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Allen County Marriage Records from State Indexes, 1958-1991, 1993-2004, 2006-2019

These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes. In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.

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Parties to the MarriageMarriage DateLink
Witcher, Brandon S.Abdul-Azeez, Kenyetta M.24 Sep 2016Link to external site
Witcher, Curt B.Young, Rebecca A.7 Aug 1982
Witcher, Jane C.Henschen, Steven W.23 Sep 1995
Witcher, JeffMills, Christina2 May 2014Link to external site
Witcher, Larry R., Jr.Alcala, Maria G.7 Sep 2001
Witchey, Patricia J.Becker, Barry E.27 Jun 1981
Witenmyer, Helen L.Wittenmyer, Lee A.21 Mar 2011Link to external site
With Row, Gretchen A.Duch, Ronald V.16 Jul 1983
Witham, Allen T.Lake, Marciann 29 Jul 1966
Witham, Amy K.Branning, David L.4 Aug 1972
Witham, Angel M.Laspas, David M.29 Aug 1994
Witham, Cecelia A.Speakman, James D., Sr.15 Jan 1982
Witham, David R.Junk, Linda S.28 Dec 1981
Witham, Deborah S.Reinhart, Anthony J.19 Oct 1985
Witham, Harry D.Williams, Maydena 4 May 1974
Witham, Heather D.Wertman, Donald J.15 Apr 2016Link to external site
Witham, Homer F.Geiser, Tara J.5 Oct 2001
Witham, John A.Frye, Margaret7 Aug 1999
Witham, June Davis, Robert D.21 May 1968
Witham, Lawrence R.Nichols, Kimberly 20 Jul 1974
Witham, Linda L.Fry, Richard H.26 May 1967
Witham, Linda L.Dickmeyer, Stephen 27 Oct 1973
Witham, Lynn A.Smith, Heather D.29 May 1991
Witham, Marsha D.Stewart, Oscar D.14 Aug 1968
Witham, Myra E.Pitzen, Anthony O.18 May 1990
Witham, Myra E.Miller, Jeffrey S.23 Sep 1995
Witham, Nila J.Ferguson, Richard 9 May 1969
Withem, Amanda S.Monds, Brian D.18 Jun 2010Link to external site
Wither, Cletus U.McEvoy, Julie A.9 Mar 1984
Wither, Emma A.Eicher, Amos S.1 Apr 1990
Wither, Fannie M.Schwartz, Allen B.6 Sep 1989
Wither, Robert A.West, Paula D.13 Jan 1990
Wither, Samuel J.Graber, Anna B.10 Nov 1988
Wither, Sarah Zehr, John J.17 Mar 1991
Wither, William L.Dicke, Karen K.15 Oct 1977
Wither, William L.Keairnes, Carma D.14 Oct 1988
Withered, Jeffery P.Newport, Angela M.2 Jun 1990
Withers, Karen F.Stradling, James W.20 Jul 1968
Withers, Kristi A.Gay, Chad W.10 Aug 1997
Witherspoon, Anita V.Kendrick, Clarence T.27 Jul 2002
Witherspoon, Joe L., Jr.Baumgartner, Toni M.24 Sep 2016Link to external site
Witherspoon, Kenneth C.Till, Jacqueline K.8 Apr 1989
Witherspoon, Lytrice A.Ingraham, Christopher15 Mar 2008Link to external site
Witherspoon, Paulette M.Jennings, Bradley W.28 Jan 1989
Witherspoon, Willie J.Helmke, Kathyrn A.15 Jun 1979
Withheld, None Brown, Rocky W.19 Aug 1978
Withiam, Matthew L.Nicholson, Audri L.6 Jun 2009Link to external site
Withington, Tara M.Craig, Jeffery I.7 Nov 2020Link to external site
Withron, Drew M.Meintel, Gretchen A.23 Aug 1980
Withron, Kimberly O.Rorick, Steven M.22 Jul 1978
Withrow, Drew M.Davis, Kelly A.26 May 1984
