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Gable Civil War Collection

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BabcockW. H.191860th OH Vol. Inf.Canton, Ill.
BadiacLouis T.1930124th IN Inf., Co. C
BadiacLouis Thomas1930124th IN Vol. Inf.I.O.O.F., New Haven
BakerIsaac W.1925208th PA Inf., Co. C
BakerIsaac W.1925208th PA Inf., Co. CSt. Johns Lutheran
BaldwinTimothy19th OH; 152nd IN
BansermanS. A.74th IN Inf., Co. C
BarcusDaniel1888142nd IN Inf., Co. E
BarcusIsadore H.1879155th IN Inf., Co. D
BardenWilliam Nathaniel19138th NY Heavy BatteryUnion City, Michigan
BarkleyAbraham1908Inf.I.O.O.F., Monroeville
BarrettFrederick C.193359th IN, Co. G
BarrettFrederick C.
BarrickGeorge1917Oakwood Cem., Warsaw
BassAlfred189428th U.S.C.T., Co. A
BassSion S.186230th INLindenwood
BeaberD. L.192234th IN Inf., Co. A
BeaberJ. T.192012th IN Inf., Co. G
BealsMelvin M.1915100th IN, Co. KLindenwood
BeamsGeorge & John W.100th Regt., Co. A; 56th Regt., Co. E
BeardJ. W.23rd IN Inf., Co. C
BeaverJacob192012th IN Inf., Co. G
BellChancey H.1925Oak Grove
BellRobert S., Sgt.191930th IN Inf.
BenderDavid, Cpl.19194th MI Inf.
BenderHenry191688th IN Vol.
BenderWilliam H.1917104th OH Vol. Inf., Co. A
BenderWilliam H.1917Leo
BennetJonathan G.1926142nd IN Inf., Co. F
BentleyGeo. W., Capt.30th IN Inf., Co. D
BentleyGeorge W., Capt.
BerkshireJohn191581st IN Regt.Highland Cem., South Bend
BerkshireJosiah C.1905Co I, 44th IL Infantry
BernhardtChrist19062nd MO Inf., Co. F
BernhardtJohn Christian19062nd MO Vol. Inf.
BerryT. J.93rd OH Inf., Co. H
BesanconFrank1913155th IN Vol. Inf., Co. DLindenwood
BesanconFrank1913155th IN Inf., Co. B
BiddleThomas M.1910147th OH Vol.
BidwellWilliam S.192729th IN Inf., Co. DLake View Cem., Kendallville
BiggsWatson188964th OH Vol. Inf., Co. G
BlystoneOliver A.192691st IN Inf., Co. K
BoehnerAdam188961st OH
BoehnerBarbara, NurseArmy
BolensJames H.1923Lindenwood
BolingLemuel, Cpl.142nd IN Inf., Co. E
BolsenJames H.1921Lindenwood
BoltzFerdinand F.
BoltzFerdinand F.191288th IN Inf.
BonnellJ. H.1909
BookwalterJosiah1918180th IN Vol. Inf., Co. E
BooneWilliam N.192658th IN Inf., Co. FFalmouth, Ky.
BosekerChristian190030th IN Vol. Inf., Co. ELindenwood
BothrellA. G.11th IN Battery
BotteronFrederick L.1918
BowersAdam F.88th IN Inf., Co. D
BowersD. A.188820th IL Inf., Co. C
BowlingThomas, Sgt.191388th OH Inf., Co. A
BowmanW. C.47th IN Inf., Co. E
BowsherAmos191455th OHLindenwood
BradleyWilliam M.190177th PA Inf.
BradleyWilliam M., Capt.190177th PA Inf.
BradshawC. L., Mrs.1926
BradshawJerry1928107th KY Inf., Co. A
BrattainElbridge62nd OH Inf., Co. A
BrewerRustin c.1911
BriantCyrus E., Col.190288th IN Inf.
BrickerDavid1901138th IN Inf., Co. DLindenwood
BrieTheodore142nd IN Inf., Co. C
BrinsleyGeorge C.179th OH Inf., Co. B
BrinsleyGeorge C.190679th OH, Co. B
BrinsleyLevi Samuel1919
BrodtFrederick191812th U.S. Inf., Co. A
BroomJohn N.190412th IN Inf.
BrowerGeorge W.1907
BrownA. C., Capt.88th IN Inf., Co. E
BrownAugustus C.190288th IN, Co. E
BrownBenjamin H.1929
BrownC. W.11th IN Inf., Co. E
BrownJessie W.1924124th IN Inf., Co. CMassillon
BrownJohn Wesley1915
BrownN. P.190711th IN Cav., Co. C
BrownRobert1919153rd IN Inf., Co. K
BrownWilliam E.193230th IN Inf., Co. DI.O.O.F., New Haven
BrownWilliam E.193230th IN Inf., Co. E
BrownWilliam P.1908
BruckerMichael1910IN Inf.
BrunsonThompson191613th IN Inf., Co. G
BrysonWilliam F.1913Lindenwood
BrysonWilliam F., Capt.191334th IN Inf., Co. JLindenwood
BuchmanA. P., Dr.107th OH Vol. Inf., Co. D
BuchmanAlpheus P., Dr.1927107th OH, Co. D
BuchmanDr.107th OH Vol. Inf., Co. D
BuckWilson S.18993rd Regt, WI Vol.
BuffordLogan1901152nd Regt., Co. CLindenwood
BufordEdward1914127th IN; 12th Cav., Co. B
BuhrHenry53rd IN Inf., Co. B
BuhrHenry1918153rd IN Regt., Co. D
BundyB. F.1921147th OH Vol. Inf.
BundyJoseph1934147th OH Inf., Co. F
BungerJohn W.1926
BuntingElijah1920116th OH Inf.
BuntingElijah1920116th OH Inf.New Haven
BurfordLogan1906152nd IN Inf., Co. H
BurkasJohn A.1911142nd IN Inf., Co. CLindenwood
BurnsJohn J.1917Lindenwood
BurnsJohn J.191723rd OH Inf., Co. A
BurnsWm.20th IN Inf., Co. F
ButlerGeorge H.190588th IN, Co. H
ButlerJacob192168th IN, Co. FI.O.O.F.