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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2023

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Odaniel, Elizabeth A. Dinnin, Samuel R. 29 Apr 2023Link to external site
O'Daniel, Gregory J.Friesner, Laura L.23 Nov 1996
O'Daniel, MeganMahren, James5 Jun 2021Link to external site
O'Daniel, Susan C.Lewis, Michael D.25 Aug 1979
O'Dare, Beth A.Hubbard, Alan R., Jr.14 Jun 1997
O'Dare, Catherine P.Warikelink, Roger A.1 Jun 1985
O'Day, Bridget N.Bender, Robert L.23 Sep 2000
O'Day, ClintBowers, Cori L.30 Aug 2003
O'Day, Danny J.Aruen, Andrea L.20 Jul 1985
O'Day, James R.Mendez, Sherry A.22 Jun 1974
O'Day, James R.Markland, Roselyn J.5 May 1988
O'Day, James R. JrFox, Terasa M.2 Jun 2007Link to external site
O'Day, James R., Jr.Donaghy, Lesley A.7 Nov 2018Link to external site
O'Day, Richard C.Wonders, Carol K.24 Aug 2002
O'Day, Roselyn J.Shipp, Glenn E.11 Jun 2001
O'Day, Terasa M.Mills, Kenneth J.9 Sep 2016Link to external site
Odden, Joan L.Scherf, Steven A.12 Aug 2016Link to external site
Oddou, Frank E.Grim, Dolores A.7 Oct 1967
Oddou, Nancy J.Williams, Gary E.26 Aug 1967
Oddou, Patricia L.Butler, Daniel V.27 May 1978
Oddou, Rochelle M.Schlup, Robert A.15 Jan 1966
Oddou, Sue A.Bausermon, Ronald A.1 Dec 1978
Odea, John K.Field, Mary A.26 May 1979
Odea, Jolie M.Stpeters, Jay R.17 Aug 1985
Odell, Billy J.Lord, Kardyn J.13 Oct 2009Link to external site
Odell, Brittany Parker, Arkevious T. 17 Mar 2023Link to external site
O'Dell, Charles D.Locker, Valerie J.1 Jul 1967
O'Dell, ChristianCain, Brittany26 Oct 2019Link to external site
O'Dell, Dana J. Brown, Blanche V. 13 Oct 2023Link to external site
O'Dell, Daniel J.Plank, Charity H.1 Aug 2009Link to external site
O'Dell, Deanna R.Essig, Adam D.25 May 1991
O'Dell, Emma W.Rowell, Guy M.26 Jun 1965
O'Dell, Everett E.Hoerger, Jeanne E.21 Jul 1989
O'Dell, Gary K.Yovanovitch, Ann 18 Apr 1970
O'Dell, Hershell L.Rappe, Jerilyn S.12 Jun 1982
O'Dell, Jacob A.Marks, Rylee E.8 Aug 2020Link to external site
O'Dell, Jeanne E.Elmer, Robert O.6 Jul 1991
O'Dell, Jennie M.Fowler, Jack L.18 Jul 1977
Odell, Jerry L.Cones, Joan M.19 Jun 2010Link to external site
O'Dell, John M.Meier, Karen S.22 Jul 1994
O'Dell, Joseph R.Gillingham, Jynette11 Jan 1999
O'Dell, Justin K.Reinking, Emily K.19 Jun 2004
Odell, Kamerie J.Westerhausen, Nicholas J.26 Sep 2015Link to external site
O'Dell, Karissa D.Henderson, David A.30 Jul 2011Link to external site
O'Dell, Kelli J.Bell, Christopher L.19 Jun 1996
Odell, Lawrence M. IISmith, Jessica L.31 Aug 2007Link to external site
Odell, Lorie A.Osborne, Duane K.6 Apr 2015Link to external site
O'Dell, Lucas T.Fowler, Tonja16 Jul 2011Link to external site
O'Dell, Marilyn L.Grafton, Donald P.26 Aug 1967
O'Dell, Melinda T.Gibson, Brandon B.23 May 2018Link to external site
O'Dell, Melissa E.Weeks, Randall L.30 May 1999
O'Dell, Melissa E.McKale, Brian K.1 Oct 2014Link to external site
O'Dell, Nicole M.Schultz, Peter A.7 Apr 2003
O'Dell, Norma J.Suckle, Leonard I.15 Jan 1977
O'Dell, Patricia A.Miller, Richey L.2 Oct 1970
O'Dell, Raoul L.Wyse, Alicia J.17 Jul 1967
O'Dell, Raoul L.Light, Sara J.29 Jun 1971
O'Dell, Rebecca E.France, Richard N., Jr.6 Jul 2018Link to external site
O'Dell, Renee H.Prince, Michael O.6 Sep 1996
O'Dell, Robert M.Tanner, Betty J.18 May 1991