Withrow, LindsayBaiao, Edson31 Jan 2012Link to external site
Witkopf, Deborah A.Stabler, Michael R.23 Aug 1996
Witkovsky, Sean M.Marquardt, Mandi L.31 Oct 2001
Witkowski, Christine L.Shiley, Jonathan P.10 Jun 1995
Witlme, Ida S.Lengacher, Joseph J.15 May 1997
Witman, Louis D.Bobay, Carol R.1 Feb 1971
Witmer, Adam J.Colacuori, Jessica J.5 Sep 2003
Witmer, Amanda M.White, Nathan A.2 Oct 2007Link to external site
Witmer, Amy B.Haberly, Andrew P.27 May 1989
Witmer, Anna B.Graber, Joseph A.24 Sep 2010Link to external site
Witmer, Anna M.Lengacher, Amos L.10 May 2007Link to external site
Witmer, AnnettaGraber, Paul J.10 Sep 1995
Witmer, Ardis A.Smith, Allan J.21 Jul 1973
Witmer, Benjamn, Jr.Schmucker, Elizbth 12 Nov 1970
Witmer, Betty M.Schwartz, Samuel D.26 Aug 1999
Witmer, Cathy S.Gerig, Donald A.24 Nov 1972
Witmer, Clarence L.Witmer, Susan
Witmer, Connie S.Springer, Tim L.21 Mar 1987
Witmer, Cynthia S.Hobbs, Steven A.30 Jun 1998
Witmer, David, Jr.Wagler, Marlene12 Feb 1995
Witmer, Dennis J.Eicher, Laura K.12 Jun 2011Link to external site
Witmer, Dianna R.Graber, Joshua L.29 Jun 2014Link to external site
Witmer, Donald R.Hochstetler, Brenda K.2 Oct 1982
Witmer, Ellen C.Johnson, Michael Z.1 Apr 1972
Witmer, Emily R.Masters, Tyler S.17 Sep 2016Link to external site
Witmer, Fred, Jr.Eicher, Marian M.6 Apr 2000
Witmer, Houston L.Weikart, Anna M.6 Nov 1976
Witmer, Jade R.Delagrange, Clinton J.14 Aug 2004
Witmer, James Miller, Mary M.9 Sep 1985
Witmer, Janice E.Kaminer, James L.23 Aug 1969
Witmer, Jill V.Garwood, Steven M.25 Aug 1980
Witmer, John , Jr.Schmucker, Priscilla 23 Feb 1986
Witmer, JonasGraber, Darlene A.21 May 1994
Witmer, Joseph J.Graber, Rebecca M.28 Aug 1997
Witmer, JoshuaGraber, Annetta M.18 Aug 2013Link to external site
Witmer, Julie R.Graber, Justin L.10 Apr 2016Link to external site
Witmer, Kory J.Eves, Lisa L.25 Apr 1998
Witmer, Loretta S.Passwater, Kerry A.11 Oct 2008Link to external site
Witmer, Lucas J.Graber, Marie5 Dec 2010Link to external site
Witmer, Magdalena R.Schmucker, Lynn J.5 Apr 2013Link to external site
Witmer, Malinda R.Schwartz, Timothy E.8 Mar 2020Link to external site
Witmer, Martin J.Lengacher, Rosetta17 Jul 2020Link to external site
Witmer, MarvinLengacher, Lydiann K.19 Jun 2014Link to external site
Witmer, Mary Schmucker, Wilmer 9 Oct 1984
Witmer, Mary NaomiDelagrange, Stanley29 May 2015Link to external site
Witmer, Mary R.Steury, Mahlon M.17 Sep 2020Link to external site
Witmer, Mathew D.Hilty, Darlene K.30 Jun 2011Link to external site
Witmer, MelissaPitts, Robert Jr.17 Oct 2020Link to external site
Witmer, MelvinSchmucker, Delila29 Sep 2016Link to external site
Witmer, MervinSchmucker, Sarah R.23 May 2013Link to external site
Witmer, Michael L.Douglas, Judy K.29 Nov 1968
Witmer, Monika L.Huoy, Robert E.12 Aug 1995
Witmer, Pamela K.Walley, Stephen R.13 Nov 1993
Witmer, Paul Miller, Mariann 10 Sep 1987
Witmer, Rachel F.Graber, Justin L.4 Feb 2015Link to external site
