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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2018

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
St Andrew, Margaret A.Davis, Robert W.29 Aug 2003
St Andrew, Patricia A.Ramsey, Randy A.24 Oct 1998
St Charles, Jeffrey W.Collins, Sarah K.16 Aug 1986
St Clair, Kindra A.Jackson, Jerome 28 Sep 1989
St Fleur, NickelsonWoodson, Anitra12 Aug 2015Link to external site
St John, Gina M.De Armond, Louis B.17 Aug 2002
St John, John L.Minnick, Janeece K.3 Feb 1980
St John, Kelly A.Pikel, Brian T.27 Feb 1993
St John, LisaPolice, Joel3 Jun 2012Link to external site
St John, Lisa M.Leon, Donald J.1 Nov 1993
St John, Michael E.Fyfe, Jamie M.6 Mar 2004
St John, Robert M.Luann, Boyer7 Jul 2000
St Johns, Margorie T.Emmons, Richard E.11 Aug 1988
St Laurant, Claudette J.Petrie, Ernest N.8 Mar 1982
St Martin, John F.Sherman, Julie28 Apr 2002
St Peters, Jill L.Glasscock, Grant R.17 Jun 1988
St. Amour, Kasandra R.Dely, Daniel M.28 Dec 2011Link to external site
St. Clair, Erin M.Cote, Justin P.14 Jun 2014Link to external site
St. Clair, Kayla L.Miser, Gregory A.1 Aug 2015Link to external site
St. John, Chris M.Malott, Carrie A.14 May 1994
St. Louis, Olivia J.Hayes, Matthew P.4 Jan 2014Link to external site
St. Myers, Justin B.Hesterman, Karla M.21 Jun 2014Link to external site
Staadt, David A.Dafforn, Barbara J.30 Aug 1985
Staak, Fritz L.Wilson, Betty J.23 Oct 1982
Staak, Nikolas L.Fowler, Kris J.22 Jun 2017Link to external site
Staak, Thomas E.Groves, Paula A.30 Sep 1972
Staak, Thomas W.Bass, Sharon A.3 Aug 1968
Staaland, Miranda L.Barta, Ryan T.12 Jun 2004
Staaot, David A.Earl, Candy S.29 Sep 2007Link to external site
Staarks, Elbert, Jr.Lipscomb, Brenda D.16 Aug 1996
Staats, Challene A.Mills, Thomas R.16 Dec 1995
Staats, Darryl W.Piekarski, Stephanie M.20 Dec 1996
Staats, Janis A.Straw, Richard A.20 Nov 1987
Staats, Robert J.Johnston, Janis A.10 Jul 1982
Staats, Robert J.Atkinson, Charlene A.22 Nov 1988
Stabelli, Joseph Slagle, Judith A.6 Jul 1968
Stabelli, Margaret Waterman, William 2 Mar 1974
Stablein, Thomas R.Farmer, Laura A.21 Apr 2000
Stabler, Alan H.Nelson, Ramona G.16 Sep 1974
Stabler, Andrew L.Reilley, Tonya L.12 Jul 2013Link to external site
Stabler, Angela D.Holman, Andre G.4 Dec 1999
Stabler, Angela L.Michell, Steven A.23 Sep 2000
Stabler, Anthony L.Kennerk, Susan M.17 Sep 1985
Stabler, Anthony L.Jones, Tamera R.24 Jul 1999
Stabler, Babi E.Beyer, H S.10 Mar 2012Link to external site
Stabler, Barbara J.Wyss, Anthony P.11 Apr 1986
Stabler, Brenda S.Price, William C.9 Nov 1979
Stabler, Carl A.Lederman, Linda L.21 Oct 1967
Stabler, Carol J.Nichter, Gary A.18 Aug 1983
Stabler, Carol J.Craighead, William J.24 Dec 1985
Stabler, David A.Dumato, Jamie L.25 Aug 1990
Stabler, Deborah K.Griffith, Bret A.30 Apr 1977
Stabler, Donald J.Miller, Courtney L.13 Apr 2002
Stabler, Donald L.Bonkoski, Diana M.21 Oct 1972
Stabler, Dwayne R.Liddy, Kelly N.6 Apr 2002
Stabler, Gary G.Sherman, Mary J.15 Sep 1979
Stabler, Glenda J.Waldren, Timothy M.5 Sep 1989
Stabler, Harold M.Didion, Elizabeth M.21 May 1983
Stabler, James M.Roop, Ashley S.12 Oct 2013Link to external site
Stabler, John C.Cornewell, Michele M.6 Mar 1983
Stabler, Karen S.Cade, Derek J.20 May 1989
Stabler, Kathy K.Feasby, Rex W.5 Dec 1987
Stabler, Kelly A.Anderson, Bart E.20 May 1989
Stabler, Kenji A.Harvey, Timothy L.15 Aug 2015Link to external site
Stabler, Kenneth G.Delagrange, Ruth K.16 Nov 2002
Stabler, Kenneth J.Tucker, Diana S.9 Oct 1971
Stabler, Kim M.Plummer, David S.19 Nov 1982
Stabler, Lance B.Neuhalfen, Michalene R.6 Nov 1990
Stabler, Larry C.Davis, Sandra L.14 Nov 1975
Stabler, Linda S.Stabler, Matthew R.16 Jul 1993
Stabler, Matthew R.Herendeen, Karen L.27 May 1983
Stabler, Matthew R.Newman, Linda S.31 Aug 1990
Stabler, Matthew R.Stabler, Linda S.16 Jul 1993
Stabler, Michael R.Witkopf, Deborah A.23 Aug 1996
Stabler, Paul C.Stoller, Glenna D.2 Jul 1988
Stabler, Peggy H.Brock, Richard K.25 Sep 1982
Stabler, Rebecca M.Ray, James F.29 Jun 1974
Stabler, Rene D.Mittan, James M.29 Nov 1974
Stabler, Robert L.Troop, Sandra S.29 Oct 1965
Stabler, Ronald L.Ford, Neva J.14 Jun 1986
Stabler, Ryan K.Alpin, Kera L.11 Jun 2015Link to external site
Stabler, Scott L.Davis, Tina M.