O'Dell, Shawn P.Craig, Tammy M.15 Aug 1986
O'Dell, Stephanie L.Wilker, Brian P.10 Jun 1995
O'Dell, Tammy M.Hicks, Jay L.20 Nov 2001
O'Dell, Timothy D.Konz, Lisa K.13 May 2000
O'Dell, Willa R.Kenward, Scott R.19 Mar 1983
O'Dell, William R., Jr.Patton, Stephanie A.6 Apr 1991
Odem, AnneSmith, Anthony23 Feb 2021Link to external site
Odem, Brenda S.Drudge, Curtis D.13 Jun 1987
Odem, Bronson E.Chase, Catjerome E.3 Sep 1994
Odem, George E.Friend, Gwendolyn V.12 Feb 1983
Odem, Kimberly S.Reimschisel, Donald E.14 Apr 1993
Odem, Margaret I.Gable, Delmer 25 Aug 1965
Odem, Oscar H.Gribler, Peggy A.6 Mar 1965
Odem, Susan E.Ley, Joel V.18 Oct 1980
Oden, Charles J.Lohse, Laurie J.14 May 1994
Oden, Frederick L.Holliness, Quinette J.6 Oct 1987
Oden, James E.McDonald, Myrna J.21 Jun 1980
Oden, James E.McDonald, Myrna J.15 Apr 2000
Oden, Jesse H.Keirn, Kimberly N.26 Jan 1995
Oden, Marilyn L.Toro, Joseph D.27 Aug 2011Link to external site
Oden, Roosevelt J.Thomas, Melodie A.20 Dec 2009Link to external site
Oden, Scott A.Cowan, Kristie N.26 Jul 2003
Odenweller, Lynne M.Stover, Robert J.28 Nov 1995
Odess, Todd A.Kirkendall, Sarah R.20 May 2016Link to external site
Odier, Barbara E.Hayes, Samuel E.18 May 1968
Odier, BraediHuneck, Matthew22 Sep 2017Link to external site
Odier, Charles E.Schackow, Sharon R.7 Jan 1970
Odier, Charles E.O'Blenis, Debbie K.13 Jul 1991
Odier, Christina K. Ballora, William S. 18 Feb 2023Link to external site
Odier, Cindy S.Jewel, Stephen M.5 Aug 1967
Odier, Fannie Golumban, Michael 25 Jul 1970
Odier, Leslie W.Marsh, Nancy K.13 Feb 1965
Odier, Leslie W.Jones, Susan K.24 Mar 1979
Odier, Maria L.Odier, William R.26 Mar 2021Link to external site
Odier, Mary F.Dooley, Michael L.3 Jul 1984
Odier, Randy B.King, Carmen A.2 Mar 1968
Odier, Randy B.Toam, Tina 19 Jul 1985
Odier, Randy B.Odler, Tina C.27 Jun 2008Link to external site
Odier, Steven K.Yarman, Cindy S.19 Mar 1966
Odier, Susan K.Goff, Alfred P.5 Sep 1999
Odier, Suzanne E.Jones, Clark F., Jr.9 Mar 1968
Odier, William R.Neal, Marsha A.27 Dec 1985
Odier, William R.Sprague, Cindy A.23 Sep 1996
Odier, William R.Odier, Maria L.26 Mar 2021Link to external site
Odier, William W.Archer, Shamra M.3 Sep 1994
Odier, William W.Raber, Christina K.3 Apr 2010Link to external site
Odigboh, Chike V.Abram, Judith E.30 Sep 2000
Odigboh, Sam U. Valdes, Azucena N. 19 Oct 2023Link to external site
Odisho, Ashley S.Englehart, Tate B.6 Nov 2021Link to external site
Odisho, Ashoor W.Moering, Laura S.4 Oct 1991
Odisho, SashaAza, Andres13 Oct 2012Link to external site
Odisho, Shamiran W.Cramer, Kenneth J.22 Sep 1984
Odle, Blaise E.Farina, Matthew R.29 May 2010Link to external site
Odle, Jackson P.Jacoby, Kathryn J.22 Apr 2017Link to external site
Odle, Kenneth T.Hartig, Olivia M.12 Jun 2021Link to external site
Odle, Michele D.Massie, Stephen R.28 Sep 2002
Odle, Raine A.Hertel, Jeffrey A.1 Jun 2013Link to external site
Odle, Sloane V. Russo, Kory S. 6 May 2023Link to external site
Odle, Tyrel G.Goldstone, Melanie K.21 Sep 1996
Odler, Tina C.Odier, Randy B.27 Jun 2008Link to external site
Odneal, David L.Shuptar, Trina L.25 May 1974
Odobasic, HasimBarile, Claire W.6 Nov 2021Link to external site
Odobasic, MersaBoester, Daniel S. Mr29 Apr 2022Link to external site
Odoh, Innocent U.Gibson, Latoya M.28 Aug 2015Link to external site
Odom, Calvin A.King, Judith A.28 Jun 1974