Witmer, RhodaHilty, Mervin A.20 Sep 2012Link to external site
Witmer, Robert A.Rariden, Cathy S.24 Oct 1970
Witmer, Robert A.Gerig, Jaunita S.10 Nov 1972
Witmer, Robert A.Lewellyn, Sandra K.7 May 1982
Witmer, Roman J.Graber, Lydia E.19 Apr 2015Link to external site
Witmer, Ruth A.Schmucker, Jonas 29 Oct 1983
Witmer, Ruth AnnHilty, Louis L.19 Sep 2019Link to external site
Witmer, Samuel C.Brickel, Dianne S.20 Jun 1970
Witmer, Sharon L.Swank, Steven W.11 Jan 1969
Witmer, Steven J.Rich, Carol J.10 Jul 1990
Witmer, Steven R.Saalfrank, Olivia R.20 Jun 2020Link to external site
Witmer, Susan Witmer, Clarence L.
Witmer, Timothy J.Graber, Janetta A.24 Feb 2013Link to external site
Witmer, Vicki L.Stoppenhagen, Rbrt 26 Apr 1969
Witmer, VictorGraber, Susann A.30 Sep 1993
Witmer, Wesley L.Feathers, Joyce C.20 Mar 1999
Witmer, Willard L.Brown, Deborah L.7 Nov 1970
Witmer, Winston W.Hauth, Virginia E.19 Dec 1964
Witmir, Jenni Archer, Donald P.27 Jul 1981
Witner, Vicki L.Morris, Clarence A.11 Sep 1982
Witsaman, John R.Wallace, Frances I.3 Mar 2000
Witsaman, Leslie R.Dray, Barbara L.9 Mar 1968
Witsaman, Leslie R.McLaughlin, Phylls 18 Jan 1976
Witsaman, Paul G.McCuan, Lisa A.23 May 1981
Witson, EmmaStriverson, Gus22 Nov 2000
Witt, Albert C.Morimanno, Annette S.21 Dec 1999
Witt, Ashlee E.Ellinger, Joshua M.15 Dec 2001
Witt, Brian D.Kilpatrick, Wanda M.2 Jun 1988
Witt, Brian G.Hoersting, Allyson 7 Jul 1972
Witt, Brian G.Pressler, Lisa M.8 Sep 1984
Witt, Danielle N.Melton, Charles B. Iii13 May 2017Link to external site
Witt, Douglas A.Bushee, Jo E.9 Jul 1977
Witt, James M.Irick, Nell J.4 Nov 1967
Witt, Jeffrey L.Dudley, Carol L.4 Feb 2011Link to external site
Witt, Kevin L.Johnson, Lauren E.27 Apr 2013Link to external site
Witt, Kristie K.Rinehart, Alan S.3 Mar 1989
Witt, Lisa A.McAbee, Lawrence L., Jr.17 Sep 1988
Witt, Michael P.Pierron, Michelle M.22 Mar 2013Link to external site
Witt, Sara M.Hewes, Steven A.22 May 2009Link to external site
Witt, Susan R.Sterling, Steve E.25 Jun 2010Link to external site
Witt, Tamara S.Holderman, John A.11 Jun 1988
Witt, Tamara S.Smith, Peter J.6 Mar 1993
Witta, Karen E.Shipe, Bradley A.24 May 1986
Witta, Steven E.Mueller, Kimberly S.23 Jul 1988
Witta, Thomas A.Hershberger, Annette M.9 Feb 1991
Witte, Amy D.Rider, Richard E.28 Jun 1980
Witte, Angela J.Bryan, Nathan A.17 Oct 1998
Witte, Angela K.Hall, Bart J.24 Aug 1996
Witte, Anne M.Niezer, Gerald F.31 Jan 1976
Witte, Arnold W.Messmann, Faith L.18 Jun 1965
Witte, Bradley L.Kruckeberg, Kelli 27 Aug 1977
Witte, Brenda Moran, Matthew R.28 Nov 1981
Witte, Brian D.Terry, Mabel J.15 Jan 1995
Witte, Brian D.Sowers, Laura A.30 Jan 2009Link to external site
Witte, Brian K.Lawson, Danelle 30 Aug 1980
Witte, BristolMiranda- Bautista, Jhonatan8 Apr 2013Link to external site
Witte, Candi L.Rausllette, John E., Jr.18 May 1991
Witte, Carol S.Bittner, Larry D.3 Jan 1970
Witte, Carole D.Langston, Timothy E.11 Jul 1987
Witte, Carolyn S.Brown, Marc L.