Stabler, Stefanie L.Collins, Hearel W., III27 Sep 1997
Stabler, Stephen L.Anderson, Ruth A.14 Feb 1982
Stabler, Susan M.Russell, Mitchell C.5 Jun 1999
Stabler, Tracie A.Derbyshire, David C.12 Sep 1987
Stabler, Valeria I.Geise, Jerome A.30 Oct 1976
Stabler, Veronica S.Mesing, Carl C.17 Apr 1993
Stabler, Veronica S.Emmett, Robert R., Jr.19 Apr 1997
Stabler-Jones, Bertha M.Dennis, Henry L.1 Apr 1999
Stace, Cortney L.Hogan, Daniel E.27 Jul 2013Link to external site
Stacey, Christian W.Majikes, Melissa A.2 Nov 2002
Stacey, Karen L.Lorenzetti, Richrd 14 Oct 1972
Stacey, Lashundra D.Jackson, Terry L.23 Dec 2015Link to external site
Stach, Christie M.Marcuccilh, Ralph E.28 Feb 2009Link to external site
Stach, Todd A.Ibarra, Angelita16 Jan 1993
Stach, Valery J.Levy, Patrick P.2 Sep 1995
Stache, Melanie L.Piekarski, Peter T.7 May 1985
Stache, Melissa R.Soldner, Timothy J.8 Oct 1999
Stachera, John L.Horn, Carolyn A.22 Jul 1983
Stachler, Brent A.Baden, Renee D.26 Jun 1999
Stachowak, Lisa R.Votaw, Troy M.3 Oct 2009Link to external site
Stachowiak, Emily M.Wilson, Jeffery W.12 Oct 1996
Stachowiecz, Deborah A.Stachowiecz, Thomas6 Feb 2001
Stachowiecz, ThomasStachowiecz, Deborah A.6 Feb 2001
Stachurski, Tori J.Stover, Matthew J.24 Aug 2013Link to external site
Stack, John P.Centliver, Gayle V.17 Mar 1973
Stack, Patrick J.Wells, Janine A.10 Feb 1967
Stack, Richard Vanho, Kay E.28 Apr 1982
Stack, Shelia K.Smtth, Ben D.2 Jun 1973
Stacker, Geneva Smith, L. T.3 Apr 1972
Stacker, Karen A.Fichter, Charles J.14 Mar 1981
Stacker, Lucretia Roe, Jeffery L.15 Dec 1973
Stackhouse, Ashley N.Klausing, Dustin R.29 May 2010Link to external site
Stackhouse, Carrie L.Wolf, Thomas W.11 Sep 1982
Stackhouse, Diane Wclls, Stanley L.10 Nov 1964
Stackhouse, George T.Cecka, Lori A.3 Mar 1979
Stackhouse, James North, Carolyn D.8 Jan 1972
Stackhouse, Karen A.Williams, Lisa22 Jul 2016Link to external site
Stackhouse, Lee A.Skiles, Christiana K.17 Jun 1989
Stackhouse, Lee W.Lay, Delores E.5 Nov 1965
Stackhouse, Phillip D.McDowell, Glenda L.28 Oct 1999
Stackhouse, Phillp Day, Pamela K.13 Aug 1965
Stackhouse, Rhonda Putt, Mark S.22 Jun 1974
Stackhouse, Ruth F.Fuhrman, Kenneth W.8 Aug 1978
Stackhouse, StevenLindus, Stella M.2 Aug 2017Link to external site
Stackhouse, Steven A.Richards, Dorann G.21 Sep 2013Link to external site
Stackhouse, Thomas R.Hofferberth, Karen A.3 Jun 1978
Stackhouse, YvonneBess, Donald V.27 Oct 2009Link to external site
Stackowiak, Raymond C.Morsches, Linda S.23 Oct 1982
Stacy, Allison L.Kessinger, Samuel M.24 May 1991
Stacy, Artis J.Morgan, Patricfa M.1 May 1971
Stacy, Benjamin R.Kelsey, Lydia M.7 Jun 1997
Stacy, Cheryl A.Stowe, Michael W.22 Jan 1977
Stacy, Cheryl A.Smith, James E.17 Aug 2002
Stacy, Cora L.Johnson, Leroy 7 Apr 1988
Stacy, Cora L.Jones, Quincey L.12 Nov 1999
Stacy, David J.Brookbank, Christine M.20 Sep 1997
Stacy, Dexter L. JrSwager, Kristina L.11 Jan 2011Link to external site
