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Civil War Soldiers, Allen County, Indiana

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of the Unit
MaarsJames B.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
MaddenDennisPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MagnerEliPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MagnerHenryPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
MagnerIsaiahPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
MagnerIsaiahPvt152nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MagnerIsiahPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MagnerJohn B.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MagnerWilliamPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
Magner JohnPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MaguireJohn B.1st Sgt.12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MahonSamuelPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
MaierWilliam D.Musician30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
MaizeJacobPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MajorSamuelPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
MajorThomasPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
MajorsGeorgePvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
MajorsJohn S.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MakinsJosephPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MaleyJohn M.Corp.142nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MaleyJohn W.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
MaloneSimonPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MalottJacobPvt44th Reg. InfantryA3 years
ManningJohnPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
ManningPvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
ManorJosephPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
ManuelJulius P.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MapesBenjaminPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
MaretteCelestinePvt142nd Reg. InfantryD1 year
MarietteElzaPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MarkleGeorgePvt11th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MarkleHenryPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MarquartIsaacPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MarquartJacobPvt152nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MarquartMarquisPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MarquetDavid W.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
MarshJosephus T.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MarshallEdward Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MarshallElishaPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MarshallRobertPvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MartinAlfredPvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
MartinAndersonPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MartinFrancis H.Corp.12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MartinJacobPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MartinJoseph S.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MartinWarren W.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
MartinWilliam E.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MashamerMathiasPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
MasonAca. C.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MasonCharlesPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MasonHenry M.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
MasonJohn A.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MasonMichaelPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
MasonMichaelPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
MasonNathanPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
MatthewsAaronPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
MatthewsLeviPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MatthewsLewisPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MatthiasEmanuelPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
MaxfieldCharlesPvt38th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MaxwellJohnPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MayDavid T.Pvt17th Reg. InfantryF3 years
MayerHenryPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
MayhewJamesPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McAllisterJoelPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
McAllisterJohn B.Sgt.15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McAllisterJohn B.Pvt17th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McAllyPeterPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McAuenchWilliamPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
McAuenchWilliamPvt124th Reg. InfantryE1 year
McBratneyHughPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McBratneyJamesPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
McBrideChristopherPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McBrideJamesPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McBrideJohnWagoner88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
McCarthyJohn F.2nd Lieut.15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McCartyJohn W.Pvt35th Reg. InfantryC3 years1st Irish
McCartyMichaelPvt5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McClanahanGustavusPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
McClannahanGeorgePvt142nd Reg. InfantryA1 year
McClellandFrancis F.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
McClellandFrancis F.Corp.129th Reg. InfantryF1 year
McClellandHenry C.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McClellandWm. H.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McClintockHermanPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McCloonJerry C.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryG3 years
McClureAlexanderPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
McClureJames F.Corp.129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
McConaughyJamesPvt124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
McConnelJamesPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
McCormickJamesPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McCormickThomasMusician91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
McCroneAnthonyCorp.88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
McCuneHenryPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
McCuneRobert M.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McCurdyAlex. C.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McCurdyAndrew K.Musician12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
McCurdySmiley M.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McCutcheonFrancis P.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryA3 years
McDanielPerryPvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McDermittWilliamPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McDonaldDeGroff N.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
McDonaldJamesPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McDonaldJames A.Pvt38th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McDonaldRonald T.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
McDonaldStacionPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
McDonaldStacyPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McDonaldWilliamPvt38th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McDormanWilliamPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
McDougalTheodore F.Musician91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
McDowellAlexanderPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
McDowellHenryPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McDowellIsaiahPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McDowellJames A.Sgt.12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McElfatrickIsaiah C.2nd Lieut.30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McElvainWilliam M.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
McEwenRobertPvt142nd Reg. InfantryA1 year
McFeeHiramPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
McGamghaJamesPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
McGeeheWalter W.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McGinnisDariusPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
McGinnisLeanderPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McGinnisMarion Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McGinnisWilliam1st. Lieut.75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
McGradyDavidPvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
McGradyJohn D.Corp.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McGradyWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McGrathJamesPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
McGreadyAlexanderPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
McGuireAddisonPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McGuireJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryG3 years
McGuireJohn B.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
McGuireNathanPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
McIntoshBenjaminPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
McIntoshJohnPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McIntoshThomasPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
McIntyreAsburyPvt38th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McKeeChas. W.Corp.88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
McKeeJacobPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
McKeeJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
McKeeJohn H.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
McKeeRobertPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McKennaBarneyPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
McKinleyJohnSgt.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McKinneyFrankPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
McKinzieElam J.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McKinzieFrankPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McKinzieMosesPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
McLainByron W.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
McLainSamuel R.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryC1 year
McLeanGeorge H.Pvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
McMahanFrancisPvt142nd Reg. InfantryK1 year
McMahonPatrickPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
McMahonWilliamPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
McMakinWilliam B.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
McMakinWilliam B.Pvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
McMillenJohn W.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
McNairCharlesPvt146th Reg. InfantryI
McNairHenryPvt146th Reg. InfantryI
McNairNeilPvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McNairWilliamPvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
McNallJohnPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
McNallyJamesPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MeadThomasSgt.30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MeeksJohn W.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MehreLewisPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MeiserEliPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MellinAlfredPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MelottNorris E.Pvt130th Reg. InfantryH1 year
MemmertNicholasPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
MengusPeterPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
MengusSamuelPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
MerandaMiltonPvt124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
MercerDanielPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MericaJosephPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MerrillettAugustPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MerrillettJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MerrillettLouisPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MerringHenryPvt35th Reg. InfantryB3 years1st Irish
MeselerGeorgePvt33rd Reg. InfantryI3 years
MessimoreEnisPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
MetcalfHardinPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MettertPeterPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MettertPeterPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MeyerFrederickPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MeyerGeorgePvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MeyerJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MeyerWilliamPvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MeyersGeorgePvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MeyersJohnPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
MeyersWilliamPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
MichaelDanielPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MichalisHermanPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MichardsPeterPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
MiddletonAmbrosePvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MiddletonAndrewSgt.91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
MilesDavidSgt.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MillLycurgus S.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MillardWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MilledgeJamesPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MillenbaughJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
MillerAllenPvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerAmosPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MillerAmos Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MillerAndrew J.Sgt.15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerAnsonPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MillerAustin R.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerBenjamin F.Corp.88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerCasparPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MillerCasperPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MillerClaud C.Bugler5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MillerDavid W.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
MillerEdwardPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MillerEliasPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerFrederickPvt29th Reg. InfantryI3 years
MillerGeorgePvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerGeorgePvt22nd Reg. InfantryH3 years
MillerGeorgePvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
MillerGeorgePvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MillerHenryPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerHenry M.Corp.88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MillerHenry V.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MillerIraPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerIraPvt17th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MillerIsaacPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
MillerIsraelPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MillerJacob W.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerJacob W.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerJames L.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerJohn R.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryE1 year
MillerLevi H.Wagoner88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerMartinPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillerPhilipPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MillerRiley J.Pvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
MillerThomasPvt22nd Reg. InfantryH3 years
MillerWilliamPvt19th US InfantryARegular Army
MillerWilliamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MillerZachariahMusician30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillerZachariusMusician88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillingtonPhilemonCorp.44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MillsAndrew J.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillsAndrew J.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillsAndrew J.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MillsGeorge W.Pvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
MillsMartinPvt35th Reg. InfantryC3 years1st Irish
MillsRichardPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MinerAndrew J.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MinerLeander P.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
MiniardGeorge H.1st Sgt.152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MinnickJohnPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MinnickJosephPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MitchelGeorgePvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
MitchellAlvin V.Pvt124th Reg. InfantryC1 year
MitchellJames H.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MitchellJames J.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MittenUriahPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MoeLemuel W.Pvt100th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsrecruit
MolloyPatrickPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
MonahanDennisPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MonasmithHenryCorp.13th Reg. InfantryH3 years
MonasmithMartinPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MonroeJohn F.1st Sgt.15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MonroeWilliamPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
MontgomeryDavidPvt130th Reg. InfantryE1 year
MontgomeryThomasPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MontgomeryWarrenSgt.90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
MookJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MooneyFrancis M.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MooneyJamesPvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
MooneyJohn F.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryK1 year
MooneyOsbornPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MoonyJohnPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MoonyJohnPvt17th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MooreAllen H.Pvt59th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MooreAmos W.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
MooreAsburyPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
MooreGeorge W.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MooreGeorge W. C.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
MooreJohn L.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MooreJohn S.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
MooreNathan B.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryC3 yearsReorganized
MoorePerry N.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MorehouseJohn W.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MorganJohn A.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MorningstarSamuelPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
MorrisCharles T.Musician88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
MorrisJamesPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MorrisJohn F.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MorrisonPatrickCorp.35th Reg. InfantryC3 years1st Irish
MorseCharlesPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
MorseCharles E.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
MorseJoel W.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MorthierWilliamPvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MortonJamesPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MortsalfJohn W.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MosesWilliam H.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MosherAlbertPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MosierCyrus F.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MosierCyrus T.Sgt.55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
MosierJosephPvt44th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MosserConradPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
MoxellJoseph Q.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MoyerHarman L.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MuellerCharles W.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
MulhollandHenry J.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
MullenDanielPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MullenbachGottliebPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
MullenhourFrederickPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
MullenhourFrederickPvt124th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MulrinePeterSgt.75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
MuncyPeter Jr.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
MurphyDanielPvt152nd Reg. InfantryB1 year
MurphyGeorge E.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MurphyMartin L.Sgt.12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
MurphyPatrickPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
MurphyRichardPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MurphyRobert S.Corp.30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MurphyTimothyPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MurphyTimothyPvt17th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MurrayCharlesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
MurrayCorbinPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MusserSamuelPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
MyerFrederickPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MyersAsel J.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
MyersFrederickPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
MyersFrederickPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MyersGeorge W.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
MyersHenryPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MyersJames H.Capt.23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
MyersJohnPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
MyersReuben R.2nd Lieut.30th Reg. InfantryA3 yearsReorganized
MyersWilliam1st. Sgt.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
MyersWilliam1st. Lieut.124th Reg. InfantryB1 year
MyersWilliam J.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
MyresHenryPvt129th Reg. InfantryI1 year
MyresJohnPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
MyresJosephPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
MyresReubenPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
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