Witte, Chasity A.Marks, Christopher M.19 Aug 2000
Witte, Cheryl L.Smith, Ralph W.19 Jun 1966
Witte, Christy A.Kammer, Linda K.7 Apr 1989
Witte, Cindy S.Mertz, Craig A.14 Aug 1982
Witte, ColinVanwaardenburg, Sarah16 Dec 2020Link to external site
Witte, Craig R.Kirschner, Jamia L.10 Feb 1995
Witte, Cynthia L.Strautmon, Rodney L.10 Aug 1985
Witte, Cynthia S.Cooley, Dennis L.6 Aug 1993
Witte, Dannie P.Herbst, Sandra L.29 Apr 1972
Witte, Darlea J.Heitger, David E.20 Nov 1966
Witte, Darlene K.Hoover, Forrest A.24 Jun 1972
Witte, Darrell D.Price, Marylyn A.17 Jun 1967
Witte, David A.Slone, Rebecca21 Aug 2010Link to external site
Witte, David J.Beaughot, Mary A.15 Jun 1985
Witte, David L.Wuehnker, Lori P.2 Dec 1989
Witte, Dean R.Kapocius, Evelyn A.13 Oct 1984
Witte, Deanna K.Ringenberg, Ronald 29 Oct 1976
Witte, Deborah K.Peters, John D.19 May 2001
Witte, Denise A.Collins, Michael F.6 Feb 1999
Witte, Denise M.Raudebusch, Kent 2 Oct 1976
Witte, Dennis A.Niederholtme, Heidi 22 Feb 1986
Witte, Diana L.Otterness, John D.19 Aug 1978
Witte, Donald W.Wolff, Kelsey D.9 Jan 2012Link to external site
Witte, Edward W.Beckmann, Doreen J.17 Aug 1974
Witte, Elizabeth C.Timmons, Robert R.13 Apr 1968
Witte, Ellen R.Stilwell, Donald L.30 Aug 1980
Witte, Eric D.Guiver, Elizabeth A.12 Oct 2013Link to external site
Witte, Gary G.Maupin, Becky J.22 Mar 1975
Witte, Glenn C.Roach, Carrol M.5 Jun 1998
Witte, Gregg E.Crt, Sandra S.16 Sep 1978
Witte, Gregory A.Lill, Julie A.13 Oct 1972
Witte, Gregory A.Swinehart, Susan C.5 Sep 1998
Witte, Gregory T.Wagner, Marilyn L.23 May 2015Link to external site
Witte, James W.Bly, Vicki L.11 May 1974
Witte, James W.Morrison, Melody R.7 Oct 2017Link to external site
Witte, Jane L.Conard, John J.26 Jan 1969
Witte, Jane M.Scappucci, John L.12 Sep 1969
Witte, Jane M.Hendricks, Terry R.24 Mar 1972
Witte, Janyce M.Hottum, James R.10 Nov 1970
Witte, Jean E.Parnin, Stephen A.14 Aug 1965
Witte, Jeffrey C.Brown, Tamara F.11 Jul 1981
Witte, Jerold L.Bauserman, Carol A.16 Oct 1970
Witte, Jerry L.Mock, Michelle M.20 Oct 1989
Witte, Jill M.Kenny, Thomas M.26 Jun 2010Link to external site
Witte, Joellen M.Ionni, Michael R.6 Sep 1985
Witte, John D.Witte, Marilyn S.31 Dec 1965
Witte, Joshua A.McCarthy, Molly M.14 Oct 2000
Witte, Karen J.Lake, Douglas E.3 Jul 1993
Witte, Karen S.Westrick, Christopher D.7 Jun 2008Link to external site
Witte, Kathryn S.Yoder, Daniel F.14 Sep 2013Link to external site
Witte, Kelly A.Tippmann, Benjamin R.12 Oct 2002