Stacy, George A.Coil, Gloria A.22 Nov 1986
Stacy, George A.Lepper, Drema S.1 Jun 2001
Stacy, Herman F.Scheele, Helen M.25 Jul 1967
Stacy, JamieSark, Candice26 Aug 2017Link to external site
Stacy, Jamie L.Hensley, Jessica C.27 Feb 2003
Stacy, Jeffrey A.Wannemaker, Kim M.6 Jun 1998
Stacy, Jeffrey A.Stein, Kristine J.6 Aug 2014Link to external site
Stacy, Kevin M.Rogers, Christie L.2 Oct 1999
Stacy, Larry A.Study, Linda K.25 Sep 1982
Stacy, Larry A.Read, Sheila E.23 Dec 2003
Stacy, Larry A.Doeden, Charlotte S.29 Jan 2016Link to external site
Stacy, Larry W.Fulk, Allison L.3 Dec 1983
Stacy, Lauren M.Almdale, Eric J.15 Aug 2009Link to external site
Stacy, Leroy Seal, Chantel R.14 Nov 1986
Stacy, Leslie A.Abbott, William M.19 Sep 1994
Stacy, Leslie A.Martinez, Fabian18 Dec 2013Link to external site
Stacy, Linda M.Dillion, Dannie E.16 Jun 1973
Stacy, Louise G.Frick, Jeremy A.21 Jun 2003
Stacy, Mark J.Yost, Mary A.15 Dec 1973
Stacy, Mark J.Niemeyer, Vickie L.8 Aug 1983
Stacy, Mary A.Gates, Douglas L.9 Jan 1978
Stacy, Nicole L.Porter, Thomas R. 21 Apr 2016Link to external site
Stacy, Patricia M.Fields, Elmer 26 Jun 1978
Stacy, Rebecca L.Garcia, Raul H.18 May 2007Link to external site
Stacy, Sandra K.Steigerwald, Jlester 2 Jun 1989
Stacy, Sarah N.Dimke, Mitchell A.29 Aug 2015Link to external site
Stacy, Shelley J.Shaffer, Ralph E.1 Oct 1977
Stacy, Teresa A.Rogers, Mark A.9 Aug 1976
Stacy, Tyler A.Recht, Samantha A.29 Sep 2018Link to external site
Stacy, Vickie L.Bell, Richard A.30 Jul 1999
Stade, Elizabeth A.Henderson, Paul E.18 Jun 1977
Stadelmayer, Robert P.Spice, Alana L.10 Aug 1996
Stadelmayer, Rosi Byall, Maurice S.7 Aug 1976
Stader, Nancy R.Morgan, Lawrence J.12 Jul 1967
Staedtler, David C.Hartman, Angela S.15 Mar 2008Link to external site
Staehle, Lisa A.Heck, Robert P.28 May 1988
Staff, PetraClayton, Richard L.25 Feb 1995
Stafford, Anne L.Johnson, Donald A.13 Oct 2001
Stafford, Arlene A.Stafford, Timothy 17 Oct 1964
Stafford, Arlene A.Smith, Kenneth W.23 Oct 1982
Stafford, Arlene L.Shepherd, Sam 25 Jun 1966
Stafford, Brenda C.Moon, Dennis23 Jul 2016Link to external site
Stafford, Brent A.Lay, Amy R.17 Oct 1998
Stafford, Brock E.Wakeland, Julia A.18 Jul 2008Link to external site
Stafford, Ciera A.Carner, Matthew R.1 Mar 2010Link to external site
Stafford, Clarence, Jr.Smith, Robin C.27 Feb 1998
Stafford, Cody M.Keim, Jacquelyn E.1 Jun 2018Link to external site
Stafford, Connie R.Manscorfer, James D.19 Aug 1978
Stafford, Darlene Ziegler, John J.13 Nov 1976
Stafford, David F.Scheerer, Tiffany N.4 Jul 2015Link to external site
Stafford, Deborah Surfus, Franklin L.13 Nov 1973
Stafford, Dennis O.Pook, Rena N.9 Aug 1989
Stafford, Donald W., Jr.Gibson, Alisa D.6 Sep 1966
Stafford, Ebony D.Williams, Aaron J.4 Aug 2000
Stafford, Harris P.Uecker, Rebecca A.7 Sep 1989
Stafford, James F.Bruns, Julie L.16 Jul 1983
Stafford, James L.Stafford, Muriel B.15 Mar 1997
Stafford, Jennifer I.Vasquez, Jorge4 Sep 1993
