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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2019

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Wischmeyer, Kevin D.Lahrman, Abbie R.22 Jun 2002
Wisdom, James H.Perry, Elizabeth D.8 Sep 1982
Wise, Aaron M.Head, Cierra B.29 Dec 2014Link to external site
Wise, Abbey L.Hoobler, Preston R.24 Jul 2015Link to external site
Wise, Amanda Milne, Nicholas 3 Aug 1989
Wise, Angela S.Grostefon, Scot R.31 Mar 1995
Wise, Arthur A.Parker, Pamela S.12 Dec 1980
Wise, Arthur A.Chambers, Freida R.4 Dec 1987
Wise, Arthur A.Payne, Sharl K.20 Aug 1994
Wise, Ashley B.Evans, Seth T.15 Nov 2009Link to external site
Wise, Billie J.Jonasch, James J.19 Apr 1978
Wise, Bret W.Werling, June E.2 Jul 1983
Wise, Caren D.Snyder, David W.21 Jun 2008Link to external site
Wise, Cari L.Lengacher, Jason J.13 Sep 1997
Wise, Cari L.Emert, Donald J.24 May 2003
Wise, Carrol S.Hawkins, John C.22 Apr 1966
Wise, Cathy L.Budowski, Konstantin 7 Sep 1985
Wise, Chadwick A.Magginnis, Shelly M.5 Dec 1994
Wise, Charlene M.Doster, Franklin E.26 Jun 1982
Wise, Charlotte V.Sery, Dan M.15 Jul 1989
Wise, Cheryl L.Toscos, George T.12 Sep 1998
Wise, Christie M.Carlson, David J.18 Mar 1995
Wise, Christopher W.Kissinger, Brittany L.28 Jul 2013Link to external site
Wise, Craig H.Worthman, Faith E.30 Nov 1996
Wise, Dawn M.Beam, Steven C.14 Jun 1986
Wise, Dee A.Johnson, Jeffrey P.9 Nov 1985
Wise, Edward H.Dressel, Jeannie M.7 May 1994
Wise, Effie R.Magner, Clement D.3 Dec 1965
Wise, Elizabeth A.Schemm, Robert A.
Wise, Ella M.Davis, Donald E.28 Aug 1965
Wise, Ella M.Humbert, Harold D.2 Jul 1966
Wise, Eva N.Rowe, Willis R.5 Jun 1976
Wise, Forrest B.Curtis, Catherine J.9 May 1987
Wise, Gary A.Rodenbeck, Paula 13 Apr 1985
Wise, Gary E.Patterson, Linda L.14 Dec 1965
Wise, Gary R.Lyon, Cheryl J.29 Apr 1966
Wise, George R.Kuehn, Mary L.6 Jul 1991
Wise, Harold R.Barrett, Zelia G.23 Nov 1964
Wise, Heidi M.Sechler, Craig A.1 Apr 1999
Wise, Herman H.Pehlke, Diana M.8 Jan 1972
Wise, Jacqueline K.Sheray, Jacob A.30 Jul 1994
Wise, Jamis J.Duffy, John J.21 Aug 1982
Wise, Janelle L.Fonner, Andrew P.30 May 2009Link to external site
Wise, Janet L.Lowry, George B.31 Mar 1990
Wise, Janet S.Peters, Rocky G.20 Nov 1971
Wise, Janna L.Brown, Ronald P.15 Mar 1991
Wise, Jean M.Swurbeck, Kyle L.31 Dec 1980
Wise, Jennifer L.Frederick, Kurt S.14 Oct 1995
Wise, John L.Scott, Nancy A.8 Apr 1972
Wise, John P.Thomann, Yolanda 10 Feb 1990
Wise, Johnny L.Surbeck, Michelle R.3 Feb 1994
Wise, Joshua D.Clark, June M.9 May 2015Link to external site
Wise, Joshua L.Tinker Dean, Elizabeth D.19 Jun 2018Link to external site
Wise, Judith I.Kelley, Donald B.31 Dec 1980
Wise, Justin C.Studle, Kelly M.6 Mar 2010Link to external site
Wise, Keith D.Brotherton, Donna M.20 Feb 2020Link to external site
Wise, Kelly L.Zimmerman, Joseph E.2 Jun 2001
Wise, Kelly M.Abouhalkah, Malek S.8 Sep 2001