Witte, Kenneth G.Irwin, Elizabeth A.9 Sep 1989
Witte, Kent A.Miller, Lora L.17 Aug 1989
Witte, Kristy K.Lamers, John M.23 Nov 1996
Witte, Kristy K.Lamers, John M.23 Nov 1996
Witte, Kurtis C.Hunt, Cherri L.5 Jun 1999
Witte, Lance D.Swope, Cynthia S.5 Sep 1987
Witte, Lance D.West, Cary F.24 Feb 1995
Witte, Laura A.Cahill, Ronald D.29 Sep 1984
Witte, Laura A.Burkhead, Kent L., Jr.31 Mar 1988
Witte, Laura A.Horacek, Joseph E.27 Jan 1996
Witte, Linda R.Moudy, Kenneth C.17 Sep 1977
Witte, Linda S.Patrick, Gary L.29 Jun 1979
Witte, Lloyd H.Slater, Jacqueline 4 Aug 1967
Witte, Lois A.Coleman, John A.23 Jun 1979
Witte, Lucas A.Feipel, Jennifer L.10 Jun 2002
Witte, Margaret L.Mowery, John G.3 Jun 1972
Witte, Marilyn S.Witte, John D.31 Dec 1965
Witte, Marilyn S.Setser, Freddie L.30 Dec 1967
Witte, Mark J.Stone, Kristine L.17 Aug 1985
Witte, Marylyn A.Kramer, Jack E.10 Dec 1976
Witte, Marylyn A.Miller, Robert W.16 Feb 1985
Witte, Megan J.Perfecto, Alejandro4 Jul 2009Link to external site
Witte, Melanie L.Becker, David L.17 Apr 2010Link to external site
Witte, Michael E.Stark, Nancy A.1 Sep 1972
Witte, Michael E.Bedsworth, Mariorie J.5 Nov 1982
Witte, Ned T.Johnson, Terry L.
Witte, Ned T.May, Linda S.28 Nov 1974
Witte, Norbert J.McIntyre, Judith A.18 Aug 1967
Witte, Pamela C.Boon, David L.9 Aug 1980
Witte, Patty S.Carrion, Daniel P.28 Oct 1977
Witte, Randy S.Esslinger, Ellen R.29 Nov 1974
Witte, Randy S.Marcom, Sarah L.8 Jun 1996
Witte, Rebecca M.McClain, Caleb J.6 Aug 2011Link to external site
Witte, Richard R.Blaising, Pamela C.1 Jul 1972
Witte, Robert A.Selking, Joyce D.27 May 1978
Witte, Robert D.Porter, Lynn E.27 Jul 2013Link to external site
Witte, Roger A.Walchle, Yvonne A.29 May 2004
Witte, Roger A.Schell, Amanda J.23 Mar 2014Link to external site
Witte, Roger W.Schackow, Kristi J.12 Nov 1998
Witte, Roland G.McConnell, Dorothy A.12 May 2001
Witte, Ronald A.Mertz, Beth A.15 Oct 1977
Witte, Ronald O.Clark, Tammy M.18 Jun 1979
Witte, Ruth A.Irwin, Randall G.16 Feb 1975
Witte, Ruth E.Winicker, Douglas R.9 Mar 1991
Witte, Ryan L.Hoagland, Melanie L.7 Jul 2001
Witte, Ryan L.Owens, Amber M.16 Aug 2008Link to external site
Witte, Sarah B.Kimes, Kenneth R.22 Oct 2010Link to external site
Witte, Sean M.Hahnert, Cynthia L.26 Jun 1999
Witte, Shelly R.Johnstone, John H.3 Jun 1995
Witte, Stephanie L.Weaver, Eric L.16 Jul 2001
Witte, Stephanie L.Lipp, Michael L.4 Feb 2010Link to external site