Stafford, Jennifer L.Klinger, James P.30 Sep 1995
Stafford, Jesse D.Wilson, Donna M.30 Jan 2012Link to external site
Stafford, Joanna M.Haner, Richard J.5 Jul 1975
Stafford, John R.Roach, Linda K.16 Apr 1977
Stafford, Joyce E.Thatcher, Laurence 12 Dec 1970
Stafford, Kathryn E.Cunningham, Matthew A.5 Nov 2011Link to external site
Stafford, Kayla C.Baker, Clayton A.12 May 2012Link to external site
Stafford, Kelly J.Cannon, Jason T.12 Oct 1996
Stafford, Kevin W.Johnson, Bobbie J.14 Sep 2002
Stafford, Kevin W.Albani, Mira Luna B.8 Apr 2015Link to external site
Stafford, Kristina A.Pena, Aaron18 Jul 2018Link to external site
Stafford, Linda B.Roe, Harold P.23 Jun 1990
Stafford, Linda S.Sheets, Theodore E.19 Apr 1974
Stafford, Lucretia Johnson, Jerry 17 Dec 1973
Stafford, Luther G.Foy, Eileen M.9 Aug 1980
Stafford, Mary E.Kaufman, Albert, Jr.23 Jul 1966
Stafford, Muriel B.Stafford, James L.15 Mar 1997
Stafford, Myrl D.Heiniger, Ruth E.17 Jan 1981
Stafford, Nathaniel W.Brewer, Tina M.6 Jul 1990
Stafford, Pamela K.White, Douglas K.25 May 1974
Stafford, Paul J.Williams, Jody L.5 Oct 1996
Stafford, Rena N.Egolf, Douglas E.14 Feb 1998
Stafford, Rita A.Fox, Richard R.4 Oct 1997
Stafford, Ronald E.Revel, Mary C.1 Mar 1974
Stafford, Ronald E.Peterson, Susan A.7 Apr 2000
Stafford, Stephen R.Blissett, Deborah L.10 Aug 1990
Stafford, Stephen R.Atkinson, Sandra F.15 Jun 2002
Stafford, Stephen R.Perkins, Dawn J.14 Feb 2007Link to external site
Stafford, Stephen R.Kerns, Marie R.27 Sep 2008Link to external site
Stafford, Steve Griffith, Kimberle A.21 Oct 1983
Stafford, Susan A.Cox, Robert F.2 Apr 1970
Stafford, Teresa A.Zuccollo, Peter J., Jr.27 Sep 1986
Stafford, Timothy Stafford, Arlene A.17 Oct 1964
Stafford, Timothy Kennedy, Suzanne R.25 Aug 1973
Stafford, Timothy M.Disney, Morgan W.21 Jun 2003
Stafford, Wayne O.Acosta, Rita D.5 Dec 1976
Stafford, Wayne O.Moreto, Nenit C.4 Mar 1993
Stafford, William H.Miller, Julie A.22 Oct 1983
Stage, David C.Roth, Suzanne M.22 May 2004
Stage, Edwin C. Jr.Goheen, Madeline M.2 Nov 2013Link to external site
Stage, John R.Lynn, Barbara J.5 Sep 1981
Stager, Dawn D.Dattilo, Benjamin F.15 Aug 2014Link to external site
Stagey, Will , Jr.Williams, Bertha M.19 Jun 1981
Stagg, Michael J.Collins, Nancy P.7 Jun 2002
Stagg, William D.Snider, Laura M.31 Oct 1993
Staggs, James R.Dillon, Dorothy D.11 Dec 1969
Staggs, Marvin R., IIKuhn, Gwen M.4 Jun 1994
Staggs, Mary L.Hunsberger, Kenneth P.15 Sep 1979
Staggs, Monica Y.Owens, Lamont D.14 Feb 1976
Stagni, Joshua C.Norton, Ashley K.11 Aug 2012Link to external site
Stahfiedin, Fifiliawati Go, Nicolaus K.7 Feb 2003
Stahl, Alicia A.Hollman, Jeffrey A.14 Feb 2016Link to external site
Stahl, Anthony T.Powell, Amanda D.16 May 2009Link to external site
Stahl, Bradley A.Leiter, Angela R.25 Oct 1997
Stahl, Bruce R.Trevino, Nancy A.13 Nov 1982
Stahl, Bruce R.York, Kimberly L.20 May 1995
Stahl, Carl G.Dix, Suzanne M.24 Oct 1970
