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Civil War Soldiers, Allen County, Indiana

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of the Unit
RabbittThomasPvt13th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RabusMathiasPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
RabusTobiasCorp.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
RacineJacobPvt38th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RadcliffeWilliamPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RadleyAlbert S.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RaffeltWilliam R.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RallihanTimothyPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
RameJohn M.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
RamseyJames B.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
RandallEdwardPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RankEliSgt.11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RankEzraPvt142nd Reg. InfantryE1 year
RankGeorgePvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RankNewcombSgt.91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
RankNewsomPvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RankinsJohn D.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RanneyWilliam R.Musician12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RaupGustavusPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RawlingsGarrettPvt38th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RayFlorentinePvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RayJamesMusician74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RayJohn W.Pvt126th Reg. 11th CavalryC2 years
RayOliver H.1st Lieut.15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RaypoleJohnSgt.152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
ReadCharles R.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
ReamWilliamPvt29th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RearNicholasPvt88th Reg. InfantryC3 years
ReaumeJohn A.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
ReavisWilliam H.Pvt29th Reg. InfantryH3 years
ReddinIsaiahPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RedekerHenryPvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RedmanCharles F.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RedmanEphraimPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
ReedArthur F.Capt.12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
ReedDavidPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
ReedFranklinPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
ReedHugh B.Col.44th Reg. Infantry3 years
ReedJohnPvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
ReedJoseph B.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
ReedRichardPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
Reed EnosPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
Reed SamuelPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
Reed Thomas G.Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
Reed William J.1st Sgt.91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
ReeseOttoPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
ReganJames K.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RegetzLewisPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
ReichelderferElihuSgt.142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
ReichelderferWilliam A.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
ReileyHenryPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
ReillyThomasPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
RentzGeorgePvt35th Reg. InfantryB3 years1st Irish
ReprogalGeorgePvt29th Reg. InfantryI3 years
ReprogalWilliam S.Pvt29th Reg. InfantryI3 years
RerickReubenPvt152nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
RexJohn D.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RexNathanPvt44th Reg. InfantryD3 years
ReynerdGeorge A.Pvt9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
ReynoldsDaniel P.Pvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
ReynoldsEphraimCorp.131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
ReynoldsJohn M.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
ReynoldsLeviPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
ReynoldsWilliamWagoner131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
RhoadsDaniel J.Sgt.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RhoadsDavidPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RhodesIsaacPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RhodesJohn H.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RhodesLeviPvt124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
RhotenMarion Pvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RicePerry O.Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
RichJames L.Pvt15th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RichJohnPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
RichardCharlesPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RichardHenryPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RichardJamesPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RichardsChristianPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
RichardsChristianPvt124th Reg. InfantryH1 year
RichardsHiramPvt47th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RichardsJohn B.Pvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
RichardsJohn B.Pvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RichardsRawling B.Pvt42nd Reg. InfantryE3 years
RichardsonElisha A.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RichartJosephPvt127th Reg. 12th CavalryI1 year
RicheyAmosSgt.12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
RicheyWilliam H.Pvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
RichmondArchibaldPvt13th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RicketsRileyCorp.152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RickettsWilliamPvt30th Reg. InfantryF3 yearsReorganized
RiderH. W.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RiffelGeorge W.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RileyGeorgePvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RileyGeorge W.Pvt89th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RileyJohnPvt131st Reg. 13th Cavalry2 years
RileyJohn1st. Lieut.137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
RileyLaban J.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RileyWilliamSgt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RileyWilliamSgt.75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RimaOrrinPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
RineJacobPvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
RineJohnPvt47th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RinehartDavid B.Pvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RinehartIsaac A.Pvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RingWilliamPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RinglerFrankPvt142nd Reg. InfantryA1 year
RingwaltCharlesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RingwaltWilliamPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RinkerWilliamPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
RippetoeWilliam H.Pvt11th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RisdonNathaniel S.Pvt90th Reg. 5th CavalryD3 years
RissingAugustPvt142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
RitingLewisPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
RitterBenjamin F.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RitterDavidPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RitterJohn B.Pvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RitzmanGeorgePvt32nd Reg. InfantryA3 years1st German
RiverDavidPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RiverJacobPvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RoachAlfredPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RoachGeorgePvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RobartAmosPvt88th Reg. InfantryF3 years
RobbinsCalvin C.Pvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
RobbittThomasPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RobertsCharlesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RobertsDariusPvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
RobertsEdwardPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
RobertsJacob W.Pvt34th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RobertsJonathan B.Pvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
RobertsMarion D.Pvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RobertsSamuelPvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
RobertsSamuelPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RobertsonWilliam G.Corp.5th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RobinettJamesPvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RobinettWilliamPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
RobinsonDavid A.Corp.30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RobinsonFrank A.Pvt137th Reg. InfantryE100 days
RobinsonFrank A.2nd Lieut.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RobinsonGeorge H.Corp.9th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RobinsonGeorge W.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RobinsonHenry H.Corp.55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RobinsonHomerPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RobinsonJosephPvt75th Reg. InfantryH3 years
RobinsonStephenPvt155th Reg. InfantryD1 year
RobonsonA. L.Pvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RodenbergerEbenezerPvt129th Reg. InfantryD1 year
RodgersJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RogersAdrainPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
RogersCharles E.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RogersOliverPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
RogersOrrin D.1st. Lieut.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RogersRobert G.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryG1 year
RollinsWilliam H.Pvt11th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RoofJacob A.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
RoseFelixPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RoseMorrisPvt88th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RoseThomasPvt12th Reg. InfantryI3 years
RosenbergerJohnPvt129th Reg. InfantryB1 year
RossDavidPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RossGustavusPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RossHarvey W.Pvt88th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RothmanPeterPvt29th Reg. InfantryI3 years
RoudebushJohnPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RousseauReubenPvt152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RovenstineJohn A.Pvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
RowAdamPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RoweAdamPvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
RoweSamuelPvt12th Reg. InfantryF1 year
RowlandJohnPvt55th Reg. InfantryE3 months
RoyCharlesPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RoyCharlesSgt30th Reg. InfantryE3 yearsReorganized
RudolphFrankPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
RuggScottPvt142nd Reg. InfantryF1 year
RuloJohnPvt30th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RuloJosephPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RumbaughGeorgePvt13th Reg. InfantryD3 years
RummellOwen W.Pvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RundelMartin E.Pvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RunelAlexanderPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RunnionJamesPvt74th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RupeEmuelPvt30th Reg. InfantryA3 years
RupertIraQuartermaster88th Reg. Infantry3 years
RupertManassaCorp.23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RuppleFabiusPvt11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RushCharles E.Pvt139th Reg. InfantryH100 days
RushGeorgeCorp.152nd Reg. InfantryG1 year
RusselThomasPvt44th Reg. InfantryC3 years
RussellPeterPvt152nd Reg. InfantryH1 year
RussellWilliamPvt91st Reg. InfantryH1 year
RussellWilliam Pvt13th Reg. InfantryB3 years
RussettPeterPvt127th Reg. 12th CavalryI1 year
RuthHarrisonPvt23rd Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RyanDennisPvt13th Reg. InfantryK3 years
RyanJamesPvt30th Reg. InfantryE3 years
RyanJohnPvt12th Reg. InfantryB3 years
RyanJohnPvt22nd Reg. InfantryC3 years
RyanMichael B.Artificer11th Battery Lt. Art.3 years
RyanPatrickPvt91st Reg. InfantryK1 year
RyanPatrickPvt124th Reg. InfantryE1 year
RylandFrancis M.1st Sgt.142nd Reg. InfantryC1 year
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