryan22 Aug 2014Link to external site
Forbes, Franklin L.Heffley, Carol D.26 Jun 1982
Forbes, James G., IILahrman, Jamee L.22 May 1999
Forbes, Jennifer A.Becker, Michael A.24 Sep 1997
Forbes, Jerry K.Kneer, Patricia A.23 Feb 1969
Forbes, Joshua E.Tappy, Shelby R.28 May 2022Link to external site
Forbes, Kathryn Long, Johnnie E.22 Mar 1991
Forbes, Kathryn J.Clauson, Donald R.18 Aug 1979
Forbes, Kyra L.Young, William J.21 Apr 1990
Forbes, Larry B.Bailey, Regina H.12 Jan 1965
Forbes, Margaret A.Martin, Randall L.13 May 1980
Forbes, Matthew D.Nicoletti, Amanda V.14 Aug 2010Link to external site
Forbes, Patricia A.Forbes, Thomas J.7 Jun 1975
Forbes, Patricia J.Shell, Randy L.8 Oct 1983
Forbes, Sharon J3Bixler, Thomas E.18 Sep 1982
Forbes, Stephen Coffey, Linda J.12 Aug 1975
Forbes, Stephen V.Forbes, Susan J.17 Feb 1978
Forbes, Susan J.Forbes, Stephen V.17 Feb 1978
Forbes, Thomas C.Holmes, Cathy A.16 May 1998
Forbes, Thomas J.Forbes, Patricia A.7 Jun 1975
Forbes, Thomas J.Grimsley, Linda F.27 Sep 1991
Forbes, Thomas P.Spafford, Mollie M.23 Dec 2000
Forbes, William R.Schultz, Carol S.16 Aug 1969
Forbess, Darrell O.Slyford, Karen M.24 Oct 1987
Forbfs, Jobi A.Grever, Thomas J.9 Feb 1991
Forbing, Angela M.Johnson, Gary L.19 May 2018Link to external site
Forbing, Daniel W.Plumb, Christine E.4 Aug 1972
Forbing, Frederick J.Tagtmeyer, Christine J.17 Oct 1981
Forbing, Gary L.Kiester, Teresa L.30 Apr 1977
Forbing, Gina M.Pippenger, Chad E.20 Apr 2002
Forbing, Gregory A.Carney, Pamela S.17 Jul 1982
Forbing, Jack D.Welch, Sharon R.8 Apr 1967
Forbing, Jack D.Lapp, Martha J.25 May 1973
Forbing, Jack D.Lee, Judith G.21 Dec 1985
Forbing, Jack O.Fairfield, Barbara J.23 Dec 1988
Forbing, Jessica J.Vazquez, Cody A.2 Jan 2013Link to external site
Forbing, John E.Moore, Mary G.24 Aug 2003
Forbing, Jolene M.Handel, David R.18 Jun 2011Link to external site
Forbing, Julianne Hogan, James E.1 Jul 1972
Forbing, Kathleen Shamp, George F.31 Aug 1973
Forbing, Leslie M.Perry, Adam M.12 May 2000
Forbing, Linda L.Royer, Walter J.18 Jun 1977
Forbing, Luke A.Sutter, Kimberly L.4 Nov 1999
Forbing, Marianne Slocum, Shawn M.22 Aug 1981
Forbing, Mark A.Stangland, Catharine D.4 Jul 2000
Forbing, Michael C.Kimes, Natalie M.8 May 2004
Forbing, Michael S.Clemens, Rosalie S.28 Jun 1969
Forbing, Michael S.Thomas, Pamela S.13 Apr 1991
Forbing, Nicholas J.Fox, Sheila L.14 Jun 1986
Forbing, Paul J.Cogswell, Corinne V.1 Sep 2013Link to external site
Forbing, Phillip V.Ransbottom, Laura R.29 Sep 1978
Forbing, Teresa K.Sisco, John M.12 Feb 2000
Forbing, Thomas G.Snyder, Janice A.18 Jul 1970
Forbs, James T.Easley, Sharon G.11 Apr 1970
Force, Jimmie J.Million, Barbara I.12 May 2001
Force, Kipp A.Straessle, Schyler M.15 Jan 2022Link to external site
Force, Tyron A.Oatts, Alanna C.31 Jul 2010Link to external site
Forche, Eric J.Brown, Elizabeth A.16 Dec 1989
Forchione, Dennis Gorrell, Karen S.26 Apr 1975
Ford, Adam M.Parish, Megan S.4 Sep 1999
Ford, Adam M.Kuras, Erica N.28 Sep 2022Link to external site
Ford, Alexander S.Myers, Shannon M.25 Jan 2003
Ford, Alice J.Brockman, Michel W.13 Oct 1979
Ford, Almon F.Geller, Carol A.9 May 2009Link to external site
Ford, Almon F., Jr.Richard, Darlene S.23 Jul 1966