Witte, Stephen K.Roberts, Kaylee M.26 Sep 2015Link to external site
Witte, Steven C.Bowen, Ruth A.22 Nov 1969
Witte, Steven G.Musser, Cheryl A.28 Oct 1977
Witte, Steven W.Graham, Paula M.18 Jun 1966
Witte, Steven W.Weber, Barbara M.8 Aug 1981
Witte, Steven W.Sprinkle, Paula R.10 Mar 1984
Witte, Susan K.Wilkinson, Jimmie 28 May 1971
Witte, Tim H.Haskell, Debra L.12 Aug 1989
Witte, Tim H.Kelly, Janice A.23 May 2009Link to external site
Witte, VincentMcKenna, Susan17 Sep 2016Link to external site
Witte, Wendy L.Totten, Michael R.6 Aug 1977
Witte, Willard A.Gunder, Mary E.4 Jan 1986
Witte, Zachary A.Locke, Emily M.3 Jul 1999
Wittekind, Amanda L.Jordan, James M.26 Mar 1999
Wittekind, Fredrck Phillips, Nancy G.14 Sep 1974
Wittekind, Mark A.Long, Michelle C.25 Oct 1980
Wittekind, Michael Bivens, Tonya K.23 Aug 1975
Wittekind, Milhael B.Hardiek, Janet L.20 Jun 1987
Wittekind, Rachelle M.Eichel, John D.24 Jan 2004
Wittekind, Vicki A.O'Hara, Robert C.14 Oct 1975
Witten, Bethany D.Clay, Benjamin D.24 Oct 2008Link to external site
Witten, Linda S.Roberts, Douglas D.31 Jul 2001
Witten, Shelby T.Lexima, Herson11 May 2019Link to external site
Wittenberg, Fride E.Irving, Blane T.16 Dec 1998
Wittenberg, Lauren B.Hollars, Michael J.10 Sep 1978
Wittenberg, Thelma E.McMahon, James J.15 Jan 1983
Wittenmyer, Corinne N.Haynes, Brandon J.18 May 2007Link to external site
Wittenmyer, Lee A.Witenmyer, Helen L.21 Mar 2011Link to external site
Wittenmyer, Lynda Magnuson, David E.17 Sep 1966
Witters, Aaron K.Wagner, Natalie L.13 Oct 2018Link to external site
Witters, Matthew J.Mccown, Sydney K.23 Sep 2017Link to external site
Witthaus, Paul L., Jr.Gaskins, Janice L.27 Jul 1979
Witthaus, Paul, Jr.Greene, Anna J.25 Oct 1977
Wittibslager, Judy K.Reibs, John F.16 Aug 1980
Witt-Jordan, Jasmine S.Workman, Jacob M.21 Jul 2020Link to external site
Wittkamper, Austin J.Wolfe, Britiny L.23 Feb 2007Link to external site
Wittkamper, Jacqueline C.Bopp, James P., Jr.27 Oct 1984
Wittke, Andrew N.Nave, Alicia D.15 Mar 2003
Wittke, Anne J.Smith, Edwin S.13 Sep 1975
Wittke, Elizabeth A.Callender, Richard S.12 Oct 2002
Wittkopf, Elizabeth M.Roper, Bob E.7 Apr 2001
Wittkopf, John C.Weldon, Margaret H.2 Oct 1971
Wittkopf, Margaret H.Watson, Lawrence D.21 Sep 2002
Wittman, Charlee J.Magnus, Tom B.22 Aug 1987
Wittman, Jeffrey A.Farris, Karen S.12 May 1984
Wittman, Willard W.Carpenter, Trudy E.28 Feb 2003
Wittmer, AdaSchwartz, Mervin L.27 May 1999
Wittmer, AmandaGreber, Joseph J.19 Mar 1995
