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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2023

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Ovalle Lobo, Yeris P. Cifuentes, Jose A. 22 Jun 2023Link to external site
Ovalle, Anthony B.Porter, Jessica S.27 Dec 2015Link to external site
Ovalle, Josefa Sanchez, Jose A.27 Feb 1974
Ovalle, Paloma S.Velazquez, Gonzalo22 Aug 2018Link to external site
Ovcina, AmirCacan, Lejla25 May 2000
Oveemyer, Joseph H.Schlie, Susan A.27 Feb 1977
Overbay, Avery E.Gabriel, Joy D.27 Jul 2008Link to external site
Overbay, Avory E.Johnson, Sharon E.2 Jul 1982
Overbay, BrianJacquay, Katherine7 Feb 2018Link to external site
Overbay, Darryll A.Hill, Sherry L.14 Jul 2018Link to external site
Overbay, Diana S.Overbay, James O.19 Nov 1977
Overbay, Jackie L.Gross, Anthony J.2 Sep 2000
Overbay, James M.Smith, Suzanne 1 Jun 1990
Overbay, James O.Overbay, Diana S.19 Nov 1977
Overbay, Kenneth E. Venderley, Bailee K. 3 Sep 2023Link to external site
Overbay, Michelle M.Miller, Patrick T.26 Oct 1985
Overbay, Opal L.Swangin, Richard I.21 Oct 1966
Overbay, Rufus H.Souder, Clara J.7 Feb 1972
Overbay, Rufus H.Overbay, Wanda A.26 Mar 1997
Overbay, Rufus H., IVDavis, Myranda K.31 Mar 2016Link to external site
Overbay, Rufus H., Jr.Bennett, Wanda A.4 Aug 1989
Overbay, Rufus Jr King, Phyllis V.9 Jun 1976
Overbay, Shelba K.Renner, James J.21 Jun 1985
Overbay, Sherry K.Vibbert, Donald Jr 4 Dec 1976
Overbay, Theresa F.Kennedy, Michael L.15 Dec 1979
Overbay, Wanda A.Overbay, Rufus H.26 Mar 1997
Overbay, Wanda A.Neal, Bryan G.6 Apr 2002
Overbeay, Melissa A.Heller, Rick A.13 Feb 1993
Overbeck, Michael J.Vessels, Kelsey21 Jun 2019Link to external site
Overbey, Christopher A.Vlot, Mishelle L.16 May 1997
Overby, Gregory A.Kelly, Nicole M.30 Jul 2014Link to external site
Overby, Jason P.Aldridge, Lisa M.17 Feb 2001
Overby, Jennifer C.Hofmann, Michael W.25 Jul 2009Link to external site
Overby, Lisa M.Drew, Jeremy S.28 Jun 2008Link to external site
Overby, Mykel E.Hughes, Jamie L.2 Feb 2007Link to external site
Overby, Paula M.Spaulding, Joseph E.7 Mar 1981
Overby, Russell L.Sheets, Joyce A.14 Aug 1971
Overby, Sandra L.Sorgen, Bruce W.14 Feb 1969
Overcash, Susan D.Byrd, Garry A.9 Jul 1977
Overcash, Timothy J.Testa, Laura K.2 May 2009Link to external site
Overcashier, Teresa S.Ladig, Jeffrey M.15 Sep 2001
Overfield, David A.Eakins, Marvella S.29 Nov 1975
Overfield, David A.Cayot, Carla S.1 May 1982
Overfield, Marnie M.Robinson, Gerald R.16 Jun 2011Link to external site
Overfield, Travis A.Kyler, Linda L.11 Nov 1989
Overhauser, Elizabeth A.Boatright, Michael J.11 May 2013Link to external site
Overhiser, Mark W.Roy, Linda S.3 Sep 1977
Overhiser, Mark W.May, Tracy L.15 Jul 2000
Overholser, Michael W.Gilespie, Laura A.1 Feb 2003
Overholser, Rch, Jr.Ober, Vicky L.14 Oct 1967