Stahl, Carl G.Schultz, Janet M.8 Apr 1978
Stahl, Chad A. JrMock, Mary C.7 Jun 2017Link to external site
Stahl, ChristopherSavage, Barbra14 Feb 2015Link to external site
Stahl, Daniel E.Bookout, Julie A.1 Jun 1979
Stahl, Daniel E.Stevens, Janet S.22 Jan 1988
Stahl, Daniel Z.Williams, Courtney E.7 Sep 2013Link to external site
Stahl, DavidParnin, Kelly30 Aug 2014Link to external site
Stahl, David A.Seelig, Linda B.6 Oct 1973
Stahl, Dawn D.Stone, John E.10 Jan 1997
Stahl, Dennis J.Clark, Larry L. Jr.24 Nov 2014Link to external site
Stahl, Diane K.Calcaterra, Chris M.5 Nov 1988
Stahl, DonnaCastle, Jeff5 Sep 2015Link to external site
Stahl, Erica L.Stover, Bryan J.20 Oct 2007Link to external site
Stahl, Ernest A.Bradbury, Linda S.11 Mar 1972
Stahl, Gary L.Draper, Linda S.10 Aug 1968
Stahl, Gary L.Siler, Jeannette L.14 Aug 1982
Stahl, Gary L.Niblick, Dawn D.12 Mar 1993
Stahl, Gregory L.Soderlund, Krista L.21 Sep 2002
Stahl, Gregory L.Sherman, Kimberly A.7 Nov 2014Link to external site
Stahl, Janet A.Caskey, Dennis E.20 Jan 1979
Stahl, Jeffery J.Norton, Tiffany J.22 Apr 2009Link to external site
Stahl, Jennifer L.Miokovic, Matthew N.1 Aug 1998
Stahl, JosephKrueckeberg, Cassie22 May 2012Link to external site
Stahl, Joshua A.Dahlgren, Kortney R.26 Oct 2013Link to external site
Stahl, Judith L.Wong, Norman D.1 Feb 1980
Stahl, Julie A.Moore, Gary L.17 Feb 1996
Stahl, Julie C.Ortiz, Melton19 Aug 1994
Stahl, Kelly L.Johnson, Kyle A.22 Sep 2007Link to external site
Stahl, Kenneth D.Wolfe, Alicia A.8 May 1999
Stahl, Kevin A.Fosdick, Le Anne M.7 Jun 2003
Stahl, Krista L.Wright, David S.26 May 2007Link to external site
Stahl, Linda B.Stanwood, John F.6 Nov 2002
Stahl, Linda J.Wireman, Kfvin E.3 Jul 1991
Stahl, Linda N.Zehr, Larry L.23 Apr 1988
Stahl, Lisa N.Ray, David F.6 Jun 1970
Stahl, Lynn A.Pitzer, J D.13 Nov 2010Link to external site
Stahl, Lynne I.Miller, Michael C.29 Jul 1995
Stahl, Margaret A.Faull, Weldun 24 Jun 1989
Stahl, Mary E.Leggett, J. Howard14 Jul 1974
Stahl, Matthew W.Uecker, Kathleen M.28 Jan 1984
Stahl, Meadow R.Deason, Joshua S.7 Aug 1999
Stahl, Melissa A.Vandall, Nathon A.18 Sep 2013Link to external site
Stahl, Melissa M.Keller, Jonathan C.20 Sep 2008Link to external site
Stahl, Robert IIIAcre, Jennifer15 May 2015Link to external site
Stahl, Robert L.White, Joy E.1 Sep 1984
Stahl, Robert W.Knoblauch, Evelyn 5 Sep 1964
Stahl, Robert W.Hemenway, Sherry L.4 Jul 1975
Stahl, Samantha C.Wheat, Curtis A. Jr.7 Dec 2013Link to external site
Stahl, Shane M.Dull, Heather L.21 May 1994
Stahl, Shannin D.Parks, Daniel K.16 Feb 2007Link to external site
Stahl, Shirley Anweiler, Donald K.4 Nov 1966
Stahl, Stephannie Edwards, Brady J.20 Nov 1976
Stahl, SuzanneMourey, James W.27 Jan 2012Link to external site
Stahl, TanjaWagner, Jerimne M.4 Jul 1996
Stahl, Thelma H.Ford, Benjamin I.12 Jan 1979
Stahl, Tiffani M.Mills, Andrew T.20 Oct 2012Link to external site