Ford, Amy L.Beineke, Ronald J.31 Mar 1990
Ford, Andra L.Coles, Bradley D.4 Aug 2007Link to external site
Ford, Anna C.Jones, Kevin F.2 Nov 2007Link to external site
Ford, Apbil J.Johnson, Howard E.25 Jul 1981
Ford, Ashely R.Stephen, Craig M.25 Sep 2010Link to external site
Ford, Ashley N.York, Dustin L.29 Mar 2014Link to external site
Ford, Ashley Y.Cervantes, Eliud E.19 Sep 2020Link to external site
Ford, Bari L.Robinson, Michael L.27 Feb 1982
Ford, Benjamin I.Stahl, Thelma H.12 Jan 1979
Ford, Bernard Collins, Michelle 5 Aug 1990
Ford, Beth A.Bauer, Jeffrey A.7 Jun 1980
Ford, Bettie J.Ford, Jimmy L.14 Jan 1977
Ford, Brandon H.Johnson, Lauren R.21 Nov 2009Link to external site
Ford, Brenda K.Stettler, Mark A.22 May 1982
Ford, Brian L.Hegerfeld, Kristie L.6 Feb 1981
Ford, Brooks V.Wallace, Christina D.5 Sep 2010Link to external site
Ford, Carissa C.Perry, Larry C.14 Feb 2003
Ford, Carla S.Groff, Albert 22 Jul 1972
Ford, Carol A.Nine, Charles F.23 Aug 1969
Ford, Cassandra L.Arrington, Crawford L.2 Dec 1989
Ford, Chad T.Chandler, Rachel N.25 Jul 2019Link to external site
Ford, Chelsea A.Roper, Caleb P.5 Aug 2022Link to external site
Ford, Chris D.Phillips, Suezette R.28 Aug 2004
Ford, Christopher M.Pattison, Emily C.16 Aug 2003
Ford, Cindy L.Allen, Duane L.20 Sep 1980
Ford, Clyde E., IIIGross, Rebecca L.30 Jun 2002
Ford, Connie J.Sparks, Gary L.
Ford, Corey J.Bolch, Emily A.20 Jun 2015Link to external site
Ford, Coy M.Hagan, Michael L.18 May 1990
Ford, Cynthia E.Kunce, Allen L.28 May 1983
Ford, Daniel L.Settle, Randi L.30 Sep 1972
Ford, Darlene K.Coulardot, Steven 27 Jul 1968
Ford, David M.Busche, Lana S.23 Jan 1982
Ford, David M.Hatland, Joye A.17 Dec 1988
Ford, Dawn Grady, Kevin S.5 Apr 1990
Ford, Dawn M.Jones, Eric C.25 Aug 1987
Ford, Deanna M.Turner, Wendell L.26 Sep 2009Link to external site
Ford, Debra K.Hicks, Thomas P.7 Jun 1969
Ford, Dennis K.Barker, Willajean 18 Sep 1971
Ford, Destiny D.Ybarra, Catarino Iii19 Aug 2017Link to external site
Ford, Diane L.Ford, Michael L.16 Oct 1981
Ford, Diane L.Weating, Douglas J.10 Oct 2001
Ford, Donald L.Wyatt, Mamie L.25 Feb 1967
Ford, Donald R.Routt, Pamela S.23 Mar 1974
Ford, Donald R.Levalley, Kimberley R.15 Apr 1983
Ford, Douglas J.Grosse, Lynne D.11 Sep 1978
Ford, Douglas K.Quance, Carol L.
Ford, Douglas R.Grandstaff, Nancy B.6 May 1983
Ford, Edward D.Dewitt, Denneen K.18 Jul 1986
Ford, Edward D.Scribner, Lorie R.14 Feb 2004
Ford, Edward L.McFarland, Doris E.10 Apr 1976
Ford, Elaine J.Widdifield, Daniel 7 Nov 1970
Ford, ElliottBratzler, Paige7 Aug 2021Link to external site
Ford, Eric B.Hyndmam, Robyn 28 Dec 1991
Ford, Ericka A.Glenn, Shawn P.19 Dec 1994
Ford, Eva K.Doenges, Harold A.18 Dec 1976
Ford, Garland L.Andrews, Vickie Y.26 Oct 1996
Ford, Garland L. JrCounterman, Staci L.31 Aug 2013Link to external site
Ford, Garland L., Jr.Andrews, Vickie Y.26 Oct 2000
Ford, Gerald L.Westerman, Joann E.5 Sep 1978
Ford, Gerald R.Breininger, Tara S.20 Jan 1996
Ford, Gregory D.Willcutts, Jean E.7 Jan 1972
Ford, Gregory D.Schindler, Dawn M.11 Jul 1981
Ford, Gregory D.Patnoude, Sally A.17 Jul 1993
Ford, Heather J.Zirkle, Nicholas A.20 Jun 1998
Ford, Heidi S.Osheskie, Frank J.24 Aug 1991
Ford, Henry W.Finch, Martha 1 Jun 1991
Ford, Herman J.Oswalt, Sherri L.23 Jul 1971