Overholt, Benjamin Hammond, Ali 15 Dec 2023Link to external site
Overholt, Brinton Neff, Ladonna S.10 Aug 1968
Overholt, Cynthia L.Hemmilgarn, Gerald A.30 Apr 1983
Overholt, Gregory L.Sackash, Lisa A.8 Oct 1983
Overholt, Judith A.Geiger, Kerry A.11 Jul 1970
Overholt, Kayla A.Leichty, Andrew J.10 Oct 2015Link to external site
Overholt, Lawrence C.Stoneb Raker, Vicki L.25 Jun 1982
Overholt, Melainie A.Carlin, Douglas L.26 Mar 2011Link to external site
Overholt, Thomas R.Holcomb, Jaime L.27 Nov 1999
Overholt, Timothy Haugk, Joyce E.5 Jul 1969
Overholts, Mark C.Jordan, Donna J.30 Apr 1994
Overhouser, Monroe Estes, Janice E.23 Sep 1966
Overla, Christopher L.Smith, Angela S.1 Sep 2013Link to external site
Overlander, Allison M.Lehmann, Gavin J.29 Jul 2017Link to external site
Overlander, Diane L.Michels, William J.11 Jun 1983
Overlander, Rodney C.Bash, Cynthia A.1 Jul 1989
Overley, Elizabeth Pence, Hayley N. 8 Sep 2023Link to external site
Overley, Paul T.Delucenay, Kathryn L.25 Jan 1985
Overley, William P.Scharringhau, Vickie 21 Nov 1984
Overly, Deborah J.Skevington, Thm, Jr.14 May 1971
Overly, Dorothy M.Archor, Victor K.7 Oct 1967
Overly, Gary L. SrArnold, Doris E.12 Aug 2017Link to external site
Overly, Gary L., Jr.Loveless, Heather M.15 Sep 2001
Overly, John W.Hauth, Constance E.5 Jun 1971
Overly, Kurtis A.Lake, Lynnane9 May 2021Link to external site
Overly, Mark A.Bowers, Christine 22 Jan 1977
Overly, Mark A.Yoder, Colletta L.8 May 2007Link to external site
Overly, Rhonda L.Walton, Michael F.10 Jan 1975
Overly, Rita K.Self, Ralph D.19 Dec 1982
Overly, Stephanie M.Pelsinski, Raymond R. II20 Dec 2012Link to external site
Overman, Abigail M.Harper, Justin D.25 Sep 2010Link to external site
Overman, Bruce D.Johnson, Gladys A.3 Aug 1966
Overman, David C.Gerbers, Karen R.12 Feb 1994
Overman, Deborah L.McFarren, Carl D.3 Jun 1972
Overman, Jennifer B.Tope, Shane A.19 Mar 1999
Overman, JeremiahTittle, Jennifer27 Oct 2015Link to external site
Overman, John B., Jr.Morrison, Judith A.2 May 1975
Overman, Karen R.Rodenbeck, Todd R.21 Feb 2004
Overman, Laura E.Presley, Austin C.17 Nov 2018Link to external site
Overman, Linda J.Hinrichs, Tony A.7 Jun 1986
Overman, Matthew L.Quinn, Deanna R.12 Jun 2010Link to external site
Overman, Merlin R.Brackin, Betty J.28 Mar 1970
Overman, Raymond L.Peters, Marcy L.2 Jul 1977
Overman, Raymond L.Hoover, Margaret L.11 Oct 1980
Overman, Theron N.Conway, Donna M.25 Jan 1975
Overmeyer, Adam L.Minga, Fioralba14 Jul 2015Link to external site
Overmeyer, Katherine M.Alles, Mark A.12 Jun 1982
Overmeyer, Phillicia M.Gerardot, Anthony G.23 May 2020Link to external site
Overmeyer, Ronald Fryback, Arlene J.25 Nov 1977
Overmyer, Andrew S.Smith, Kristina B.4 Jun 2011Link to external site
Overmyer, Andrew V.Smith, Kathy A.28 Feb 1986
Overmyer, Anthony G.Neff, Rebecca G.24 Aug 2002
Overmyer, Arlene J.Lewis, Stewart E.9 Aug 1986