Stahl, Tiffany L.Tippens, Lewis L.1 Oct 2013Link to external site
Stahl, Timothy A.Larimore, Tami S.11 Oct 1980
Stahl, Travis S.Booker, Lia D.11 Aug 2009Link to external site
Stahl, Tristin A.Sorg, Kyle B.5 Feb 2007Link to external site
Stahl, Wayne H.Richards, Barbara J.14 Apr 1990
Stahla, Paul M.Boyle, Autumn R.12 Jun 2001
Stahla, Sarah M.Kjendal, Karl H.24 Oct 1998
Stahley, Jeffrey A.Emerick, Ruth A.1 Jun 1969
Stahlhut, Angela R.Zuber, Timothy W.7 Aug 2010Link to external site
Stahlhut, Brad A.Steinacker, Emiley J.15 May 1993
Stahlhut, Carol J.McBride, George A.6 Apr 1973
Stahlhut, Cindy A.Husar, John J.17 Jun 1989
Stahlhut, Connie S.Hilger, Donald A.12 Feb 1972
Stahlhut, Debra K.Gump, William P.18 Aug 1973
Stahlhut, Diane L.Broyles, Rodney A.13 Nov 1976
Stahlhut, Donna J.Mihm, Marvin T.29 Nov 1974
Stahlhut, Donna J.Funk, Michael T.28 Aug 1982
Stahlhut, Doris A.Gordon, Larry G.27 Nov 1965
Stahlhut, Ervin W.Goodrich, Connie J.20 Dec 1975
Stahlhut, Glen O.Bailey, Lou A.5 Jun 1970
Stahlhut, Gregory A.Saylor, Rebecca S.24 Dec 1982
Stahlhut, Judith A.Ellenwood, Donald 10 Jul 1964
Stahlhut, Kathleen S.Perkins, Rodney M.13 Nov 1993
Stahlhut, Kim A.Miller, Patricia A.14 May 1988
Stahlhut, Larry A.Dumas, Joy E.22 May 1965
Stahlhut, Lowell O.Doehrmann, Susan K.17 Oct 1987
Stahlhut, Maria L.Powers, Condon D.16 Jun 1984
Stahlhut, Marilyn S.Egts, Michael T.18 May 1982
Stahlhut, Michael G.Jones, Georgia P.21 Jan 1984
Stahlhut, Nancy L.Perl, Thomas R.11 Sep 1965
Stahlhut, Rebecca S.Ervin, Terry L.12 May 1990
Stahlhut, Roger L.Barrett, Whitney R.18 Oct 2014Link to external site
Stahlhut, Ronald L.Goodin, Helen N.31 Jul 1969
Stahlhut, Roxanne Anderson, Ronald L.8 Jul 1972
Stahlhut, Samuel R.Munro, Laura Ann M.6 Sep 2008Link to external site
Stahlhut, Sheri A.Lester, Barry J.1 May 2016Link to external site
Stahlhut, Sheryl R.Hensinger, Thomas J.26 Aug 1981
Stahlhut, Steve L.Happel, Dana M.7 Dec 1986
Stahlhut, Steven L.King, Diana L.1 Feb 1975
Stahlhut, Susan K.Bandor, Thomas L.13 Nov 2010Link to external site
Stahlhut, Tammy L.Cochran, Donald H., Jr.5 Feb 1994
Stahlhut, Terry L.Glasch, Patricia M.9 Oct 1976
Stahlhut, Tonya S.Fox, Jerry L.8 Sep 1990
Stahlhut, Willard Gordon, Beverly A.30 Dec 1977
Stahlman, Carol A.Freck, Jmichael 24 Feb 1968
Stahlman, Christopher C.Suman, Kimberly A.12 Jun 2004
Stahlut, Sandra K.Dillman, Steven W.18 Jun 1994
Stahly, Beverly J.Glenn, Charles R.7 Jul 1985
Stahly, Craig E.Montanez, Ruth 11 Aug 1990
Stahly, Daniel R.Rettig, Janice L.6 Aug 1966
Stahly, David E.Good, Karen S.12 Jun 1965
Stahly, Helen M.Simmons, Hollas L.14 Mar 1981
Stahly, Jeffrey A.Sanders, Linda L.17 Jan 1975
Stahly, Jeffrey A.Murtaugh, Vera I.25 Nov 1981
Stahly, Kaci L.Gall, John T.11 Jun 2011Link to external site
Stahly, Karen Luzadder, Harry L.15 Aug 1969
Stahly, Kirby W.Pearson, Denise R.15 Jun 1985
Stahly, Lucille M.Yharra, Joe L.1 Jan 1966
Stahly, Michelle L.Shank, Stephen V.8 Jul 1995
Stahly, Robert P.Martin, Rebecca A.