Ford, Herman J.Glover, Amye M.23 Aug 1977
Ford, Jackie E.Milner, Nicole J.18 Aug 2007Link to external site
Ford, Jacob A.Bowling, Logan C.30 Oct 2020Link to external site
Ford, Jake W.Michael, Shae M.27 Aug 2022Link to external site
Ford, James A.Vandyke, Judyann M.2 Aug 1975
Ford, James A.Smith, Melinda A.11 Jun 2011Link to external site
Ford, James A., Jr.Brooks, Patricia L.11 May 1985
Ford, James L.Arms, Kathleen S.13 Mar 1965
Ford, James L.Beer, Sherry C.15 Sep 1967
Ford, James L., Jr.Klinger, Lisa L.6 Jan 1986
Ford, James L., Jr.Sessler, Michele R.8 Mar 1991
Ford, James R.Reincke, Jennifer M.1 Jun 2012Link to external site
Ford, James R.Amber, Ashton E.28 Jul 2012Link to external site
Ford, Jamie M.Dolsen, Jesse J.16 Oct 2010Link to external site
Ford, Janet J.Scott, Franklin D.14 May 1977
Ford, Janet T.Beckley, Stephen B. Jr30 Aug 2014Link to external site
Ford, Janice S.Smith, John P.18 Sep 1999
Ford, JaronShin, Yunju7 Jul 2018Link to external site
Ford, Jason D.Sekel, Annie J.1 Sep 2012Link to external site
Ford, Jason J.Moes, Christine A.24 Jul 1999
Ford, Jason M.Rich, Jennifer M.2 Jun 2001
Ford, Jean Prasuhn, Walter W.22 May 1982
Ford, Jeffrey E.Shookman, Pamela J.23 Jul 1988
Ford, Jeffrey L.McBride, Kim I.9 Apr 1983
Ford, Jeffrey L.Monique, Marie M.23 Feb 2002
Ford, Jennifer D.Durnell, Justin J.4 Aug 2007Link to external site
Ford, Jennifer E.Schafer, Kenneth M., Jr.14 Sep 1990
Ford, Jennifer E.Thompson, Jason R.11 Oct 2003
Ford, Jennifer L.Roth, Timothy L.22 Feb 1997
Ford, Jeremy A.Seay, Rebecca K.6 Jan 1989
Ford, Jess B.Holley, Karen S.6 Jun 1970
Ford, Jessica R.Eastom, Alan M.25 Jul 2009Link to external site
Ford, Jimmy L.Ford, Bettie J.14 Jan 1977
Ford, Joann E.Blum, Fred D.20 Dec 1981
Ford, John D.Pepple, Tonya A.26 May 2012Link to external site
Ford, John M.Elder, Kathy E.28 May 1977
Ford, John R.Pessefall, Carol E.22 May 1981
Ford, Jon D.Tippmann, Robin A.6 Jun 1986
Ford, Joseph S.Garrett, Angela M.13 May 1988
Ford, Joshua A.Ray, Jennifer L.25 May 2007Link to external site
Ford, Jr., BirtBennett, Yolanda R.30 Mar 1995
Ford, Julien T.Waters, Tricia L.18 May 2019Link to external site
Ford, Karen C.McNeal, Michael R.24 Feb 2001
Ford, Karma N.Sullivan, John F.27 May 2000
Ford, Katherine L.Brown, Khristopher L.24 Jun 2011Link to external site
Ford, Kathleen A.Rigsby, Dewey J.2 Sep 1986
Ford, Kathleen F.Habeger, Robert J.16 May 1986
Ford, Kay C.Sollimo, Vincent J.24 Jun 1967
Ford, Keith J.Nsamala, Isabel L.4 Feb 2010Link to external site
Ford, Kenneth J.Lombardo, Madeline 12 Apr 1969
Ford, Kevin J.Proltop, Victoria L.17 Jul 2010Link to external site
Ford, Kevin L.Martin, Vernisa F.2 Feb 1996
Ford, Kevin R.Moehlenkamp, Heather N.19 May 2012Link to external site
Ford, Kimberley D.Johns, Wesley D.30 Oct 1993
Ford, Kimberley L.Niedermeyer, John R.23 Aug 1966
Ford, Kimberley R.Seiwert, Richard D.5 Nov 1988
Ford, Kimberly K.Trocchio, Ronald L.23 Sep 1995
Ford, King D.Mitchell, Brenda M.13 Aug 1999
Ford, Kristie L.Wilson, William A.31 Jan 1987
Ford, KrondaHuddleston, Gregory9 Aug 2019Link to external site
Ford, Kronda N.Davis, Brandon L.11 Aug 2009Link to external site
Ford, Lana K.Harkless, Ronald K.8 Jan 1971
Ford, Larry L.Bierman, Rebecca L.26 Jun 1976