Wise, Kyle R.Troemel, Elise V.2 Aug 2020Link to external site
Wise, Larry G.Weaver, Carol S.17 Dec 1971
Wise, Laura A.Tennison, Mark D.22 Oct 1994
Wise, Laura J.Taylor, Michael R.29 Aug 1969
Wise, Leo C., Jr.Combs, Karen K.15 Apr 1972
Wise, Linda K.McCloud, Paul 1 Dec 1969
Wise, Linda K.Oxenrider, Gary H.22 Aug 1970
Wise, Linda L.Gressley, Larry E.2 Nov 1968
Wise, Linette E.Barry, Andrew C.27 Sep 1997
Wise, Loretta A.Hawkins, David L.23 Sep 1967
Wise, Margaret A.Lasuer, Matthew H.6 Oct 2018Link to external site
Wise, Mark A.Sutorius, Pamela D.22 Dec 1973
Wise, Martha K.Patterson, William 15 Nov 1969
Wise, Mary E.Wells, Kenneth R.22 Mar 1999
Wise, Melissa A.Gay, Richard A.17 Sep 1999
Wise, Michael J.Skuzinski, Thomas S.17 Nov 2014Link to external site
Wise, Michael L.McKinney, Jeanette L.25 Jul 1981
Wise, Michelle R.Gibson, Todd A.2 Aug 1997
Wise, Nancy R.Omler, Alan P.
Wise, Nicholas R.Diruzza, Lee A.28 Jul 2001
Wise, Pamela S.Shaw, Kevin J.2 Aug 1995
Wise, Peggy J.Wise, William H.27 Jan 1973
Wise, Perry G.McDonnell, Judith 8 Sep 1965
Wise, Ray F.Hoehn, Tamara J.4 May 1980
Wise, Raymond F.Durell, Tonja P.18 Jul 1996
Wise, Reid W.Patty, Cheryl L.31 Mar 1990
Wise, Reid W.Wilmer, Heidi C.5 Nov 1994
Wise, Rex A.Benner, Judith I.30 Jul 1971
Wise, Rex A., Jr.Weikart, Sondra A.11 Feb 2000
Wise, Richard G.Barile, Josanne N.28 Sep 1988
Wise, Ronald Smith, Jacqueline K.27 Jun 1987
Wise, SamanthaEspinoza, Ivan27 Jan 2018Link to external site
Wise, Sara H.McKenzie, Kevin S.17 Aug 1972
Wise, ShawnTannas, Gina P.6 May 2016Link to external site
Wise, Starlene L.Nahrwold, Anthony G.21 Jul 1984
Wise, Stephen M.Dennis, Hollie A.7 Feb 2009Link to external site
Wise, Stephen M.Dennis, Hollie A.7 Feb 2009Link to external site
Wise, Steven W.Batalona, Felicia A.11 May 1991
Wise, Steven W.Miller, Melissa A.17 Apr 2010Link to external site
Wise, Tamara J.Speaks, Todd T.14 Aug 1993
Wise, TimothyPresley, Alexandra2 May 2020Link to external site
Wise, Tina M.Edgecombe, James R.16 Sep 1990
Wise, Tricia L.McIntyre, James R.7 Sep 1996
Wise, Vaierie S.Novitski, Michael T.4 Oct 1985
Wise, Vance E.Eversole, Diana L.10 Jan 1970
Wise, Vance E.Heckman, Jacquelyn 20 Feb 1976
Wise, Vicky L.Bowser, Jeffery A.3 Jul 1982
Wise, Virginia F.McClain, Michael W.22 Nov 1980
Wise, Virginia F.Sawep, Dick A.2 May 1988
Wise, Wendell C.Morningstar, Barbara A.3 Sep 1993
Wise, William A.Keller, Deborah I.20 Sep 1986
Wise, William H.Fletcher, Peggy J.15 Nov 1969
Wise, William H.Wise, Peggy J.27 Jan 1973
Wise, William H., Jr.Kincaid, Pamela E.25 Nov 1988
Wise, William L.Gase, Delores J.26 Oct 1979
Wise, William M.Kinder, Lillian M.27 Sep 1969
Wisecarver, Ann Marie Lett, Richard J.30 Nov 2002
Wisecup, Stephan R.Jordan, Virginia A.14 Feb 1969
Wisehart, Eugene L.Walsh, Ruth V.1 Jun 1968
Wisehart, Samantha J.Ross, Joshua M.8 Jul 2017Link to external site
Wisel, Amy L.Wathen, Daniel K.