Stahly, Robert P.Schmid, Beverly J.14 Sep 1968
Stahly, Ruth A.Hansen, Roger L.20 Jul 1974
Stahly, Ruth A.Judge, David W.20 Jan 1978
Stahly, Shayne L.Kiesslinc, Richard W.29 Feb 2000
Stahly, Susan M.Holbrook, Michael J.9 Jul 1994
Stahn, Lynn A.Rogers, William P.21 Jun 1974
Stahr, TylerHandy, Cheyenne26 May 2018Link to external site
Staight, Amanda J.Pepple, Stephen M.7 Jul 2012Link to external site
Staight, Chelsea L.Klein, Andrew J.21 Jun 2008Link to external site
Staight, Gregory L.Huebner, Jayne A.19 Aug 1978
Staight, Martha K.Brown, Steven C.22 Nov 1969
Staight, Mary A.Gallaway, Timothy A.25 Apr 1986
Staight, Matthew A.Simon, Debra A.23 Jun 1990
Staight, Matthew A.McGinniss, Karen M.20 Feb 2010Link to external site
Staight, Thomas J.Kamdar, Angela R.13 May 1989
Stailey, Donald E., Jr.Zeimmer, Joni L.22 Feb 1997
Stailey, Pamela S.Greer, Don E.30 Mar 1985
Stailey, Polly A.King, Robert J.21 Oct 2000
Stair, Christi M.Lutz, John L.15 Aug 1970
Stair, Denver A.Marquiss, Olive C.18 May 1973
Stair, Gary M.Schneider, Theresa 21 Aug 1971
Stair, Jennifer L.Accilien, Marc A. II7 May 2011Link to external site
Stair, Laura M.Gimbel, Andrew J.2 Jun 2007Link to external site
Stair, Rebecca D.Flaningan, Jack W.14 Feb 2012Link to external site
Stair, Robert W.Timma, Rebecca D.13 Feb 1971
Stair, Timothy D.Volmerding, Sarah J.6 Apr 2002
Stairhime, Lon D.Stoll, Catherine K.5 Oct 1968
Stairhine, Nora E.Maupin, Joseph E.13 Dec 2008Link to external site
Stairhme, Kieth E.Neuhouser, Mildred 13 Mar 1970
Stairs, Cynthia Fleeman, Cecil L., Jr.29 Mar 1985
Staishi, Thomas J.Lehrman, Sally R.23 Jun 1984
Stakelbeck, Hope M.Gebert, Donald A.14 Feb 1998
Stakelbeck, Phillip J.Clevenger, Hope M.31 Mar 1988
Staker, Angela M.Potchka, Ryan P.18 Jul 2009Link to external site
Staker, Bryan D.Dean, Diana M.29 May 1993
Staker, Christina F.Scott, Keith W.9 Jul 2004
Staker, Christina F.Pollard, Herbert W. V6 Jul 2010Link to external site
Staker, Diana M.Warner, Caleb R.8 Jan 2001
Staker, Diane E.Stilwell, Gregory 21 Sep 1973
Staker, Donald G.Schumacher, Jamie J.16 Nov 2001
Staker, Douglas G.Sleesman, Jodi L.23 Dec 1999
Staker, James P.Gronau, Dorothy J.25 Jun 1983
Staker, Jodie G.Long, Frank J.31 May 1986
Staker, Karen K.Rogers, William E.21 Oct 1974
Staker, Mary E.Newport, Earnest J., Jr.7 Nov 1996
Staker, Michelle L.Hoffman, W A B.7 Oct 1995
Staker, Patricia A.Kuehner, Thomas J.1 Mar 1968
Staker, Ronald G.Puff, Diane E.14 Jun 1969
Staker, Ronald G.Brugh, Sharon K.14 Jul 1973
Staker, Sharon K.Morris, Kevin J.1 Aug 2003
Staker, Stephen D.Tolliver, Karen K.17 Aug 1973
Staker, Terrence P.Webb, Jodie G.26 Jan 1975
Stalbaum, Darlene Carlson, Stephen E.17 Aug 1968
Stalcup, Lorrie A.Williams, Dale E.20 Jul 1974
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Sturgis, Judith M.Ridgway, John L.19 Jun 2001
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Sturm, Betty I.Winchester, Leroy 15 Nov 1969
Sturm, Cassandra R.Kortenber, Matthew J.25 Apr 2009Link to external site
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Sturm, Elizabeth A.Simer, Fletcher A.1 Jul 2017Link to external site
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Sturm, Kelly J.Summer, Dennis A.1 May 2010Link to external site
Sturm, Kristin R.Platt, Tyler A.19 Sep 2015Link to external site
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Sturm, Robert G., Jr.Riley, Patricia A.2 Nov 1985
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Sturm, Stanford K.Weida, Patricia A.14 Jan 1967