Ford, Laura L.Farrington, Douglas A.23 Jun 1990
Ford, Lee A.Bowlin, Cheryl E.29 May 1965
Ford, LevonChambers, Connie M.17 Mar 1995
Ford, Lois E.Smith, Russell R.15 Nov 1974
Ford, Madeline T.Bickel, James A.19 Jan 2013Link to external site
Ford, Madison S.Bender, Aaron M.9 Feb 2013Link to external site
Ford, Mafalda Irvin, Thomas E.25 Aug 1973
Ford, Marian F.Garmon, Cecil L.11 Mar 1967
Ford, Marjorie M.Dusseau, Douglas O.22 Jun 1991
Ford, Mary A.Dawkins, Marvin J.22 Apr 1967
Ford, Matthew F.Fields, Virginia M.7 Jan 1972
Ford, Maudine Stuart, Charlie R.7 Sep 1968
Ford, Meagan D.Harte, Kieran C.18 Oct 2014Link to external site
Ford, Melanie A.Wilburn, Austin M.11 Apr 2015Link to external site
Ford, Melissa R.Eagan, Harlan R.12 Apr 2014Link to external site
Ford, Michael H.Carman, Catherine 12 Jun 1965
Ford, Michael L.Huntington, Diane 19 Oct 1974
Ford, Michael L.Ford, Diane L.16 Oct 1981
Ford, Michael P.Mcdonald, Melinda M.15 Apr 2018Link to external site
Ford, Michelle L.Harner, John D.30 Oct 1982
Ford, Michelle R.Peters, Mark R.25 Nov 1983
Ford, Miranda K.Jackson, Mitchell L.15 Aug 2009Link to external site
Ford, Morris E.Gregory, Sharon K.23 Dec 1971
Ford, Natasha R.Jervis, Lance M.2 Oct 2019Link to external site
Ford, Neva J.Stabler, Ronald L.14 Jun 1986
Ford, Nicholas R.Stetzel, Michelle M.19 Jul 2014Link to external site
Ford, Nicole J.Pilling, Gary L., II10 Sep 2016Link to external site
Ford, Otha C.Williams, Rosalie F.27 May 1989
Ford, Pamela Ranly, Maurice P., Jr.12 Jan 1985
Ford, Paul B.Brady, Shannon M.5 Jul 2002
Ford, Paul B.Burcroff, Rachel J.7 Jan 2017Link to external site
Ford, Paul D.Emlich, Amy L.17 Jul 1976
Ford, Percy R.Douglas, Pamela J.10 Mar 1984
Ford, Philip E.Bedwell, Lee A.1 Apr 1978
Ford, Philip R.Snavely, Beverly J.14 Feb 1998
Ford, Phyllis A.Miser, Melvin R., Jr.29 Apr 1978
Ford, Polly E.Ford, Ronald F.6 Sep 1994
Ford, Quintin L., Sr.Moore, Tamika S.11 Jun 2016Link to external site
Ford, Ray C., Jr.Dixon, Carissa C.5 Nov 1997
Ford, Raytoncia C.Hollins, Taunia L.22 Aug 1986
Ford, Rebecca A.Tonkel, Steven R.19 Jul 1975
Ford, Regina C.Foulks, Wade E.15 May 1999
Ford, Richard A.Giannakeff, Rena L.28 Sep 1980
Ford, Robert B.Tassler, Sheryl K.18 Dec 1982
Ford, Robert L.Reed, Ramona 26 Oct 1974
Ford, Robert L., Jr.Mealing, Kanika R.23 May 1997
Ford, Robert L., Jr.McCalvin, Jennifer L.7 Jun 2003
Ford, Robert T., Jr.Royse, Rebecca S.5 May 1990
Ford, Robert W.Prance, Kathleen M.22 Apr 1978
Ford, Robin E.Mascorro, Rene 28 Nov 1990
Ford, Ronald F.Ford, Polly E.6 Sep 1994
Ford, Ronald F., IIThomas, Teresa L.1 Jun 1994
Ford, Roxanne E.Smith, Paul D.25 Aug 1979
Ford, Ryan E.Johnson, Paula A.21 Dec 2009Link to external site
Ford, Samuel J.Clibon, Stephani L.6 Dec 2002
Ford, Sara K.Terry, Mark W.8 Aug 1998
Ford, Sara L.Bear, Anthony C.9 Jul 2001
Ford, Sarah K.Cronin, David M.10 Sep 1994
Ford, Sarah R.Amick, Scott A.16 Aug 1997
Ford, Sharon E.Iquey, John W.28 Aug 1976
Ford, Shaun P.Homsab, Phouvong30 Aug 2001
Ford, Sherri L.Barhydt, Scott F.19 Oct 1979
Ford, Stanley R.Carrier, Robin E.15 May 1981
Ford, Steven A.Mitchell, Tammy L.30 Dec 1982
Ford, Steven M.Strickling, Krisinda L.27 Aug 2022Link to external site
Ford, Sue C.Jarvis, Thomas C.