Wisel, Andy D.Carney, Jessica N.11 Jun 2009Link to external site
Wisel, David L.Schrein, Nancy L.18 Jul 1998
Wisel, Holly J.Tarr, David R.6 Jun 1970
Wisel, Jerome P.Baker, Karen K.10 Sep 1977
Wisel, Julia M.Eisaman, Phillip J.9 Oct 2004
Wisel, Nathaniel R.Lyttle, Kelly J.9 May 2015Link to external site
Wisel, Robert L.Crow, Joan P.1 Sep 1979
Wisel, Sherry K.Haag, Charles S.4 Nov 1972
Wisel, Tammy L.Stein, Donald P.2 Jul 1993
Wiseley, Rosa L.Wagoner, Paul D.29 Nov 1964
Wisell, Meghan B.Chaidez, William E.30 Oct 2001
Wiseman, Alan P.Rader, Diane R.24 Mar 1980
Wiseman, Amber M.Couch, Samuel H.22 May 2010Link to external site
Wiseman, Bettina L.Berkheiser, Jerry A.3 Aug 1984
Wiseman, Brandon T.Lindberg, Erin N.9 Nov 2013Link to external site
Wiseman, Brittany R.Greener, Robert K.24 Oct 2008Link to external site
Wiseman, Carol A.Monall, David A.
Wiseman, Carolyn S.Nierman, William M.11 Dec 1970
Wiseman, Cheryl A.Perrine, Perry W.23 Jun 1979
Wiseman, Christopher S.Treesh, Jamie R.22 Jul 1995
Wiseman, Cynthia L.Sorrell, Garold F.28 Feb 1976
Wiseman, Debra S.Richter, Gregory A.28 May 1977
Wiseman, Diane R.Peterson, Richard D.17 Sep 1994
Wiseman, Gary L.Poscharscky, Debra I.7 Sep 1980
Wiseman, Joseph A.Kumfer, Dawn L.21 Oct 1988
Wiseman, Kenneth A.Moon, Catherine K.28 May 1983
Wiseman, Kenneth R.Rutherford, Connie 22 Aug 1965
Wiseman, Matthew L.Branstrator, Tanya K.27 Sep 2002
Wiseman, Matthew L.McConnell, Theodora C.2 Nov 2019Link to external site
Wiseman, Michael B.Noyes, Deborah K.2 Sep 1978
Wiseman, Patricia R.Lesh, William D.10 Apr 1979
Wiseman, Paul L.Wiseman, Silvia R.18 Sep 1971
Wiseman, Paul L.Hull, Linda K.22 Jan 1983
Wiseman, Paula R.Ludwig, Eddie J.14 Nov 1987
Wiseman, Pauline L.Kestner, Charles A.5 Aug 1967
Wiseman, Ray E.Pasley, Diane F.19 Oct 1971
Wiseman, Regina R.Lengacher, Nicholas R.27 Mar 1993
Wiseman, Richard S.Perrine, Paula K.15 Nov 1980
Wiseman, Rixte K.Bowker, Robert H.16 Aug 1969
Wiseman, Robert B.Smith, Mary J.23 Aug 1975
Wiseman, Robert M.Fanger, Jenna L.18 Dec 2014Link to external site
Wiseman, Roy F.Cook, Nora J.15 Jun 1984
Wiseman, Scott A.Waldschmidt, Kimberly A 1 Jun 1991
Wiseman, Silvia R.Wiseman, Paul L.18 Sep 1971
Wiseman, Silvia R.Schoenauer, Robert 24 Jan 1976
Wiseman, Terri L.Bonjour, Kevin W.25 Jun 1988
Wiseman, Tonya L.Bayes, Ronald D.30 May 1998
Wisener, Grant M.Hamrick, Karen J.30 Apr 1988
Wisener, Jeffrey T.Elser, Amanda D.10 Mar 2001
Wisher, Julie L.Springer, Durand L.3 Feb 2016Link to external site
Wisher, Kenneth C.Lopez, Irene 22 May 1984
Wishoff, Jill E.Kuhn, Alan D.14 Jun 1997
Wisilosky, Jennifer R.Moreau, Christopher C.16 Sep 1994
Wisled, Donald S.Weisenberger, Tamr 17 Jun 1972
Wisler, Jeanette M.Sanders, Michael R.16 Sep 1978
Wisler, Susan L.Schowe, Todd S.29 Oct 1994
