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Gable Civil War Collection

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CadwalladerThomas191291st IN Inf., Co HI.O.O.F. Cem., New Haven
CahillJohn C.1928
CainAugust19004th U.S. Inf., Co. ALindenwood
CallowayCyrus192489th IN Inf., Co. APrairie Grove
CameroJames192423rd WI Inf., Co. I
CampbellBenjamin F.1921
CarbaughWilliam H.192688th IN Inf., Co. HNine Mile United Brethren Church Cem.
CareyJohn1916OH Regt.
CarmanOliver P.1881109th NY Inf.Lindenwood
CarpenterDimon191247th IN Inf., Co. ELindenwood
CarpenterJerome B.19079th MI Vol. Col.
CarpenterSimon190747th IN Inf., Co. ELindenwood
CarrA. B.153rd IN Inf., Co. A
CarrThomas J., Sgt.
CarrW. A.148th NY Inf., Co. F
CarryFrank J.1932142nd IN Inf., Co. C
CarterAlbert1933129th IN Inf., Co. BLindenwood
CarvinAbraham M.1862IN Inf.
CaseGeorge188212th IN Inf., Co. B
CasebeerJohn E., Sgt.44th IN Inf.
CasselmanJohn157th OH Inf.
CastleRobert189876th PA Inf., Co. D
CastlemanJohn B.1922
CenderDavid F.136th OH Vol. Inf., Co. C
ChamberlainJames C.190723rd IN Battery
ChappellWyatt C.193225th IN Inf., Co. F
ChaseStephen W.191112th IN Inf.
ChaseStephen W.191612 IN Inf., Co. K
ChesterCharles E.1922
ClarkCharles T.191811th Inf., Co. ALindenwood
ClarkEnock1912102nd IN InfOak Grove/Bullard Cem.
ClaudeJoseph1897142nd IN Inf., Co. C
ClerechtWilliam H.
ClineJohn23rd IN Battery, Light Artillery
ClineJohn191123rd IN BatteryStevenson
ClineJohn191123rd IN BatteryStevenson
CloseCharles F.1908
CloudDaniel H.192312th IN Inf., Co. D
CoblentzEphriam192019th OVI, Co. BLindenwood
CoblentzEphriam19205th OH Vol. Regt.Lindenwood
ColchinJohn F.1918
ColdenPatrick152nd IN Inf., Co. G
ColeSamuel187891st IN Inf., Co. K; 124th IN Inf., Co. G
ColingPeter190532nd IN Inf.
CongroveFranklin, Dr.23rd IN Battery
ConnettMahlon Taylor1920155th IN Inf., Co. D
ConnettMartin192312th IN Inf., Co. B
ConroyDaniel M.1925
ConroyDaniel M.1925Ohio Vol. Inf., Dennison GuardsCatholic
ConroyDaniel M.1925OH Vol Inf., Dennison GuardsCatholic
CookJohn H.191788th IN Inf., Co. CHatfield
CookLewis Albert19192nd MN Cav., Co. I
CookWilliam D.1930144th OH Inf., Co. KSouth Whitley
CoolmanAlfred, Sgt.142nd IN Inf., Co. G
CopelandW. K.191114th OH, 100th OHButler Cem.
CorlettJoseph192856th IL Inf., Co. K
CorlettJoseph158th IL Inf., Co. K
CorsonSilas192374th IN Inf.
CosgroveFranklin K., M.D.30th IN Inf.; 44th IN Inf.
CoverdaleElias1904189th Regt., I.V.I, Co. K
CoverdaleJ. H.1909IN Regt.
CoxThomas J.193437th IN Inf., Co. I
CraggThomas193633rd NJ
CramerMathias30th IN Inf., Co. E; 100th IN Inf., Co. K
CranceJames1905IN Regt.
CrawfordThomas B.1922
CrawfordThomas R.192248th IN Inf., Co. D
CriswellWm. G.1905115 OH Inf.
CrouseJesse1917152nd IN Inf., Co. G.Lindenwood
CrowJohn F.191211th IN BatteryCatholic
CrowJohn F.11th IN Light Artillery
CrowJohn F.191211th Battery, IN Light Artillery
CrozierS. H.142nd IN Inf., Co. F
CrumleyHenry186811th Battery, IN Light Artillery
CrumleyHenry186811th IN Inf., Co. B
CruseDemetres A.1916Lindenwood
CumminsJoseph88th IN Inf., Co. D
CumminsJoseph D.88th IN Inf., Co. C
CunisonRobert153rd IN Inf., Co. K
CurrentSylvester S.190613th IN Inf., Co. H
CurrentSylvester S., Cpl.190614th IN Inf., Co. HLindenwood
CurtisSamuel H.1927129th IN Inf., Co. G
CurtisSamuel H.Lindenwood
CurtissErastus R.191981st OH, Co. EDunkirk, O.
CutshallJoseph H.189959th IN Inf., Co. C
CutshallWilliam H.192711th IN Battery