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Civil War Soldiers, Allen County, Indiana

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of the Unit
EagyWilliam H.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
EarlGeorgePvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EarlywineAmosMusician75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
EarmanChristianPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EastonJohnPvt44th Reg. InfantryB3 years
EastwoodWesley J.Pvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
EatonJamesPvt38th Reg. InfantryE3 years
EatonJohn W.Pvt29th Reg. InfantryG3 years
EbyRufus F.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
EcklesJoseph H.Musician44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
EckleyPeterPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
EdenJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
EdmondsWilliamBugler11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
EdsallEdward P.Adjutant30th Reg. Infantry3 years
EdsallPeterCorp.30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
EdwardsGeorge T.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EggimanDavidPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryK2 years
EhingerCharlesPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
EhingerJohnPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
EhingerOttmanPvt32nd Reg. InfantryA3 years1st German
EhingerWarnerPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
EhleRichardPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
EhlersJohn H.Qtr. Sgt.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
EhmingerHiramPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
EhrmanCharlesPvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
EikoffJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
EldrigeJamesPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EleyJohnPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
ElliottJosephPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
ElopheHenryPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
ElyJohnPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
ElyJohn W.Pvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
ElzyJohnPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EmerickDanielPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
EmerickHenryPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
EmeryCharlesCapt.55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
EmeryCharlesCapt.91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
EmeryCharlesCapt.124th Reg. InfantryC1 year
EmrichDavidPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
EngleJohnPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EngleJohnPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EngleWilliamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EnglehartFrankPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
EnglertJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
EnnisAndrewPvt11th Reg. InfantryC3 years
EppleGeorgePvt12th Reg. InfantryD3 years
ErnspergerSamuelPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
ErwinSamuel R.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
EssexJamesPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
EsslestineJohn P.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
EvansIsaac E.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
EvansJerome A.Corp.55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
EvansJosephPvt47th Reg. InfantryE3 years
EvardCharlesPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
EvardJamesPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
EvardLeopoldPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
EverHenryPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
Ever HenryPvt38th Reg. InfantryH3 years
EwingGeorge W.Corp.12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
EyrickWilliamPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
EzenthalFrederickPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
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