Ford, Susan L.Savieo, Jon A.21 Oct 1966
Ford, Susan M.Lint, Randolph S.26 Jan 2001
Ford, Tammy L.Lemke, Jerry J.14 Feb 1989
Ford, Tamra S.Schaefer, Loren X.25 Aug 1989
Ford, Tara S.Bustos, Eric M.26 Apr 2008Link to external site
Ford, Taunia L.Hampton, Donald E.27 Oct 2009Link to external site
Ford, Teresa A.Dunn, Ronald D., II28 Sep 1989
Ford, Teresa L.Ulmer, David B.14 Nov 1986
Ford, Teresa L.Roque, Jose L.15 Jun 2004
Ford, Terrance L.Rutz, Kimberly K.27 May 1989
Ford, Theodore J.Quesenberry, Emily B.16 Feb 2013Link to external site
Ford, TikeshaTerry, Tyuan4 Mar 2021Link to external site
Ford, Tim A.Martin, Jacqueline L.15 Jul 1988
Ford, TimmyBanks, Nicole D.16 Oct 1993
Ford, Tina M.Baller, Gregory L.5 Oct 1991
Ford, Tongala A.Underwood, Charles 29 Jul 2004
Ford, Tonjala A.Underwood, Charles 4 Oct 2003
Ford, Tonya J.Brown, Mark E.10 Jul 1982
Ford, Tory L.Baker, Rachael D.30 Dec 2020Link to external site
Ford, Tyler E.Dusseau, Hannah L.17 Mar 2018Link to external site
Ford, Vickie L.Hensley, Michael R.31 May 1986
Ford, Vickie Y.Myers, Gregory A. Sr21 Sep 2009Link to external site
Ford, Vincent R.Grubb, Louise B.7 Oct 1988
Ford, Vincent R.Bauman, Kari A.22 Jul 2000
Ford, Vincent R.Zollinger, Cindy J.17 Mar 2003
Ford, Virginia H.Grauer, Roland O.1 Nov 1975
Ford, William D.Ross, Kimberly A.20 Oct 2001
Ford, William G.Castro, Gwen 5 Nov 1976
Ford, Willie L.Essex, Kim D.29 May 1998
Ford, Willie L.Murphy, Paula C.18 Sep 2004
Ford, Zachary M.Aburto-Martinez, Laura2 Sep 2011Link to external site
Fordanish, Barry L. IISmith, Taya N.9 Aug 2014Link to external site
Fordanish, Kendra L.Schmidt, John J.23 Jan 2017Link to external site
Forde, Jo Anne J.Nelson, Ricky L.29 Apr 1989
Fordeck, James T.Goelz, Vickie M.27 Jun 1987
Fordham, Brad A.Braun, Machelle L.1 May 2010Link to external site
Fordham, Karen M.Maddox, Wesley R.5 Aug 1994
Fordham, Lori R.Schaeffer, Joseph 8 Apr 1972
Fordham, Pamela S.Ewing, Andrew B.16 Jun 2001
Fordham, Paul L.Eager, Donna R.20 Aug 1971
Fordham, Richard L.Streicher, Lori R.14 Oct 1969
Fordham, Richard L.Leis, Cheryl E.11 Oct 1974
Fordham, Richatht L.Gillup, Deanna S.11 Feb 1978
Fordham, Roger A.Morgan, Farren K.14 Jan 1972
Fordham, Roger A.Pansamrung, Connie L.22 Dec 1991
Fordham, Roger A.Mignerey, Debbie L.22 May 1995
Fordham, Susan A.Wherry, Mark A.22 Jul 1977
Fordham, Susan A.Foor, Larry F.4 Aug 1978
Fordham, Susan A.Rosso, Michael 22 Feb 1986
Fordham, Troy D.Tubbs, Shansille D.28 Sep 2002
Fordice, Andrew J.Ahlesmeyer, Heidi M.11 Jul 2009Link to external site
Fording, Aleshia K.Brockhouse, Jeffrey R.24 Sep 1982
Fording, Jerry B.Siler, Patricia N.2 Jul 1977
Fording, Jerry B.Fivecgate, Pamela S.9 Apr 1983
Fording, Jerry B.Debaillie, Vickie J.20 Jan 1990
Fording, Kay F.Schreiner, Fredrick L.21 May 1994
Fording, Marvin L.Howey, Tena L.22 Oct 1989
Fording, Melvin D.Miesen, Angel M.12 Mar 1994
Fording, Melvin D.McCord, Michelle A.2 Jun 2003
Fording, Pamela S.Ingram, Vernon W.3 May 1986
Fording, Tara L.Pelz, Christopher E.12 Jun 1999
Fordyce, Chad L.Marcukaitis, Cindy M.22 Nov 1997
Fordyce, Connie J.Gonzalez, Gilbert 11 May 1974
Fordyce, Cynthia K.Welling, Edward J.29 Sep 1990
Fordyce, Dale R.Robinson, Viviani M.9 Jul 2010Link to external site
Fordyce, Julie B.Hartman, Richard A.28 Jun 1967
Fordyce, Kay S.Buckmaster, Dennis 30 Sep 1967
Fordyce, Larry L.Bever, Jennie J.14 Nov 1965
Fordyce, Sherry C.Henry, John D.3 Jun 1966
Fore, Amanda L.Larson, Jason D.26 Jul 2013Link to external site