Odom, Donna S.Richardson, David J.28 Nov 2007Link to external site
Odom, Harold C.Mahan, Laura M.31 Dec 1991
Odom, Jackson D.Bouse, Mary L.6 Nov 1964
Odom, Joe E.Britten, Mary L.22 Sep 1975
Odom, Khela J.Franklin, Detrick L.16 Apr 1999
Odom, Krystal Q.Elliott, Dudley Jr18 May 2022Link to external site
Odom, Mable E.Taylor, Johnny W.28 Dec 1990
Odom, Martha A.Bryant, Jack C.6 Jun 1975
Odom, Mary E.Geist, Alva G.2 Feb 1974
Odom, Mary L.Brown, Paul G.5 Jun 1978
Odom, Nancy I.Ash, Herman L.30 Jul 1994
Odom, Pamela M.Haver, Richard, Jr.30 Jun 1970
Odom, Peggy S.Lattimore, David L.18 Nov 1997
Odom, Peggy S.Revera, Shahaun Z.21 May 2011Link to external site
Odom, Raymond F.Wright, Marti L.16 Jun 1984
Odom, Raymond F.Hill, Ruth A.24 May 1996
Odom, Ronald R.Weber, Whitney L.22 Jul 2010Link to external site
Odom, Stacy K.Murray, Victus S.16 Dec 1996
Odom, Tonya L.Porter, Prince J.4 Dec 1989
Odom, Tonya L.Holley, Leon Sr.22 Oct 2013Link to external site
Odom, Willie M.Vanaman, Lesley K.2 Sep 1994
Odom, Willie M. IIIBrooks, Roven A.3 Jul 2014Link to external site
Odompley, Teyekwor A.Salawou, Akimu23 Mar 2018Link to external site
Odonnell, Alicia C.Israel, Thomas J. II16 Jun 2012Link to external site
O'Donnell, BrandyMahathy, Michael W.10 Aug 2015Link to external site
O'Donnell, Brian L.Bernard, Belinda M.10 Aug 1984
O'Donnell, Brian L.Bernard, Belinda M.2 Jul 1993
O'Donnell, Cassie N.Brewer, Daniel D.25 Oct 2018Link to external site
O'Donnell, Charles B.Pollock, Cynthia A.21 Jul 2016Link to external site
O'Donnell, David V.Senseny, Jennifer 20 Aug 1977
O'Donnell, Hugh J.Zalimeyer, Judith A.27 Nov 1965
O'Donnell, James J.Cline, Evelyn L.19 May 1967
O'Donnell, James J.Schmidt, Margaret A.22 Dec 1986
O'Donnell, James K.Relue, Josie A.10 Jul 1993
Odonnell, Laurel D.Blough, Robert A.10 Oct 2009Link to external site
O'Donnell, Maureen L.Hatfield, Robert J.25 May 1989
O'Donnell, Maureen L.Maple, Mark W.4 Jun 1994
O'Donnell, Rose M.Lahrman, Scott A.22 Mar 1980
O'Donnell, Taylor R.Williams, Javonte J.14 Oct 2015Link to external site
O'Donnell, Thomas J.Hause, Cathrine A.15 Jun 1984
O'Donnell, Timothy S.Quinn, Susan A.3 Jul 2010Link to external site
O'Donnell, Timothy S.Lister, Michelle A.16 Jul 2022Link to external site
O'Donnell, Willm, Jr.Harz, Carol E.19 Jun 1971
O'Donoghue, Maureen E.Kaminer, Janie E.16 Oct 2015Link to external site
Odoou, Christine A.Lee, Larry A.8 Nov 1975
O'Dor, Margaret I.Kemnitz, Fred T.10 May 1997
Odorizzi, Adam L.Reff, Amy C.15 May 2021Link to external site
O'Dowd, Amy R.Ryan, Kevin J.11 Jul 1981
O'Dowd, Patricia A.Sosenheimer, John 21 Sep 1973
O'Dowd, Richard J.McQueen, Mary V.12 Oct 1979
Odum, Georgia L.Thieme, Leslie W.10 Apr 1970
Odum, Harold C.Higgens, Katrine M.25 Mar 1977
Odum, Homer A.Niemeyer, Karen L.25 Jul 1974
Odum, Homer A.Odum, Karln L.30 Jan 1987
Odum, Howard C., Jr.Hannah, Judith A.29 Nov 1976
Odum, Jason M.Mall, Melissa M.6 Oct 2007Link to external site
Odum, Kari L.Cox, Matthew G.28 Dec 1995
Odum, Karln L.Odum, Homer A.30 Jan 1987
Odum, Katrine M.Brink, Stephen F.27 Feb 1993
Odunaiya, Yusuf A.Hayden, Lohattis30 Jun 2021Link to external site
Oduyer, Andrew, Jr.Leach, Margaret M.25 Jun 1966
O'Dwyer, James M.Dodane, Judith A.13 Aug 1971
Odzark, ShaneLevise, Hannah M.22 Jun 2019Link to external site

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