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Civil War Federal Draft Enrollment, 1863, Allen Co., Indiana

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On March 3, 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed an act passed by Congress to create a "draft" registration list. The Enrollment List consisted to two classes. Class 1 consisted of men 20 to 35 and 36 to 45, unmarried and included immigrants who declared their intention to become citizens. Class 2 consisted of men ages 35 to 45 who were married and who registered. The youngest men were taken first and the older married men were last.

This list of Class 2 enrollees was published in Dawson's Daily Times on Dec. 19, 1863.

Fort Wayne Ward 1

1st July,
Allheart, William37Laborer
Almon, John45Mechanic
Aukneboke, Anthony36Laborer
Andrews, George40Mechanic
Bollinger, Joseph40Mechanic
Biddle, George36Laborer
Boil, Patrick40Mechanic
Briant, Stephen36Mechanic
Bruns, Christian45RR
Bens, Phillip41Laborer
Bayly, Geo. W.41Mechanic
Beck, Wm.36Mechanic
Bostick, E.40Merchant
Bullauger, Geo.36Drayman
Bell, Thomas39Mechanic
Bamy, Thomas49Laborer
Bequette, John B.42Mechanic
Banen, John44Laborer
Besont, John43Mechanic
Buckwalter, Paul36Mechanic
Brigford, John37Laborer
Burk, Edward37Mechanic
Colton, Wm. C.36Mechanic
Carrier, Andrew F.36Mechanic
Carol, John36Mechanic
Carr, Geo. S.43Clerk
Clark, S. W.39Conductor
Cogen, Sam'l39Mechanic
Challenger, Joseph W.37Mechanic
Dill, Mortimer37Mechanic
Deak, John42Mechanic
Dewalt, Leonard41Mechanic
Davidson, G. H.36Mechanic
Dober, Olney38Mechanic
Drury, Michael40Laborer
Dawson, J. W.43Editor
Emerick, Henry40Mechanic
Fox, Joseph38Laborer
French, R. M.40Manufacturer
Foster, Wm. T.37Mechanic
Fish, John36Mechanic
Fuller, Henry36RR
Fisher, Geo. W.40Colored Mechanic
Forbs, Andrew37Mechanic
Groff, John38Laborer
Getty, Christian43Laborer
Geerken, Geo.37Laborer
Griet, John36Mechanic
Green, John39Laborer
Geigher, chas.36Teacher
Horstmyer, Henry38Mechanic
Howell, David36Mechanic
Hillker, Charles37Laborer
Haggerty, Hugh37Boatman
Hight, Eugene39Mechanic
Hartman, Herman43Mechanic
Hart, John R.38Mechanic
Hooper, Isaac40Mechanic
Haberkorn, Henry36Mechanic
Hind, Frederick43Mechanic
Hiedenchrich, Auman38Laborer
Iker, John39Mechanic
Irwin, Thomas36Butcher
Jacobs, Peter42Laborer
Jocquel, Mathias37Mechanic
Korchl, Harman37Mechanic
Kendall, Jacob40Mechanic
Kanning, Louis36Laborer
Kohler, David36Engineer
Kuble, George37Mechanic
Kelker, John36Engineer
Koseuth, A.38Merchant
Krum, Ernst40Laborer
Kline, Jacob45Merchant
Kime, Josiah38Hotel
Kelly, Michael40Mechanic
Leffey, Wm.38Fireman
Lundy, John43Laborer
Lawrence, E. E.36Conductor
Lee, Israel44Laborer
Lewis, Henry37Laborer
Leeber, F.40Physician
Murphy, Michael36Mechanic
Myers, John40Laborer
Mocring, Henry37Laborer
Marcus, Wm.40RR
Mooring, Henry36Mechanic
Mourer, John36Laborer
Myer, Ernest36Mechanic
McCardell, David S.38Mechanic
Mencer, Sebastine43Mechanic
Nomyer, Henry40Laborer
Nestle, Phillip38Mechanic
Orff, Henry36Musician
Our, Dan'l40Laborer
Osterman, Lambert38Drayman
Parro, August40Laborer
Perry, J. H.41Engineer
Phillips, Stephen W.39Mechanic
Pronger, Henry38Mechanic
Powers, John A.36Laborer
Reinhart, Mathias37Mechanic
Rupple, John45Boatman
Rupple, Paul40Laborer
Reinhart, John42Mechanic
Rabb, Fred'k40Laborer
Right, John36Mechanic
Ross, Henry36Mechanic
Roggaber, Joseph39Mechanic
Ross, Feo. B.37Engineer
Slocum, Edward36Mechanic
Shulit, Peter36Mechanic
Shrubb, Francis38Laborer
Shoanell, W.44Mechanic
Schraga, Christian38Mechanic
Showmaker, Wm.45Laborer
Smithly, Casper37Mechanic
Schiefer, Christian36Merchant
Shieman, W. P.37Mechanic
Stephen, Thomas38Mechanic
Spidel, Herman45Laborer
Thrum, John40Mechanic
Thompson, John45Laborer
Tennary, Robert38Engineer
Terrany, Thos.44Laborer
Teach, Edward40Mechanic
Tibbles, John H.36Mechanic
Underwood, James43Mechanic
Waddington, Wm.36Mechanic
Wakeman, Ferdinand44Mechanic
Welch, Wm.40Laborer
White, Peter36Boatman
Wahkenker, Fred38Laborer
Woodard, M. E.36Merchant
Wehrs, Wm.39Mechanic
Yopps, Bruno38Mechanic
Yopps, Andrew36Laborer