Fore, Billy R., Jr.Anderson, Natacha N.20 Jul 2001
Fore, Debbie L.Saturday, Marion W.30 Jan 1998
Fore, Eldon F.Grider, Shirley M.8 Apr 1978
Fore, Katherine J.O'Neal, David M.24 Nov 1982
Fore, Loretta M.Shrock, Robert D.8 Jul 1977
Fore, Sunny R.Aikins, Laura L.14 Jul 1984
Forehand, Andrea J.Koenig, Steve M.13 Jul 1996
Forehand, James V.Austin, Betty J.26 Sep 1970
Forehand, John R.Byerley, Sharon J.7 Nov 1964
Forehand, Katherin Wyatt, John A.25 Mar 1977
Forehand, Scott V.Reichard, Patricia A.31 Dec 1996
Forehope Smith, Pamella S.Smith, Eric H.14 Feb 1995
Foreman, Abigail C.Doster, Joshua E.11 Oct 2003
Foreman, Alice A.Long, Daniel A.10 Mar 2002
Foreman, Allison P.Wallace, Tyler A.9 Oct 2021Link to external site
Foreman, Bailey S.Cresse, Lauren E.10 Dec 2021Link to external site
Foreman, Bruce I.Dile, Joan L.13 Feb 1982
Foreman, Carol A. HollandGreen, James G.9 Sep 2021Link to external site
Foreman, Cathy M.McDowell, Darren W.27 Aug 1988
Foreman, Charles W.Balliet, Janet L.25 Sep 1966
Foreman, Connie R.Scott, Deloss 5 Jun 1965
Foreman, Crystal L.Avila, Jose S., III8 Jun 2019Link to external site
Foreman, David A.Foreman, Kathy J.1 Oct 2000
Foreman, Dennis R.Nelson, Sandra L.25 Jun 1973
Foreman, Dennis R.Copp, Pamela K.1 Oct 1998
Foreman, Donna J.Wenk, Michael F.18 Oct 1981
Foreman, Ellen K.Hagan, Michael N.18 Dec 1966
Foreman, Eva C.Martin, Jack E.27 Dec 1973
Foreman, Evon A.Gerardot, Larry W.24 Nov 1967
Foreman, Frederick Jackson, Shirley J.25 Mar 1972
Foreman, Gary L.Kelley, Pamella K.6 Mar 1976
Foreman, Gary L.Miller, Beth A.14 Jun 1996
Foreman, Gary L.Marks, Jody M.9 Aug 2003
Foreman, Gary, Jr.Schneider, Jennifer8 Aug 2018Link to external site
Foreman, George E.Clark, Eva C.12 Jun 1965
Foreman, Gloria A.Long, Clyde W.18 Feb 1965
Foreman, Harry G.Myers, Marilyn K.13 Dec 1980
Foreman, Helen K Foreman, Raymond C.6 Mar 1987
Foreman, James E.Andrews, Phyllis C.4 Sep 1965
Foreman, James L.Morel, Christina R.7 Nov 1987
Foreman, Janice M.Lawhorn, Paul W.5 Jun 1965
Foreman, Jesse L.Coleman, Chelci A.15 May 2010Link to external site
Foreman, Joan C.Kelsey, Laurence E.18 Jun 1971
Foreman, John A.Root, Katherine P.29 Aug 1987
Foreman, John C.Holland, Carol A.12 Aug 1988
Foreman, John F.Chester, Helen 30 Jun 1978
Foreman, John H.Okuly, Deborah L.22 Jul 1972
Foreman, Kathy J.Foreman, David A.1 Oct 2000
Foreman, Keith E.Green, Cynthia M.27 Mar 1988
Foreman, Keith R.Schmitt, Melody A.21 Aug 1993
Foreman, Kristine A.Behringer, Donald P.18 Oct 1997
Foreman, Larry W.Knepper, Judith A.28 Nov 1964
Foreman, Lisa A.Davison, Michael A.28 Oct 1978
Foreman, Loretta M.Vogel, Timothy D.3 Nov 2012Link to external site
Foreman, Marjorie Baker, Tak L.28 May 1966
Foreman, Mary J.Ross, Stephen D.22 Dec 1968
Foreman, Mary K.Hall, Robert W.19 Jan 1968
Foreman, Matthew K.Hartman, Debra L.8 Apr 1995
Foreman, Matthew S.Norrick, Stacey J.28 Jun 1991
Foreman, Michael A.Caccamo, Joni M.21 Aug 1976
Foreman, Michael G.Hicks, Chloe 19 Dec 1964
Foreman, Michael G.Lawson, Laura A.10 Mar 1993
Foreman, Michele D.Hasty, Paris L.6 Oct 1973
Foreman, Mildred L.Cour, Walter L.8 Jan 1966
Foreman, Pamella K.Mazza, John M.6 Jun 1986
Foreman, Patricia L.Jordan, James E.13 Sep 1997
Foreman, Raymond C.Foreman, Helen K 6 Mar 1987
Foreman, Rex A.Potter, Dellia A.14 May 1968
Foreman, Rex A.Whittamore, Ruth M.16 Feb 1975
Foreman, Richard L.Garrison, Janice M.15 Nov 1969
Foreman, Richard L.Bush, Brenda K.24 Oct 1987