Wisler, William D.McAlister, Miriam J.4 Sep 1982
Wisley, John M.Hickey, Mary F.10 Feb 1990
Wisley, Roger L.Knupp, Susan K.23 Dec 1967
Wisley, Roger L.Ladd, Carol S.14 Jul 1990
Wisley, Tonna J.Walden, Ronald S.29 Nov 1986
Wislman, Donald W.Wright, Kathryn D.12 Jun 1982
Wisman, AarynMejía De Jesus, Eddy24 Mar 2020Link to external site
Wisman, Bruce P.Beerman, Paulana S.27 May 1966
Wisman, Caroline V.Jones, Cody 21 Dec 1984
Wisman, Christine R.Summers, William H.26 Oct 2002
Wisman, Jacqueline Hatch, David A.13 Aug 1971
Wisman, Kathleen A.Knight, Gregory A.7 Sep 1974
Wisman, William A.Shultz, Cynthia L.23 Oct 1976
Wismer, Lynde R.Kosko, Karl W.28 Jul 2007Link to external site
Wismer, Richard W.Smith, Cynthia B.18 Nov 1980
Wismer, Vicky K.Whiteaker, William 19 Aug 1967
Wismer, William D.Dean, Connie R.13 Oct 1979
Wisner, Brenda S.Fuhrman, Timothy A.12 Feb 1972
Wisner, Cindy L.Gillingham, David R.3 Feb 1979
Wisner, Dewey C.Sunday, Irma A.3 Oct 1973
Wisner, Gail A.Bradley, Tobin D.22 Jul 2000
Wisner, Gary S.Southern, Julie A.17 Sep 1977
Wisner, Gerald R.Nielsen, Kathleen 23 Jun 1984
Wisner, Jonathon P.Fink, Heather R.3 Oct 2015Link to external site
Wisner, Julie A.Thompson, Miles O.7 Sep 1991
Wisner, Karen J.Linder, Kent A.29 Apr 1972
Wisner, Marilyn M.Hamilton, Robert E.26 Aug 1989
Wisner, Matthew C.Bowers, Kayla M.3 May 2019Link to external site
Wisner, Sherry J.Doyle, Jamss W.10 Oct 1981
Wisnieski, Katie L.Norton, Cody24 Aug 2013Link to external site
Wisniewski, Ann L.Costley, Thomas M.29 Oct 1968
Wisniewski, Ann M.McKinley, Michael D.29 May 1979
Wisniewski, Bernrd Schmidling, Marian 24 Nov 1976
Wisniewski, Brook K.Sanderson, Eric C.10 Mar 2017Link to external site
Wisniewski, Christine K.Neuhaus, Ronald W.17 Sep 1983
Wisniewski, Clinton J.Thiel, Sarah A.1 Aug 2008Link to external site
Wisniewski, Daniel S.Linton, Carol A.12 Jul 1986
Wisniewski, David A.Hawkinson, Randi L.16 Sep 2000
Wisniewski, Henry Stoll, Mary K.6 Sep 1975
Wisniewski, Janet Letter, Steven W.22 Aug 1969
Wisniewski, Jeanne M.Cross, Alan E.28 Apr 1984
Wisniewski, Jessica M.Wyss, Michael G.12 Jan 1996
Wisniewski, Joan K.Belschner, Bruce A.10 Sep 1966
Wisniewski, Joellen Gross, Lynn J.1 Apr 1978
Wisniewski, Kennth Weikel, Debra E.14 Dec 1977
Wisniewski, Marcia A.Dennis, Todd W.6 Feb 1983
Wisniewski, Marciann O'Shaughnesse, Thomas J.21 Apr 1978
Wisniewski, Marie Phelps, Larry A.22 Jun 1968
Wisniewski, Michal Platt, Betty L.20 Oct 1972
Wisniewski, Paul D.Williams, Sue E.14 May 1977
Wisniewski, Phillip R.Mattingly, Frances D.6 Mar 2010Link to external site
Wisniewski, Phillp Symonds, Kay J.16 May 1970
Wisniewski, Richard P.Sutton, Becky C.17 Mar 1979
Wisniewski, Robert D.Clark, Danielle E.3 Sep 1994
Wisniewski, Susan Schurger, Thomas A.10 Oct 1970
Wisniewski, Susan K.Ebbing, Joseph E.2 Dec 1995