Sturm, Sylvia A.Stiegler, William P.6 Sep 1997
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Sturtevant, John C.Ferrer, Betty L.3 Apr 1967
Sturtz, Ethan D.Holtzinger, Marissa C.11 Nov 2016Link to external site
Sturtz, Sharon M.Ferraro, Michael L.23 Dec 1986
Stute, Leon R.Zimmerer, Barbara 29 Jun 1974
Stute, Marie H.Harford, George L.24 Apr 1975
Stuth, David D.Patty, Christina R.19 May 1990
Stuth, David D.Morris, Juli A.17 Dec 2004
Stuth, Kathryn L.Burnett, Mark A.27 Aug 1988
Stutle, Sandra K.Hunter, Earl W.26 Feb 1993
Stutler, Christopher J.Jahnke, Debra A.27 May 2011Link to external site
Stuts, Larry J.Kissner, Rosemary 18 Dec 1971
Stutsman, Cameron M.McCreery, Margaret M.22 May 1999
Stutsman, Logan S.Shipe, Amber L.27 May 2017Link to external site
Stutsman, Savannah L.Wagner, Thomas J.3 Aug 2013Link to external site
Stutsman, Stephanie D.Osha, Robert H.17 Nov 1990
Stuttler, Martha M.Schachtschneider, 21 Oct 1972
Stutz, Cindy K.Dean, Steven A.25 Jun 1977
Stutz, David T.Henderson, Deborah 6 Jul 1974
Stutz, David T.Kane, Patricia M.11 Aug 1983
Stutz, David T.Moor, Rachelle L.31 Mar 1997
Stutz, Helen R.Finton, Donald R.25 Jun 1966
Stutz, Kenneth, Jr.Lengacher, Arlene 27 Aug 1966
Stutz, Larry M.Selking, Sandra L.19 Jun 1999
Stutz, Michael S.Young, Darcy L.29 Jun 1985
Stutz, Michael S.McMullin, Angela H.15 Jun 2002
Stutz, Nichole M.Pflumm, Kennell B.9 Oct 2001
Stutz, RosemaryHoff, Mark F.8 Aug 1998
Stutz, Sharon R.Dowdy, John T.1 Jan 1966
Stutzman, Amy J.Scott, Herman D.20 Jul 1968
Stutzman, ArleneMcKee, Jason L.20 Aug 1994
Stutzman, Benjamin D.Merrell, Myka L.31 Mar 2007Link to external site
Stutzman, Bradley E.Sassaman, Beth A.16 Apr 2011Link to external site
Stutzman, Dana E.Garton, Laura D.28 Sep 2002
Stutzman, Dewayne Christianer, Julie K.22 Jul 1989
Stutzman, Elizabeth M.Davis, William L.5 May 1990
Stutzman, Jacob M.Johnson, Cassondra L.3 Jun 2017Link to external site
Stutzman, Joann Krider, Raymond E.27 Mar 1982
Stutzman, Judy Wilson, Jerry L.30 Jul 1977
Stutzman, Karisa N.Estleman, Michael B.7 Jun 2008Link to external site
Stutzman, Kerry D.Kepp, Edward C.23 Jul 1977
Stutzman, Laura Cooper, Terry J.22 Jun 1991
Stutzman, Lauren J.Campbell, Griffin C.5 Nov 2016Link to external site
Stutzman, NicholasDube, Steven28 Jun 2016Link to external site
Stutzman, Nicholas A.Ramsey, Shawna R.5 Dec 2008Link to external site
Stutzman, Richard Vorndran, Rebecca 8 May 1971
Stutzman, Richard Feichter, Rebecca 3 Jan 1976
Stutzman, Willis A.Zehr, Rosann R.17 Dec 1964
Stverah, Mark J.Wickman, Gloria E.21 Nov 1981
Stverak, Michelle R.Flanigan, Robert 12 Jul 1986
Stwepp, Lois J.Crichmore, Kenneth E.25 Feb 1978
Styhl, Randy A.Barrand, Tammy J.9 Sep 1989
Styhl, Randy A.Schisler, Diane E.16 Aug 1996
Style, Jacqueline J.Anderson, Mark S.28 Sep 1996
Styles, Thea K.Parker, Samuel H.17 Sep 1966
Styles, Theodora G.Harmon, F. H.11 Feb 1973
Stynl, Shane A.Snyder, Melissa M.31 Jul 2004
Stys, Christopher A.Leblanc, Susan H.25 Jun 2000
Stythe, Judith K.Wilson, Duane S.2 Dec 2000
Stytle, Ashley N.Ramirez, Jesus3 Mar 2009Link to external site
Stytle, Cindy S.Barrand, John E.14 Apr 1984
Stytle, Diana L.Reust, Dean B.3 Aug 1990
Stytle, Elaine E.Thompson, Richard E.4 Aug 1979
Stytle, Jacqueline J.Rosswurm, Timothy L.12 Jul 1986
Stytle, Jessica L.Bleich, Jeremy W.21 Sep 2012Link to external site
Stytle, Katherine E.Hill, Brian K.11 Oct 2016Link to external site
Stytle, Keith A.Armstrong, Judith K.30 Jun 1990

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