Wittmer, Amelia Schwartz, Samuel 13 Nov 1969
Wittmer, AmyGraber, Steven A.18 May 1995
Wittmer, AnnamaryGraber, Edwin J.27 Nov 2014Link to external site
Wittmer, BarbaraMiller, Elmer20 Jun 2002
Wittmer, David Schmucker, Mary 21 Jun 1967
Wittmer, Edwin Schwartz, Anna W.12 Apr 1973
Wittmer, EmmaGraber, Ivan A.10 Jun 1999
Wittmer, Emma Schmucker, James A.24 Jun 2004
Wittmer, Jacob B.Schmucker, Loretta M.9 Nov 1997
Wittmer, JamesSchwartz, Jannetta16 Oct 2014Link to external site
Wittmer, James B.Graber, Julie A.9 Jun 2017Link to external site
Wittmer, Jesse B.Schwartz, Rosa M.3 Sep 1998
Wittmer, Jonas B.Lengacher, Rosalie22 May 1994
Wittmer, JonathonSchmucker, Janette A.1 Sep 2011Link to external site
Wittmer, LydiannSchwartz, Lester M.22 Aug 1999
Wittmer, MarieGraber, Johnny J.16 Oct 1997
Wittmer, Mark A.Zehr, Rosetta M.11 Jun 2017Link to external site
Wittmer, Menno R.Lengacher, Kanoshia22 Sep 2017Link to external site
Wittmer, Philip, Jr.Hunnings, Lyndall 10 Jun 1966
Wittmer, RebeccaDelagrange, Mervin J.30 Mar 2014Link to external site
Wittmer, RosemaryEicher, Lester J.14 Jun 2001
Wittmer, Susanna Graber, Jonas 7 Nov 2004
Wittner, Anthony L.Huizing, Elissa A.18 Nov 1986
Wittwer, Beverly G.Brennan, Leslie G.12 May 1971
Wittwer, Carole L.Hart, James E.19 Sep 1975
Wittwer, Cheryl A.Sizemore, Norman L.11 Dec 1982
Wittwer, Curtis D.Myers, Charlene S.2 Sep 1969
Wittwer, Darlene G.McCartney, Kevin H.25 Oct 1980
Wittwer, Dianna R.Clevenger, Reith E.27 Aug 1982
Wittwer, Gail A.Willett, Jerry D.26 Oct 1974
Wittwer, George D.Pierson, Marilyn S.2 May 1981
Wittwer, George O.Dibble, Diann L.5 Dec 1970
Wittwer, Julie A.Hetrick, Gregory A.24 Apr 1993
Wittwer, Kevin D.Harber, Patricia L.16 Jun 1979
Wittwer, Kevin D.Graney, Julie A.12 Mar 1982
Wittwer, Kevin D.Meyers, Michelle E.26 May 1989
Wittwer, KristinaClaudio, Luis Mr19 May 2017Link to external site
Wittwer, Linda A.Bennett, Phillip H.6 Mar 1971
Wittwer, Loree S.Johnston, Mark E.10 Oct 1987
Wittwer, Marilyn S.Barth, Robert N.4 Aug 2001
Wittwer, Mary L.Mylet, David L.31 Aug 1979
Wittwer, Melissa J.Dibble, Anthony B.12 Aug 1989
Wittwer, Melissa J.Miller, Denver C.8 Jun 1996
Wittwer, Michael P.Hyde, Debbie A.4 Mar 1972
Wittwer, Michael P.Heim, Lynette C.15 Sep 1984
Wittwer, Mila A.Wittwer, Richard D.5 Aug 1981
Wittwer, Patricia L.Hill, Bruce E.12 Apr 1986
Wittwer, Phillip M.Lehman, Jaccueline E.19 Sep 2015Link to external site
Wittwer, Richard D.Wittwer, Mila A.5 Aug 1981