Wisniewski, Theres Smith, Victor C.21 Jan 1967
Wisniewski, Thomas East, Linda S.21 Aug 1965
Wisniewski, Toni N.Huffman, Robert L.15 Sep 2001
Wisnioch, Lydia Sample, William J.10 Mar 1972
Wisnioch, MichaelKirby, Cheryl A.30 Sep 1995
Wison, Ater Moore, Estella 15 Oct 1975
Wison, Casey D.Melton, Janelle M.21 Oct 2000
Wissel, David A.Huebner, Tracy L.4 May 1991
Wissel, Dolores A.Wells, Noel R.15 Apr 1970
Wissel, Gwendolyn R.Reister, Robert R.30 Oct 2004
Wissel, Kennedy L.Lambert, Aaron M.21 Sep 2019Link to external site
Wissel, Susan M.Coe, Michael R.12 Apr 1980
Wisser, Steven S.Voorhies, Christina M.12 Jul 1986
Wissing, Joseph A.Dutton, Donna J.2 Jun 1979
Wissing, Marcus M.Eccleston, Michele L.2 Feb 2011Link to external site
Wissing, Mark H.McDowell, Michele B.11 Mar 1982
Wissing, Mark H.Heidemann, Sarah L.16 Nov 2002
Wissing, Nathan R.Alvey, Jessey M.24 Jun 2014Link to external site
Wissing, Shane M.Exford, Amanda S.27 Mar 2004
Wissler, Brent A.Davis, Melissa S.21 May 2004
Wissler, Cynthia S.Cunningham, Steven L.11 Oct 1980
Wissler, Gregory S.Meyer, Sara R.19 Jun 1993
Wissler, Imogene R.Maldeney, Michael S.30 Apr 1981
Wissler, Jennifer L.Harris, Joshua J.2 Oct 1999
Wissler, Margarett Lee, Ronald C.15 Jun 1974
Wissler, Ronald L.Frisinger, Theresa 1 Mar 1974
Wissler, Sandra J.Sanders, Douglas A.5 Apr 1991
Wissler, Stephen R.Lynch, Sandra L.19 Sep 1970
Wissler, Timothy K.Didion, Sandra J.26 Apr 1975
Wissler, Tonya R.Tippmann, Dennis J.10 Jun 1995
Wissman, Adam T.Oechsle, Nikola M.28 Sep 2013Link to external site
Wissman, Austin M.Wiggins, Gabrielle C.15 Aug 2015Link to external site
Wissman, Garnett G.Mills, James R.30 Oct 1982
Wissman, Karen S.Lewis, Robert E.11 Sep 1965
Wissman, Mark A.Lecher, Erika R.29 Dec 1990
Wissman, Mark A.Dahl, Patricia A.26 Aug 2002
Wissman, Mark A.Toms, Shawn M.25 May 2007Link to external site
Wissman, Mark A.Gerber, Susan K.30 Jul 2010Link to external site
Wissman, Neal E.Roberts, Garnett G.19 Jun 1965
Wissman, Neal E.Myers, Sharon J.25 Sep 2016Link to external site
Wissman, Stanley O.Tone, Mary A.5 Nov 1988
Wissman, Steven K.Irich, Barbara J.2 Sep 1989
Wissner, Breann N.Daraban, Cody A.23 Aug 2014Link to external site
Wisthoff, Jill E.Lough, Brent W.6 Jun 2009Link to external site
Wisthoff, Kenneth Hill, Sheila D.27 Nov 1967
Wisthoff, Kenneth Wisthoff, Sheila D.29 Dec 1977
Wisthoff, Mark A.Hull, Kimberly S.28 Apr 1993
Wisthoff, Mark A.Vice, Sarah E.20 Jan 2011Link to external site
Wisthoff, Nancy L.Walter, David G.9 Oct 1970
Wisthoff, Sheila D.Wisthoff, Kenneth 29 Dec 1977
Wisuri, Mallori G.Hathaway, Caleb J.17 Oct 2020Link to external site
Wiswasser, Gary L.Ladow, Kim R.18 May 1974
Wiszowaty, David N.Ridenour, Cathy L.11 Mar 1973

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