Foreman, Ronald E.Davis, Carmen J.17 Dec 2022Link to external site
Foreman, Ronald L.Brickley, Brenda L.5 Aug 1989
Foreman, Samuel D.Bishop, Martha L.1 Oct 1971
Foreman, Sarah J.Gormley, Charles E.27 Jul 2002
Foreman, Seth G.Seigel, Samantha S.18 Jan 2015Link to external site
Foreman, Shirley J.Syndram, Sidney B., Jr.9 Sep 1978
Foreman, StaceyHilsmier, Michael1 Jul 2017Link to external site
Foreman, Terrie L.Taylor, Timothy N.3 Feb 1979
Foreman, Theresa A.Wortley, John E.19 Sep 1987
Foreman, Thomas A.Russell, Charlene 10 Jul 1967
Foreman, William E.Fletcher, Sarah A.14 Aug 2010Link to external site
Forero Matagira, YolanisPerez Hernandez, Wilson31 Jul 2022Link to external site
Forero, KarinaRunkle, Joshua30 May 2014Link to external site
Forero, KarinaNeeraj, Fnu23 Aug 2021Link to external site
Fores, LindaAyala, Gustavo6 Oct 2000
Forest, Jamie Briant, Lester R 28 Jun 1985
Forest, Robert N.Pettit, Barbara A.24 Oct 1996
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Fortier, Betty J.Fortier, Richard L.1 Aug 1981
Fortier, Christopher V.Gause, Wannetta R.18 Apr 2007Link to external site
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Fortier, GeorgiannJames, Bruce E.3 Mar 2000
Fortier, Guy H.Lynch, Margaret M.18 Nov 1989
Fortier, Guy H.Griffin, Ellen P.24 Aug 2019Link to external site
Fortier, James V.Luckadoo, Marla S.27 Mar 1976
Fortier, Janelle M.Blair, Dustin C.16 Mar 2002
Fortier, Jasmine A.Jones, Gregory A.20 Dec 2020Link to external site
Fortier, Juanita K.Klingerman, Terry 18 Dec 1972
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Fortier, Kimberly K.Smith, Karl L.30 Jun 1984
Fortier, Kimberly K.Cupa, Paul M.11 Apr 2008Link to external site
Fortier, Mandi R.Sutorius, Ronald E., Jr.26 Apr 2002
Fortier, MarkHoward, Jennifer20 Jun 2018Link to external site
Fortier, Mark E.Mitchell, Shelly L.13 Jun 1998
Fortier, Mark E.Fortier, Shelly L.4 Oct 2013Link to external site
Fortier, Michael V.Finton, Pamela S.8 Jun 1984
Fortier, Nicholas V.Barnett, Danielle J.25 Jan 2014Link to external site
Fortier, Pamela A.Amos, Darryel23 Jun 1993
Fortier, Richard L.Fortier, Betty J.1 Aug 1981
Fortier, Richard L., Jr.Schwalm, Kelli J.3 Apr 1982
Fortier, Shawn W.Duffitt, Tianna L.7 Nov 1981
Fortier, Shelly L.Fortier, Mark E.4 Oct 2013Link to external site
Fortier, Shelly L.Gray, Joe E., Jr.17 Aug 2016Link to external site
Fortier, Shelly L.Gray, Joe E., Jr.31 Dec 2016Link to external site
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Fortier, Tonya R.Watson, Donald L.4 Aug 1990
Fortier, Wannetta R.Stump, Kevin J.25 May 2015Link to external site
Forties, Richard L., Jr.Ray, Jinny L.29 Sep 1984
Fortin, Lynda M.Cornewell, Danny R.18 Oct 1980
Fortin, Lynda M.Settimi, Christopher A.10 Nov 1989
Fortman, ChadTracey, Allyson10 Oct 2015Link to external site
Fortman, Elizabeth Blaising, Jerome 7 Jan 1967
Fortman, Elizabeth Blaising, Jerome 18 Nov 1968
Fortman, Elizabeth Drake, Donald C.2 Oct 1971
Fortman, Gilbert L.Ade, Geneva18 Jul 2007Link to external site
Fortman, Harry W.McBride, Vickie S.3 Nov 1979
Fortman, James R.Sleesman, Cynthia 26 Jun 1976
Fortman, Jamie L.Huguenard, Jason A.12 Aug 2000
Fortman, John A.Azar, Linda A.8 Apr 1972
Fortman, Joseph E.Waterman, Mary E.14 Jul 2001
Fortman, Joseph L.Stroik, Kristen A.9 Aug 1997
Fortman, Joyce D.Deiser, Michael K.30 Jun 1990
Fortman, Marguerit Gadomski, John W.5 Jan 1965
Fortman, Marilyn R.Peters, Edward A.18 Aug 1973
Fortman, Martha A.Johns, Keith D.2 Aug 1973