Wittwer, Sharyl D.Groves, Brian K.25 Aug 1967
Witty, Susan R.Fox, Richard F.26 May 1973
Witucki, James L.McDaniel, Deborah A.23 Jun 2001
Witucki, Patricia A.Spaulding, Paul E.3 Jul 1985
Witulski, Alexa A.Johnson, Samuel J.8 Aug 2020Link to external site
Witulski, Olivia E.Brunner, Zachary N.8 Jul 2017Link to external site
Witwer, Amanda L.Woollucott, Joseph G.19 Jun 2010Link to external site
Witwer, Amy J.Clements, Kevin P.5 Aug 1995
Witwer, Brian J.Gelow, Sally J.4 Sep 1965
Witwer, Kay A.Winter, Kirby F.14 Sep 1996
Witwer, Keith A.Meyer, Beverly J.24 Sep 1977
Witwer, Kristin S.Nusbaumer, Gregory T.28 Feb 2009Link to external site
Witwer, Kyle A.McConnell, Linda L.7 Jun 1982
Witzeman, Kenneth Mills, Dorothy J.5 Feb 1966
Witzenman, CandiGillingham, Lee W.20 May 2017Link to external site
Witzenman, Darlene Mackey, David W.19 Dec 1967
Witzenman, Deborah Faulkner, Jerry L.4 May 1974
Witzenman, Deborah L.Johnson, Kevin P.15 Oct 1988
Witzenman, James F.Schwartz, Diane L.7 Apr 1973
Witzenman, Kenneth Busse, Marsha E.21 Jun 1969
Witzenman, Kenneth Flotow, Charlotte 1 Nov 1975
Witzenman, Lydia D.Nieuwlandt, Devin P.7 Oct 2017Link to external site
Witzenman, Marjory A.Lybarger, Aaron S.2 Jun 2001
Witzenman, Marsha Delagrange, Thomas 8 Nov 1975
Witzewman, Kenneth L.Mitchell, Ellen E.21 Jul 1995
Witzig, Kathleen F.Sowles, Gregory S.22 Dec 1984
Witzig, Robert G., Jr.Jackson, Toni G.30 Jul 1988
Witzigneuter, Wdrw Shafer, Laura J.26 Aug 1972
Witzigreuter, Amanda L.Ventrini, Michael J.15 Jun 2002
Witzigreuter, Amy N.Parker, Kenton E.30 Oct 1999
Witzigreuter, Carl Wilkinson, Richard 11 Sep 1969
Witzigreuter, Jason J.Trosvig, Danielle L.13 Jun 1998
Witzigreuter, JordanGentry, Katelyn1 Apr 2017Link to external site
Witzigreuter, Kari M.Akey, Kraig D.25 Aug 2012Link to external site
Witzigreuter, Kay Deveau, John C.24 Feb 1973
Witzigreuter, Kevin E.McFadden, Jennifer E.27 Dec 1991
Witzigreuter, Nncy Schuler, Gerald A.10 Sep 1966
Witzigreuter, Randy L.Lahrman, Eileen M.26 Sep 1980
Witzigreuter, Rich Park, Cynthia L.10 Jun 1972
Witzigreuter, Shrl Langston, David A.10 Jan 1970
Witzigreuter, Sydney K.Hudson, Samuel P.22 Aug 2020Link to external site
Witzigreuter, Tim Noll, Paula S.4 Jun 1966
Witzigreuter, Todd R.Roth, Suzanne M.29 Jun 1991
Witzigreuter, Todd R.Ronning, Libbie J.9 Jun 2013Link to external site
Witzke, Cynthia K.Buchanan, Richard E.19 Sep 1997
Witzky, Joy A.McLanhon, Georg, Jr.4 Jun 1977

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