Overmyer, Cheryl K.Lezam, William 20 Mar 1971
Overmyer, Jack B.Setters, Monica L.6 Mar 1994
Overmyer, James G.Berning, Beth C.22 Aug 1981
Overmyer, Jan M.Biasini, Fred J.16 Jul 1976
Overmyer, Janet L.Farias, Arnulfo10 Jul 1993
Overmyer, Juanita M.Weiskitter, Robert E.7 May 1990
Overmyer, Julia A.Eckelbarger, Sean R.8 Apr 1991
Overmyer, Karen A.Vaughn, James E.9 Aug 1975
Overmyer, Karen A.Caudill, Gary16 Jul 1993
Overmyer, Karl R.Ebnit, Dawn E.5 Jan 1979
Overmyer, Kathleen M.Wiley, Michael T.13 May 1983
Overmyer, Kent T.Bonnette, Kelli A.12 Aug 1988
Overmyer, Kurt M.Watkins, Judith L.7 Jan 1978
Overmyer, Larry S.Schuller, Mary E.12 Apr 1969
Overmyer, Leland P.Gray, Lois I.13 Feb 1971
Overmyer, Margaret Smith, Richard F.23 Apr 1965
Overmyer, Mary E.Lopez, Erick R.8 Jul 1997
Overmyer, Maureen R.Carrillo, Juan A.27 Feb 1999
Overmyer, Michael Macias, Juanita 15 May 1981
Overmyer, Michael E.Hom, Jennifer C.9 Jul 1994
Overmyer, Michael K.Powers, Cynthia A.25 Jul 1987
Overmyer, Norma R.Smith, Michael E.26 Sep 1967
Overmyer, Patrick T.Wiegman, Catherine J.24 Oct 1987
Overmyer, Rhonda M.Buuck, Greg L.4 Mar 1989
Overmyer, Ruth E.Zonker, Walter W.14 Jan 1966
Overmyer, Sally J.Feasby, Dennis L.7 Jun 1969
Overmyer, Seth N.Baldwin, Gina M.10 Jun 2010Link to external site
Overmyer, Thomas J.Wenrick, Cindy L.3 Aug 1985
Overmyer, Timothy L.Poling, Kimberly S.6 May 1994
Overmyer, Todd A.Palmer, Rachelle M.20 Mar 1982
Overmyer, Tyler A.Cebalt, Emily A.28 May 2011Link to external site
Overmyer, Vtcturia A.Ptre, Albert A.22 Jun 1978
Overpeck, Asenath Rocke, Jeffrey A.25 May 1974
Overs, Roger N.Arellano Reyes, Nancy N.19 Apr 2007Link to external site
Overstake, Dawn M.Wolfcale, Stephen17 Apr 1997
Overstreet, Andrea J.Haefner, Mark A.17 Jan 2020Link to external site
Overstreet, Eugene G.Fetters, Andrea J.14 Oct 1987
Overstreet, Jacqueline A.Buck, Paul D.29 Jul 1988
Overstreet, Michael E.Baker, Erika M.16 Sep 2015Link to external site
Overtgn, Anthony A.Perry, Yvonne K.7 Aug 1971
Overton, Cathy S.Modisett, Thomas R.21 May 1971
Overton, Dawn R.Dykes, James W.6 Jul 1991
Overton, Francis E.Lee, Hazel L.18 Jul 1996
Overton, Gordon E.McMahan, Jenny A.9 Oct 1965
Overton, Kenneth J.Armstrong, Linda M.
Overton, Kimberly M.Gordon, Tony D.20 Jun 2013Link to external site
Overton, Latoya L.Morrow, William D.15 Jun 2002
Overton, Rebecca A.Redden, William E.29 Aug 1970
Overton, Ruth E.Murphy, Timothy H.9 Aug 1980
Overton, Sydneka V.Walker, Lavon L.25 Aug 2010Link to external site
Overturf, Stephen Hall, Deborah K.26 Oct 1974
Overy, Andrew D.L'Esperance, Crista J.12 Aug 2017Link to external site
Overy, David J.Vergon, Julia N.18 Jun 2022Link to external site
Ovieda, Hilda Ochoa, William A., Jr.2 Mar 1979
Ovitt, Janice R.Kline, Jack12 Jun 1997
Ovitt, Rodney L.Croy, Carolyn J.5 Jun 1993

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