Fortman, Mary S.Campbell, Robert R.9 Oct 1965
Fortman, Nancy E.Rorick, Ronald R.6 Sep 1975
Fortman, Patricia Hatcher, Thomas G.20 Apr 1974
Fortman, Robert P.Coan, Marie A.15 Dec 1984
Fortman, Thomas E.Lovan, Tonya A.18 Jul 1981
Fortmeyer, David A.Lombardo, Rosanne C.18 Sep 1993
Fortmeyer, Eric V.Swinehart, Margaret A.27 Oct 1984
Fortmeyer, Karen S.Buuck, Dale E.20 May 1989
Fortmeyer, Margaret A.Ferguson, Timothy A.8 Nov 1997
Fortmeyer, Michael P.Moss, Jocelynne J.19 Sep 2020Link to external site
Fortmeyer, Phillip Armey, Janet I.23 Jul 1971
Fortmeyer, Rebecca Seeling, Stephen M.21 Jun 1969
Fortmeyer, Robert V.Stater, Allyson R.23 Jul 2021Link to external site
Fortmeyer, Scott S.Wiggin, Rebecca J.17 Sep 1988
Fortmeyer, Scott S.Allen, Christina J.24 May 2004
Fortmeyer, Scott S.Campbell, Marie A.4 Apr 2008Link to external site
Fortmeyer, Steven Douglass, Helga R.19 Jun 1965
Fortmeyer, Wayne F.Brokaw, Roberta J.7 Aug 1988
Fortner, David O.Bsh, Jennifer K.21 Aug 1993
Fortner, Jill A.Kaloza, Chad I.11 May 2002
Fortner, Karl M.Bryant, Pamela C.10 Mar 1967
Fortner, Karl M.Barna, Barbara H.31 Jul 1971
Fortner, Linda S.Walczak, Mark J.6 May 2017Link to external site
Fortner, Tana R.Lombardo, Maurice 8 Apr 1967
Fortney, Barbara C.Handschy, Charles 17 Aug 1968
Fortney, Benjamin P.Ehle, Cortney B.10 Jul 2010Link to external site
Fortney, Cheryl L.Milholland, Steven S.3 Jul 1982
Fortney, Cheryl L.Koehl, Timothy R.18 Apr 1987
Fortney, Daniel A.Helsel, Marlene S.31 Dec 1970
Fortney, David H.Kreigh, Suzanne V.20 May 1966
Fortney, Debra D.Satterthwait, Michael R.
Fortney, Douglas A.Henschen, Katharine E.28 Sep 2019Link to external site
Fortney, Joseph W.Lowe, Inez M.22 Jun 1990
Fortney, KevinWheaton, Stephanie G.15 Dec 2017Link to external site
Fortney, Kevin E.Shriner, Jaime L.21 Sep 2019Link to external site
Fortney, Lana J.Weber, James M.25 Sep 1987
Fortney, Mark D.Black, Rhonda J.20 Oct 1979
Fortney, Mark D.Deblauw-Butler, Daun M.29 Oct 2016Link to external site
Fortney, MeganOsterman, Timothy5 Jan 2018Link to external site
Fortney, Nonie G.Ahr, Raeann R.14 Mar 1987
Fortney, Rachel A.Hughes, Scott 11 Mar 1989
Fortney, Rosalind A.Kalisieski, Richard A.16 Sep 1978
Fortney, StephanieNoel, Charles23 Jun 2020Link to external site
Fortney, Stephen P.Cavazos, Theresa D.5 Aug 2019Link to external site
Fortney, Vance E.Nelson, Kathy M.21 Aug 1987
Fortney, Vance E.Golden, Sue A.6 May 1994
Fortney, Virginia Roberts, Robert L.15 May 1968
Fortress, Diane E.Stein, Mark D.26 Nov 1982
Fortress, Scott B.Becraft, Lorie A.20 Oct 1984
Fortriede, Angela T.Smith, Ryan M.15 Apr 2002
Fortriede, Daniel Hilgemann, Jeanne 10 Jul 1976
Fortriede, David M.Riedhart, Locretia 11 Sep 1965
Fortriede, David M.Crawfis, Rebecca E.29 May 1987
Fortriede, Elizbth Fiedler, Robert E.5 Apr 1975
Fortriede, Kevin C.Daenens, Sherese A.10 Oct 1999
Fortriede, Linda J.Dorbin, Mark L.13 Jun 1975
Fortriede, Peter M.Spranger, Rachel L.17 Sep 2008Link to external site
Fortriede, Peter M.Rogers, Victoria B.22 Oct 2016Link to external site
Fortriede, Ralph C.Roembke, Kathryn L.22 Jun 1973
Fortriede, Steven Colvin, Lucinda D.27 May 1967
Fortriede, Steven C.Byall, Donna P.3 Jun 1995
Fortson, John E.Reichert, Sandra S.19 Apr 1986
Fortueyer, Eric V.Gater, Cynthia A.31 May 1997
Fortune, Estella D.Parker, Donnell 20 Dec 1965
Fortune, Frances R.Davis, Clarence E.24 Nov 1968
Fortune, Solomon A.Aldrich, Millisa V.18 Sep 2004

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